The Ultimate
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                                                      (Version 1.0)

NFL Xtreme is the best of its kind. It has awesome graphics, precise 
controls, ear-shattering sounds, and is just an absolute blast to play!
In this guide I will put up my favorite plays (both offensive and 
defensive), a player I created, hidden moves the manual doesn't tell 
you about and more! I hope this guide helps any NFL Xtreme players out
there! I will be adding more (more help on plays, more created players
etc.) later on. Enjoy!

1.) My favorite plays
2.) Hidden moves
3.) Created player
4.) Moves
5.) Credits/Thanks


1.) My favorite plays

Before I start I want to tell you that these plays don't always go as I
say below. Allot of the time your player is covered, but he can still 
catch the ball. If you don't think that you can make the pass, throw it
to someone else, or run with the ball.


Where to find the play is in brackets "[]"

[ Pro ] Double Out: A very good play. Try to throw to Triangle. He 
goes deep if you keep from getting tackled. Sometimes (but rarely) 
there isn't anyone even covering him!

[ Full House ] Alley: Fall back then roll to the left. After about a 
second throw to Circle (throw it before he gets off-screen if you 
want to ;). After he catches it start running. You can gain some good
yardage with this play. Best used if there is allot of wide open field 
to run. If he is covered throw to someone else.

[ Pro ] Sweep: This is one of the best running plays  in the game. 
You can gain great yardage (about 20) each and everytime you run it. 
Right as the play starts, hit Turbo to get into the flow of the play.

[ Full House ] Sweep: Another great running play. Hitting turbo right 
after the play starts will help you gain extra yards. A great play if 
you're going for two after a touchdown!


Where to find the play is in brackets "[]"

[ Man ] S Blitz: You can get to the QB easy with this play. Always 
take control of the Triangle man, he is usually left with a wide open
path to the QB. You don't really want to reverse this play because 
then the guy blitzing doesn't have nearly as good of a chance to sack
the QB because his running path is blocked.

[ Odd ] CB Blitz: It doesn't really matter what guy you take control 
of (Circle or Square) they both get to the QB fairly easy. If you use
this play for blocking a Field Goal, go with Circle. He gets there to
block the FG the fastest.

[ Base ] Zone: An overall good defensive play. If the computer gets a 
pass out you can quickly get him down. The best thing to do is hit 
Circle right after their QB throws the ball to take control of the 
nearest defender to the ball.

[ 23 ] Plug: You have two defenders rushing the QB that could cause 
him to throw a bad pass. If he does get the pass off the other three 
defenders will get whoever has the ball.


2.) Hidden Moves

Jersey rip-off

To have your jersey get ripped off do the super spin (Turbo + Circle) 
while a defender is trying to tackle you. It doesn't work all the time,
but when it does it makes this ripping noise and all that is left is 
your shoulder pads!

High step taunt

To high step all of the defenders have to be behind you. Once that is 
done all you have to do press X. Your player will high step down the 
field. If there is a defender close behind you, your player will high
step down the field while holding the ball behind him, taunting the 
other player while the announcer says stuff like "He.. could.. go....!"
and "He's got skills!" 


3.) Created Player

First Name: YOUARE
Last Name: DEAD
Number: 15
Position: RB
Handed: R
Weight: 204
Height: 5' 8"
Skin: Dark

Speed: 85
Stamina: 74
Quickness: 84
Hands: 54
Moves: 84
Blocking: 54
Tackle Breaking: 82
Overall: 87


4.) Moves


Dive with ball/QB slide- Square

Shoulder Charge- X

Spin/Juke- Circle

Jump/Grab Ball- Triangle

Stiff Arm left- L1

Stiff Arm Right-  R1

Turbo- L2 or R2

Call Audible-  L2 or R2+ square, X, or circle before snap.


Power Shoulder Charge-  X+ L2

Spin/Super Spin-  Circle+ L2

Jump Flip over the Defender-  Triangle+ L2

Show Icons of Receivers- L1 or R1 before snap.


Dive/Wrap Tackle- Square

Switch players- circle

Jump Interception/Deflect Pass- Triangle

Turbo- L1 or R1

Swim Move- L1 or R1

Icon Switching-  L1 or R1+ icon 

Call Audible- L2 or R2+ square, X, or circle before snap.


Flying/Standing Clothesline Tackle-  Square+ L2


After you are tackled, your circle might blink.  If it does, you can 
control to hit your opponent after he is tackled.  Drill him into the
turf by moving toward your opponent and tapping Square, Square+ L2, or
just L2.


5.) Credits/Thanks

Uh.. I credit.. um.. me for writing up this guide. I bet it's the only
one out there! (Other then my friends,, ask him for

Thanks to for the move list which I stole from his
guide, but modified it a little! Hehehehe.

Thanks to my web site, for 
NOTHING (but check it out anyway!)

Thanks to 989 Studios for making this awesome game! Make a sequel next
year guys/gals!

This guide is for all the NFL Xtreme players out there! Don't listen 
to the mags, guys! This game ROCKS!

Want to see two GOOD NFL Xtreme reviews (as in, not saying the game 
sucks)? Go here

*****Do not copy any of this guide without my written permission.*****

And.. uh.. to anyone else I forgot. ;)
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