Dead Rising 3 complete combo weapon guide

Combo Weapons 71-80 

Pummel Blast
Created by combining: Sledgehammer + Grenade
Blueprint found: At the start of Chapter 5 in the hangar

* Pushy Bear
Created by combining: * Freedom Bear + Wheelchair
Blueprint found: On the rear driveway of the middle house in north Sunset Hills

Remote Detonator
Created by combining: Laptop + Dynamite
Blueprint found: Inside Los Perdidos Communication in east Sunset Hills, accessed during Chapter 3 after returning Lauren’s items

Roaring Thunder
Created by combining: Blanka Mask + Battery
Blueprint found: In the Fun Food Shack in west Sunset Hills

Rocket Punch
Created by combining: Acetylene Tank + Boxing Gloves
Blueprint found: Inside the Military Compound in west Ingleton, accessed during Chapter 4 mission

Sabre Shot
Created by combining: Sawed-off Shotgun + Machete
Blueprint found: By the entrance to the Quarantine Station at the east end of the Freeway

Sentry Cat
Created by combining: LCD Monitor + Keg
Blueprint found: On a support pillar under the middle of the Freeway, accessed through the Train Repair Yard in northeast South Almuda

Shocking Touch
Created by combining: MMA Gloves + Battery
Blueprint found: Inside the Robosaka Digital store in central Central City

The Slapper
Created by combining: Broom + Boxing Gloves
Blueprint found: Inside the Uno Grande Outlet in west South Almuda

Sledge Saw
Created by combining: Sledgehammer + Cement Saw
Blueprint found: In the Diner during the opening chapter


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