eeeeeeeeeee      yy        yy    eeeeeeeeeee
 eeeeeeeeeeeee      yy      yy    eeeeeeeeeeeee       ppp       llll
 eee        eee      yyy  yyy     eee        eee     pppppppppp  lll             yy
 eeeeeeeeeeeeee       yyyyyy      eeeeeeeeeeeeee    pppp  pppppp  ll    aaaaa   yy    yy
 eee                    yy        eee                 pp      pp  ll   aaaaaaa  yy    y y
 eeeeeeeeeeeee          yy        eeeeeeeeeeeee       pp  pppppp  ll   aa   aa  yy    y y
  eeeeeeeeeeee          yy         eeeeeeeeeeee       ppppppppp   ll   aaa   aa  yyyyyyy
                                                      pp          ll    aaaaaaa      yy 
 tttttttttttt      oooooooooo      yy        yy       pp          ll   aa     aa     yy
 tttttttttttt     oooooooooooo      yy      yy        pp          lll   aaaaaaaa     yy
      tt        ooo          ooo     yyy  yyy         p           ll         aa yyyyyy
      tt        oo    0  0    oo      yyyyyy                                     
      tt        ooo          ooo        yy                                 
      tt          oooooooooooo          yy                                       
      tt           oooooooooo           yy

-                ffffff  aaaaaa   qqqqq                    vv  vv    11                    -
-                ff          aa   qq qq       ______       vv  vv   111                    -
-                ffff    aaaaaa   qqqqq      |______|      vv  vv    11                    -
-                ff      aa  aa      qq                     vvvv     11                    -
-                ff      aaaaaaa     qqq                     vv     1111                   -

Author: Antony James (arg0n, ayJAY, aj-r)
V1, 15/7/03.
mIRC channel:#qmatrix
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I.   History of Eye Toy
II.  Overview of Eye Toy: Play
III. Hints and Tips i)General
                    iii)Boss encounters
V.   My High Scores i)Easy difficulty
                    ii)Medium difficulty
VI.  Thanks/ Contributors

I. H I S T O R Y  O F  E Y E  T O Y 

The story begins with one man, Dr Richard Marks, an employee of SCEA (Sony Computer 
Entertainment America for the unitiated). He wondered what would be possible if you could
plug a webcam into the PS2's USB port. This general idea was taken up by Sony Studio London,
the division that shares the same office building with Team Soho (purveyors of 'The Getaway'
and the 'This Is Football' series).

The answer to Dr Mark's question is simple. Take a web cam, focus in on subject and track 
their movements on-screen to allow them to play mental mini-games using their body! After a 
year of development of the technology and some tech demos the team decided to base a 
game around the technology. These demos include 'Seymour' in which a little guy in an
aeroplane in which colour tracking of yellow and red balls was used to determine where the 
plane flew, when Seymour would eject etc. Others included:

'The Witch'- The witch lands on the yellow ball and watches as the red ball is moved around
the screen.
'Spiders' - Spiders scuttle around the screen and are attracted to the skin of the person 
'Magic Wand' - The most similar of the demos to an actual game, the movement of a ball is
mapped out on screen and shapes are drawn. These correspond to spells and are sent at the
'Wishy Washy' - This prototype actually made it into the final game. Clean as many windows
as you can in the allotted time.

This was around Summer 2002, and in November an event called the 'Playstation Experience' at
London's Earl Court took place. In this time the game development had come on in leaps and
bounds and already three mini-games were almost completed. Lucky people who had tickets to 
the event were amazed at the simple yet addictive nature of the games and there was a 
genuine cross-over appeal to anyone.

No complicated controls were needed because you just used your body so people of all ages
were interested. The games on show were 'Wishi Washi' (as its spelling had now been changed)
where the aim had remained unchanged, 'Kung Foo' in which you have to use your body to KO 
ninjas that leap onto the screen from all directions and Beat Freak where you have to touch
speakers in each corner of the screen as CDs pass through them to make music.

And so, seven months down the line Eye Toy: Play has been released complete with 12 
mini-games (all of which are fantastic!) and bundles of features that you simply wouldn't 
expect. For more details I advise that you read on...

II. O V E R V I E W  O F  E Y E  T O Y :  P L A Y 

In Eye Toy: Play there are 12 mini-games, all of which are detailed below, followed by a 
look at the rest of the features that you can expect:

BEAT FREAK: Almost identical to the original demo version, just with spiffier graphics.
Choose a song from four choices (including That One Thats In Lots Of Games, Moloko's 'Sing
It Back'). Then, as CDs appear in the centre of the screen and move towards a speaker touch
the corresponding one to make sweet music. Miss one and your style bar is reduced. Your aim
is to keep this bar as high as possible.

KUNG FOO: A personal favourite and again was one of the original three games. use your
reflexes to chop each and every one of the evil ninjas before they get to you. Take three
hits and its game over. During the bonus rounds you have to hit the boards either side of 
the screen to break them and gain a few bonus points. Also features a nice motion blur
effect at the most frantic moments, making you look like Neo from 'The Matrix'!

WISHI WASHI: Use all of your body to clear the soapy suds from the screen in the final of 
the demonstration games. One of the simplest games but also one of the most frantic and
knackering! Rub over water drops to gain power ups. Features the banjo-wielding George
Formby's debatable classic 'When I'm Cleaning Windows!'

KEEP UPS: The classic show-off football skill of defeating gravity with the use of your body
goes digital! Stop the ball from falling off of the bottom of the screen and knock it 
the windows for some bonuses. Yeah, you can use your arms but where is the fun in cheating?

BOXING CHUMP: Possibly the best idea in the whole game! It's you versus a whacking great 
'bot in a fight to the finish. Take him on in three rounds consisting of 30 seconds. And of
course you can actually dodge his punches in real time before giving him a slap in the
face. Brilliant!

UFO JUGGLER: In this frankly bizarre game (even relative to the rest) the idea is to set
UFOs up into space by spinning them. Don't go too fast or it'll explode, but remember that
if it goes too fast it is likely to explode! Additionally keep a look out for the evil ship
who will sap the energy from your little guys and try to send them back to earth with a
bang! After that you'll have to try to land one of the UFOs, making sure that it doesnt go
too fast as it does! Three spaceship deaths will end the game.

SLAPSTREAM: Whack-A-Mole for the PlayStation generation. Four clouds, one in each corner of
the screen. If a rat boy pops out then give him a good slap, but leave the bunny girls be.
Hit the girls three times and its game over. It all gets faster and faster so keeping tabs
on which you are supposed to be hitting (and then doing it) gets increasingly difficult.

PLATE SPINNER: Another weird one, as you are spinning plates on poles in the jungle, trying
to prevent monkeys from knocking them off. Eh? Spin the plates, but not too fast or they'll
fly off and give those monkeys a good whack before they reach the top to suceed in your

BOOGIE DOWN: Unlike using a 'dance mat' you actually look like you are dancing in this game
and some of the moves could translate quite well to the club! Watch the girl as she points
to one or more of the five lights dotted around the screen and then try to repeat what she
did in time. This will require good co-ordination, memory and rhythm from the player and
there's four tunes to choose from.

GHOST CATCHER: You're in the spooky graveyard with ghosts pouring out of the graves around
you. The idea is to inflate the ghosts by rubbing air into them until they pop. Don't let
them (or the bats) hit you or your energy bar will deplete. Allow this to happen too much
its game over. Bats can be dispatched with a slap.

MIRROR TIME: The first time you play this it is likely that you won't have a clue what on
earth is going on because it really messes with your sensory perception. In each corner of
the screen there is a picture of either a girl or a robot. You have to touch the pic of the
girl but not the 'bot and its harder as it sounds because the screen can be flipped
horizontally or vertically or both! Hit the robot three times and the game will end. On 
harder levels the screen can even split into two or four!

ROCKET RUMBLE: According to some people this is 'Fantavision' in all but name but not having
played the PS2's firework simulator I'll just have to take their word for it. Fireworks of
colours red, green, blue or white are propelled up the screen and your aim is to wave your
hand over all of the fireworks that are the same colour and then detonate them by pushing
the plunger in either the bottom left of bottom roght corners of the screen. Detonating
single fireworks is much less spectacular then many of the same colour altogether and adds 
to your spectator interest bar less. White fireworks can be linked to any other colour.

Other features that you can see in the game:

Create your own profile including a happy photo, sad photo and one of a funny face. These 
are shown on the HUD as you play!

Takes your photo when you get the highest score on a game! Don't forget the obligatory
ridiculous pose!

Playroom include many tech demos created by the Studio London team.

Multiplayer battle (1-4 players): beat your mate's scores as you take turns.
Multiplayer co-op (2 players): take on the challenges with a friend.

Video messaging, brilliant! Very good quality video with sound due to the Eye Toy's tiny
mic. Up to 60 seconds can be recorded (although this takes up about 7000KB of your memory
card!) Choose a background and away you go.

List of all 14 things in Playroom (most are pretty self explanatory):

UNDERWATER: An underwater effect for you and your surroundings.
BUBBLES: A cascade of bubbles that you can pop into smaller ones.
LEAVES: Billowing leaves descend and you can waft them about.
BALLOONS: Floating balloons to be popped.
BEES: disturb The hive and the bees will follow you everywhere.
MATERIALISE: Excellent effect caused by movement. Like when Agents dodge in 'The Matrix.'
NO EFFECT: Here, a mirror for the vane among us.
SPARKLES: Looks like you are constructed of the actual matrix when you move.
SNOW: Snowflakes of varying sizes fall and you can waft them about.
SPIDERS: One of the original tech demos, as (now nicely rendered) spiders follow you.
COPYCAT: Copies what you do but with a lag. Super cool.
NERVOUS: Shakes the image of your body to make it look as though you're scared.
MIRRORS: Classic funhouse mirror laughs. LOOK, he's got a funny shaped head etc.
RAINBOW: Another great one where movement causes a rainbow coloured sweep.

III. H I N T S  A N D  T I P S 

Your first port of call when learning how to play the game/ getting some tips is the manual
provided with the game. There is a useful (at least for beginners) section at the rear that
explains each game. Also, don't forget to use the 'Help' menu for each game, that can be
found on the 'Start' and 'Exit' screen. Want to play deeper, then look below...

OK, so this game may be for any one but the 'hardcore' among us will want to get an 
unbeatable number of points, right? Here are some hints that I've come up with to help turn 
you into a Hi-Score hero for each of the games. Good luck!

If you have any tips or strategies not listed here then post them to me as i will gratefully
accept and will list you on my big list of thanks. If you have any enquiries that are not 
answered by either myself or the manual (please do check first!) then feel free to e-mail
me (address @ top of FAQ) or find me on the Eye Toy message board at Even if 
I'm not there I'm sure the friendly (if mad) people around can offer some advice. 


BEAT FREAK: Try and get the CDs in the middle of the speakers when you swipe over them, in
order to get a pulsating effect from the speaker. Keep doing this to get combos and 
massively increase your score. I find that it is too easy to hit the bottom speakers by 
accident when reaching for the top ones. To avoid this arc your arm around and make your 
hand into a pointed shape. Remember to stay alert.

KUNG FOO: A definite test of your reflexes. Look for the flashes of black that can come from 
any direction and most importantly keep moving. It doesn't matter whether you hit with your
fist or your head because any movement that collides with the enemy will count as their
death. You can only be hit when stationary. During the bonus rounds dispose of the boards as
quickly as possible. If you hit multiple enemies at a time bonus points will be dispatched.

WISHI WASHI: If you move any part of your body the suds will be removed, so at the start
wipe your entire body side to side before finishing off with your arms. Don't stop for
anything becasue you're better off advancing rapidly between loads of windows than picking 
up a single 250 or 500 points, especially as some 'power ups' can add suds to the screen.
As its only 95% of the screen that needs to be cleared go for the large areas not the tiny
ones. Its possible to clear an entire screen in 2-3 seconds using these hints.

KEEP UPS: First things first, if you are going to rescue a life you may have to cheat by 
keeping it up with your arms as its easier. It may be illegal in football but it can be
necessary if you want a top score. Always try to knock the ball against the windows if the 
guys are there that give you 100 or 200 points and remember that its better to do lots of 
little keep ups than some big ones as the score is based on the number that you do and long 
combos. Hit Dex (the cool dude) if you can as he'll give you a hand, but not Vernon (the big 
one) 'cos he'll crush the ball and make it smaller and harder to use. Never hit Wonton (evil
dude) or the Oracle (wise one) or you'll lose loads of points. Phew!

BOXING CHUMP: You can only hit the robot's head if you want to do any damage so aim for 
that. If he's guarding thump at his fists until you break through. You know if he's going to
punch because he will lower his shoulders so dodge away before coming back with an uppercut!
Remember that you can restore your health by moving around during the round intervals. Knock
him out as soon as you can (pretty obvious really) And thats probably about it.

UFO JUGGLER: The trick here is to get the UFOs spinning quickly enough for them to rise at a
good speed but so that they aren't going to explode. In order to judge this keep spinning
until the lights on the side go red and the ship starts to wobble. You want to spin them
just slower than when the red lights are flashing, so that you can see stars revolving 
around the ship. Doing this will get you bonus points. As soon as  Wonton comes into view 
frantically rub his ship becasue you don't need his intervention. Watch out for craft that 
are slowing down because you don't want to waste any of those ships. On the landing mission 
let the ship fall to about 2/3 down then gently rub the ship creating friction and slowing 
it down. When the ship lands it should almost be stationary.

SLAPSTREAM: Quite simple this one, just avoid those bunnies at all costs. You will require
reasonable co-ordination and reflexes to get the rats but just look carefully and don't 
accidentally hit a girl at the bottom when bringing your arm down from the top. It may be
useful to arch your arms around the bottom clouds to hit the top ones, similar to the tactic
in 'Beat Freak.' If you feel capable enough hit multiple rats to gain bonuses.

PLATE SPINNER: Where to start! There is a 'sweet spot' for the speed that the plates spin at. 
You can clearly recognise it by the stars that appear around the plate. In this state don't 
bother spinning them any more for risk of making them fall off, just do it when the stars 
disappear to bring them back. The plates are also invincible to monkey attacks in this state 
and bonus points will be given if a monkey is spun off by a plate in the sweet spot. The 
higher a monkey when you slap them off, the higher the bonus which is worth noting if you 
need to protect a plate not spinning in the sweet spot. Finally, by keeping all plates 
sweet-spotting you will recieve bonus points.

BOOGIE DOWN: A reasonably good grasp of memory skills is required in this game. Watch the 
dancer's sequence and staple it to your brain. As soon as the lights turn green do the first
move but then its up to your sense of rhythm to judge when the next move should come. 
In my experience tapping your foot or bouncing to the beat (!) helps but that's all the help 
I can profer for this one.

GHOST CATCHER: This one's about speed too, because the quicker you dispatch the ghosts, the 
less health you are going to lose. Prioritise the ghosts over the bats, so only go for the 
bats when your screen is empty of ghoulies. Go mental at the bats *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP*! 
Remember again that you can use your whole body.

MIRROR TIME: Biggest tip here is to make some movements with your arms closely to your body
before committing to a strike because otherwise you are going to have all kinds of problems.
If you aren't 100% over where one is leave it because it's better to miss out on a few 
points and live to fight another screen then lose one of your three lives. Probably the 
hardest game of all so don't get dis-heartened.

ROCKET RUMBLE: Use both arms to select the fireworks that you want to detonate so that you
don't get in a muddle and start switching between the different colours when you don't mean
to. Always link white fireworks with the colour that has the most on-screen. So if you had
1 white, 2 red and a blue you'd link the 2 reds and the universal white together to get the 
biggest combo possible because those are the ones that will get you the most points. As you
get bigger combos you'll be able to access the bigger and prettier rockets.

Unlockable features: It is rumoured that you can unlock certain features in the game. This
is confirmed for mini-games like Boogie Down where you can get extra songs by performing 
well but I don't know at this stage what else there is. If anybody could inform me that'd be

Now after playing through the Easy and Medium difficulty levels I have only met bosses on 
two stages listed below. Both are fairly simple but some people seem to be having a little
trouble so here are some tips. If (when I play through the Hard difficulty) I find any more 
bosses you will see my tactics here. If anybody else does first, please inform me so that I
can add them here and put your name on my thanks list.
Wonton: Kung Foo: After you finish Round 6 on the Medium difficulty the evil lord himself
will appear and attempt to remove your remaining hits to bring up the Game Over message
or lower the skill points that you recieve. When I first got to this point I thought that
you could dodge his attacks (whereby he slashes his sword and sends a wave of energy at you)
but this is impossible. You have to hit him (literally) a split second before he unleashes 
his attack. It confusingly looks like it didn't hurt him but he'll fly off, splitting into
four before returning into one in a random (?) location on the screen. You have to be ready
to hit him before he swipes his sword again and hit him. Once more should see him off. Hope
this helps!

Wonton: Ghost Catcher: Back again but in ghost form this time, I was playing on Medium
difficulty. Taking up most of the screen all I had to do was rub him like the other ghosts
until he exploded. The one problem (and the only way to lose any health) is the fact that
loads of the smaller ghosts are circling the screen haunting you. So you have to take out all
of them whilst still attacking Wonton. To do this simply wave both arms all over the screen
removing all the ectoplasm beofre it removes your health! You get tons of points for 
succeeding so it's well worth the effort.

IV. F A Q S 

As this game hasn't been out long I haven't come across any questions that are asked
particularly frequently. When I do you'll see them with the answers here but for now here
are some that I believe will occur now and again.

Q. Is this game worth £40?

A. Definitely. That amount of money for a web cam alone would be pretty cheap but with the
addition of Eye Toy: Play and the ease of setup etc. I would consider this an essential
purchase for just about anybody. Add to this the future prospects for the thing (Play 2
anybody?!) and the massive cross-over appeal between generations and it suddenly makes a lot
more sense!

Q. Does it work well?

A. An emphatic yes. Even if you aren't against a plain background as long as the lighting is
reasonable in the room that you are and there isn't too much background motion there 
shouldn't be any problems. There is also an LED on the Eye Toy that flashes red if there is 
not sufficient lighting, the front of the camera can be swivelled to focus the image and the
camera is attached to the stand with a ball joint to aid you in making adjustments.

Q. Is it an investment for the future or a novelty purchase?

A. Like the PS2 Headset there are already people (third party as well as Sony) looking into
developing further games. The Producer of the Eye Toy project Ron Festejo has already been
quoted as saying "I think this is the future of gaming." The thing is the lifespan will
be good for Play anyway, what with setting high scores over the different difficuly levels,
exploring the games and contesting with your mates! I would never even have imagined
features such as the Video Messaging so imagine what the guys in London are conjuring up 
right now!

Q. Where is the microphone?

A. For your information the mic is situated just above the blue LED (which itself is 
situated next to the lens and focus-ring).

Q. How much memory card space does it take up to create a video message?

A. Video messages can be recorded in either 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 second chunks. Due to
the fact that you are recording sound as well as relatively high quality video footage a
60 second recording may take around 7600KB of your memory card and even a 10 second one
will require around 1300KB. This is the only real sticking point of the game because if you
are the sort of person who is always deleting stuff from your memory card to make space you
aren't going to be able to fully exploit the feature.

V. M Y  H I G H  S C O R E S 


Please bear in mind that these scores are what I have achieved after only a couple of days
of playing and so should be fairly beatable. There are a good target of what to aim towards
for beginners though. All scores are on the Easy difficulty level.

 BEAT FREAK         |     56,404
 KUNG FOO           |     44,500
 WISHI WASHI        |     109,124
 KEEPY UPS          |     51,682
 BOXING CHUMP       |     93,000
 UFO JUGGLER        |     60,027
 SLAPSTREAM         |     89,200
 PLATE SPINNER      |     73,178
 BOOGIE DOWN        |     93,592
 GHOST CATCHER      |     57,900
 MIRROR TIME        |     76,000
 ROCKET RUMBLE      |     72,800


And these are the first high-scores that I achieved when playing on the Medium difficulty.
As I took so little time in setting them these too are easily approachable but are
nevertheless an aim for Eye Toy-ers to beat. 

 BEAT FREAK         |     74,654
 KUNG FOO           |     78,100
 WISHI WASHI        |     114,398
 KEEPY UPS          |     None set
 BOXING CHUMP       |     90,200
 UFO JUGGLER        |     80,256
 SLAPSTREAM         |     103,800
 PLATE SPINNER      |     None set
 BOOGIE DOWN        |     76,969
 GHOST CATCHER      |     148,200
 MIRROR TIME        |     62,000
 ROCKET RUMBLE      |     88,900

VI. T H A N K S /  C O N T R I B U T O R S 

Thanks to Sony Studio London for developing/ making the Eye Toy
Thanks to SCEJ for making the PS2
Thanks to myself for buying the game and writing this FAQ
Thankls to the people who've amused me by playing this game ;) lol

Want to see your name here? Contribute something and it will be!

Feel free to extract bits and pieces from the FAQ in order to aid you in your playing of the
game but don't copy anything into your own FAQs 'cos plagiarism sux and you will deserve
painful and numerous punishments for committing it.

Copyright © Antony James, 2003.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective 
trademark and copyright holders.