| __ |
                ______________  ______________  __||  ||
               / _____  _____ \/______  __  __\/___|  ||
              | /     ||      \/      \|  |'  \/      ||
              | |  |  ||  ||  ||__/|  ||  ,,  ||  ||  ||
              | |  |  ||     _//      ||  ||  ||  ||  ||
              | |  |  ||      \|  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||
              | |     ||  ||  |\______||__||__|\______||
              | '---  ||__||  |__  ____________________|
              | |____/  __  \_   ||__  ______  ______________
              |_____  ---____ |  |___\/______\/_____  ---____\
                    ||   ____||      \/      \/     ||   ____||
                    ||_  |___ |  ||  ||  ||  ||  --- |_  |___ |
                     ||  ||  ||  ||  ||   ___||   __| |  ||  ||
                     ||      ||  ||  ||  |---,|  | __ |      ||
                     | \____/ |__||__|\______/|__||__\ \____/ |
                    /______  __  __  ---____  ______ \\______/
                   |/      \|  ||  ||   ____|/      \|
                   ||__/|  ||  ||  ||_  |___ |  ||  ||
                   |/      ||  ||  | |  ||  ||  ||  ||
                   ||  ||  ||  |_---_| ^    |||\||  ||
                   |\______|\__/  __ `/|___/ \_\\___/|
                    \_________/  /_//| |________\\__/
           _               _  | | // | | /\/ \  _\\   __
          / '-__-  ___  /\/ \ | \//__| | | /|| /-_,\/`_ \  _
         | |`-_ / `-__'-| /||  \ ____  | || ||||  |||| \//` \ ___      _
        / _`-_//   |__|||| ||  //____| |,|| ||||  ||||   ||\/`-__'-  __\\
       |  \\_   \ /.--,||| || /.--__-,__/\/ \/|'__|||`-  | -' |__|| /-_ /
        \__`//\ | |\_- |\/ \/ \|               -__- \_/  ||  /.--,|||_//
         __//\/ /  \_-\\                                 \_-'|\_- | \ _ \
        / _ `` /                                              \_-\\ //_||
       | |//-,/                                                    /,-_/

ASCII Art Created by Mushroom_Man (Thanks a bunch!!!)

             Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
                            Created in: NotePad+
                          For Playstation 2 Console
                           Last Updated: 1-6-2005
                                Version 3.4

                      Written By: Mark Tennis (LordFrieza)
                      E-Mail Address: Lord_Frieza16@msn.com
                     Copyright 2004 Mark Tennis (LordFrieza)
                              All Rights Reserved.


                             Table Of Contents
I.     Version History
II.    Introduction/Thanks
III.   Los Santos Walkthrough
IV.    Badlands Walkthrough
V.     San Fierro Walkthrough
VI.    Desert Walkthrough
VII.   Las Venturas Walkthrough
VIII.  Non Required Odd Jobs
IX.    Locations (Weapons, Armor, etc.)
X.     Contact/Disclaimer


                          I.  Version History


Version 1.0 (10-30-2004) -- Started Los Santos Walkthrough, did first two
                            Story missions and many Odd Jobs
Version 1.1 (10-31-2004) -- Happy Halloween everyone!  I continued the
                            walkthrough today, adding more missions and odd
                            jobs and I did 40 of the sprayings
Version 1.2 (11-1-2004)  -- Completed more sprayings (up to #74)
                            Also added ASCII art (thanks again Mushroom_Man)
Version 1.3 (11-2-2004)  -- Changed this to Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
                            Completed sprayings (Finally!) and corrected a
                            few errors in the sprayings (Thanks Mad Jester)
Version 1.4 (11-3-2004)  -- I didn't do a whole lot today as I wasn't
                            feeling very well and went to bed early.  Expect 
                            more in the next update though.
                            Added a couple of story missions and gym mission
                            Added more websites in the Disclaimer
Version 1.5 (11-5-2004)  -- Added another story mission and table of contents 
                            to Los Santos. Also added Odd Jobs section as well
                            as started and completed Clothing Stores section.
                            Hopefully, I will get more story missions done
Version 1.6 (11-7-2004)  -- Added three more story missions and three more
                            Odd Job sections (barbers, tatoo parlors and Loco
                            Low Mod Shop)
Version 1.7 (11-13-2004) -- Sorry for the lack of updates this week, I had a
                            lot of school assignments to do.  Anyways, I got
                            a few more story missions done and added a few
                            odd jobs as well.  I did the Burglar mission and
                            I had thought that this was required for 100%, but
                            when I completed it, my percentage did not go up.
                            If anyone can confirm that theirs didn't go up as
                            well, please e-mail me.
Version 1.8 (11-15-2004) -- Finished Ryder's Missions (Catalyst and Robbing
                            Uncle Sam).  I also added a Locations Section for
                            weapon, armor and other locations.  Did a few
                            weapons for Los Santos.
Version 1.9 (11-17-2004) -- Finished first two of Big Smoke's Missions (OG 
                            Loc and Running Dog) and added more weapon 
                            locations in the Locations section.
Version 2.0 (11-21-2004) -- Major overhaul on the Transfenders Section.  I
                            added what you can do to most of the vehicles.
                            If you can help me with the remaining cars, please
                            e-mail me.  I also completed Big Smoke's missions
                            (Wrong Side of the Tracks and Just Business).
Version 2.1 (11-27-2004) -- Completed first two of OG Loc's missions (Life's
                            a Beach and Madd Dogg's Rhymes), added a Dancing
                            section in the Odd Jobs section, completed Weapons
                            Locations for Los Santos and added a few more cars 
                            to the Transfenders section.
Version 2.2 (11-29-2004) -- Finished OG Loc's Missions (Management Issues and
                            House Party), completed Body Armor Locations for
                            Los Santos and completed BMX Challenge.
Version 2.3 (12-7-2004)  -- Completed both C.R.A.S.H. missions (Burning
                            Desire and Gray Imports), started Girlfriends
                            section in Odd Jobs section (completed most of it
                            except for info on specific girlfriends), and
                            began as well as completed Police Bribe and Flower
                            Locations for Los Santos.
Version 2.4 (12-15-2004) -- Again, sorry for the lack of updates, I have been
                            very busy with school (many projects as well as
                            finals) lately.  But, final exam week is over now
                            and I am ready to get back to writing this 
                            walkthrough.  Hopefully, I can update more 
                            frequently over the next few weeks.  Anyways, I
                            completed a couple of Sweet's missions (Doberman
                            and Los Sepulcros), completed the Gang Wars
                            section in the Odd Jobs section and I purchased
                            the remaining safehouses in Los Santos.
Version 2.5 (12-17-2004) -- Big update today.  I finished the remaining Los
                            Santos missions (Reuniting the Families and The
                            Green Sabre), and purchased the rest of the 
                            safehouses in Los Santos.  I also started the 
                            Badlands walkthrough and completed the first
                            mission (Badlands) as well as completed the
                            Chiliad Challenge.  I also purchased a new
                            safehouse in Blueberry.
Version 2.6 (12-24-2004) -- Merry Christmas everyone!  I completed Weapon
                            Locations for the Badlands.  I also did Catalina's
                            first two missions (First Date and Tanker 
                            Commander) as well as The Truth's first mission
                            (Body Harvest).  I also completed the first six
                            missions of the Trucking Odd Job.
Version 2.7 (12-26-2004) -- Added more story missions (Catalina's "Against All
                            Odds" and "Local Liquor Store"), completed Police
                            Bribe, Body Armor and Flower Locations for the
                            Badlands and I added an Inside Track Betting 
                            section to the Non-Required Odd Jobs section.
Version 2.8 (12-27-2004) -- Finished Catalina's missions (Small Town Bank)
                            and completed Cesar's next mission (Wu Zi Mu).  I
                            also bought two more safehouses and obtained 100%
                            progress with Helena.  I added that to the 
                            Girlfriends section in the Non-Required Odd Jobs
                            section.  I also added Big Smoke's Couriers to the
                            Non-Required Odd Jobs section.
Version 2.9 (12-30-2004) -- Completed the last two missions in the Badlands
                            (Farewell, My Love... and Are You Going to San
                            Fierro?), completed all 50 of the San Fierro
                            Photo Ops and bought the remianing safehouses in
                            the Badlands.  In the next update, I hope to have
                            the Weapon Locations section complete for San
Version 3.0 (1-1-2005)   -- I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year!
                            I completed the Weapon Locations for San Fierro.
                            I also did the courier mission for San Fierro
                            (Hippy Shopper) as well as the stadium mission
                            for San Fierro (Blood Bowl).
Version 3.1 (1-2-2005)   -- Got two story missions done (Wear Flowers in Your
                            Hair and 555 We Tip) as well as the Valet mission.
Version 3.2 (1-4-2005)   -- Completed Body Armor, Police Bribe and Flower
                            Locations for San Fierro.  I also obtained 100% 
                            progress with Katie.
Version 3.3 (1-5-2005)   -- Completed the next story mission (Deconstruction)
                            as well as Driving School.
Version 3.4 (1-6-2005)   -- Completed four more story missions for various
                            contact points (Photo Opportunity, Jizzy, T-Bone
                            Mendez and Mike Toreno).


                          II.  Introduction/Thanks


      Hi everyone! My name is Mark Tennis and I am 19 years old from Phoenix,
Arizona, USA.  I'm writing this walkthrough in hopes of helping people in 
getting 100% in this game.  This, in my opinion, is the best of all of the 
games in the Grand Theft Auto series.  It will probably take me an incredibly 
long time to finish this walkthrough, but I will really enjoy making it.  
Also, I will try to make this walkthrough as SPOILER-FREE as possible.

      I will try to keep this walkthrough short and sweet when it comes to
how to do certain things (control-wise), as the game itself provides
tutorials along the way.  Hopefully, you have played Vice City or GTAIII,
because this game feels much like the previous GTA's.

      I want to thank Rockstar Games for making such a great game and I
want to thank BradyGames for making an EXTREMELY helpful guide.  I urge
anybody to go out and buy the strategy guide for this as the maps are
a HUGE help as well as some of the strategies.

Mushroom_Man          -- For the ASCII art
Mad Jester            -- For pointing out some errors with the Gang Tags
AdmiralOfDestruction  -- For helping with the Transfenders section
NumbOne               -- For helping with the Transfenders section


                        III.  Los Santos Walkthrough


              Los Santos Table Of Contents  
            (SM = Story Mission, OJ = Odd Job)

!!!NOTE!!!  To go directly to a section listed below, hit Ctrl+F, then copy
            and paste the title of the mission that you want to go to.
            For example, hit Ctrl+F and enter in Beginning Mission #1 -- The 
            Beginning by copying and pasting, then hit "Find Next" and you
            will be able to go right to the section.

***  SM 1)  Beginning Mission #1 -- The Beginning
***  SM 2)  Beginning Mission #2 -- Sweet & Kendl
+++  OJ 3)  Vehicle Mission #1 -- Taxi Driver
+++  OJ 4)  Vehicle Mission #2 -- Paramedic
+++  OJ 5)  Vehicle Mission #3 -- Firefighter
+++  OJ 6)  Vehicle Mission #4 -- Pimping
+++  OJ 7)  Courier Mission #1 -- Roboi's Food Market
+++  OJ 8)  Stadium Mission #1 -- 8-Track
+++  OJ 9)  Safehouse Purchasing (1 and 2)
***  SM 10) Beginning Mission #3 -- Ryder
***  SM 11) Sweet Mission #1 -- Tagging Up Turf
+++  OJ 12) Collection Mission #1 -- Los Santos Gang Tags (all 100)
***  SM 13) Sweet Mission #2 -- Cleaning The Hood
***  SM 14) Sweet Mission #3 -- Drive-Thru
+++  OJ 15) Gym Mission #1 -- Los Santos Gym
***  SM 16) Sweet Mission #4 -- Nines and AK's
***  SM 17) Sweet Mission #5 -- Drive-By
***  SM 18) Sweet Mission #6 -- Sweet's Girl
***  SM 19) Sweet Mission #7 -- Cesar Vialpando
***  SM 20) Cesar Mission #1 -- High Stakes, Low-Rider
***  SM 21) Ryder Mission #1 -- Home Invasion
***  SM 22) Ryder Mission #2 -- Catalyst
***  SM 23) Ryder Mission #3 -- Robbing Uncle Sam
***  SM 24) Big Smoke Mission #1 -- OG Loc
***  SM 25) Big Smoke Mission #2 -- Running Dog
***  SM 26) Big Smoke Mission #3 -- Wrong Side of the Tracks
***  SM 27) Big Smoke Mission #4 -- Just Business
***  SM 28) OG Loc Mission #1 -- Life's a Beach
***  SM 29) OG Loc Mission #2 -- Madd Dogg's Rhymes
***  SM 30) OG Loc Mission #3 -- Management Issues
***  SM 31) OG Loc Mission #4 -- House Party
+++  OJ 32) BMX Challenge
***  SM 33) C.R.A.S.H. Mission #1 -- Burning Desire
***  SM 34) C.R.A.S.H. Mission #2 -- Gray Imports
***  SM 35) Sweet Mission #8 -- Doberman
+++  OJ 36) Safehouse Purchasing (3,4,5 and 6)
***  SM 37) Sweet Mission #9 -- Los Sepulcros
***  SM 38) Sweet Mission #10 -- Reuniting the Families
***  SM 39) Sweet Mission #11 -- The Green Sabre

      First off, I would like to note that I am writing this as I play through
the game, so please try not to ask me questions about any further in the
game then I already am.  Also, I am writing this walkthrough for anybody who
wants to get 100% in this game.  If you just want to go through the story
missions, then this is not the guide for you.  Here is the basic layout, for
each section, I will label differently.  For main story line missions, those
will be outlined using *

For example,

                          Mission #1 -- BLA


    For Odd Job missions (side-quests that contribute to 100% as well
as give you some rewards), those will be outlined using +

    There are also additional fun things to do such as a basketball game that
do not contribute to 100%.  These will be in their own seperate section, not
in the walkthrough.

    So, without further ado, lets go onto the walkthrough....


                  Beginning Mission #1 -- The Beginning


      After watching the opening scenes, you will start off in an alleyway
with a BMX bike in front of you.  Walk over to it and hit the Triangle button
to get on.  To go forward on the bike, either hold the X button or tap it
repeatedly (for quicker boost).  Your objective is to reach the "CJ" Icon on
the radar.  Along the way, some tips will appear in the upper left (always
look out for these pop ups in the upper left throughout the game) on how to
ride the bike.  This is an easy mission designed to get you used to the
controls and the feel of the game.  Once you reach the "CJ" Icon, hit the
Triangle button to jump off of the bike and walk into the red glowing area
in front of the house (your house).  Doing this will automatically trigger
the next mission.


                 Beginning Mission #2 -- Sweet & Kendl


      After viewing some more scenes, you will be facing a bike.  Get on the
bike and follow Sweet (has a blue arrow over his head and is a blue dot on
the radar) to the Mulholland Intersection.  Be cautious as a group of 
gangsters are following you in a Voodoo.  Try avoiding it as much as possible,
or maybe lead them into an obstacle.

      Either way, when you get to the Mulholland Intersection, part two of
this mission will begin.  Now you will have to follow Ryder (again, with a
blue arrow over his head) through some alleyways and through a skate park 
all the way back to your house.  When you get there, just go into the red 
marker to finish the mission.

Reward: Respect+
Percentage Complete: 0.53%

      Now you can enter your house and save your game.  You can also play
an arcade game at Carl's TV.  Upstairs, you can find a camera and a changing
room (to change Carl's outfits).  Also, at this time you can do some of the
driving side-quests, such as taxi missions.  This is a good way to earn
some money and get familiar with the city.  Also, you will receive a cell
phone call from Sweet (Press L1 to answer cell phone when it rings).


                   Vehicle Mission #1 -- Taxi Driver


      The taxi cab missions in this game are much like the ones in other GTA
games.  A tip meter is introduced in this game and will drop as time goes 
on during a fare and as your cab takes damage.  Don't worry if the tip meter 
drops to zero though, as the passenger will not flee, you can still drop 
he/she off and earn money for rattling off 5, 10, 15, etc in a row.

	To start this mission, just find a taxi cab (either a Taxi or Cabbie)
and get in.  They are pretty common and can be easily found after a few 
minutes (more or less) of driving around.  Once in, press the R3 button 
to begin.  To complete this mission, you must drop off 50 fares successfully 
(it doesn't have to be 50 in a row).

Reward: Nitro boosts on all Cabbie's and Taxi's
Percentage Complete: 1.07%

      After the mission, your fat and muscle stats should be all the way down,
don't worry about that, you can build them back up a little later.  After
completing this mission, go back to your house in Ganton and save.  Now get 
ready for the next vehicle mission.


                    Vehicle Mission #2 -- Paramedic


      The Paramedic mission is done in an Ambulance.  This mission is just
like the Paramedic mission in previous GTA's.  Again, this is another good
way to get some money and get familiar with the city.

      To start the mission, get into an ambulance and hit R3.  You can find
an ambulance at any of the three hospitals in Los Santos.  You can also kill
a few people to get one to show up.

      As you increase in level, more patients will need to be picked up, thus
you need to plan your route out in the later levels.  To pass this mission,
you must complete Level 12, if you fail you will have to start over at Level
1 again.

      I recommend using the All Saints Hospital in Market (just west of
Downtown Los Santos).  If an ambulance is not out front, run some people
over to get one to show up.

^^^ Tip sent in by Reverend420: It makes it easier if you punch the doors off
    your ambulance beforehand, I noticed that it saves some time for the
    patients to get in.

      I personally didn't need to do this, but if you are struggling to pass
this mission, give it a try.

Reward: Raises Maximum Health to 150.
Percentage Complete: 1.60%

      Again, head back to your house and save.  Time to do the next driving
mission (only 2 more to go, for now).


                      Vehicle Mission #3 -- Firefighter


      The Firefighter mission is done in a Fire Truck.  Like the Paramedic
mission, this is just like the Firefighter missions in other GTA's.

      To start the mission, get into a fire truck and press R3.  You can find
a fire truck at a fire station (the one I know of is in Commerce, just 
northeast of the freeway interchange, not Mulholland Intersection, but the
intersection southwest of Glen Park) or try starting a fire (can be done by 
exploding cars -- beat a car up until it explodes).

      Like the paramedic mission, the higher the level, the more cars and
people you have to put out.  To operate the hose, press Circle to shoot water
and use the right analog stick to aim.

      To complete the mission, you must complete Level 12.  If you fail,
you have to start over at Level 1 again.

Reward: Become Fireproof
Percentage Complete: 2.14%

      Head back to your house and save.  One more vehicle mission to go (for


                   Vehicle Mission #4 -- Pimping


      This mission is new to the GTA series and you need a Broadway to do this
mission.  A Broadway can usually be found around Unity Station (just steal one
from anybody) in North El Corona (near Little Mexico).  It is a 2 door 
convertible, they are pretty easy to spot, they look like a Hermes from Vice 
City (and hear, they sound somewhat like a Cheetah in Vice City).

      This is similar to the Taxi missions except that you are only
transporting two people, your prostitutes.  Its basically, pick up one, drop
her off, pick up the other and drop her off.  After dropping a girl off,
there will not be a time limit to pick the other one up.  So if your car
gets beaten up, you can take it to the Pay N' Spray during that time.

      Sometimes the customer and your girl starts fighting.  When you
reach the scene, get out of you car and physically hit him. DO NOT KILL HIM.

      To complete this mission, you must successfully complete Level 10
(10 full transactions).

Reward: When you pick up a prostitute on the road, she pays you instead of 
        you pay her.
Percentage Complete: 2.67%

      Again, head back to your house and save.  There is an asset mission
that you can complete at this time.  This is the first of three Courier


           Courier Mission #1 -- Roboi's Food Mart, Los Santos


      The Courier missions work like the Pizza Boy mission in Vice CIty.
You will drive/bike a two wheel vehicle and throw packages through a red
ring.  There are four stages in each Courier mission and as you move up in
stages, the locations spread out.  In the first three stages, the
time limit is five minutes (these are pretty easy).  In the last stage, you
will be given eight minutes to deliver six packages to locations scattered
around ALL of Los Santos.

      If you miss a ring, you can ride over the package that you threw and
pick it back up.

      The first Courier mission is located at Roboi's Food Mart in Commerce.
From the south end of the police station, head west on the road (past town
hall) past a street on the left (south), the Food Mart is tucked away on
the south side of the road.  Jump on the BMX bike that is sitting outside
to automatically begin the mission.

                                ***Stage 1***

      You will be given three minutes to deliver three packages that are all
nearby.  You shouldn't have any problems with this, just take it slow and make
sure your throws are accurate.

                                ***Stage 2***

      You will be given five minutes to deliver four packages.  Again, these
are all fairly close locations and shouldn't be too difficult to complete.

                                ***Stage 3***

      You will be given five minutes to deliver five packages.  There are a
bit further apart than in the last stage, but again, you should have plenty
of time to complete this stage.

                                ***Stage 4***

      This is by far the toughest of the stages.  You will be given eight
minutes to deliver six packages that are scattared throughout all of Los
Santos.  Get the one in Temple, then Vinewood.  Now go to the two on
the beach (one at the boardwalk and one at the lighthouse) and use the main 
road (two lanes on both sides), then the freeway that runs to the south 
of Los Santos to get to the next one in Playa Del Seville.  Finally, get
the one in East Beach, then use the freeway running through the center of
Los Santos to get back to the starting point.

      To complete the mission, successfully complete Stage 4.  If you fail,
you will have to begin again at Stage 1.

Reward: Roboi's Food Mart becomes an asset and generates $2,000 a day, stop
        by each day to pick up the money.
Percentage Complete: 3.21%

      By doing the vehicle missions, you should have built up your Driving
Skills by now, enough to enter the stadium anyway (I think your Driving
Skills have to be at least 20%).  This is the next Odd Job to do.


                       Stadium Mission #1 -- 8-Track


      This mission is located at the Los Santos Forum.  It is the stadium on
the southeast side of town.  Just walk into the red marker outside of the
stadium to begin.

      For those who played Vice City, this is similar to the Hot Ring race.
Basically, it is a race around a track shaped like an 8.

      To complete this mission, you must win first place.  This is a tough
mission that could take quite a few tries.  The key is to avoid damage as
much as possible.  Also, let go of the accelerator as you enter turns, then
accelerate as you exit each turn.  This should make it easier to control.

Reward: $10,000 prize, the Monster and Hotring Racer appear on the
        Northwest corner of the stadium from now on.
Percentage Complete: 3.74%

      At this point, you should have acquired quite a bit of money (if you
did the vehicle missions).  I have over $150,000 because I did 50 in a row
in the taxi driver mission.  If you didn't get 50 in a row, you should have
around $100,000 or so.  With this money, you can buy some safehouses
around Los Santos.  They vary in price and some have garages.


                       Safehouse Purchasing (1 and 2)


      Buying safehouses in this game contribute to 100%, so you want to buy
all of them if you want to reach 100%.  It is good to buy a safehouse that is
not located anywhere near another safehouse (for convenience, if you are out
and about and are looking for a quick way to save rather then drive all the
way back over to Ganton).

      For now, I will direct you to two safehouses in Los Santos that
are convenient for location and have garages.

      Safehouse #1:  This is located in Santa Maria Beach.  It is just west
of the pier and is located along the road that goes along the beach.  You
will see a small house icon rotating around the front of the property.  To 
buy the property, step into the icon and hit L1.  This property costs $30,000 
and it has a garage.

      So now we have a safe house in Eastern (Ganton) and Western (Santa Maria
Beach), lets buy one in central Los Santos.  Some people like the safehouse
in Jefferson because it located closer to the Off Track Betting place (a
quick, and IMO cheap, way to earn lots of money), but I prefer a different
one in central Los Santos.

      Safehouse #2: This one is located in El Corona at the end of a
cul-de-sac.  This is east of Verdant Bluffs, just north of the airport and 
just south of Unity Station.  This place costs $10,000 and it has a garage.

Percentage Complete: 4.81%

      That's it for the side missions for right now.  The Vigilante Mission
can be done at this time, but I will wait until later in this walkthrough
to cover that mission.  The BMX Bike mission is also open and you should have
a cycling skill of around 50% if you did the Courier mission.  Again, I will
wait until a little later to cover this mission as it will be easier with 
75%+ Cycling skill (you can get a bike and build your skill if you want, then
you can do the mission now if you choose to).

      Now save your game and head back to Carl's house in Ganton.  Next door
you will see a red marker in front of your neighbors (Ryder) house (Shown as
the "R" on the radar).  Enter it to begin the next story mission.


                       Beginning Mission #3 -- Ryder


      After viewing the scene, you will have a car in front of you with a
blue arrow over it.  Enter the car and drive over to the Barber Shop 
(indicated by the yellow dot on the radar).  Park the car in the red marker in
front of the shop and enter the building.

      Walk over to the red marker and you will sit in the chair.  Select
one of the hairstyles and hit X to preview it.  If you want it, press X
again to purchase it.  The different hair styles will raise your respect and
sex appeal stats to different levels, depending on which one you selected.  Of
the different styles, the cornrow is the one that will get you the most (it is
also the most expensive).

      After picking a hair style, hit the Triangle button to exit the chair.  
Ryder will comment on your new haircut and you will get a new objective.  Run 
across the street to the pizza place and enter it.  Once inside, step into the 
red marker to order a meal.

      The larger the meal, the more fat you will gain (except with the salad
meal in which he doesn't gain any fat).  Also, eating a meal will replenish
your energy if you have gotten hungry or gotten injured.  Use the right/left
directions button to choose a meal and hit X to buy it.  Hit the Triangle
button to exit and you will see another scene.

       Run back across the street and enter Ryder's car.  Quickly escape and
head back to Ryder's house (you can also run over the pizza boy) and drive
into the red marker to finish this mission.

Reward: Respect+
Percentage Complete: 5.35%

       After the mission, run back into your house and save.  Then head back
out and a few houses down is where your next story mission is.  This is
denoted as the "S" on your map and radar.  You will see a red marker out in
front of the house.  Enter it to begin the next mission.


                      Sweet Mission #1 -- Tagging Up Turf


      After the scene, get into the car in front of you and drive over to
the side of a bridge in Idlewood (the yellow dot on the radar).  Once there,
park in the red marker and Sweet will get out and spray paint the Grove Street
tag over the other gang's purple tag (this also happens to be the beginning
of the next odd job, which I will cover in the next section).

      Afterwards, Sweet will tell you to spray over two other tags in the
neighborhood.  These are the blue markers on your radar.  One is right across
the street.  Walk over to it, hold R1 to aim at hit and hit Circle to spray.
The second tag is in the alleyway behind the house with the first tage on it.  
Go over to it and spray that one too, then return back and get in Sweet's car.

      Now drive over to the next yellow dot (in East Los Santos) and stop in
the red marker there.  Sweet runs off, leaving you to spray three more tags
in the area.  The first is on the side of the building with the wall mural.
The second is around back of the building (to the north).  There are two
gangsters standing in front of it.  Either ignore them and spray anyway, or
spray them both in the face and they will eventually die.

      The third and final tag is a little trickier to get to then the others.
Run over to the yellow dot on the radar and enter the red marker.  Press 
Square to climb the fence.  Then go forward and climb another fence.  
Turn to the left, see that platform?  Climb it and then climb up to the roof.
Run around to the right and go to the north side of the wall to find the last
tag.  Spray over it and then jump off of the roof and enter Sweet's car.

      Now drive back to Ganton (follow the yellow dot on the radar) and drive
into the red marker outside Sweet's house to complete this mission.

Rewards: $200, Respect+
Percentage Complete: 5.88%

      Afterwards, you should receieve cell phone call from Officer Hernandez.
Head back into your house and save your game.  Note that a spray can is now
located inside your house, upstairs across from the changing room.  You will
use this in the next Odd Job, the first collection mission, the Los Santos
Gang Tags.


               Collection Mission #1 -- Los Santos Gang Tags


      In the last story mission, you sprayed 6 tags.  Well, there are
94 more of these tags, scattered throughout Los Santos.  I will do my best to
direct you to each and every one of these.  I will cover them in the numbered
order of how they are in the BradyGames Strategy Guide.  We have so far gotten
#1,2,3,4,5 and 20.  If you run out of spray paint, die, or get arrested, you
can always return back to your house for another spray can (NOTE: It only
appears in your house in Ganton, not any of your other safe houses).  With 
each tag you spray, you earn more respect.