***Rival Schools: United by Fate/Shiritsu Justice Gakuen***
*Shoma (Syoma) Sawamura FAQ version 0.2*
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By: Shoma No Miko (contacts listed below)

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       1) FAQ Updates/Changes
       2) Contacts and Acknowledgements
       3) Introduction
       4) Shoma Bio
            a) Profile
            b) Personality
            c) Story
       5) Basic Game Controls
       6) Moves List
            a) Special Moves
            b) Burning Vigor Attacks
            c) Team-Up Attack
       7) Some Combos
       8) Miscellaneous
       9) Info needed/ Hopeful updates

1) FAQ Updates/Changes
   -Changed Introduction
   -Tweaked the Profile
   -Some small, almost unnoticeable,changes to Basic Moves List
   -Fixed Special Moves List errors
   -Added a few more combos
   -Added "Miscellaneous" section
   -Fixed Info needed/ Hopeful updates section

2) Contacts and Acknowledgements
These are all the people,companies,magazines, etc., that have helped me 
put this FAQ up 
(or had pix!). Thanks to you all! =)
   -Absolute Zero's Rival Schools Page
   -Chika's King of Fighters Zone!!
    (http://chika.simplenet.com)  [She has RS fan art!]
   -Fighters' Edge
   -Game Pro Magazine
    (http://www.gamepro.com) or AOL Keyword: Game Pro

Okay, if you want to e-mail me, use one of the addresses below. If you 
REALLY want me to get to you quicker, try the AOL address. Please 
subject the e-mail "FAQ Problem".

3) Introduction
The purpose of this here FAQ is to provide somewhat of a strategy for 
the Rival Schools character Shoma Sawamura -my favorite character, tied 
with Daigo Kazama. Now that the PSX version is out in the States (Sans 
"School Life Mode" which really sucks), this FAQ will be updated more 
frequently. This can be used for both the Arcade AND the PSX, though 
it's really aimed for the PSX...
Many players of the game overlook Shoma because of his partners (face 
it, Natsu and Roberto aren't really that good...) or because of his 
appearance (i.e, the bat makes him look like he'd be a SLOW 
character,swinging that around). But in reality, Shoma, in MY opinion, 
is one of the best characters.He's rather powerful despite his 
dimunitive size and he swings that bat around pretty fast. His air-
combos are pretty good too. Oh, and you just can't look over his short-
tempered personality! ^_^
Anyways, I hope the FAQ helps you in anyway possible with this guy. 
Translations aside, I tried very hard to make it understandable for you.

4) Shoma Bio
Sawamura Syoma "Bakurestu Suragga"
Shoma (Syoma) Sawamura "Explosive Slugger"

a) Profile

SEX: Male                BIRTHDATE: October 10th
ZODIAC: Libra            BLOOD TYPE: O
HEIGHT: 162 cm           WEIGHT: 57 kg
B-W-H:  92-78-80         RELATIONSHIP: He argues with Natsu Ayuhara
LIKES: Baseball          DISLIKES: Big people, basketball, volleyball
SKILL: Baseball          SCHOOL:  Gorin
GOOD SUBJECT: P.E        BAD SUBJECT(S): Math,English
CLUB: Baseball club      PART-TIME JOB: No time!

Has a quick temper and hates to lose.  Has a strong sense of justice, 
but because he's so impulsive, he's always failing. Because he causes 
wild fights during matches, he's not really a member of the Gorin High 
School Baseball Team. He's extremely self-conscious about his 
shortness.He always fights with Natsu, who is tall and tries to make a 
fool out of him. Turns out, Natsu was an old friend from childhood, and 
now that she's become more of a woman, her casual actions have caused a 
lot of tension...

His older brother, an ace pitcher from the same school, Shuichi, was 
attacked by someone. To clear his brother's humiliation of being cut off 
from being able to join a pro baseball team, to find out the truth, and 
for revenge, Shoma goes to raid other schools.

5)Basic Game Controls

DF.......Diagonally down-forward
DB.......Diagonally down-back
QCF......In a continous motion, go from D,to DF,to F
QCB...... " ", go from D,to DB,to B
HCF...... " ",go from B,to DB, to D, to DF, to F
HCB...... " ",go from F,to DF, to D, to DB, to B

Shoma, like every fighter, has 4 different types of basic attacking:
Weak Punch.......WP
Strong Punch.....SP
Weak Kick........WK
Strong Kick......SK

Shoma, like every fighter, can execute these moves:
High Jump.......D,U
Mid-Air Jump....When knocked into the air,press any 2 buttons together
Run.............F, Hold F
Hop Forward.....F,F
Hop Back........B,B
Upper Sidestep..D,WK+SK
Shoulder Ram....While running press P
Slide...........While running press WK
Drop Kick.......While running press SK
Rival Launcher..When close, DF+SP or DF+SK

Block...........Press B
Tardy Counter...Block then execute a special move
Knockdown Recoveries
    Roll Back...Press B
    Roll Front..Press F
    Stand.......Press U
    Side Roll...Press D
    Attack......Any attack after intial recovery

Along with those basics, Shoma also has throws. To execute a throw, 
stand close to your opponent and press WP+SP. To escape a throw, execute 
a throw. Got it? And to throw crouched opponents, simply press Down and 
WP+SP. To escape a crouched throw, press Down and execute the throw. 
=)As a standing throw, he picks the opponent up as if he were 
practicing, then he hits them with his bat.Crouched, he powerbombs them. 
And from behind them, he performs a German Suplex.

Taunting with Shouma is rather simple. Press select anytime during the 
fight. Pros? You get to piss your opponent off and hear Shoma talk smack 
while increasing your Burning Vigor Meter (described below). Cons? It 
leaves you wide open for attacks.

Shoma has 3 (actually 2, one can be done in the air) Burning Vigor 
Attacks. What's that? A special meter that is similar to the meters on 
SF Alpha. When on level 1 or higher, Shoma can perform a "Super" Move. 
The B.V Meter has 9 levels and they're carried over in between rounds. 
To increase the meter, do one of the following:
    Get hit (Don't wanna do that!)
    Perform Special Moves
Though it doesn't pertain to Shoma, several characters (like Natsu) can 
team-up to help raise the meter by about 5 levels. Of course, as listed 
below, your B.V meter has to be at least level 2 to do a team up...

When Shoma's B.V meter is AT LEAST on Level 2, he can team-up with his 
chosen partner.If Shoma is the main character (the one fighting), the 
move depends on the character you picked as his partner. His partner can 
either tag-team with Shoma to beat the opponent (like Unmasked Akira's 
EVA rip-off), raise Shoma's B.V meter(like Hinata's Cheer up), or even 
restore some of his lost health (like Tiffany's *bleh* kiss).If Shoma 
ISN'T the main character, his Team-Up is Grand Slam (listed below) and 
it's an attack. If you know that you're not very good with Shoma, have a 
"healer" (Natsu,Hinata,Kyoko,Tiffany) as a partner.

6) Moves List
a)Special Moves

(Super Heavy, Fast ball) 
Shoma pitches a rather small baseball as a projectile at his opponent. 
Its fast,strong, and has lovely reach.It can be done in mid-air and it 
will aim diagonally downward.
Dai-Kaiten Dahou
(Big Rotating Batting Style)
Shoma swings his bat around pretty quickly and bats his opponent away. 
This is better done nearby since it hits twice.
Satsujin Suraidingu
(Homicide Slide)
I don't know why they call this "Killer Slide". Shoma doesn't even 
slide! He just leaps up with a quick horizontal kick.
Go-kai Lead 
(Dynamic Lead)
B + WK + SK 
At the beginning of the move, Shoma looks like he's taking off for a 
base (he looks so adorable!). You have one of two options: If you press 
Weak Kick after, he will perform a sliding kick. If you press Strong 
Kick after, he will perform "Satsujin Suraidingu". The slide usually 
catches people off guard but it has poor range.
Ippon Zuri Da-ho
(Fishing-like batting style)
Shoma lifts his opponent up with his bat through their stomach, and then 
bats them away. 
b)Burning Vigors
(Done when meter is at level 1! Oh, and when you nail an opponent with a 
B.V, taunt them right afterwards.The meter, for some reason, fills up 

Bunshin Makyu
(Illusionary Diabolical Pitch)
Shouma throws a baseball that appears to be like about a hundred of 
them, at his opponent. It hits several times (about 4 or 5) and can be 
done in mid-air. 
Ho~mu Ran Dahou
(Home Run Batting Style)
Shoma does a souped up version of the "Dai Katen Dahou" here, batting 
his opponent away. It looks pretty painful. I've noticed that sometimes 
when the opponent is hit,they either fly back A WHOLE DAMN LOT or fly 
back as if they were hit by a normal move.
c)Team-Up Attack

Gurandu Suramu
(Grand Slam)
Shoma's partner (in my case,Daigo ^_~),knocks the opponent up into the 
air and leaps up after him or her. At this time, Shoma is on the ground 
with his bat ready. His partner spikes the opponent down at him.Here is 
the part that makes me wince.Shoma then bats the opponent THE HELL AWAY 
with his bat. This is one of the more painful looking ones along with 
Boman's Backbreaker and Raizo's team-up.	

7) Some Combos
Yield: 3 hits

Yield: 3 hits

Yield: 4 hits

Yield: 4 hits.

Yield: 4 hits.

Yield: 5 Hits (Last hit takes off two hits).

Jump in downwards with SP, Hold D,WK,"Dai Katen Dahou" with SP (F,QCF+SP 
in case you forgot).
Yield: 4 hits.

Yield: 9 hits.

Hold DF,Hold U,WP,WK, "Bunshin Makyu" (QCF,QCF+SP)
Yield: About 7 hits.

WP,WP,SK,Hold DF,SP, Hold U,WP,WK,"Bunshin Makyu"(QCF,QCF+SP) 
Yield: 9 hits.
This can only be done if your B.V meter is at least level 1. The last 
hit takes off 3 hits. 

This section was made for information that could not fit any place else 
in this FAQ.

Hey, I got some translations (kinda wonky, I suppose; my Japanese ain't 
all that)! Actually, I only have 3 (other than like his Burning Vigor 
where he says "Bunshin Makyu"). Any extra translations are appreciated! 
    -(When Shoma wins a match, and he rubs the back of his head) "Uh 
oh..I've done it again..!"
    -(When Shoma is knocked out) "You stupid bastard!" (Bakayarou)
    -(When Shoma is prepared for a fight) "Let's play ball!"

Shoma's voice actor Uueda Yuji (last name first, first name last), also 
plays the role of Sagara Sanosuke in Rurouni Kenshin. Eh, not important, 
but heck, maybe you might wanna know one day.

I still haven't gotten Shoma's Home Run Derby on the Evolution Disk... 
If someone out there knows, let me know!

8) Info needed/ Hopeful updates

-EVEN MORE combos
-Endings and Dialogue...maybe
-More translations
-Special tips
-Home Run Derby Tips

Eh, it's 1:30 am Sunday Morning...Sorry about being so lazy with the 
FAQ..ah well. Remember, e-mail me if you have any questions. Until then, 

--Shoma No Miko =)
  November 7th--er, 8th ^_^; 1998.