David Cronenberg talks A Dangerous Method

Total Film recently travelled to the Austrian set of David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method , where we caught up with the legendary auteur to talk Freud, sex, and psychoanalysis.

When we put it to Cronenberg that Method sounds like a departure, or at least a step still further away from his early, icky work after a run of increasingly mainstream pictures, he responded:

“I have to remind people that the first film I ever made was called Transfer [ 1966 ] and it’s about a psychiatrist and his patient, a seven-minute film.”

On the inherent Cronenbergian nature of his films, he added: “The movies I have done are totally irrelevant to me – I don’t worry about a connection because I’m making the movie and it will be there.

“But you could say, well, Freud insisted on the reality of the human body at a time when people didn’t want to know about the body and covered it up with many layers of clothes. Freud talked about penises and vaginas and anuses and excrement and child abuse and incest. That connects this movie to my other movies.”

When it came to direct comparisons with his earlier films, Cronenberg drew an intriguing analogy: “In a way, psychoanalysts are like the group in Crash .

“People at the time viewed them as some weird Jewish cult and felt they were a subversive group living in the very structured society of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.”

A Dangerous Method opens on 10 February 2012.

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