============================================================================== Version 0.6 Date: 11/9/08 ============================================================================== This guide is for the people that don't know what certain types of chimera are, and this is also a guide for the various weapons that you get and the best ways to use them. For me, it has always been hard to choose what weapon to use in certain situations. No longer, because I have figured it out and now I am going to post it here on gamefaqs. First off is the list of Chimera. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ++++++++++++++ Chimera List ++++++++++++++ HYBRID This is your typical Chimera, and the type that you will kill the most. They resemble humans in body shape, but have six eyes. They carry the standard- issue Chimeran rifle the Bullseye. These are relatively easy to kill, just hit them with whatever and they will die. Best to use Bullseye or Carbine, Wraith if you're in cooperative. ELITE CHIMERA They are basically your hybrid with more armor and carry the Bullseye Mark II, which you should pick up when you kill them. Not much to say more about these just that they take a few more shots than the average hybrid. RAVAGER - Thanks Zombiecompacter Ho boy, these things can really be a pain. They are bigger, stronger, and can take more damage than the hybrid and elite Chimera. These are the things that carry around the green shield and laser gun, or they have a constant stream like the Hellfire turrets and have no shield. This damage is fairly weak, but if you get caught out in the open with it the damage will add up fast. The easiest ways to kill these by far is to snipe them with the Fareye or the Marksman, because one hit to the head with the Fareye will kill them. If you don't have one of those at your disposal, the next best thing is the Auger. It will cut right through their shields. If you don't have those things, use 40mm grenades from the carbine or just shoot the stuffings out of him with the Bullseye. Chances are that you won't have the first two choices, so your normal solution is to kill it with the bullseye. Take note that the Hedgehog Grenade goes right through his shield. STEELHEADS These are the Auger carryers. They have black armor and will typically be standing behind transparent walls firing upon you. These suckers take a lot of damage and can kill you through walls. Watch out for the tell-tale sign that the auger shots are coming by the red tunnel appearing. Not much really you can do to fight them easily. Rossmore works well, and hedgehog grenades work well also. Beware, frag grenades will not kill them in one hit. Same thing as the ravager, one Fareye to the head will kill them. LEAPERS - Thanks to Zombiecompacter These are the crawling bug-things that attack you in mass. They jump at you and latch on, or they spit at you for minor damage. Not many do it at once, and it will be blocked by a shield. Nothing to worry about really. Just blast them with the bullseye for a quick death, or kill em with the carbine for a nice and accurate shot. Or, if you're overrun, use the Rossmore. Shouldn't have to, though. LEAPER QUEEN This is cooperative only. This thing is just a big leaper with a lot of health and a bad attitude. Just shoot it, it's not like a normal leaper. It doesn't jump around that much. It should be an easy kill with enough people. **amusing anecdote** When I defeated this with other players, I was a soldier, and I had used all of my ammo for my shotgun and my wraith, and the sniper saw it fit not to give us ammo, so I just stood behind it and meleed the crap out of it. I got the kill! ROLLERS- Thanks to Lionheart for pointing this out. Basically leapers, but they roll at you instead of crawling and leaping. No difference really, deal with them just the same as the leapers. They are just a little harder to hit. GRIMS Oooooooooh boy, don't start me with the grims. These are the things that are in the red sacs that the spinners make. They are skinny, have no armor and no weapons. They run at you in huge groups and will melee you to death if you're not careful. the most notable grim attack is in Chicago. The most effective way to deal with these is to shoot them with the shotgun. You can also use grenades of all types, 40mm included, the carbine, and the bullseye. The Magnum is especially effective if you explode the bullets. The splicer is okay but you can't charge up the saws, just fire them or else you will be overrun. It also looks really cool when all the carnage is done to see severed arms lying around everywhere ;p. ALPHA GRIM Cooperative only. These are just extra-big grims. They have a lot of health so be ready to have a drawn out-battle. Just walk backwards and shoot it with the wraith, phoenix, or marksman, whatever class you are. CHAMELEON These are among the most annoying chimera that you will find. They are the in- visible ones that kill you in one hit. Just pay attention and you will not be killed... as much. You know when they are coming from the thudding sound they make. Then you will see their outline and you had better be shooting by then. The most effective weapon by far is the shotgun. Just blast em when you see them, which will probably be up close. Alternatively, use the bullseye. I've actually meleed a few of these. Though it may be really awesome if you do it, the timing is too tricky to rely on for killing these things. LEECHES These are the things that run at you and explode and can result in a quick end if you don't shoot them from pretty far away. The carbine is excellent, but the bullseye is also a good choice for dealing with them. TITAN Ah, the infamous titan. The huge Chimera that are carrying what looks like a tank turret, and they fire fiery projectiles that mysteriously follow you. If you so happen to have a LAARK, then these things are a cakewalk. But you don't have a LAARK, huh? Well, if you look carefully, there are oftentimes LAARKS around corners. If you really can't find a LAARK, then your best bet would probably be the auger. Just put up a shield and blast away. If he gets too close, back up and launch another shield, and blast him. Wraiths are good and the Bellock is good and the 40mm are good, and if none of these are available, take the bullseye. Tag them first so that no shots are wasted, then go behind cover and blast away. Tag as necessary and shoot. This method will take a long time. These are by far the toughest enemies in the game. Auoquess says: "Something not mentioned in your guide is that the V7 Splicer weapon, seems to do insane damage to a Titan class enemy. I've fired a single charged blade at a Titan's head and have taken it down multiple times this way. This was done on Single Player, near the end of the game when your charging up that Long chimeran ramp with a flood of grunts coming down from the tower. The REALLY big ramp fight." FURIES The furies are the things in the water that kill you if you go in where you're not supposed to. You can't kill them, so all you can do is avoid them. To tell you the truth, it shouldn't be that hard. SPINNERS These are the tiny chimera that scuttle around the sacks of grims. They don't bother you, so you shouldn't have to kill them unless you are looking for the Snipe Hunt trophy. ++++++++++++++ DRONES ++++++++++++++ PATROL DRONE This is the basic drone. They are the round, floating machines with a red light in front. They fire shots at you that resemble Bullseye bullets. Usually, a shot from a Bullseye is enough to take one out. Other good choices include the Rossmore, taking more than one out at once, and the LAARK. The LAARK's secondary fire can take out a whole swarm of these things with one volley, and can cut you some serious time. HUNTER DRONE These are the drones that are more misshapen than the patrol drones. They also have a red light in their front. They have two front-mounted guns. These can be dealted with in a variety of ways, depending on what weapon you have. The wraith takes them out fairly quickly, and the Bullseye takes a few shots. I haven't tried the shotgun, so you can try that. The best thing to take these out, however, may not be what you expect. The splicer. ??? You see, press R2 to charge up a splicer shot, then land one in the drone. After that one hit, it will start whining and go down in a nice explosion. In one splicer shot. **May be different on harder difficulties** ATTACK DRONE These drones are the drones with the blue shield around them. To my knowledge you only have to kill 3-4 of them in the campaign. Your best bet is to blast it from the front with some type of weapon, i.e. bullseye or carbine, then get behind it when the shield moves to the front and kill it. You can use the LAARK to take out the shields a little more quickly, but it will still take a little while to get rid of the shields. Watch out for its rockets, it could hit a car and kill you indirectly, which would suck. STALKER Not exactly a drone, but it is the same idea. You only have to fight a few of these in the whole campaign, more in co-op. They are the 4-legged Chimeran tanks that shoot mortars and bullets at you. They have a lot of health, so your best bed is the LAARK. The first one you fight, you don't have a LAARK, but I found that if you just wait a little bit, it will be destroyed by your support. Just be worried about the infantry. I believe the next ones you fight come in a group of three, but LAARKS are plentiful. In this sequence, focus fire at the stalkers but kill the hunter drones as they come because they have a better shot at you and have a real chance of killing you. ++++++++++++++ BOSSES- the huge enemies that usually result in trophies. ++++++++++++++ GOLIATH Thanks to Lion_Heart for pointing this out. The very first boss of the game. I almost don't consider this a boss because there is no real battle. It is simple to kill this thing, just shoot it in the middle of the back. They call it the exhaust vents, but I don't know what it is. You will get the LAARK in various locations throughout the level and just shoot it when prompted. After about three times it will crash down with the Recycler trophy. KRAKEN Not hard to kill, just shoot it when it is near the platform. When it goes far out to sea, go to the opposite end of the platform and shoot him when he grabs the platform. It should take a few Pulse Cannon shots, but he'll go down easily. MOTHER SPINNER Just shoot the thing. That's all you gotta do. Beware, when he goes into the middle and roars, don't be standing in front of him. He'll spit stuff at you and hurt you pretty bad. He'll send leapers your way as well. Just shoot them and be careful that you don't stand where she spits. dwrath says: "Hi I recently found good weapon against mother spinner. That's the Bellock's 2nd ability. Fire when mother spinner is on the pillars (try to aim above ). I pwnd her in superhuman with only 2 shots!" THE SWARM Just go outside the generator and wait for them to be in front of your face before backing up out of the generator. Then shoot them with the pulse cannon. Repeat, finish. In between generators, make sure that yo run as fast as you can or risk dying, and this can be especially annoying when you play Arcade mode. THE LEVIATHAN This thing is HUGE. Just thought that I'd put that out there. So okay, this is pretty easy, just shoot it with the LAARK when prompted. Then run away when prompted, then shoot bridge with LAARK when prompted. Done, with an added trophy. THE MARAUDER The house that you're in has an attic with a LAARK in it. Shoot it a couple times with that, then use whatever you have to kill it. It should take quite a few shots, but don't think that you're not doing any damage. One good method is to stay in the front of the house on the second floor and snipe it. Beware of its flame-breath and of the venom that looks like the spider grenade. If you touch that for very long you will be killed. When you are done killin it, use its body as a bridge. DAEDALUS - Thanks Zombiecompacter In the first part of this battle, you will run from structure to structure. He will attack you the whole time, but you can't hurt him. When you are under the structures, watch out for the first panel. Go to the opposite side. Don't shoot tho, the bullets will go right through him like he isn't even there. Save your munitions for the hostiles in between structures. When you get to the generators, shoot the orbs with whatever to make the electricity arc to Daedalus. Keep on doing that until you win. ============================================================================== WEAPONS My weapon rating system goes like this: Name of weapon Description Overall score, out of 5 firepower accuracy rarity (1 being common, 5 being super rare) Most of the weapons in the game are very useful in the areas that you find them in. For that reason, I won't say when to use certain weapons in certain areas, but you should know that it is probably a better strategy to use the weapon that you find in the area you found it. +++++++++++++++++++++++++ RIFLES +++++++++++++++++++++++++ M5A2 Folsom Carbine -This is your basic assualt rifle that is standard issue to everyone. It is not very powerful, but its amazing accuracy may be desired for long-dist ance shots and its 40mm grenade can be useful for taking out grims and leapers A very well rounded weapon. Overall: 4/5 Firepower: 2/5, 4/5 40mm Accuracy: 5/5 Usefulness: 4/5 Rarity: 1/5 Bullseye -This is the standard issue hybrid rifle. It fires red balls of energy that are pretty damaging. The gun isn't very accurate, but if you tag them with R2 then you will hit them with every shot. Not necessary, but you should do it for the trophy that is awarded. An overall short/medium distance rifle with decent firepower. They talk about bullseye "traps" that you can use in the intel. Don't bother with it, it's not worth it. Overall: 4/5 Firepower: 3/5 Accuracy: 2/5 Usefulness: 4/5 Rarity: 1/5 Bullseye Mark II -This is standard issue to the Elite Chimera in the campaign. You'll find that this gun is much more accurate and powerful than the original Bullseye. The spread of the bullets is much tighter and causes more damage, and has slightly more range. Pick this gun up whenever possible. Overall: 4.5/5 Firepower: 3.5/5 Accuracy: 3.5/5 Usefulness: 5/5 Rarity: 3/5 L23 Fareye -This is a great sniper rifle in single player due to the fact that you can slow down time with it. I would reccomend that you use your middle finger to hold down R2 and fire with your first finger. This gun loses its edge in multiplayer because you can't slow time. This gun may not be as powerful as the Marksman, but since you can get a headshot every time, it is just as effective. It also has an advantage because the scope zooms in whereas the Marksman's scope does not. Overall: 4/5 Firepower: 4/5 Accuracy: 5/5 Usefulness: 5/5 Rarity: 4/5 The Marksman -The chimeran version of the sniper rifle. This sucker packs a real punch. It fires in three shot bursts, so don't get excited because it has a clip size of 18 when it equates to only six shots. The gun is very powerful, but it doesn't zoom in. You shouldn't have to get a headshot to kill them, though. Its secondary fire is launching an orb that zaps enemies until it runs out of power. This is great support to you. You can send one of them out then pull out your bullseye and shoot away as they are weakened by the orb. Definitely not as cool as the Fareye. Overall: 4/5 Firepower: 5/5 Accuracy: 4.5/5 Usefulness: 5/5 Rarity: 3/5 The Auger Mark II -The most useful gun in the entire game. Unfortunately, they come pretty rare so use them wisely. This gun cuts right through walls. Not just like Call of Duty, where they just go through with reduced damage, I mean they go right through all walls in the map with no damage reduction. It goes through multiple enemies at a time also, so you can conserve ammo by shooting more at once. You can shoot multiple reactor rods at once in Co-op, and you can shoot through your teammates as well, making it a good secondary weapon for those who like to stay in the back of the pack. I don't know if they changed this or not since the first game, but the original Auger actually got stronger each wall it went through. Also nice features of this gun: thermal vision. The thermal vision is really good to use, but to actually see the Chimera hi lighted behind walls, you either have to see it with no obstruction between you or it, or it has to shoot at you, i.e. Steelheads, which you will see by the Auger coming your way. You can peep around corners and see what's coming. Also, a very good addition to this rifle, its shield. This shield is on time, so no matter how much the enemy hits it it will stay until its time runs out. Grenades will bounce off of it, Titan shots will not harm you, and Ravager's lasers can't hurt you. The only thing that can cut through it are other Auger shots. Watch out. Also, don't be afraid to use other guns while behind the Auger wall, it is a one-way shield. It won't block your other shots. The Auger is blocked by the wraith shield in Co-op, not sure in campaign. Overall: 5/5 Firepower: 4/5 Accuracy: 3/5 Usefulness: 100000000/5 Rarity: 4/5 ++++++++++++++++++ EXPLOSIVE WEAPONS ++++++++++++++++++ HE .44 Magnum -A handgun that packs a good punch. Due to its small clip size, you will be reloading a lot if you get this gun. You do reload really fast for a revolver. ---Good thing Revolver Ocelot couldn't reload that fast!--- The gun is fairly accurate, better than the bullseye but worse than the carbine. What adds to its usefulness, though, is its secondary fire as Blake explains in the prologue. Press R2 and the bullet explodes. Take note, however, that if you kill a drone with the magnum, the bullet disappears and you can't explode it. Jacob says: "I have a suggestion for a good way to kill leapers that you might want to add. A way that I find incredibly effective is to use the magnum. What you do is shot one or two rounds into the ground (if you hit the leaper itself, the bullet won't stay) near the leapers. Then detonate the rounds to kill leapers en mass. I find that one round can easily take out 10 leapers if they are grouped close together. This strategy works best when there are only a few leapers, and you want to conserve ammo." Overall: 3.5/5 Firepower: 4.25/5 Accuracy: 4/5 Usefulness: 4/5 Rarity: 3/5 XR-13 Bellock Semi-Automatic -This gun is the new one off of the XR series, continued from the first Resistance. Remember the Hailstorm and Sapper? This is the same series. I guess XR means "experimental." This gun is a powerful grenade launcher that fires pretty quickly, without reloading every shot, hence the name semi automatic. The grenades are actually clusters of napalm, and will explode at first, then set the target on fire if they didn't die in the initial explosion. Its secondary fire sends out a grenade on time fuse. It bursts into flame a few seconds after firing it. If you plant this little present at the feet of a stationary Titan, it greatly helps you kill it. It can even kill them by itself. This weapon is also essential in getting the Pyromaniac trophy. Overall: 4/5 Firepower: 5/5 Accuracy: 2/5 Usefulness: 4.5/5 Rarity: 4.5/5 MP-47 Pulse Cannon -The Pulse Cannon is exceedingly rare due to its destructive power. It is only given to you on selected boss fights. There is only one or two situations when you actually get to use it in a firefight. If you do, the best way to use it is to get up in their faces and use secondary fire to blast them to bits. Remember to get twenty kills with this to get the Exotic Weapons Collector trophy, since you don't get it that much and you may not be thinking about it. It will probably take up all of your ammo, tho. Usefulness suffers because of the fire rate. Overall: 3/5 Firepower: 5/5 Accuracy: 4/5 Usefulness: 2/5 Rarity: 5/5 L210 LAARK (Light Anti Armor Rocket, if you wanted to know) -This weapon is exceedingly rare, and you really don't get many chances to experiment with it because oftentimes you are given it and they tell you exactly what to do with it. It is very powerful, and while not as rare as the pulse cannon, it is still a rare find. Always use secondary fire against infantry, drones, and leapers. Use primary fire only on Titans, Stalkers, and when prompted. Ravagers are okay too, I guess, but not quite as necessary. Overall: 4.5/5 Firepower: 5/5 Accuracy: 3/5 Usefulness: 5/5 Rarity: 5/5 Frag Grenade -The basic grenade. It is a concussion explosion, the only conventional grenade in the game. It is good to use against Hybrids, not so much anything else. These are pretty easy to aim. You get quite a few, so don't be afraid to chuck some. Overall: 3/5 Firepower: 3/5 Accuracy: N/A Usefulness: 3/5 Rarity: 2/5 Hedgehog -An awsome grenade. It is good to use against any form of infantry, be it Steelheads, Hybrids, Elite Chimera, or Ravagers. Be careful not to overthrow them because these grenades go really far. It won't detonate until it hits the ground, so don't worry about it going off in midair. Note that these go through the Ravager's shields. Overall: 4/5 Firepower: 4.5/5 Accuracy: N/A Usefulness: 4/5 Rarity: 3/5 Air-Fuel Grenade -These things are pretty rare, but exceedingly efficiently for taking out the chimera. It will stick to anything when it hits it. These throw pretty much like a frag grenade, so you shouldn't have trouble aiming it. If you land it on a chimera, they will often try to dive out of the way, which doesn't make sense because it's on them, but this works to your advantage just as long as they jump towards other enemies. Something I found out recently. You can hold down the grenade button and the grenade will not ignite until you release the button or a decently long time lapse occurs. This is helpful for trapping up transporters. Overall: 5/5 Firepower: 5/5 Accuracy: N/A Usefulness: 5/5 Rarity: 4.5/5 Spider Grenade -A rare, new grenade that looks kinda cool, but isn't the most practical of grenades. When it detonates, it sends out tendrils of flame that set enemies on fire and do good damagage. It has a pretty big radius, but it is only on the ground so it won't hurt drones at all. TrueArctic Says: "I believe you're supposed to use this grenade as a trap. In the Twin Falls level, you find it right before you enter the theatre full of grims. Shoot a few rounds to catch their attention, then throw a spider grenade in front of the entrance you came in through right when they start coming at you and run back out. It takes care of almost all the grims for you." Overall: 3.5/5 Firepower: 4/5 Accuracy: N/A Usefulness: 3/5 Rarity: 5/5 XR-87 Proximity Mine -I haven't used this, so I don't have an opinion for you. Ramza says: "The Proximity Mines are only for Spec ops in Co-op. You get them at level 10. When you throw out an ammo pack if you are lucky enough to throw a grenade kit you get one. When a Chimera gets close enough to one it makes a huge explosion and does a ton of damage to anything near it. Very fun to place near teleporters when you get a chance. However they're not very useful for anything else. Titans almost always step over them, not setting them off, and you'll get killed by your own mines, more often than not, if you try to use them on elite Chimera." ++++++++++++++++++ OTHER WEAPONS ++++++++++++++++++ Rossmore 238 -One of the best shotguns I've used in a shooter. This pump-action baby is good for infanty, chameleons, drones, and grims. Do NOT use for leeches. It fires at a good rate, and it takes longer if you use the secondary fire, which shouldn't be necessary. It is more than powerful enough with single shots. Highly reccommended for grims and chameleons. Overall: 4.5/5 Firepower: 4/5 Accuracy: Its a frickin shotgun Usefulness: 5/5 Rarity: 2/5 V7 Splicer -A really cool gun, but not very practical unless you are in close quarters. It fires saws around and they bounce off whatever and hit enemies until they run out of energy. Anyone who has played Ratchet & Clank should know how this works. Charge it up with secondary fire to fire a charged up saw that, if you hit, is almost always a one hit kill. It looks really cool, too, because they explode when they die. Spyker says: "While the saw is charged (R2) you can run into people and kill them. I figured this out accidentally playing online. And when you shoot a charged blade it gets stuck in an enemy and deals damage repeatedly." Overall: 3/5 Firepower: 3/5 normal, 4/5 charged Accuracy: 2/5 Usefulness: 2/5 Rarity: 3/5 HVAP Wraith (high velocity armor piercing) -One of the best guns in the game. Its huge clip and high firepower make it good for mowdowns and Titans, and its shield is also highly useful. Where it fails is the duration of the shield; if you get hit by a couple Titan shots it goes right down. Otherwise, this is an excellent gun. Zombiecompacter says that it is somewhat accurate if you use the iron sights, but I would have to disagree. Although the spread is tighter, it still isn't accurate. The precision scope is a must have. It doubles your experience per each hit! Overall: 5/5 Firepower: 4/5 Accuracy: 1/5 Usefulness: 5/5 Rarity: 5/5 XR-42 Phoenix -I have not personally used this gun, but I know some things about it. Its main function is to suck life from enemies and give it to your buddies in co-op. Primary fire sucks, secondary heals. Primary fire doesn't do much damage, so don't be expecting to kill everyone. Leave that to the soldiers. Terz says: "In Co-op, the XR-42 Phoenix is a gun with unlimited ammo, and it shoots out energy blast continously as long as you hold down the fire button. While slowly dealing damages to enemy, it also heal the medic himself (primary fire). Its your only weapon as a medic till you raise your level and unlock other weapons." Ramza Says: "The Phoenix might not do a lot of damage to a single target but it does hit more then one target at a time if they are close to each other. How many it hits depends on either your level or how many upgrades you have, not sure which. It starts out able to hit a max of 2 targets but now my level 30 medic with a fully upgraded gun is hitting 4 at once. On top of doing damage to multiple enemies it drains life from them all making medics near invincible when taking on groups of smaller enemies. The secondary fire is charged by using the primary fire, getting ammo packs, and the berserk chloroform also helps charge it. It heals your squadmates and has an area of effect that is upgradable also." Starfishlord Says: "Another way of using the Pheonix(In Co-Op) is to lure Grims, Titans, Hybrids, and Stalkers to you so that the soldiers can hit them from the back. It works espacially well when fighting Titans , an example is if the spec ops/soldiers are getting pinned down , you could lay countinous fire on it to lure it, even though the Titan would attack us , it would do no harm cos we would be regenerating ,therefore , it leaves the heat stack open for the rest of the team to shoot at.This also applies to the stalker,however , while fighter a stalker a medic must constantly strafe as the missles the stalker shoot cause more damage then the Titan's attacks so it can actually kill the medic. Unfortunately we have to keep moving if we are fighitng an elite Titan (one w stars above its head ,e HUD ) cos it can fire its gun/cannons rapidly. Another thing i tried out was to fight 6 hybrids at one go , i just kept strafing while keeping a constant stream of fire and i don't die." I got a few e-mails around the same time about the first upgrade for the Phoenix. My bad, I could've just looked. So the first upgrade at level 8 will get you an extra 5 shots for your Phoenix, it isn't just limited to 10. Overall: 4/5 Firepower: 1/5 Accuracy: 3/5 Usefulness: 5/5 Rarity: Co-op only, standard medic issue ============================================================================== Any questions, suggestions, add-ons, or amusing anecdotes, e-mail me at GunbladeWarrior7@aim.com You can also message me on PSN. My name is the same as the author name, GunbladeBeserkr. Thanks to the following people: terz Lion_Heart26---Love the name! ramza4423 jacob_816 spyker3292 Zombiecompacter TrueArctic yt56y Aouquess starfishlord dwrath ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-LEGAL This guide is not for reproduction and profit. This guide is allowed on the following websites: GameFAQS gamesradar neoseeker supercheats cheatplanet This game, Copyright 2008 Insomniac studios. This guide, Copyright 2008 Tom Cunningham.