Gun Griffon Blaze. Quick Guide. by Jon Chang and Hodaka Tsyuchida Version 1.1 Final What's new? Added mission objectives and descriptions to the guide. Do not reproduce this FAQ without asking and giving credit. Thanks. If you have a question email Good luck! Player Configuration.__________________________________________________ (items listed in order top to bottom) NAME. Simply enter your name using the keypad. Up and down on the d-pad allow you to choose letters in English. By default the name is set to "DEFAULT". NATIONALITY. Select this to bring up a submenu with a host of different nationalities listed in 2 columns. (below represents correct layout) Japan England China Austrailia Korea Canada Mongolia USA Russia Mexico Italy Brazil France India Germany Thailand Switzerland Vietnam Spain Israel SEX. Top choice "male" bottom is "FEMALE". AGE. BLOODTYPE. HEIGHT. WEIGHT. EYESIGHT. IQ. I haven't noticed any of these abilities to make much difference in game play. Your fellow pilots voices are always in English and are actually understandable, unlike in the previous 2 GG games ^_^. Controls._______________________________________________________ It takes a few minutes to get used to but these are possibly the best use of the PS controls I've ever encountered. Left analogue controls where you look and right analogue controls where your Hi-Macs moves. The triangle button zooms your viewpoint into a sniper mode allowing free look but no movement. Moving, jumping or otherwise zooms you back out to normal view mode. R1 is shoot weapon. R2 is change weapon. You have by default a assault cannon, RPs (flechette bomblets which will take any bad guy down in a second) and a third customizable weapon covered in the next section "Hi-Mac Config". L1 is your jump. You get 3 jumps before the system is completely exhausted. After each jump the system has to recharge. It takes around 20-30 seconds to recharge one jump unless you have a Additional Item equipped to speed the process. L2 allows you to turn your upper body without changing the direction of your movement. I generally don't use this as free-look(left analogue) seems much more efficient plus it's very easy to get disoriented if you're in a big fire fight and suddenly you're facing a different direction... Weapons System Menu.___________________________________________________________ This menu allows you to view (in little 3d model dioramas) all the enemies and friends you've met, killed, etc. on the battle field. The screen is a Hi-Macs model kit box in the bkg with a list of types of mechs superimposed on top. Here's the list in English. AWGS 1 AWGS 2 AWGS 3 VEHICLE 1 VEHICLE 2 AIRCRAFT EXIT Hi-Macs 3 Config._________________________________________________________ The HiMac config screen allows you to customize many aspects of your HiMac 3. First off the body is selectable. When you start only the Hi-Macs 3 is selectable. I haven't beaten the game yet but I'm guessing when you beat it on harder difficulties you unlock different features. Next Important Feature is secondary weapon. You don't need to equip this but it's generally recommended. By default you start with the following weapons (listed in English to match the Jp menu). MG-version 1. (kind of mediocre machinegun. Best used against vehicles and helos) STG. (flechette shotgun type weapon. Fast take downs at short and medium range) Anti Tank Missile. (A lock on missile. You need to be at a decent range or the missile will overshoot the target) GL 1. (Grenade launcher. Good against stationary targets at medium range. Useless against anything that moves fast. You can in fact damage yourself with the grenades if they bounce back at you off a surface...rounds have a 3 second fuse) MSB. (Motion sensitive bomb. Get close and bang. Not IFF sensitive though so don't get too close after you mine an area with them) Once you use a weapon it is lost. You attain other weapons by running over boxes during the game with an icon of a wrench and bolt, a Hi-Macs or a gun on them. At the end of the mission depending on how you did you get to add some of these to your inventory (the screen with all the boxes at the end, red denotes low supply and blue denotes a 2 in supply and grey means you have 3+). The better you do the more you can add to your inventory. There is no way to tell what exactly is in each box beyond it is either a repair unit, a weapon or a hi-macs upgrade... I believe it has something to do with the number of 501 Medallions you collect. Incidentally 501st Hi-Macs Battalion is your unit. The medallion has the unit crest, the griffon in white with a yellow lightning bolt. Next up is the Additional Item Equip. Again you don't have to equip anything extra when you go out but I would advise to always have the extras equipped. Like the extra weapon once you use it, it's gone. By default you have... Firepower +1. (just what it says) Firepower F. (firepower like you wouldn't believe) Faster reload/Rate of Fire. (shoot a bit faster) Advanced Armor. (Allows you take more punishment...doesn't slow down the unit either) Faster Movement. (Good for open terrain missions but will get you killed on some of the more obstacle intensive missions) Jump Regulator. (allows you to recharge your jumps faster and maintain air longer) Again you replenish these by picking them up in the field, etc. As you get more they are generally just upgrades of these abilities. The only exception to this so far has been: IG System. I haven't figured out what this does exactly but...there is also IG system 2. So jot down the Japanese names for what's listed and you should be able to piece together a good idea of your parts... Battlefield.____________________________________________________ Combat is the same as the old games. Yellow IFF box=Enemy. Kill it. Blue IFF box=Friend. You can kill your friends but they're smart and generally work well with you on the field. In fact they may be the best friendly AI's I've ever come up against. Missions.______________________________________________________ Some notes. As you complete objectives the game with flash a direction for your compass(top of the screen) where the next objective is. Also each mission starts with a "hi-score". Beat this once and unlock an upgrade to your Hi-Macs...usually a weapon power-up or mission supplement. In some cases when you hit this first score the hi-score will jump up another 10,000 points. When you hit the final high score you can unlock the "Another" missions. Each mission has 2 versions of itself. "Normal" and "Another". "Another" is harder ersion of the same mission, often with less ammo and repair power-ups...also the rate of enemy attack seems to be increased. In addition the time of day will change...turning several of the operations into night and dusk missions. As of now I still can't unlock the Cape Canaveral and Tibet "Another" missions. Mostly because I can't find enough enemies to kill to hit the high score!!! argh!!! Now for the objectives. Training. Gaum. Simply put knock out all the enmy units. There are 2 C-17's parked in hangars on the base. Make sure to kill them as well. If you can't find him the last bad guy is on that hill to the right of the incline you have to traverse to reach the base. Mish 1. Cape Canaveral. Knock out the enemy AWGS mechs on the 3 firebases then proceed to the shuttle pad and kill the space shuttle. There are lots of little extras on this level. Shooting up the bases with RPs tends to yeild more medals for consecutive kills. Mish 2. Tibet. Kill all enemy forces defending the bunker line, though you don't have to knock out all the bunker guns if you don't want. Cross over the ridge and wipe out that town. There are 4-5 bunkers there plus a few support mechs and vehicles. After that mop up the remaining 8 mechs patroling just under the lip of the ridge you passed. A good way to wipe the town is just flyby and hose the area with RPs. There are two ways through this level. One has you just advance from the start point and head up a mountain path that leads to the enemy bunker line. The other way has you do a 180 at the start point and wipe out a small rear guard element of 2 mechs, a crawler and a few support vehicles at a waterfall. You can then use your jump boosters to head to the top of the waterfall fast and be in the heat of action immediately. You will still have to go down the line killing all the enemy units. Be sure to obliterate that abandoned house you find on the side of the river opposite the bunkers. It's loaded with supplies and medals. Mish 3. Greece. This is a hard mission. Basically keep at least one of your guys alive while fighting off a brutal onslaught of enemy vehicles, AWGs and mechs for 10 minutes until a C-17 escapes through the valley. Simple really but a monster of a task especially on the "Another" setting. Mish 4. Ukraine. Defend the 4 supply helos at the pad. They arrive after about 3-4 minutes and take off around 1.5 minutes before the mission ends. This mission has you running to all corners of the map constantly to fight off wave after wave. It's rough. No joke. It took me longer to beat this one than any of the others. A good secondary weapon if you have it is the STG for it's quick take down at close range. You'll be having a lot of those. Mish 5. Egypt. Get ready this is the final mission. Knock out all 6 of the enemy mechs in the drop zone. You can ignore the smaller spider mechs as they don't do much damage and eat up too much ammo to be worth the kill. Advance to your left and hit the first supply zone. You'll probablly take a whipping crossing this far as there's several tanks, missiles units and enemy mechs in your path. Now you have to knock out the 4 gun platforms in the area. This can be tough. They take a lot of abuse and knock you dead in 2-3 hits. I found that the dual ATM unit worked best knocking them out. There are LOTS of support mechas and vehicles set up all over the place. You might want to clean them out before you go in for the final area. Definitely resupply at the second's just past the first one behind a small dune. Knock out the big steel door and get ready for hell. There's lots of ammo and repair powerups in the tunnel here but beware there are 3 enemy AWGs plus sevral support mechs and vehicles in here. You have to kill all the AWGs and then eliminate the control tower and support structures nearby to finish the level. You can get lucky with the RPs and wound the AWGs badly if they come to the mouth of the tunnel looking to get a piece of you. You'll have a hell of a time getting all of them in the open. This is pretty rough. I can't beat this mission on "Nightmare" setting. It's the only one. End.____________________________________________________________ This is the final update to this faq. There are tons of weapons and power-ups available in this game but as I don't have a complete list I have no idea if I've gotten them all. Regardless unless you have a Japanese language kit you'ld never be able to read my explanations anyways ^_^ So execute some trial and error... You can also unlock additional robots to fight far I've only got 1 extra and it's far inferior to the Hi-Macs 3. I hear there's more but.... is the official GGB site from Game Arts. So far this is the only reason to own a PS2 in my mind. I've heard that a version fo this game with different missions is en route to Dreamcast as well. Let's hope so as most of GG fans have a tradition with Sega ^_^ If ou have any questions I'll try to answer them.