Colin Firth could've been an X-Men: First Class baddie

Colin Firth was very nearly cast as the big bad in the upcoming X-Men: First Class .

That’s according to director Matthew Vaughn, who says the King’s Speech Oscar winner was on an exceedingly short shortlist to play megalomaniac Sebastian Shaw.

“There were only two people I wanted for Shaw,” reveals the Kick-Ass auteur, talking exclusively to Total Film. “It was between Colin Firth and Kevin Bacon.

“The reason I thought Firth would be interesting was purely because you’ve never seen him play a villain and I think he would’ve done something really special with it.

“So I said [to the studio] if you’re willing to go with a European actor, I want Firth – and if it has to be American, I want Bacon because I think both those guys are such great actors.”

In the end, of course, the role went to Bacon, who co-starred with Firth in showbiz thriller Where The Truth Lies .

While we’ve no doubt Firth would’ve nailed the part of the Hellfire Club leader, the buzz on Bacon is that he’s a Shaw thing.

“Kevin Bacon is one of this film’s greatest assets,” says James McAvoy (aka the young Professor X) “There’s a Bond villain aspect to his performance, all the trappings are there, but he doesn’t camp it up.”

X-Men: First Class hits cinemas on 2 June 2011.

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