• TreeKid - July 28, 2014 6:40 p.m.

    The Beta ended in the middle of my last and best game. I had 25 kills and 3 deaths half way through the match. I was using a hunter with a scout rifle, shotgun, and rocket launcher. The best thing to do is pick your fights. Shoot people in the back. Shoot people in the face with the shotty as they round a corner. Ambush groups with your ultimate. Don't go charging in alone when you know there's probably 2 or three guys. Just chill and wait for more people or get your golden gun out and go to town. Learn the maps and watch your radar. When you know someone is coming ahead of you, don't try to out shoot them. Hide around a corner and let them pass or ambush them. Heavy ammo is a free kill. Primary Weapon: If you can aim, I think the scout rifle is best. Headshots are just so devastating with it. Auto rifle is awesome too and easier to use, but I think scout can outcompete it with good aim. Secondary: I think it's all about the shotgun. You're able ambush people really well with it. Also, you have range with scout or auto rifle so you don't really need sniper unless on a big open map. Get good with grenades and use them a lot. Reload around corners. Seriously the best thing is to anticipate where they will be, and try to be the one on the attack.
  • GOD - July 25, 2014 8:52 p.m.

    I really like slide 9.... And my tip, keep an eye on your radar and don't stay out in the open too long. Once you've got a feel for the maps (there's only two right now so it should be easy) you'll always know where people are going to come from. I honestly wish there was more of a stealth aspect to the game (like only firing and sprinting puts you on radar) but it seems just about any kind of movement puts you on radar (not sure about crouching though as Shayz below brought up).
  • birdro - July 25, 2014 10:50 p.m.

    I read a list from bungie earlier today that points out there is no way whatsoever to keep off the radar. Crouching reduces your presence on radar to a kind of ping about every 2 seconds, but they cited a focus on killing off camping behaviour for the constant radar.
  • Shayz - July 25, 2014 5:48 p.m.

    I top the board in probably 3/4 crucible matches. I've figured out the least in the Beta. Pro tip: You disappear from radar when crouched (not sure if this effect happens while you're hacking, but you can be sneaky in between objectives and let the enemy run into your ambush) Pro tip: Getting a height advantage is key, but don't camp. Either use your double jump to shoot down on your opponent or use it to perch on a ledge, but keep moving around the map. First thing is to get yourself the best primary weapon you can find. My favorite is the slow-firing auto rifle, but it's all up to you. I've seen players do well with scout rifles too, but if you want to stay competitive get an auto rifle. You also want one that either deals extra damage or has an extended range. Mine happens to deal extra damage at the last part of the clip, giving me the advantage in a firefight that lasts longer than I want. My shotgun on the other hand is capable of being fired automatically with an insanely high fire rate. Again, another special weapon I found. My Rocket Launcher is geared to have the biggest blast radius, while also having two rounds fired before reloading. Some rocket launchers have a homing feature...or maybe the machine gun with less recoil is a better option? Snipers are extremely effective when combined with a fast reload or extra damage on the last round. Next, boost your dicipline stat as much as possible with gear you find in PvE. It reduces the cooldown of your grenade, which allows you to use it on almost all encounters with enemies if you can max it out. After that, try and get your character's skills maxed out. While yes, you don't gain a level advantage over your opponents when it comes to weapons and equipment, your role skills still factor in. For the warlock this means getting the upgrade that DOUBLES your maximum health. Upgrades to your grenades, melee, jump, and special are all super important. Finally, if you are using the Warlock or Titan, master the "triple press". While you can double jump and hover, floating in the air doesn't do much good when other people can easily hit you. Waiting to slowly drift downwards is bad...instead, you can press the x button to stop the float in mid-air and fall to the ground quickly. Sometimes a single jump is not high enough, but a double jump will put you up too high. Use the triple press to get a quick jump boost without sacrificing agility or momentum.

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