Custom Street Fighter costumes mash up Kratos, Iron Man, X-Men, and more

While most people opted for the console versions, Street Fighter IV for the PC has spawned a bunch of rad user made mods and content, including a wacky fireball farting version. This awesome video collects some of the very best of the modders' creations, a lot of which put the official Capcom costumes to shame. Of course PC modders don't have to worry about multi-million dollar copyright infringement lawsuits now do they?

While we haven't been able to ID all of the costumes, here's a partial list:

Blanka - Sabertooth

Sagat - Kratos

Cammy - Lara Croft

Vega - The Prince

M. Bison - Raiden

Seth - Iron Man

Abel - Colossus

Guile - Charlie

Rufus - Majin Buu, Santa

El Fuerte - La Parka, The Flash

Gen - Shang Tsung

Dhalsim - Mr. Fantastic

Rose - Wu (Jade Empire) 

Ryu - ?

Zangief - Mike Haggar/Asteroth

Sakura, Chun-Li, C. Viper - Sexy time

If you can figure out any of the ones we missed, let us know in the comments!

Jun 3, 2010


  • TalkradarReference - June 6, 2010 3:41 a.m.

    guiles second mod is chuck noriss
  • lttsy - June 4, 2010 9:04 p.m.

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  • PrimeSynergy - June 4, 2010 1:52 p.m.

    Now that I think about it. Cammy and Lara Croft have a lot in common. They were the minimal amount of clothes for some of the most dangerous activities.
  • MW3M - June 4, 2010 12:09 p.m.

    I think Ryu might be a REALLY poor attempt at Mario...
  • Wolverine08 - June 4, 2010 10:55 a.m.

    Someone should do a wolverine vega
  • tgboy - June 4, 2010 5:34 a.m.

    Akuma = Jinpachi Mishima (Tekken 5) 2nd Guile = Chuck Norris ? :P
  • Gavo - June 4, 2010 4:30 a.m.

    Ken = Cloud?
  • TheTygerfire - June 4, 2010 4:15 a.m.

    Mmmmm, Sakura.....*Drools*
  • darkvare - June 4, 2010 4:06 a.m.

    @hawtkakez i think is because sagats model lacks an eye
  • rongunz - June 4, 2010 3:51 a.m.

    ryu= chuck norris, akuma= jinpachi mishima,
  • Mortified_Cow - June 4, 2010 3:05 a.m.

    Those are really well done. I like the Buu, Iron Man and Flash costumes.
  • RebornKusabi - June 4, 2010 2:47 a.m.

    Actually, if you wanna get "fan-wanky", the missing or wounded eye on the Kratos can actually work because Kratos' model in the three games has a massive scar on one of his eyes (I wanna say the right eye). Still, cool stuff and kind of why it's good to own a gaming PC... besides DRM >_>
  • HawtKakez - June 4, 2010 2:32 a.m.

    They all look great but I can't help but ask why the Kratos costume mod has an eye missing. It's brutal, no doubt, but it seems odd none the less.
  • Metroidhunter32 - June 4, 2010 2:06 a.m.

    Sexy time indeed.
  • Vitoruss1 - June 4, 2010 1:32 a.m.

    I KNEW that Ken's voice sounded awfully like Dante's from the Devil May Cry series-- IMBD confirmed it, it's the same voice actor: Reuben Langdon! Score one for Vito! -fist pumps-
  • Psylockerules - June 4, 2010 1:22 a.m.

    wowsers some of them are fantastic! why couldnt capcom do as well as some of these awesome costumes? even ideas like the hair changing? kens and vipers in particular look great. even if they used there own properties. ive seen a Cammy with a Jill Valentine skin that looked amazing on youtube. god damn you Capcom. when i think of the lazy alt costumes youve done (juri im looking at you) it seriously bums me out
  • louiec314 - June 4, 2010 12:55 a.m.

    one of Ryu's is based of Jin from Tekken
  • Kapwan - June 4, 2010 12:50 a.m.

    This is cool, some of them are better than the crappy alternates Capcom made. Another thing this video reminds though is why I changed most of the voices to Japanese. English language Akuma and Abel sound terrible.
  • Tomsta666 - June 4, 2010 12:45 a.m.

    Slutty Sakura was pretty cool. (man im a perv...)

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