The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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  / / / /---------------------------------------------------
 / / / /                                                   |
| | | |              THE LEGENDARY ICE ARROWS              |
 \ \ \ \                                                   |
  \ \ \ \---------------------------------------------------
   \ \ \ \                                 \           \
    \ \ \ \                                 \           \
     \ \ \ \                                 \           \
        \ \ \                                 \-----------\
1) Introduction
2) Gerudo Training Grounds Walkthrough (Ice Arrows)
3) Farewell...


Hi there  I'm here to help you!!!!!

This time I'm gonna guide you through the "Gerudo Training Grounds", 
the only place where you can get the extremely cool Ice Arrows!!! I 
felt stucked in this mini-dungeon for about 3 times!!! So, I don't want 
you to cry... Just kidding!!!! Enjoy!!!


How to find it:

Well, it's easy... You must free all four carpenters in Gerudo's 
Fortress, so you can get the Gerudo's Card. This card allows you to walk 
through the Fortress freely (i.e without being arrested).

Note: I recommend you already have the hover boots from the Shadow 
Temple, the Lens of Truth from the Bottom of the Well, and the Silver 
Gauntlet from the Spirit Temple, you'll need them in this level...

Talk to the woman (or man??) in white dress outside the fortress near a 
grating and pay her (or him?) 10 rupees to enter the grounds...

It is a known fact that the Gerudos are all women except for the rare 
male every hundred years or so.  Doesn't make sense(cough, cough).  
Ganondorf is the current male Gerudo. So it's a she.

THE Walktrough:

Go to your right and enter the door. Now in this room kill all enemies 
before the time runs out and you'll get a KEY. Now go through the door.

Now, in this room you have to collect all silver rupees. Immediatly 
equip your hover boots. Now hover to the platform on your left and then 
to the switch, press it and then return to the first platform you 
hovered to, Now go  to the one in front of you (the one with the silver 
rupee), then to the one on our left, then continue straight and 
reach the silver rupee. Now use your hookshot above the door to reach 
the last rupee and open the door.

In this room equip your Iron boots. Stand on the red "carpet" and play 
the Song of Time to get rid of the blue block and then drop down to the 
hole that is revealed. Kill all clams using your hookshot, then collect 
all silver rupees. Some are in mid-air, so I recommend you to hookshot 
to the hookshot target next to it or to unequip your Iron Boots and 
grab them...

Once you've collected all of them foat to the surface and you'll see a 
chest on the red carpet, so grab the KEY on it. Now return to the first 
silver rupee room and use your hookshot on the torch and enter the 
door. Avoid enemies (kill 'em if they bother!!!) and smash all statues 
from the side using your Megaton Hammer. One of them has a yellow 
eye behind, so shoot it to unblock the door, another has a switch, so 
press it to remove the fire and get another KEY.

Enter the door. Now in this room, stand on the side and shoot the eyes 
of all statues (this can be difficult, just make sure you don't fail 
anyone or you'll have to start over). Now hookshot to the chest that 
appears and get the KEY.

Now make your way back to the first room. After you exit the lion's 
mouth, continue straight ahead to reach another door. Kill the two 
skelletal Stalfos before the time runs out and get another KEY. Go 
through the door.

In this room collect all silver rupees. Take a left. Then left and grab 
the first. Now turn around and continue climbing up the hill, dodge the 
boulder, and on the top of it is another. Turn around, go back and take 
a left. Then right and you'll see another above you, jump from the 
ledge to get it. Now walk forward and on the ceiling is a hookshot 
target you can use to get another one. Turn around and take three 
rights to reach the last ruppee!!! Again, turn around, climb the hill, 
go left,right, and use your hookshot on the hookshot target to pass the 
flame. Enter the door.

Kill all wolves to get arrows... There's a fake door. Above it (use 
your lens) you'll see a hookshot target and a secret hole, hookshot to 
it, press the switch and enter the door. Continue to another door, 
enter it (duh, really??) and get the KEY.

Now return to the fake door room and push the big gray block all the 
way (remember you'll need the Silver Gauntlet from the Spirit Temple). 
Enter the door. Kill the Shield eaters and you'll get tons of rupees!!! 
(remember to slash them with your sword when they stop trying to bite 
you). DON'T open the chest on the platform or you'll get frozen. 
Use your lens and you'll see a invisible chest on one of the shield 
eaters hole. Get the KEY.

Now make your way back to the very first room and enter the door on 
your left (front from the entrance), and you'll be in the Key doors 
room (or last room). Enter the locked door on your right, then the one 
on your left, then take a right and continue through this hallway and 
you'll reach another KEY.

Go back and continue straight ahead to the locked door, now look up 
using your lens to see a hole on the ceiling, climb up there via the 
fence and get the last KEY!!!!!!!

So... Mmmmm... keep unlocking the doors to reach the big chest in the 
middle of this room and you'll get the... 


So, that's the end of this Mini-Faq. I hope you found it useful. Ya know, I'm kinda bored, so thanks for reading me. Please 
don't sell this guide for money. If you do give me the credit.