Samba 2000 FAQ v1.4

Created: 4/14/01 by miffo (aka Michael Paul)
Updated: 5/27/01

Note to webmasters:  You may use this FAQ on your site as long as you 
give credit to me and do not alter it in any way.  It would also be nice 
if you could email me saying that it is on your site so I know who is 
using it and where.  This is Copyright © 2001 Michael Paul.

Version History:

v1.4 - I added lists of the songs and added to the Challenge Mode 
v1.0 - I created it and added most of the stuff here.

This FAQ is for the Japanese version of Samba de Amigo ver. 2000.  I'm 
not sure what's going to change for the American version, but they'll 
probably be the same.

*Table of Contents* (hint: press Ctrl+F)
1.  Menu Translation/Explanation
2.  Overview
3.  Controls
  a. Maracas
    1) Buying maracas
    2) Putting them together
    3) Using them
    4) Adjusting them
    5) Trouble shooting
  b. Controller
    1) Setup A
    2) Setup B
  c. Maracas vs. Controller
4.  Mini game
  a. The objective
  b. How to play
5.  Challenge Mode
6.  Downloading songs
7.  Other stuff
8.  Thanks
1.  Menu Translation/Explanation

The following is a list of menus after the main screen in English, with 
the corresponding submenus indented.  Below each main section I will 
include in parentheses () an explanation of each topic.

  -Love Love

* Height select: These are the approximate CM-inches conversion:

190=6'3  170=5'7  150=4'11  130=4'3  110=3'7

(You have limited songs in Arcade, but you earn more as you play more.  
In "Original" you do what you did in the original Samba: shake the 
maraca with the blue balls.  But in "Hustle" the balls are green and you 
have to swing with the Pose guy.  "Love Love" measures your, uh, musical 
love toward another.  See Section 2 for more details.)

  -Love Love

(This is like Arcade, but you can play ALL songs that you've played at 
another time, i.e. in Arcade or Challenge.)


(You have to unlock this first.  Unlock this by completing Maraca Star.  
In Survival mode you have a given set of health, which goes down each 
time you make a mistake.  It also goes up gradually if you do good 
enough.  The goal is to see how many songs you can do before your health 
reaches 0.)
  -Maraca Kids
  -Maraca Junior
  -Maraca Idol
  -Maraca Star
  -Maraca Hero

(You will be given a set of challenges to complete, which will move you 
up in rank as well as unlock new songs and other features.)


(This is a volleyball mini-game.  It's not extremely fun, but it's a 
nice distraction.  See Section 4.)

  -Love Love

(In training, you basically do the same thing as in Original, but you 
can do it as many times as you want.)


(Connect to the in-game website to download songs, participate in online 
rankings, and more!)

    -Game Level
      Easy | Normal | Hard
      Easy | Normal | Hard
      On | Off
    -Cancel Select
      On | Off
  -High Score
    -Love Love
    -Survival Original
    -Survival Hustle
    -High Score Clear
  -Play Record
    Mono | Stereo
  -Sound Test
    -Maraca Voice
    -Hustle voice
    Type A | Type B
    +2 | +1 | 0 | -1 | -2

(You can change various game options here.  I would recommend turning 
cancel select OFF, continue select ON, and try Controller type B if you 
have problems with type A.)
2.  Overview

Let me explain Samba for those who don't know:  You take a pair of 
maracas (or controller, more on that later) and shake to the beat of the 
music.  Select one of 42 songs and get ready to wear yourself out.  
Balls will come across the screen in six different positions.  When the 
ring touches the ball, shake the maraca in the corresponding position.  
If you do it right, "Yeah" will pop up, otherwise you'll see "Boo" 
instead.  The game gets challenging, especially on Super Hard mode, but 
practice makes perfect!  

There is also a Hustle Mode.  Instead of shaking the maraca, you sway 
them to imitate the pose guy.  This is a new addition to the original 
Samba de Amigo.  You can also play with the controller by pressing the 
corresponding buttons.

In Love Love mode you and a friend play together.  Each time you hit a 
ball at the same time, your score goes up.  Each time you miss, your 
score goes down.  At the end it measures how "compatible" you were.  
It's great if you have a girl/boyfriend and play the Wedding March song.

When you begin, select options like what mode, your height, and what 
songs you are doing.  When you are ready, it opens a screen that lets 
you cancel.  If you want (you probably do) you can turn this screen off 
in the options menu.

Here are all the songs you can unlock in the game:

Vamos a Carnaval
Tout Tout Pour Ma CherieTout
Hot Hot Hot
The Cup of Life
Samba de Janeiro
Mambo Beat
Livin' La Vida Loca
Games People Play
Mambo de Verano
Take On Me
El Ritmo Tropical
Love Lease
Djobi Djoba
Cha Cha Cuba
La Bamba
Soul Bossa Nova
Samba de Amigo
The Theme of Rocky
The Theme of Inoki
Wedding March
3.  Controls

Controlling the game is what really makes it fun.  Sure, the game isn't 
the same without maracas, but it's still good.  Either way you do it, I 
hope you have fun!

a. Maracas: This is what the game is all about!  MARACAS MARACAS 
MARACAS!!!  And a monkey.

  1) Buying maracas:  OK, here's the problem - the best way to play this 
game is to get a pair of those lovely maraca controller.  Why is that a 
problem?  They cost $80 AND they're hard to find.  Very hard to find.  
There are third party maracas that are supposed to be more accurate with 
their 3D censors, but I haven't tried these out before.

  2) Putting them together:  Read the instructions, but basically you 
plug the maracas into the base and attach the base to the mat via 
Velcro.  Plug the base into port A or B on your Dreamcast.

  3) Using them:  This is the fun part!  Now that you've got your 
maracas set up, you're ready to play.  You're going to see the balls go 
into the six rings.  The red rings are the high positions, yellow is 
middle, and green is low.  When the ball hits the circle, shake the 
maraca in the corresponding position.  Notice that there is a white ring 
around the circle - the shows where your maraca is positioned.  Hold the 
maraca to correspond with the rings.

                    __            __   
       High Right  /  \          /  \   High Left
                   \__/          \__/

               __                      __
Middle Right  /  \                    /  \  Middle Left
              \__/                    \__/
                    __            __
                   /  \          /  \  Low Left
        Low Right  \__/          \__/

When a ball hits the ring, shake the maraca in the correct position.

  4) Adjusting them:  Go to the options menu and you can adjust the 
height of your maracas in addition to adjusting your height before the 

  5) Troubleshooting:

Q: My maracas wires are getting tangled, what can I do?
A: Nothing.  If they get too tangled, you can pull out the wire and 
stretch it out to temporarily make it better.

Q: Why does my maraca sometimes not respond?
A: Don't expect it to work 100% of the time - after all, Sega did fit a 
several thousand-dollar arcade into an $80 peripheral.  If you 
experience this problem, check to make sure the maracas are fully 
plugged in.

Q: Why won't my maracas work at all?
A: I've heard some third party maracas won't work on Samba 2000.

Q: My wrists hurt when I play, what should I do?
A: Ask your doctor.

b. Controller:  The controller basically acts as the maracas, only you 
hit the buttons instead of shaking.  To do hustle mode with the 
controller, you need to slide the D-pad in the directions that the pose 
guy sways his arms.

  1)  Setup A

Controller Setting A:
                    __            __   
    D up+left/X+Y  /  \          /  \   D up+right/B+Y
                   \__/          \__/

               __                      __
       D left /  \                    /  \  B
              \__/                    \__/
                    __            __
   D down+left/X+A /  \          /  \  D down+right/A+B
                   \__/          \__/

Press these buttons when the ball hits the ring.  To change controller 
settings, go to options.  I personally prefer setup B.

  2) Setup B

Controller Setting B:
                    __            __   
              D up /  \          /  \   Y
                   \__/          \__/

               __                      __
       D left /  \                    /  \  B
              \__/                    \__/
                    __            __
            D down /  \          /  \  A
                   \__/          \__/

Press these buttons when the ball hits the ring.  To change controller 
settings, go to options.  I personally prefer setup B.

c.  Maracas vs. Controller:  Which is better?  Which is more fun?  Well, 
the maracas definitely make the game more exciting (and you'll get some 
exercise too).  However, the controller is useful when trying to beat a 
certain challenge, as they can be easier to use.  My recommendation is 
to try both controller setups and see what's best for you.
4.  Mini game

The one thing missing from version 2000 that the last game had are the 
five minigames.  The time, you get a volleyball game in which you 
compete against other Samba de Amigo characters.

a.  The objective:  You should know the rules of volleyball - hit the 
ball over the net, three hits at a time, don't lose...etc.  You need 15 
points to win.

b.  How to play:  If you are using maracas, there will be two hands on 
the screen.  One maraca controls one hand, the other maraca controls the 
other hand.  Move your maracas to move the hands...use the hands to hit 
the ball.  Shaking the maraca can do special moves such as a spike.  

If you are using the controller, you'll only have one hand which is 
controlled with the D-pad.  Try to hit the ball just as you would with 
maracas; hit A to smash the ball.
5.  Challenge Mode

In Challenge Mode you can complete a series of challenges to unlock new 
songs and other things.  It is divided into five ranks each with five 
challenges.  They are as follows:

Maraca Kids:

Song, mode, difficulty, objective

1. Vamos a Carnaval, Original, Easy, C Ranking
2. Hot Hot Hot, Hustle, Easy, C Ranking 
3. Samba de Janeiro, Original, Easy, A Ranking 
4. Tout Tout Pour Ma Cherie, Hustle, Easy, A Ranking 
5. The Theme of Inoki, Original, Easy, A Ranking

Beating this unlocks The Theme of Inoki.

Maraca Junior:

1. Mambo de Verano, Original, Normal, C Ranking 
2. Games People Play, Hustle, Normal, B Ranking 
3. Livin' La Vida Loca, Original, Normal, B Ranking 
4. Volare, Hustle, Normal, 10 or fewer misses 
5. The Theme of Rocky, Hustle, Normal, 100000 points or more 

Beating this unlocks The Theme of Rocky.

Maraca Idol

1. The Cup of Life, Original, Normal, A Ranking 
2. Salome, Hustle, Normal, A Ranking 
3. Djobi Djoba, Hustle, Normal, 500000 points or more 
4. Mambo Beat, Hustle, Normal, A Ranking
5. Wedding March, Original, Normal, A Ranking 

Beating this unlocks Wedding March

Maraca Star:

1. Sway, Hustle, Hard, C Ranking 
2. El Ritmo Tropical, Original, Normal, 600,000 points or more
3. SOS, Hustle, Normal, A Ranking with 98% accuracy or better
4. Samba de Amigo, Hustle, Normal, Perfect  
5. Hot Hot Hot, Original, Normal, Perfect 

Beating this unlocks Survival mode.

Maraca Hero 

1. Bamboleo, Hustle, Hard, A Ranking 
2. Tout Tout Pour Ma Cherie, Original, Hard, A Ranking
3. Tubthumping, Original, Hard, Perfect

This is as far as I've gotten with it.  I'll add more as I unlock more.  
Hopefully I'll beat Maraca Hero soon!
6.  Downloading Songs

Click on the 'Internet' option (second from the bottom of the main menu) 
and you'll see two images that you can click on.  Use the D-pad to move 
the cursor press A to select.  Choose the top image and click on it.  
You may or may not be able to connect.  I personally can get online with 
my imports but the majority of people I talk to can't. 

If you CAN get online, you will be taken to a site.  Click on the fourth 
icon and you'll be taken to the song list.  You can then scroll through 
the list of songs and download them to a VMU.  Each song requires 2 

If you CAN'T get online, then try to see if you can find a download site 
with the files on it. had all the songs for the original 
Samba de Amigo, but it didn't have any for version 2000.  I will 
probably post my own saves on GameFAQs one day, so if you really want 
them, email me and I'll try to get around to it.

Song list:

My Sweet Passion 
Opa Opa

We Are Burning Rangers
Burning Hearts

Let Mom Sleep
Rent a Hero No. 1

Lazy Days
Dreams Dreams
Sonic You Can Do Anything

Let's Go Away
Magical Sound Shower
After Burner

It Doesn't Matter
Open Your Heart
Super Sonic Racing
7.  Other Stuff

?	To select Super Hard mode, shake the maraca 15 times in the top 
left position on the mode selection screen.  Hold up on the D-pad 
if you are using the controller.

?	To select Random mode, shake the maraca 15 times in the lower left 
position on the mode selection screen.  Hold down on the D-pad if 
you are using the controller.

?	Samba de Amigo ver. 2000 is scheduled to be released in the US 
this summer under the name of "version 2001."

?	The official maraca controllers by Sega were released in the US 
with 10,000 copies for $80.  They are hard to find and fairly 
expensive, but you can find third party maracas are various sites 
that seem to work just as well. 

8.  Thanks

I want to thank the person who wants to be known as "Billy Bob" for 
helping me with the menu translation.  He also told me a few other 
things about the game.

I thank GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.

And of course, I thank Sega/Sonic Team for making this awesome game and 
having the guts to release it, especially with the maraca controllers.

Copyright © 2001 Michael "miffo" Paul.  All rights reserved.