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This section is intended as the "junkpile" of all the extra stuff you may
want to know. In the future, like next update, I may divide these into 
there own sections.

I'm debating the need for upgrades, weapons, and equipment. The weapons 
may be needed, I know some are not common knowledge, but the upgrades 
seem like a nightmare to figure out.

	SHOPS		( SHO1234 )

*NOTE: For all shops, I assume you speak to the owner first and get each 



Brandy - for Chakwas, on the upper bar counter

Kenn's Salvage

Couplings are a must, and so is the ammo capacity. Other two are for later.

Heavy Weapon Ammo - 25000, +15% heavy weapon capacity (grenade launcher, etc.)
Couplings - 416, quest item for engineers on Normandy
Heavy Skin Weave - 75000, +10% Shepard health
Shotgun Damage - 50000, +10%

Harrot's Emporium

Visor is a must, Geth ship is whatever, chest is good, and hack is not needed
unless you really suck at hacking (then it's a must).

Visor - 1666, +10% headshot damage
Model Geth Ship - 1666
Capacitor Chestplate - 3333, -10% shield regen cooldown
Hack Module - 25000, x2 time limit for hacking
Ordance Packs - 1666, +10% heavy ammo; unlocks later in game

Omega Market

As a sniper rifle user and tentacle enthusiast, I bought everything.

Stimulator Conduits - 3333, +10% sprint speed
Model Turian Cruiser - 416
Sniper Rifle Damage - 50000, +10% SR damage
Fornax - 4, in the Publications of your secondary codex items
Stabalization Guantlets - 3333, +5% weapon dammage; unlocks later
Strength Boost Packs - 3333, +25% melee damage; unlocks later


Citadel Souvenirs Shop

These things really add up, and you'll be back later. So skip.

Space Hamster - 7666, pretty expensive for a rat
Illium Skald Fish - 416
Thessian Sunfish - 416
Model Normandy SR1 - 416
Model Destiny Ascension - 416
Model Sovereign - 416

Zakera Cafe

The quality ingredients for your chef on the Normandy.

Rodam Expeditions

Unless extremely loaded, just get the gun upgrade you use the most, and the two

Sniper Rifle Damage - 50000, +10% SR damage
Heavy Pistol Damage - 50000, +10% SR damage
SMG Damage - 50000, +10% SR damage
Ammo Pack - 1666, +10% ammo capacity
Aegis Vest - 1666, +5% health

Sirta Foundation

Medi-Gel Capacity - 25000, more medi-gel is good if you frequently play
	risky, can't manage your team, or fail at cover, otherwise it's not 
	a big deal
Life Supporting Webbing (legs) - 6666, +10% health 

Saronis Applications

Tech Damage - 75000, +10% tech damage
Damage Protection - 75000, +20% shields, barriers, and armor

Nos Astra

Gateway Personal Database

To get this discount, walk all the way to the Eternity Bar in the first area,
speak to Conrad Verner, come to this lady, tell her to back off, and then go
turn in the quest to Conrad. However, if you didn't meet Conrad in the first
game, no discount is possible.

*NOTE: Sorry, only had one import due to DLC corruption, so I had to jot these
down at markup price.*

Plates and weave are good to grab, but if you need a weapon upgrade get that
instead of the weave.

Heavy Skin Weave - 90000, +10% Shepard health
SMG Damage - 60000, +10% SMG damage
Rifle Damage - 60000, +10% rifle damage
Amplified Plates - 2000, +5% power
Shield Bonus - 90000, +10% shield power; unlocks later in game

Memories of Illium

First, talk to the nearby Asari who is the owner and resolve her love 
problem for the discount.

Prejek Peddle-Fish - 6666, expensive little fish
Model Alliance Cruiser - 416
Model Athebasca Class Freighter - 416

Serrice Tech

Biotic Damage - 75000, +10% biotic damage
Bypass Module - 25000, x2 bypass time limit
Medi-gel Capacity - 25000, +1 medi gel

I could have sworn there was one more here later in the game.

Baria Frontiers

500 creds for each new nebula map.

Hades Nexus
Minos Wasteland
Pylos Nebula
Shrike Abyssal


Ratch's Wares

For the discount, talk and agree to kill som pyjaks. Use the cannon by the 
Chief Scout and kill three waves of the monkeys. Aim in front, simple.

May as well buy it all.

Pyjak Meat - 0, used to recruit Urz for the fighting ring below. He'll win at
	least once; wouldn't try it more but feel free if you don't care. I do
	care a lot about a virtual pet!
Heavy Weapon Capacity - 25000, +45% heavy weapon ammo
Stabilization Gauntlets - 3333, arms, +5% health
Death Mask - 6666, head, +10% rep increases
Asymmetric Defense Layer - 6666, shoulders?, +5% health
Shield Harness - 6666, belt, +5% health

Fortack's Database

Again, the discount is for completing Grunt's Rite, and I say get one weapon
and the biotic upgrades. You could get all four, never have to come back here
if you like.

Assault Rifle Damage - 50000, +10% AR damage
Biotic Damage - 75000, +10% biotic damage
Heavy Pistol Damage - 50000, +10% heavy pistol damage
Shotgun Damage - 50000, +10% shotgun damage


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