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|          FAQ           |
|         v 2.0          |
|       08/01/01         |
|      Written By:       |
|        Junie           |
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Version 2.0 Updates --

  - General word changes and other things
  - Updated the "Table Of Contents" to show the complete list of articles in 
    this FAQ, to give you the reader a better look of what's here.
  - Added "Learning to Use your Ranger Buddy" in the "Using your Ranger 
    Buddy" section. It covers quite a bit of new information.
  - Added a new Mission 2 Phase 3 Troubleshooting section to 
    "Troubleshooting Mission Objectives". Due to a lot of e-mails on this
  - Updated Mission 4 Phase 1 Troubleshooting section in "Troubleshooting 
    Mission Objectives" To make the instructions more clear. I got a lot of 
    e-mails asking for more help about it.
  - Added new section "Awards"
  - Added a new Topic to "Miscellaneous" section "Crawling Under Objects"
  - Added what I know about Air Strikes in the "Miscellaneous" section. It 
    raises more questions than answers though


Overview on this game:

        The price alone is a great incentive to purchase this game only 
$9.99! Not to mention the fact that all "Snipers" out there will appreciate 
the weapons available, the SSG and the BMP50.

        Everyone will appreciate the fact the game is Vibration Function 
Compatible, it gives the player the sensation of actually pulling the 
trigger or getting shot (At least more than you would expect).

Table of Contents:

   1. Controls
        - Ranger/Game Functions
        - Command Buddy
        - Crouching Mode
   2. Weapons/Scopes/Environment & Pickups/Booby traps
        - Weapons
        - Scopes
        - Environment & Pickups
           - Environment
           - Pickups
        - Booby Traps
   3. Using your Ranger Buddy
        - Controls
        - Learning to Use your Ranger Buddy
           - Meeting your Ranger Buddy
           - Playing with your Ranger Buddy
           - Ranger Buddy Combat Techniques
              - Buddy Cover
              - Programmed Cover
              - Entering Buildings
                   - Grenades
                   - Shooting
           - Ranger Buddy Flaws/Limits 
   4. Cheats
   5. Starting the Game
        - Choose The Type of Game
        - Enter Your name
        - Select a Mission
        - Phase Objectives
        - Ranger Selecting
        - Ranger Item Weight
   6. Troubleshooting Mission Objectives
        - Level 2 Phase 3
        - Level 4 Phase 1
        - Common Problems on all Levels
   7. Awards
        - Mission Score
        - Awards Given
        - Getting a Better Score Tips
   8. Miscellaneous
        - Game Time
        - Climbing Objects
        - Crawling Under Objects
        - Weapon Reload Time
        - Air Strike
   9. Conclusion


1. Controls

The following information is from the instructional booklet included with 
the game. I have also included comments to try and make it easier for the 
beginner to understand how to use them.

Symbols used in the controls below --
(These should be self-explanatory)

   X = The X button
   [] = The Square button
   O = The Circle button
   /\ = The Triangle button
    = The Right directional button

Ranger/Game Functions

   Move Ranger                             directional button (Left 
                                             Analog stick)*
   Sidestep (Ranger Must be Standing)     R2  direction button
   Fire Weapon                            X button
   Throw Grenade/Use Explosive            [] button
   Use Inventory Item                     O button
   Toggle Rangers                         /\ button
   Toggle Ranger Posture                  R2 button + Up or Down 
                                             directional button
   Toggle Ranger Posture                  R2 +  On mission two, (I'm not sure which phase but I think its three) it says
> destroy the weapon cache with a satchel charge and I've gone to the red
> dot on the map and I've satchel charged everything I can think of so can 
> you write me back and tell me how to do this I would really appreciate 
> it.

        The most common problem is that the game doesn't not trigger and 
actually print the words across the screen about detonating the weapon 
cache. When you first start the mission make sure you go left and walk right 
next to the fence all the way to the end.

        Once you come to the end it should now display the message on the 
screen to destroy the weapon cache. Once it displays the message go into the 
big warehouse in front of you, slightly to the right (The first warehouse).

Plant a satchel charge on the box in the center of the warehouse.

        That should do it, just make sure to walk around the fence around 
the big circular building.

Level 4 Phase 1

        The only Mission you may have a problem on solving, like I did, is 
on Level 4 Phase 1. It is the Missiles you must disarm in China. To disable 
the Missiles you will have to fire bullets at the missile, there is no other 
way to disarm the missiles.

        Get a weapon with a 6x scope and look on the missile for the last 
black line on the missile before the red tip. Simply shoot at the black 
line. Depending on the weapon chosen, on average it takes 3 shots.

        The missile will fall down, if you successfully do it, and you will 
just continue your mission. If you do it on the wrong the missile will
explode and it will end your mission.

Common Problems on all Levels

        A common problem is you do the mission objective and now are 
waiting to go onto the next mission objective but the game does, what's 
wrong? The most common problem is that you will need to go to certain areas 
of that stage to trigger the game to go onto the next mission objective.

        If you have a problem make sure you hit the Select button and goto 
the red dot areas on the map. Even if you disable the enemy solders like 
instructed or whatever you will still need to go near the red dots on the 

        If that still doesn't work look for items that don't belong in the 
level. For instance Mission 3 Phase 3, you must walk near the car to get 
the game to go ahead to Objective 3. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. 
7. Awards

Mission Score

   Your score makes up what award you are given for the Mission Phase you 
   have completed. The game will show you a screen with the information 
   after you complete a level.

   Your score is based on:

     - Enemies KIA (Killed In Action)
     - Rangers KIA
     - Marksmanship
     - Completion Time
     - Mission Rating
     - Best Rating

   What the above means is simply put:

     - More Enemies you kill the better
     - If you or your Ranger Buddy are killed you will get a bad score
     - The more ammo you use the worse your score (This is where Snipers 
       come in!)
     - The less time to beat the level the better
     - This is how Hard the mission is (Nothing you can do about) But you 
       can change the Hardness of the game. The harder you make the game the 
       higher your score
     - I have no idea what Best Rating is, perhaps it is referring to saved 
       information on your Memory Card.

Awards Given

   There is a total of 8 awards that are given, if you count not receiving 
   one. They are listing from Worst to Best:

     No Commendations - You need to go back to Ranger School
     The Army Achievement Medal - Don't be afraid, you're trained to kill the 
     The Meritorious Service Medal - You're Learning
     The Bronze Star - You're starting to get pretty good
     The Silver Star - You must be using the Ranger Buddy pretty well by now
     The Distinguished Service Cross - Wow, you are now a skilled Ranger
     The Medal of Honor - You are awesome! Perhaps you should think about 
                          really joining the U.S. Army Rangers if you 
                          haven't already

Getting a Better Score Tips

   Using a M-60 will NOT give you even a decent score! With that being said 
   here are some tips (If you have any others e-mail them to me and I'll add 
   your name and/or e-mail) --

     - I'm almost positive that using the cheat described in Section 4 will 
       automatically give you a bad score (Or at least limit what you could 
       have gotten without using the cheat)
     - Use a powerful weapon. Or at least one with a Scope so you can see 
       exactly what your shooting. Either one will cut down on ammo use and 
       give a much more desirable score
     - Even the Award description says this-- Learn to use your Ranger 
       Buddy! Here are some tips that will give you a much better score even 
       if you don't use your Ranger Buddy like you should.
          - Give any commands during the level to your Ranger Buddy. My 
            favorite commands to use are "Hold Up!" and about 5 seconds 
            later do a "Move Up!" or "Follow Me!" command to get 
            him moving again.
          - Just doing the "Follow Me!" command even if your Ranger Buddy is 
            already following you seems to help your score also.
          - If your Ranger Buddy actually does kill an enemy that adds a lot 
            more to your score. So try using the "Fire'em Up!" command when 
            you think your Ranger Buddy won't get his head blown off.
          - Use the "Toggle Rangers" command to refill your Ranger Buddies 
            life with the Medkit when he has been damaged. That way he 
            doesn't die.
     - Try to kill as many enemy solders as possible. The more the better
     - Save level time by using techniques as described in the 
       "Miscellaneous" section. For Example the "Crawling Under Objects".

8. Miscellaneous

Game Time

   Every time you start a to play a game, you are given a set time to 
   complete the mission. If that time runs out you will have to restart the 
   mission (The Rangers are not harmed).

   * You can have Infinite Time using the cheat described above.

Climbing Objects

   Even though you can not climb ladders that are found on different 
   missions, you can climb different objects. This includes the Alaska 
   Pipeline found on Level 1 Phase 1.

   Simply walk up the end that goes into the ground.

   * Your Ranger Buddy will not follow you

Crawling Under Objects

   Want to find a short cut or perhaps Ambush the enemy solders? There are 
   many different places you can crawl under in the game. For instance the 
   Alaska Pipeline at Mission 1 Phase 1 -- Turn your player to face the 
   Pipeline then press R2 + Down directional button + Down directional 
   button  This puts you in the Prone Position. Then Simply Crawl Under.

   * Be sure to crawl enough distance beyond the object so your Ranger Buddy is 
   not under the object. Otherwise when you stand up your Ranger Buddy will 
   become trapped.

Weapon Reload Time

   Any Ranger will need to reload their weapon from time to time. If you are
   in the Prone position (Laying on your Belly) the weapon will 
   automatically reload without any pause.

Air Strike

   Still an unknown topic to me. It has been pointed out to me repeatedly 
   in e-mail messages, and thought I should include what little I found out. 
   On page 18 in the instruction book it describes Smoke Grenades -- "Use 
   this to call in an air strike in certain levels or to blind the enemy."

   That is all I know, I have never gotten an air strike before by using 
   Smoke Grenades. If anyone can tell me how it is done the players of this 
   game will greatly appreciate the information, as well as me. I will also 
   include your name and/or e-mail in this FAQ for contributing this info.

9. Conclusion

        I hope you learned something from this FAQ. I apologize if this FAQ 
does not follow the usual rules or "feel" -- After all this is my first 

        If I get any new information to add into this FAQ I will make 
another release when it becomes available. If you have something you think 
needs to be added or changed just e-mail at junies_c@yahoo.com

        Just be sure to tell me what Mission and Phase you are on, and what 
you need help with. Otherwise I will have to send you multiple e-mails to 
figure out where you are.

Thanks for Reading!