__   __  __    __    __        ___                                     _,$$
 |  \ |   /   | |  \  |   |\   |  |                               _,,$$@@@$'
 |__/ |_  \_  | |   | |_  | \  |  |                        _,,$$$@@@@$''
 | \  |     \ | |   | |   |  \ |  |                 _,,$$$@@@@@$'
 |  \ |__ __/ | |__/  |__ |   \|  |           _,$$@@@@@$$'
       __                   ($@@@@@@@@@$'
      |   \   | | |          @@@@@@$'
      |_   \  | | |          '@@@@@
      |     \ | | |           @@@@@
      |__    \| | |__         @@@@@
                           $@'    `$@@@@$.
                           $@@@@@@@@@$'           "I'm no superhero.
                            $@@@$'          But together, we can end this"


                               RESIDENT EVIL 5

                         Copyright (c)2009 DomZ Ninja


 Author: DomZ Ninja
 E-mail: domzninja[at]hotmail[dot]com
 Updated: 04/14/09
 Version: 1.1

 NOTE: This guide does contain spoilers!


                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

See that series of numbers to the right of each section? If you want to find 
a specific section in the FAQ, press CTRL + F to open a search box. Type in 
the series of numbers for the desired section that you're trying to find and 
press Enter. Whabam! The search function will take you there in an instant.

1] - Version History.................................. [0100]
2] - Controls......................................... [0200]
3] - The Basics....................................... [0300]
4] - Walkthrough...................................... [0400]
       4.01] Chapter 1-1.............................. [0401]
       4.02] Chapter 1-2.............................. [0402]
       4.03] Chapter 2-1.............................. [0403]
       4.04] Chapter 2-2.............................. [0404]
       4.05] Chapter 2-3.............................. [0405]
       4.06] Chapter 3-1.............................. [0406]
       4.07] Chapter 3-2.............................. [0407]
       4.08] Chapter 3-3.............................. [0408]
       4.09] Chapter 4-1.............................. [0409]
       4.10] Chapter 4-2.............................. [0410]
       4.11] Chapter 5-1.............................. [0411]
       4.12] Chapter 5-2.............................. [0412]
       4.13] Chapter 5-3.............................. [0413]
       4.14] Chapter 6-1.............................. [0414]
       4.15] Chapter 6-2.............................. [0415]
       4.16] Chapter 6-3.............................. [0416]
5] - The Mercenaries.................................. [0500]
6] - BSAA Emblem Locations............................ [0600]
7] - Weapons.......................................... [0700]
8] - Items............................................ [0800]
       8.1] Items..................................... [0810]
       8.2] Treasures................................. [0820]
9] - Unlockables...................................... [0900]
10] - Achievements.................................... [1000]
11] - Bestiary........................................ [1100]
       11.1] Enemies.................................. [1110]
       11.2] Bosses................................... [1120]
12] - Thanks/Credits.................................. [1200]


 1] VERSION HISTORY                                                     [0100]

FAQ/Walkthrough #41

 Version 1.0 (04/03/09) - FAQ/Walkthrough complete and submitted.

 Version 1.1 (04/06/09) - Minor spelling corrections and a fixed mistake
                          thanks to Absolute Steve.


 2] CONTROLS                                                            [0200]


|  D-Pad                      |  Item Shortcut                               |
|  Left Analog Stick          |  Move                                        |
|  Right Analog Stick         |  Move Camera                                 |
|  Start                      |  Pause                                       |
|  Back                       |  Skip Cinema                                 |
|  X Button                   |  Action                                      |
|  Y Button                   |  View Item Menu                              |
|  A Button                   |  Run (Up + A), Quick Turn (Down + A)         |
|  B Button                   |  Co-op Action/Call                           |
|  Right Trigger              |  Fire Weapon (LT + RT), Locate Partner       |
|  Left Trigger               |  Aim, Reload (LT + A)                        |
|  Right Bumper               |  Display Map                                 |
|  Left Bumper                |  Ready Knife, Use Knife (LB + RT)            |


 3] THE BASICS                                                          [0300]

Advanced Commands
While "advanced" may not be the best word for describing these controls, it's 
best that you get yourself acclimated with them if you plan on surviving.

 Using Weapons - Of course, firing your gun. Press and hold the Left Trigger
                 to aim your gun; the laser pointer will help you out when
                 aiming at an enemy. Then, press the Right Trigger to fire
                 your gun. You can reload by hitting A with the Left Trigger
                 held down.

 Your Knife - Your trusty knife is primarily used for breaking barrels and
              crates, but you can also stun enemies up close with your knife.
              Hold the Left Bumper to wield it, then press the Right Trigger
              to swipe in front of you.

 Quick Turn - Turning on your own is somewhat sluggish, but luckily Chris can
              execute a 180-degree turn with the press of a button. Hold Down
              on the Left Analog Stick, then tap A to spin around. While it
              doesn't sound too overwhelming, the Quick Turn is an incredibly
              useful turn and can help save your hide if you're fighting or

 Melee Attack - Upon stunning a Majini with a weapon, Chris can follow up with
                a devastating melee attack. To stun a Majini, shoot it in the
                head, arm, or leg (it may take more than one bullet to stun
                one). If you approach the enemy while it's incapacitated for
                one to two seconds, a prompt will appear. Melee attacks range
                from a right hook to a stomp that can crush a Majini's skull.

Teaming with Sheva
For me, I cannot determine if I should categorize Sheva as "helpful" 
or "annoying". Regardless of your opinion, Sheva sticks by your side from 
start to finish. She certainly has Chris's back throughout the entire game, 
and you can even "program" her to act accordingly. Here are the two settings 
for Sheva:

 Cover - Sheva stays close by and tends to defend the two of you, usually
         using smaller weapons such as a pistol. She is more like a personal
         bodyguard in this mode.

 Attack - Sheva often strays from your side and equips a powerful weapon such
          as a rifle, while she plugs enemy Majini by herself. She tends to
          collect any stray items in this mode as well.

While Sheva sounds like a very independent and strong woman, she often needs 
your help as well. If Sheva is caught by an enemy, she will scream for help as 
her location is pointed out to you by a yellow ring. Either shoot the enemy or 
press B when close enough to knock them off of Sheva.

In certain parts of the game, you can perform co-operative actions with Sheva 
to either progress through a level or simply to make a firefight easier. For 
example, you can boost Sheva up onto a roof of a building so she can have a 
better viewpoint of an upcoming battle. When these co-op actions are 
available, a prompt will appear. Press B to perform said action.

Dying Status
Resident Evil 5 features a status not too unfamiliar with that seen in the
Gears of War series. When you are depleted of your health, you will enter the
"Dying Status". Chris will begin bleeding out and call for your partner's aid.
You will be able to slowly crawl on the ground in search for your partner or
to escape from an enemy.

If your partner cannot come to your aid in about five seconds, you will bleed
out: Game Over for you! If Sheva reaches you in time, she will heal you and
you'll be able to fully control Chris again.

The same status is also applied to Sheva. If your partner is dying, the screen
will flash to help notify you. When you manage to find Sheva in due time, tap
B to help her up. If you have a recovery item, pressing B will restore Sheva's
health. If you do not have a recovery item, your partner will be saved but she
will not regain any health. Remember that if anyone dies for good, then the
game ends. It's important to take care of your partner as well as yourself!

Your item menu is a lot different than the one seen in Resident Evil 4. Chris 
can only hold a total of nine items at one time. By pressing Y, you'll open 
the item menu; keep in mind that the game doesn't pause, so you have to 
navigate the item menu in real time.

 .---.---.---.   Your item menu looks like so. Upon opening the menu, you can
 |   | X |   |   scroll through the menu and use any available items. To make
 |---+---+---|   things easier on your part, you can select up to four items
 | X |   | X |   to the D-Pad (the slots are represented by the "X"s). The
 |---+---+---|   items in any of these marked slots can be used by pressing
 |   | X |   |   the designated direction on the D-Pad. The item on the top
 '---'---'---'   "X" can also be used by pressing Up on the D-Pad.

Notes About Pickups
Just some general notes about finding items strewn about the levels. First 
off, you will find loads of breakable objects, such as crates, barrels, and 
even piles of fruit! These objects yield items that are randomized during each 
gameplay. Since there is no way to pinpoint what you will find inside, I will 
note the name of the object in the walkthrough instead of trying to guess what 
you will find.

Also, items on the ground are helped symbolized by small pillars of light. 
Each color of light corresponds to what type of item it is. Also when looking
at weapon ammo, the ammo boxes are color coded for each weapon type.

 Blue - Currency                    Red - Handgun/Magnum
 Red - Ammo                         Blue - Machine Gun
 Green - Healing Items              Green - Shotgun
 White - Key Items                  White - Rifle


 4] WALKTHROUGH                                                         [0400]

 NOTE: This walkthrough is based on Normal difficulty.

 4.01] CHAPTER 1-1                                                      [0401]

Civilian Checkpoint
Chris Redfield (whom you will be playing as throughout the game) meets up with 
his sultry African partner, Sheva Alomar. The two are given their mission to 
head out to Kijuju, but first you must pick up your equipment.

As you walk down the dirt street, I recommend turning on your map (press Right 
Bumper). While it's impossible to get lost here in the Civilian Checkpoint, 
the map and all its markings prove to be very useful in times to come. 
Continue past the townsfolk as you watch someone (or something) getting the 
tar kicked out of them by some locals.

As the pair reach the butcher shop, proceed through the side door on the 
right. Note the blinking yellow ring on the map in relation to your position 
(Chris is the green arrow and Sheva is the red one); this ring points to your 
destination whenever available. Open the door (repeatedly tap the X button 
when doing so to kick it open with a rush of fury instead) and speak with the 

After the conversation with the strange man, open the shiny suitcase to find 
an M92F. Sheva will be given a weapon as well. The mysterious butcher man will 
leave, letting you explore the building. Break open the crate across from your 
location for a random item. To the left are two documents that you should 
probably read. Next up, head outside.

Back Alley
Use your knife to destroy the barrel in the corner next to the wagon, then 
descend down the stairs. Pass by the animal corpse and enter the creepy shack. 
Kick open the door and investigate the deer sprawled out on the table. Read 
the document on the table to the left of the deer, then smash the barrel and 
two crates. Proceed to the back of the room to reach the red exit door. Before 
leaving, take the Green Herb off of the shelf.

As you hear a blood-curdling scream, run up the stairs and into the building. 
Note that the Action button is assigned to B when trying to open the door. 
This usually means that you need your partner's assistance in completing the 
allotted action, and that a cutscene usually follows.

Ahh, your first enemy encounter! The Majini will immediately charge at Chris; 
you probably won't have time to move away. As he grabs you, move the Left 
Analog Stick back and forth to break free. Whenever you are immobilized by an 
enemy like so, press B to call out for help. If you do so, Sheva will rush to 
your aid. Plug a bullet into the Majini's head, then follow with a melee 
attack to finish the job.

Enter the side room to find Handgun Ammo on the dresser. I've seen that the 
quantity of each ammo box is also randomized, so it's impossible to pinpoint 
just how many bullets you'll find with each ammo box. Turn to the nearby 
window and leap through.

Move through the alley to alert a huge group of Majinis. The best option is to 
simply run away, since you have very little ammo. Speed off to the building at 
the end of the road and barricade yourself inside.

On a later playthrough, I suggest facing off against the horde to receive a 
nice treasure, but only if you are fully prepared. There are well over 30 
Majinis that I encountered in this narrow alley, so you'll have to be stocked 
up on ammo and possibly some Hand Grenades.

- Treasure: Topaz (Marquise)
  Killing the horde of 30-40 Majinis after their initial discovery nets you
  this extremely rare treasure.

The Majinis won't be able to get inside, so all is well for now. Grab the Red 
Herb off of the nearby shelf, then approach the grated door. Investigate the 
sturdy door, then press B to initiate a Partner Action. Naturally, you need 
two people to perform these types of action. Hit B to ready yourself and Sheva 
will automatically come to Chris's aid.

With the door opened, pass by the intimidating axes overhead and knife the 
trio of barrels on the far end of the room. Collect the goodies, then face the 
hole across the way and jump down.

Run through the dark tunnel as Sheva follows. The rats scurrying around 
occasionally drop gold when killed, but there's no need to waste ammo on the 
petty creatures. Climb up the ladder at the end of the way to find yourself in 
a small shed. Raid the place of the Handgun ammo and Green Herb before exiting 
into the next area.

Public Assembly
This place look familiar? Owners of the Resident Evil 5 demo will think so. Go 
down the winding path before dropping to the ground below. Snag the Handgun 
ammo and Green Herb before entering the house. Looks like our mysterious 
butcher friend doesn't receive a warm welcome here. And boy, is that one big 
thug! Prepare yourself for the incoming battle.

As the Majini near the shack, prepare for the onslaught by scrounging around 
for ammo. Destroy the barrel and stack of fruit to your left. Yes, fruit 
contain items. Turn around and open the drawer under the TV for Handgun ammo 
along with the box of ammo on the adjacent table. There is also a crate and 
fruit on the opposite side of the shack.

Stay inside the house as the Majini pursue Chris and Sheva. Aim through the 
window at the gate in front of the house. The Majini will climb over the gate 
at first. Later on, some will scale the fence on the right side of the gate. 
Use the Hand Grenade near the beginning of the fight, when most of the Majini 
have either climbed over the gate or are getting ready to.

Sheva will usually cover an area that you aren't facing. If you face the 
window, she usually attacks enemies coming through the right door, and vice 
versa. Remember to aim for the head and try to use melee attacks; they can 
immobilize groups of enemies along with the target.

After a while, Majinis will destroy the roof of the shack as they start to 
pour in from nearly all directions. As this happens, the huge Executioner 
Majini smashes down the gate with one beastly swipe. Time to get outta dodge!

With the gate down, run past the executioner into the open. Chris phones for 
Kirk for assistance. The goal is to survive until the helicopter comes, which 
takes anywhere from seven to eight minutes.

The Public Assembly is a fairly large area filled with shacks and various 
buildings of sorts. Some of the most noticeable objects here are the red 
explosive oil drums. A small batch is right past the gate, in front of the 
bus. Run past it and turn around. Wait for the Executioner Majini and a few 
lackeys near the barrels, then set them off with a pistol shot.

You can find a few other explosive barrels in the area. You can also locate 
transformers, usually on top of ledges or buildings. These gray boxes are 
electrified, as one could easily tell by looking at it. If an enemy walks 
underneath a transformer, shoot it to have it fall on top of the enemy and 
deliver a painful shock.

While survival is key, this is a great opportunity to search for items. There 
are plenty of items in the Public Assembly, and they will disappear once the 
helicopter arrives. The most important item is the VZ61 Machine Gun; picking 
this weapon up is a must as it's free. Run to the back of the area and search 
the stands on the right for a white suitcase containing the powerful gun.

There are plenty of other goodies here. You can find a barrel inside the bus 
and a second barrel inside the shack to the left. The western house contains a 
Green Herb, Machine Gun Ammo, and Handgun Ammo x3. You can also find random 
items inside via the two barrels.

The north end of the Public Assembly is mainly stands. Slash the fruit for 
some items and collect the Handgun Ammo and Incendiary Grenade as well. The 
eastern building contains Handgun Ammo, Machine Gun Ammo, an Incendiary 
Grenade, and a Hand Grenade. As you fend off Majini, try to collect these 
items to keep your supplements filled.

It took me a few playthroughs to realize this, but you can also climb on the 
roof of the building you were first spotted in. From the broken gate, go to 
the left, hugging the wall as you go. Move around the fence to eventually find 
a ladder on the side of the building. Climb up to find a Green Herb, Handgun 
Ammo x2, and random items inside the crate and barrel.

Before you drop down, ascend the ladder to reach the tip-top of the building 
to locate Hand Grenade x3. This is also a key area to pick off Majini, since 
very little will take the time to reach you up on the roof.

There are also some other key areas to stay at. As Obi Wan Kenobi says, the 
high ground is frickin' awesome. Here are some basic suggestions to hold out 
until Kirk shows up:

 OPTION 1: You can climb up the execution platform via the staircase inside
           the eastern house. It's basically a giant square tower, so you can
           stand in the middle and defend yourself from all sides. The good
           news is that the Executioner Majini cannot climb up to reach you.

 OPTION 2: There is a staircase just past the western house. If you head up to
           the roof of the house, you can jump onto the bus and the small shed
           as well. Essentially, you can simply jump back and forth across
           these three spots over and over again. Unfortunately, Majini can
           climb on top of the bus and shack and it's easy to get overwhelmed
           up here.

 OPTION 3: Like I said before, head to the top of the southern building. This
           may be a better option than the previous ones because you do not
           have to defend against Majinis at all angles.

Aside from runnin' and gunnin' for eight minutes, you can try to kill the 
super-tough Executioner Majini. It's not totally insane, since downing the 
hulking monster treats you with a Gold Ring worth 5000 Gold! It is incredibly 
difficult killing the executioner on your first playthrough, so I suggest 
waiting until you have better weapons before trying to net this rare treasure.

If you feel you're up to the challenge, try to gather up as many grenades as 
you can. Search the area for some and take any from Sheva. After using the 
explosive barrels/transformers to damage the Executioner Majini (there are 
five of these in total), switch to your Hand Grenades and Incendiary Grenades.

If he's still alive (he most likely will be), switch to your brand spankin' 
new VZ61 Machine Gun and unload clip after clip in his skull. Only use your 
handgun as your last resort. Chris can stun the Executioner Majini when 
targeting his head. As the foe falls to his knees, dash over and give him a 
swift uppercut. After you connect, back up and continue firing.

The Executioner Majini doesn't let the two of you finish it off without trying 
to obliterate you as well. The mini-boss has three main attacks. The first is 
a charged overhead swing; simply sidestep to avoid direct contact. If Chris or 
Sheva is struck with the axe, they will automatically enter dying status.

The second attack is a horizontal swing. As the Executioner Majini loses 
health, he will begin to swing his axe a number of times. This attack is a tad 
harder to dodge since it's quicker, but you should be fine if you keep your 
distance. The executioner manages to kill Majini instead of you with this 
attack anyways.

The third and final attack is fairly rare and will only occur if you are 
standing right next to the Executioner Majini. He will grab Chris by the 
throat and begin choking the life out of him. As your health quickly 
decreases, call Sheva for assistance or try to free yourself. The best way to 
avoid this is to again, keep away from your opponent.

- Treasure: Gold Ring
  You will receive this treasure by slaying the Executioner Majini.

Once Kirk arrives - whether you slayed the Executioner Majini or not - he will
firebomb the place and save Chris and Sheva. Chapter 1-1 has come to a close.

 4.02] CHAPTER 1-2                                                      [0402]

Public Assembly
All of the items from the previous chapter are gone due to the firebomb, so 
there is no need to waste time here. Run forward through the busted gate and 
check the shack to find a barrel. If you drop down into the stream and walk 
towards the grate, you will notice a barrel on the other side. We'll get it in 
a second.

Climb back up, then walk around the side of the hut to reach Sheva. Continue 
towards the hole and jump down to reach the other side of the grate. Break 
open the barrel for a nice helping of Gold, which certainly is useful this 
earl in the game. Climb back up and go through the red metal door.

Urban District
Enter the building in front of you, collect the Handgun Ammo on the table, and 
slash open the barrel. Exit the house through the other side to encounter a 
similar building in front of you. Near the broken ladder and press B to 
perform an assist jump. Sheva will be boosted up onto the awning, where she'll 
locate a key inside the building. We cannot enter the house just yet.

Go around the side of the building to locate a hungry Majini. Defeat her, then 
continue down the alley and proceed to your right. Attack the Majini on the 
other side of the fence, then turn around to see if there are any other foes 
around (there are usually two others).

Break the barrels against the fence, then continue down the street to find 
another broken ladder. A Majini will jump out of an alcove near the ladder, so 
take him out quickly. You may also notice a young girl getting dragged away by 
a Majini from beyond the fence. Strange.

Assist Sheva up onto the side of the building and follow her as she makes her 
way across the roof. She will collect the Old Building Key and meet Chris back 
down on the ground. Three Majini will try and ambush you from a building 
window, so kill them as they drop down with Sheva.

Follow your map into the building across from the ladder and open the door. 
Hop through the window across from you to find a crate, nothing more. Jump 
back out into the alley and proceed through; you'll find a barrel along the 
way. A Majini will jump out from hiding when you reach a stand cluttered with 
cardboard boxes.

If you make your way around the street, you will reach your destination in the 
form of a red door with a metal grate on the front. However, we should 
probably collect some goodies beforehand. The big house next to you is locked 
from all openings but one.

- BSAA Emblem #1
  To find the first BSAA emblem, climb onto the side staircase of the locked
  building. Keep your back against the door and face the building across the
  street. Slowly turn your head to view the left side of the building. The
  emblem is on the side of the white house to the left, though you need to
  look over the wall to see it. If it helps, descend the stairs a bit to get a
  closer look.

The only accessible opening is a door underneath the stairs. Head inside and 
collect the Shotgun Shells from off the counter. Stay on the first floor and 
enter the next room for some Gold. Unlock the door for future use, then make 
your way to the top floor.

You will find a barrel on the balcony in front of you and some First Aid Spray 
on a shelf past the TV. If you near the opposite balcony, you'll be surprised 
by two sneaky Majini.

- Treasure: Antique Clock
  After entering the locked building, make your way to the top floor and exit
  out onto the balcony. There you will find a chest containing the treasure.

After collecting the valuable, jump down from the balcony and proceed towards 
the blinking blip on the map. Once Chris and Sheva open the door, a cutscene 
will begin. While the situation may seem urgent, you can dawdle around all 
you'd like and the outcome won't be affected.

Ignore the distress calls and use the Old Building Key on the green house. Go 
inside to not only find a measly crate, but the Ithaca M37 as well. If I were 
you, I'd stick with the shotgun. If you're a lousy hog, then you can keep the 
VZ61 yourself, but if you have a shred of kindness, you can hand over the 
machine gun to Sheva.

There's nothing else inside or on the roof of the building, so proceed to the 
other house in search of the girl in distress. The girl resembles a regular 
Majini at first, but you'll soon come to realize that this chick is quite 

After a successful headshot, the Las Plaga will emerge from the bloody stump. 
This is a Cephalo, and you must defeat this tentacle-like parasite. Test out 
your Ithaca on the parasite, but don't get too close or you'll get slashed by 
the sharp spike on the end of the parasite.

- Treasure: Ivory Relief
  Defeat the Cephalo to earn this treasure. You must kill the Cephalo itself
  to get the Ivory Relief. The first time I played through this chapter, I
  used a melee attack to break the girl's neck: the Cephalo did not emerge,
  and I was not rewarded with the treasure.

Majinis will pour into the building from both doors. Exit the house on the far 
side and rush down the stairs into the open. Target the group of Majinis out 
with your new shotgun; they're great for crowd control. There's a crate back 
inside the house if you are in desperate need of items. Otherwise, proceed 
around the bend to get to the other side of the locked gate. Smash the two 
barrels on the far end before entering the door marked on your map.

Abandoned Building
Proceed down the hall to hear an eerie scream. Open the door to enter a mess 
of a room. There's nothing in here but rats, so swiftly move through to the 
second floor. Inspect the strange black goo seeping down the steps. When you 
round the corner, an Alpha Team member will stumble in front of you and 
collapse. He's dead.

Pass by the body to reach a room with a blasted ceiling. First smash the 
barrel in the corner, then climb up to the third floor.

- BSAA Emblem #2
  After climbing up the ladder, look upwards past the hanging corpse to the
  big water tower in the not-too-far distance. The emblem is resting above a
  metal railing just underneath the water tower.

Go around the perimeter of the floor (destroy the two barrels for goods) and 
pass by the door. Jump across the gap to a treasure chest, which contains 
various assortments of Gold. Hop back over and open the door.

After the cutscene, pick up the Handgun Ammo next to the corpse and approach 
the blue door; break the crate to the left of the door before opening it. 
Another dead body, woo! Continue down the hall to reach an elevator leading to 
the Furnace Facility. Open the door and ride the elevator. 

Furnace Facility
Take the goodies from the barrel in front of you and walk down the hallway. 
More black goo, hmm. Go through the door ahead to find another corpse, and 
more importantly, some barrels. The door ahead - your destination - is locked 
for now, so instead continue down the side hall.

You will reach the furnace room. Naturally, there is a giant furnace on the 
opposite side of the room. I'm one to cause trouble; if you're the same way, I 
suggest refraining from destroying the red gas canisters: you will sorely need 
them later. And when I say "later", I really mean "in like two minutes".

Collect the Green Herb in the southwest corner and the items in the three 
barrels. Walk to the other side of the room (you can walk through the furnace 
if you so choose) to find a dead body. Pry the Furnace Key from his cold, dead 
fingers (always wanted to say that) and destroy the two barrels.

If you're wondering what the lever is here, you can test it out. Doing so 
activates the furnace. Upon pulling the lever, the two doors to the furnace 
slowly close; once fully closed, the burners activate and fry anything inside 
to a crisp. Again, we will be needing its use in mere seconds. Leave the 
furnace room and backtrack to the locked door for a cutscene.

 BOSS: Uroboros

Uroboros is a throbbing mass of black worm-like creatures; worms don't seem
threatening, but don't get any wrong ideas. This freak is one tough cookie. In
fact, put away your weapons and book it. Run back into the furnace room and
when the boss follows you inside, the doors will close. You gettin' any ideas?
Well, you should be.  First off, lets talk about the boss's attacks.

While it is not an attack, Uroboros can seep into the ground and reappear 
somewhere else in the furnace room. Look for the group of worms that form a 
puddle to see where the boss pops up next. Also use the map to spot the new 
location of the boss; bosses will appear as sky blue blips on the map.

Uroboros has three offensive attacks. Its main attack is using its long arms. 
It will either stretch out its arms to punch your or even detach its arm as 
the limb flies towards you like a missile. Either way, dodge the attack. 
Uroboros will also try to charge you like a battering ram. Follow the button 
prompt that appears onscreen to roll out of the way.

Now for the third and final attack. Sometimes the monster will grab you with 
both its arms. Wiggle yourself free or call for Sheva's help; if you fail to 
do either, it'll result in an instant death.

The Normal Way
First-timers, listen up! Do not even try downing Uroboros with conventional 
methods. Spare your ammo and grenades and pay attention. Uroboros is insanely 
powerful, and the best way to take it down is by roasting the sucker in the 
furnace. Obviously, it won't comply, so it is our duty to trick the poor sap 
into entering the furnace.

Since the room is basically a giant square, it isn't too difficult luring 
Uroboros around. Since you want it in the furnace, stand inside and wait for 
it to slowly crawl to your location. If the boss has its eyes on Sheva (I 
don't blame it...), get its attention with a few pistol shots.

The main problem about this fight is that the furnace doors take an obnoxious 
amount of time to close. You will have to activate the lever BEFORE Uroboros 
enters the furnace. Stay on the west entrance of the furnace and start baiting 
the boss. As soon as you see it crawl towards you, move through the furnace to 
the other side. Activate the lever so that the door starts closing before the 
monster is even inside. You'll want the doors around halfway down as the boss 
goes inside, Indiana Jones style.

If you are not as successful and Uroboros escapes a certain fiery death, have 
no fear. Continue running away from Uroboros and stall until the furnace doors 
reopen - you will hear a distinct ring. This can take around a minute, so try 
and dodge Uroboros's attacks while running around in circles.

If you manage to seal Uroboros inside the furnace, the burners will fry it
like a piece of chicken. On Normal or lower, the boss battle will end here. On
any higher difficulty, you will have to repeat this process a second time to
finish the fight.

The Unconventional Way
You should only follow this strategy after completing the chapter at least 
once. You will need a load of ammo and advanced weapons to defeat Uroboros 
without the help of the furnace. Basically any shotgun, rifle, or even an 
upgraded machine gun or pistol can down this boss.

In order to really damage Uroboros, you must weaken the boss. There are a few 
ways to do this. The main way is to destroy both of the boss's arms. Its arms 
are connected by bright throbbing blobs. Target these blobs to eventually 
break off the boss's arm. Keep in mind that they regenerate given due time. 
However, take out both arms to substantially weaken the boss.

Otherwise, you can use fire to put a chink in Uroboros's slimy armor. The 
easiest way to do so is if you have a hefty supply of Incendiary Grenades; 
toss one at Uroboros's feet (it doesn't have feet, but just roll with me) to 
set it ablaze. You can also use the two gas canisters to do it for you. Press 
X to knock the canister over and let Uroboros roll over it. As it is lodged 
inside the creature, ignite it with a gunshot.

When the boss is weakened, it will topple to the floor like a pile of bubbling 
tar. At this point, use your most powerful weapons on it. Shoot it anywhere 
with your rifle or shotgun. Eventually, Uroboros will regain its composure and 
the battle will continue. Repeat any of the three strategies to "stun" the 
boss, then finish it off with your weapons.


- Treasure: Gold Ring
  Defeat Uroboros with conventional weapons to earn a Gold Ring.

Once the menace is out of the way, return to the locked door and open it with 
the Furnace Key. In the midpoint of the hallway is a suitcase containing three 
sets of Handgun Ammo.

- BSAA Emblem #3
  Just after collecting the ammo from the suitcase, look on the right wall for
  a fence. Look through the fence to find the emblem on the other side; shoot
  through the links to hit it.

Enter the elevator to get the heck out of here.

 4.03] CHAPTER 2-1                                                      [0403]

Storage Facility
Immediately at the beginning of the chapter, open the suitcase in front of you 
for an H&K MP5. Scrounge the area for items inside the many crates and barrels 
here in the Storage Facility.

- BSAA Emblem #4
  The bright blue emblem is hanging on the wall above the document on the east
  side of the Storage Facility. One of the very few emblems that are actually
  in plain sight.

When you are ready, exit the warehouse. Maneuver around the first couple cargo 
containers to hear a Majini's yelp. Look above you to spot a bow gun Majini. 
Target the sucker before he can unload a few arrows on you. Before you move 
ahead, look in front of you to spot a trip wire right under your nose. It is 
hooked to explosives; back up to a safe distance and shoot the explosive on 
the side of the container to disarm the trap.

Walk around the bend and target the two Majinis. At the fork here, take a 
left. Disarm the explosive and walk forward to find two barrels and a crate. 
Return to the intersection and go forward to reach another fork.

Go to the left to find a Green Herb inside one of the cargo containers. 
Proceed to the right instead and near the northeast shipping container. You 
can enter it through the back, where you will find a barrel. Follow the main 
path (there will be an explosive in the way) to encounter some Adjules.

Three to be exact. These annoying dogs will pounce on you in an attempt to 
tear your jugular out. How pleasant. When you see their head split open, 
target the exposed flesh for major damage. Otherwise, stick to your Ithaca 
shotgun or one of the machine guns. Destroy the explosives on the right and 
follow the path to reach a ladder. Climb on top of the containers and follow 
it to the other end, where you can drop down to the far end of the maze.

A Big Man Majini among other foes stand in Chris and Sheva's way. I shouldn't 
have to say it, but that Big Man Majini... he's a big guy . This 
new enemy can soak up a lot of gunfire, but target the oil drums to his right 
(against the car) for starters. As he's coated in flames, shoot the Majini in 
the head.

Avoid his lunging punch, which can cover a lot of ground in a hurry. Use your 
shotgun to stun him, then follow up with a melee attack. You'll probably get 
some help from the Majinis on top of the storage canisters ahead, who have 
such terrible aim that they most likely will hit the Big Man Majini with their 
molotov cocktails instead of the two agents.

- Treasure: Jewel Bangle
  You will be rewarded with this by downing the Big Man Majini.

Once the big man falls, take care of the stragglers (including a few Adjules) 
and hoard the place for Gold and items. Approach the large gate behind the 
totaled cars and have both of you open it.

The two crates directly in front of you usually hold some nice stuff. Start 
your way across the bridge, leaping across the gap in the way. As a truck 
barrels onto the bridge, target the well... barrels. Hit the nearest one to 
destroy the truck before it destroys you.

There is a small group of Majini up ahead on the bridge when you pass the 
truck, though you can use the remaining explosive barrels to do them in. Nab 
the goods they leave behind and continue across the bridge, entering the 
warehouse on the other side. Loot the place of the barrels and crates, then 

- BSAA Emblem #5
  With your back against the warehouse, look to the right to spot a set of
  stairs. Walk towards the stairs and don't descend them just yet. Stand in
  the corner near the stairs and look out at the bridge. The BSAA emblem is on
  one of the support beams holding up the bridge. It can be a little tricky to
  spot - and even trickier to hit with a handgun.

Go down the stairs and enter the murky sewer underneath. A trio of Adjules 
will round the corner without warning. Quickly pull out your shotgun and knock 
all three down with a round. There are two more wild dogs up ahead. There is 
nothing of worth down here in the sewers nor are there any more enemies, so 
make haste to the next area.

Exit out of the tunnel into a nasty sewer here in the port.

- Treasure: Sapphire (Pear)
  After exiting out into the port sewer, turn to the left to find a Sapphire
  (Pear) on the ground. Look for the shine!

Proceed near the Majinis lying on the floor to witness the introduction of 
Kipepeos. These bat-like creatures aren't very dangerous, so take out each one 
with a few shots from your M92F handgun.

After all four Kipepeos are dead, kick open the door (it requires a few hard 
kicks due to the lock on the door) and move through the sewer to reach a 
ladder leading up to the port.

- Treasure: Diamond (Pear)
  As you round the corner on the port entrance, you will see a Majini walking
  away; his casual stroll turns into a dash. He's on the other side of the
  stack of canoes, if you cannot spot him at first. If you use this very
  narrow window of opening to shoot and kill this Majini, he drops a Diamond
  (Pear). I find it to be very difficult to do so, but keep in mind that there
  are other (easier) ways to find this treasure later in the game.

Collect the Green Herb against the stack of canoes and enter the building on 
the right. There isn't much here; just a crate and barrel. Go back out onto 
the port and continue down to the beach. Chris and Sheva can wade through 
water in Resident Evil 5. That doesn't sound like a shocking find, but you can 
locate some Gold and a treasure in the water.

- Treasure: Topaz (Pear)
  This treasure is hidden in the water. It should be against the large boat;
  more specifically, in the corner between the side of the boat and the wooden
  beams sealing you off from the ocean.

If you set Sheva to "Attack", she will search the waters and collect the Gold. 
Return to the beach and stroll across to the other half of the port. Two 
Majinis here bounce. Don't worry, they do not drop super-valuable treasures 
if/when defeated.

The gate to the left is locked, so ignore it for the time being. Slash the 
fruit on the central group of stands for some items. One of them always holds 
a Hand Grenade.

- Treasure: Ruby (Marquise)
  See the chest in the middle of the fruit stands? Use a Hand Grenade to
  destroy the stands, giving you access to the chest and the treasure.

- BSAA Emblem #6
  Walk around the port in search for a small green booth. It says "CHARGE" on
  the front, so that should help. Once you have located it, walk up against it
  (practically press your chest against the screen of the booth) and aim the
  camera up to find the emblem on the ceiling of the booth. In my opinion,
  this is probably the most concealed BSAA emblem in the game. Sheesh!

From the green booth, turn around and climb up the ladder to reach the roof of 
the nearby buildings.

- Treasure: Emerald (Square)
  The treasure is on top of the roof of the far building (where you find the
  Port Key).

Use your map to locate the yellow blip. It's in one of the buildings nearby! 
Pick up the Red Herb from the table in front of the building and kick the door 
open. Inspect the gruesome sight, then shoot down the shiny object to find the 
Port Key.

Upon doing so, the party is crashed by more Majinis. A Big Man Majini will 
knock open the door, so worry about him first (you may want to exit the small 
confines of the house to deal with the brute). Once he is taken care of, 
eliminate the other Majinis.

When the coast is clear, use the Port Key on the gate. Head onto the docked 
boat and take down the lone Majini here. You will find some barrels on both 
ends of the boat. Climb onto the dock and grab the Green Herb down here. Hoist 
yourself up to the north end of the port.

Majinis, bow gun Majinis, and Big Man Majinis, oh my! Luckily, Kirk radios in 
and helps the two of you out. Try to conserve most of your ammo here, since 
Kirk manages to take out most of the enemies here. Just worry about the bow 
gun Majinis on the ledges in the distance.

Climb up the nearest ladder you see to reach the roof of one of the shacks on 
your right. Pick up the Green Herb and snipe any foes from here.

- BSAA Emblem #7
  From on the roof of the building, look across at the blue and white building
  just across from you. Look through the window above the awning to spot the
  BSAA emblem.

Jump down and proceed to the solitary house across the small fence. A few 
Majini burst out the main door, so use a grenade or a shotgun to scatter the 
group. Enter the house afterward to find an S75 rifle inside! It doesn't 
really matter who carries it, but I love me some sniping. Just try to balance 
out the number of guns between the two of you.

When ready, head to the yellow blip on the map and exit to the Shanty Town. As 
a great man conveniently named Kirk once said... STAY FROSTY!!!

Shanty Town
Again, owners of the demo will instantly recognize this area. Nothing new has 
been added here in the main game, so it is exactly the same as what you saw in 
the demo version.

Open the blue gate in front of you and approach the front door of the house. 
Kick the door open with authority and clean the place out. Notice the double-
bladed chainsaw on the bloody table... hey, I learned a new word in class 
today, and it was "FORESHADOW". *HINT* *HINT*

Exit the same way you came in. Pick up the Green Herb from the ground in front 
of you. Open the two crates on the shelf against the house and continue down 
the dirt road to view Kirk's fate. Why do the cool helicopter pilots always 
have to die in these games? Yeah, I'm lookin' at you, Mike! Lets mourn the 
loss of our good fri-- oy, another broken ladder! Hoist Sheva up onto the top 
and go down the trail yourself. 

Take care of the molotov Majini on the ledge, then worry about the other guys. 
Sheva will normally take care of any emerging Kipepeos, leaving you to the 
Majinis themselves. Go up the stairs and through the door; call Sheva over if 
she hasn't reached you yet.

To the right is a locked gate, and to the left is a barrel and a well-hidden 
Majini. Serving a time out, eh? Climb up the first set of stairs to the second 
floor. Defeat the Majini up here and the one descending the other set of 
stairs. On the top floor, open the two barrels and nab the Green Herb in the 

Go onto the balcony up here. If you don't have the S75 already, request it 
from Sheva. Use an assist jump to toss her over to the adjacent building, 
then jump down the hole to the balcony on the second floor.

Majinis will rush into the building occupied by Sheva, and she will need your 
help fending them off. Use the rifle to snipe the Majinis and also use the 
explosive red barrels in here as well. Avoid targeting the explosive barrels 
on the ground though: we'll need them a tad later.

Once Sheva descends the stairs and opens the door to your building, go down 
and meet up with her. Defeat any stragglers and search the adjacent house for 
goods and dropped items.

- BSAA Emblem #8
  Enter the second floor of the building Sheva was inside. From the window,
  look out to the top of the other building; specifically, where you use the
  assist jump to send Sheva over the gap. Look above to spot the emblem on the
  edge of the roof, just above the top floor.

Return to the alley and look at the base of the stairs to find a transformer 
on a telephone pole. 'Kay, just wanted to point that out; head up the stairs 
to the gate. Prepare yourself... for a fight.

A Chainsaw Majini will burst out of the gate in a rush of pure, unadulterated 
rage. Use a Quick Turn and run past the transformer. As the Majini passes 
underneath, knock it on his head. Nice way to start things off here.

Town Majinis will enter the alley in small waves. They are incredibly annoying 
to deal with, but it's probably best to ignore them for the most part. The 
main target is the Chainsaw Majini, and you must be aware of his whereabouts 
at all times. Luckily, he appears on your map as a blue marker (just like the 
boss from earlier).

I'm sure you know, but the Chainsaw Majini only has one attack. Unfortunately, 
the attack will kill you automatically if it makes contact. Run away when the 
Majini unleashes a sadistic yelp before he can decapitate you with one swing.

First off, use the various hazards here to take out a chunk of the Chainsaw 
Majini's overall health. Aside from the transformer, there are four explosive 
barrels strewn through the alley. Use all four to start off the fight, then 
use any grenades on the Chainsaw Majini - the explosion will also clear out 
the lackeys, which is a nice touch.

Once you're down to guns and guns only, stick with the shotgun. Having to 
precisely aim with a rifle while the freak is chasing you down is never easy. 
Leave it to Sheva (I know there's a Leave it to Beaver joke here somewhere, 
but dammit, I can't find it!). After two shotgun blasts, the Chainsaw Majini 
will be open for a melee attack.

He's got quite a bit of health (more than the Executioner Majini), so keep it 
up and always stay near your partner to avoid either of you getting chopped to 
pieces. Once the Chainsaw Majini falls, take the Guard's Key from his corpse.

Head up to where the mini-boss came from and through the gate. Break the 
barrel along the way and open the gate with the Guard's Key. As a reward, you 
get to take the contents of the chest just past the gate!

- Treasure: Ruby (Square)
  Collect this from the chest after defeating the Chainsaw Majini.

- Treasure: Sapphire (Square)
  Collect this from the chest after defeating the Chainsaw Majini.

- Treasure: Topaz (Pear)
  Collect this from the chest after defeating the Chainsaw Majini.

- Treasure: Emerald (Pear)
  Collect this from the chest after defeating the Chainsaw Majini.

You can also find Gold bars that are worth 3000 Gold! After collecting the 
prizes, proceed through the metal door ahead.

Train Yard
Can you say "incredibly small area"? I sure can. You can find a whole Green
Herb in this whole place. It's just on the other side of the door. Take it 'n
make your way into the train yard. Poor Kirk...

The following cutscene is one of those nifty interactive cutscenes, so keep
controller in hand. Follow the easy button prompts to complete the chapter.

 4.04] CHAPTER 2-2                                                      [0404]

Train Station
There is a document right in front of you on the table, so why don't you go 
ahead and read it? Kids don't read enough these days! Take the Green Herb from 
behind you and the Handgun Ammo in the far corner of the room, then exit 
through the open door.

As you empty out into the Train Station, go to the left. Go between the two 
train cars and run to the end. Be careful of the explosive tripwire at the 
end! After you bypass it, four Adjules will attack. Whip out the shotty and 
show 'em who's boss. A second pack will attack shortly after: watch for them 
to appear from underneath the other train cars. They're sneaky!

Destroy the second explosive as you wind through the other train car. You'll 
probably hear some Majinis up ahead, but ignore them for now. Once at the end, 
run to the right to reach a dead end.

- Treasure: Jewel Beetle
  Once at the dead end on the eastern side of the map, run past the angled
  shipping container and hug the wooden fence to the right. You should find a
  Jewel Beetle clinging onto the fence.

At the end, you will also find Machine Gun Ammo. Return to the train car from 
before and climb up onto the stacks of wood. There is a ladder which you can 
use to reach the top of the train car.

- Treasure: Jewel Beetle
  Before climbing on top of the train car, turn around and inspect the stack
  of girders to find another Jewel Beetle.

Climb onto the train car and eliminate the three bow gun Majinis. You can jump 
from train car to train car to reach the enemies if you so desire.

- BSAA Emblem #9
  From the initial train car you climbed up on, jump to the one on the right.
  Facing the house where you started the chapter, look above the roof at the
  electrical tower in the distance. You should spot the familiar blue glimmer
  at the top of the tower. Use your rifle (take it from Sheva if it's not in
  your possession) and shoot it. You can use the handgun as a last resort, but
  hitting your target is more difficult.

After hitting the emblem, run to the end of the car to find a large amount of 
Gold. Hop over to the middle car, then to the dirt-filled dumpsters to the 
side. Destroy the explosive in your way and run to the end, where the game 
prompts you to jump into the mine cart below.

Before you do so, use your rifle or handgun and aim inside the tunnel below. 
Disable the first explosive, then jump into the mine cart below. As soon as 
the cart starts rolling, look forward to find another explosive trap down the 
tunnel. Quickly disable it before you collide with it. When the mine cart 
stops, wait for your partner to catch up before entering the mines below.

The Mines

         EXIT --->  .-._
                        \ \            .------------------------.
                         | |           |                       .-.
              _,------._/ /            |                       | |
           ,-' _,----._x '.            |                     _,'x|
          / ,-'        `-. \           |                _,--' _,-'
         | |   _,----._   | |          |             ,-' _,--'
        ,' '--'        `--' '.         |             | ,'
       /                      \        |             | |
       |           x          |        |             | |
        \                     /        |             | |
         `.__,--._      __,--'         |            ,'  \
                  \  ,-'               |          ,'x,'\ \
                   | |                 |        ,',-'   \,'
                   | |                 |       / /
                   | |                 |      | |
              _,---'  \                |      | |
             (      _,'                |      | |      ,'\
            _,' _  '-._                |      | |   ,-' ,'
           /  ,' `._   `--.__          |       \ \,' ,-'
          |  /      `-._   _,'         |        \   /
          |x|           ) |            |         | |
           \|  ,---.__,'   \           |         | |
              /     __     /           |         | \
              \   ,'  \   |            |          \ `.
               \  `.__/   '._          |           `. `.
                `._    _     \         |             `. \
                   |  / `.__,'         |               | |
                   '-'                 |               | |
                    '------------------'               |_|