Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- Rampage World Tour: Simple Tour Guide 0.05 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rampage World Tour, Rampage, et. al. (c) 1997 Midway Co; Game Refugee Inc. Tour Guide property of Y. Choe Updated: 5/11/97 04:57:53 AM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1. Let's Tour the World! "Now this is a tale of a castaway..." Gilligan's Island Theme Remember Rampage? Yeah! That game where you are a monster, wreaking and eating everything in sight? It's back, and it's bigger than ever. Lush graphics in "Claymation" style, more attitude, more building, more people (yummie!), more food, more carnage, more mayhem, more rampage. The concept is simple. Plunder cities and eat its inhabitants while you go looking for SCUMLABS who've turned you into a monster. All the meanwhile, Dr. Betty something or rather is trying to find the truth. This journey will take you across continents, and even to the moon. Of course, toxic waste can only be good for your health (it's time for Vernie!). 2. So, Who's our Players? "It's alive! It's alive!" Dr. Frankenstein from Frankenstein George: Our King Kong. He can climb building like George of the Jungle. He can smash, yell, kick, burp, devour, and punch with the best of them. A normal Joe before his mishap with SCUMLABS. He seems to be faster of the three. Thrives on: Bananas (Mega Food) Needs: A Teddy (Security Bonus) Wants: A Boxing Glove (Power UP) Lizzie: Godzilla on steroids. The middle of the pack, nothing really makes her special. Of course, lack of unique feature is a unique feature (first one to point out where this comes from gets a browine point). Of course, this doesn't stop her from kicking the living daylights out of her friends. Thrives on: Lady Bugs Needs: ?? Wants: ?? Ralph: The one with a bark, and the one with the bite. May be a tad slower, but a bit powerful, and durable. An aging man who'd like to kick some tails, and wants vengence upon SCUMLABS. Thrives on: Steaks Needs: ?? Wants: ?? 3. What's new? "I said hey hey hey hey hey! Hey hey hey! I said Hey" 2 Non Blondes What's new? Too much stuff: Bigger playing fields: more carnage. Bigger builings: more mayhem, and more food. Enhanced Grfx: it's like you're there. More bonuses: more points. Smaller Buildings: extra stuff, like trampolines! Kick Button: hya! Bonus Rounds: increase the destruction. Buddy Bashing: just for fun. Fly like the wind: more like glide like the glider. V.E.R.N: mean, wild, and toxic. Moon: now, go lunar, dude. More enemies: makes your lifespan all that shorter. More hazards: ditto. It seems as though nothing has been taken out. All the techniques are there (as if you need them to begin with), like down smash, and back smash. But with the kick button, you get to stomp on the competition. To "fly," just push the jump repeatly, and you'll take to the air. Just don't expect to fly like Icarus. 4. Something Special In the Air. "It chops, it dices, it slices, and it..." Overheard line from Ginzu So, you want something that will fill the stomach, right? Each monster hasa mega food special, and other foods that will fill you up. Known foods include (so far): CAKE BACON AND EGGS COWS FRIES SHEEP BURGER AND FRIES COMBO STEAK PEOPLE OF VARIOUS SIZES BANANAS COUCH POTATOES LADYBUGS ICE CREAM BONES HUMANS OF ALL SHAPE AND SIZES Eating people helps, and more the better. Packs are great, and tourist traps better. Of course, you do want to avoid the following: MEDICINE NEWSSTANDS SKULL-&-BONES OVENS FRIDGES PHONE BOOTHS TIME-BOMBS NUNS (a case of divine retribution) TOILETS FAUCETS Smashing the billboards chooses your destination (in Day one), and offers other bonuses, such as the Transatlantic flight. Smash your buddy enough times, and you'll get a grudge match. (End of Round + Normal) Bonuses known so far: WRECKING BALLS O' STEEL (Over 50 buildings smashed) LOCAL FLAVOR (Eating over 30 to 50 humans) TWISTED METAL (Smash dice and destory 10 or more cars) SECURITY BONUS (Did you pay attention?) EAT YOUR BUDDIES (Try eating your buddies after they die. You get a nice grin or pose) MONEY in ALL SIZES (Various points) LIVESTOCKS/CRATES (Smash Jets and Big Trucks) 5. Stragety, man! That's the key! "Shoot!" ??? To stay alive, you gotta eat, but eat like a pro, not a pig. People are good, but they are a bit too skinny to be satisfying. Try something like ice cream or cakes. Better yet, stock up on some of those nifty mega foods. Of course, you can never forget about livestocks or those greasy fast foods. Yum! Heh, even Julia can't cook a damn worth when feeding a monster hunger craving. Keep an eye out for Toxic, the purple kind. No, they won't put you in a haze, but it will put a city in a haze if you know what I'ah mean! To stay alive, you gotta keep moving! And avoid the hazards, such are fires and smokes, like the plague. They can sap a lot of your life before you know it. Smash helicopters, tanks, cars, and eat the cops and mobs for energy. Smash airplanes for crates that will be filled with livestocks. Yum! One more incentive for eating. For each time you pop a human snack, you are invulnerable from just about everything. Try it with a group, or with a police, but stay away from nuns. To stay alive, you gotta smash them buildings. Try smashing them from the top. To surgically remove each floor, try kicking it. To reach a closer building, try the back smash. Jump kicks are awesome for helicopters, but useless for building attacks. Finally, keep an eye out for foods and what not during your destruction. Better yet, try this tip from our field reporter: 'I have seen some massive destruction. Lizzie, the green monster, has been seen jumping on top of buildings, shaking out humans and crushing... arrgh!!' In short, down and jump will not only shake out humans for you to eat, but also collapses the top floor. Quick and painless. To stay alive, you have to ride with the wind... To ride on tanks and super hover craft thingys, press down while jumping on top of it. Use the weapons humanity against the humans!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! When travelling, always keep your stuff together. Save those awesome loogies of fire, or boxing gloves of death (i.e. your powerups) for the big building at big ol' cities. Keeping your junk or powerups to pay off. 6. Hazards that you'll face "Violent fighting to come again" KOF '96 Intro Screen, SNK There are way too many things that'll harm you besides the foods mentioned above. Some of the thing you will want to avoid are the following: BUILDING DEBRIS (Especially the ones with fire or smoke) TANKS, ARTILLERY, (Too much damage with one hit) SQUAD CARS TIME BOMB (Delayed boom) FLYING FLAME (One more menace in the air) THROWER ATTACK HELICOPTERS, (Death from above) FIGHTERS, BOMBERS ARMY MEN, POLICE (Annoying fleas meant to be eaten) WATER (Watery Grave) NUNS (Must I repeat my self? Divine Intervention!!) Be careful, especially around heavy vehicles and environmental hazards. Those things will knock your health down bar quite easily. You especially wan't to avoid those when it costs you $.50 per pop. 7. Let the credits roll This tour guide was written by Y. Choe, who hopes to play more of this game so there can be more cool stuff about Rampage. Catch him at UCLA, where he'll save his money for the unlimited play, so that he can write more on this. Simple Tour Guide would like to thank our field reporters, Mike Vallas of Simple Tour Guide is looking for other writers. If you got any info on this awesome game, let me know, and I'll make room. 5/8/96 Cya! ---- Believe in Zeta, always *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************