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     1. Introduction           [INTR]
     2. Hints and Tips         [HNTS]
     3. Story Walkthrough      [WLKT]
         3.1  Semper Fi               [ACT-01]           
         3.2  Little Resistance       [ACT-02] 
         3.3  Hard Landing            [ACT-03] 
         3.4  Vendetta                [ACT-04] 
         3.5  Their Land, Their Blood [ACT-05] 
         3.6  Burn 'em Out            [ACT-06] 
         3.7  Relentless              [ACT-07] 
         3.8  Blood & Iron            [ACT-08] 
         3.9  Ring of Steel           [ACT-09] 
         3.10 Eviction                [ACT-10] 
         3.11 Black Cats              [ACT-11]
         3.12 Blowtorch & Corkscrew   [ACT-12]
         3.13 Breaking Point          [ACT-13] 
         3.14 Heart of the Reich      [ACT-14] 
         3.15 Downfall                [ACT-15] 
     4. Collectibles           [CLTB]
     5. Unlockables            [UNLK]
     6. Version History        [HSTY]

***    INTRODUCTION   *** [INTR]

Welcome to my guide for Call of Duty: World at War! 

Please note, this guide will most likely contain some spoilers but I have done
my utmost to keep things as vague as possible for the purists among you. 

Thanks for reading!


***   HINTS & TIPS    *** [HNTS]
- Always use cover, if you stay exposed for too long you will not live to 
  regret it. On veteran difficulty, this is a must.

- Let your team do some work too. You are not a one man army, and although 
  the computer controlled AI are not the greatest, but they do have guns and 
  they seem to be pretty much invincible - they can be a valuable asset in 
  clearing areas you need to pass.

- Use smoke! If you are ever stuck on a tough area you cannot pass, don’t 
  forget about the smoke grenades. Toss one then follow it in to do some 
  serious damage.

- In close quarters always melee, it is instant and usually fatal. Trying to 
  fire off a few rounds in close is just not as effective.

- If you ever are lost as where to go next in a level, follow your squad and 
  your compass. The squad will never get lost and the objective markers on 
  your compass will enlighten you as to the direction you need to go.

- Always move slowly and cautiously, between cover and never run into the open
  unless you are absolutely certain that the area is clear of enemy soldiers.

- Be patient. Rash actions have consequences. 


***     WALKTHROUGH   *** [WLKT]

This walkthrough will provide players with the fastest route for each Act from 
beginning to the end. By following this guide you will also be able to collect
all thirteen of the hidden Death Cards.

***Mission 1: Semper Fi*** [ACT-01] 

After a rather grisly scene to set the mood for the game, you will be rescued 
from certain death by some welcome American soldiers on a rescue mission. When
you are able to move, pick up the type 100 and the M1 Garand from the crate to 
the right as you exit the tent. Follow the soldiers up the beach and turn 
right into the first house, examine the body on the table here to find Death 
Card (1/13). Exit back onto the beach and help the soldiers slowly move up 
into the village. Move into the water and work your way along the short 
boardwalk here to flank some enemy soldiers stationed here.  Make your way down
the ramp and kill any remaining troops in the vicinity, then continue on up 
the next ramp. One of your soldiers will be attacked by a man on fire here, 
shoot the fire guy to save the soldier. As you pass the area, a group of 
Japanese fighters will attack you from a little further along the boardwalk.  
Take cover behind the crates here and take out the enemies.

When the coast is clear, continue along the pontoon to your left. Follow the 
wall of the circular building around to your left.  As you do you will come 
across a soldier teaching a Japanese officer a lesson. Behind him you can enter
the door here to grab a few weapons and some ammo, and have a nice clear view 
of the next area with some pretty good cover. Through the window, take out the
man on the turret in the building across from the window and to the right. Take
down any other hostiles in the area in front of it. Make sure you eliminate 
any enemies that run for the gun turret or you will have to contend with that 
additional threat. 

Once the area is clear, exit the building and continue round the structure 
until you find the ramp leading down to the beach area in front of you.  Move 
to the back right most area of the buildings here to find a sandy path leading
up a hill.  Half way up the hill, your allies will comment about a Shrine 
sitting on the right of the path. Just moments after they do, you will be 
attacked by a Japanese ambush, your squad should kill all the attacking 
enemies, but feel free to send a few rounds their way just to be sure. 

When it’s done and dusted, continue up the path and follow it until you reach 
an open area with a spotlight on the left. Take cover behind the rocks at the 
top of the hill here and take out the MG turret firing at another group of 
allies on the beach at the foot of the hill to the right. Next take out the 
spotlight so the enemies can not target their attacks and then finish off any 
remaining hostiles.  When the deed is done, head down the hill, enter the 
stream and follow it up river. 

When you reach a burnt out building on your left, you will see what looks to 
be a massacre of enemy troops laying in front of it, with bodies scattered all
around the area. Walk slowly forward and they will jump up and ambush you. Take
cover inside the ruined building at the entrance to the area and fight them 
off. After the immediate area is secure, enemy reinforcements will slowly come
in from a dirt path to the left of the area. Let them all have it as they 
enter the area until the entire crew is lying dead on the ground... for real 
this time.

Follow the path from which the bad guys came and as you make your way along it
watch out for gunners on the ridges on either side. When you reach a fallen 
tree on the right of the road, you will enter another open area filled with 
Japanese soldiers.  There is a MG turret on the hill in front of you to the 
left, and another behind a sandbag wall just to the right as you enter the 
area. Take them both out and any other aggressors in the immediate area. 
Roebuck will order you to interact with the truck at the top of the hill in the
middle of the road here. Do so, and it will then roll down the hill.  Wait a 
few seconds, then follow your squad mates down the hill after it. 

You will enter another heavily fortified position here. As the path ends, 
head to the left and take out any hostiles. When you are safe, follow Cpl. 
Roebuck down the concrete ramp and wait for him to open the door to the ammo 
bunker here. Inside turn to the right and activate the glowing object on the 
table. When completed, head back outside and sprint in a straight line from 
the exit, down to the right of the building in front of you and to the awaiting
boats. After a short scene, the mission will be complete. 

***Mission 2: Little Resistance*** [ACT-02]   

You will begin this mission on a U-boat heading to land on the island of 
Midway. You will not be able to control yourself during this time. 

When you do regain control, head up the sandbank in front of you and call in 
rocket support on the fortified position along the beach to the right. When it
is no more, wade through the water, past the halftrack and onto the beach. 
Make your way to the log wall at the back of the beach and vault it to find a 
number of dazed enemy soldiers. Finish them off if you like and press on 
forward. Soon an MG nest off to your right in front of you will let its 
presence be known. Take cover ASAP and take out the turret jockey when you get
a clear shot, or move slowly forward to watch the soldier with the flamethrower
do it for you.

Head left around the bunker and move up quickly to find some cover. This area 
is a little tricky because the high grass can hider your view a little. Take 
out the MG at the back right corner of the area and be sure to get rid of the 
enemies behind the sandbags at the back of the area on the raised area to the 
left and then finish off everything in between. Don’t forget you have the 
rocket support which can eliminate pretty much anything with a 30 second cool 
down time; you can pretty much use it in any tight situation. When the bullets
have stopped flying, move into the area to the left and a large group of 
infantry will jump the wall here and attack you. Kill them as they do. Follow 
the trench along the wall here, you will be attacked a couple of times by 
soldiers who like to jump out from around corners.  You can always shoot the 
red barrels here for an explosive solution if you are not a big fan of 

Exit the trench to the right and one of your allies will spot a Japanese 
soldier perched high in a tree to the right. Take him out and then throw a 
grenade at the base of the tree, there are several enemy soldiers blended in 
here and said grenade will certainly upset one if not all of them. Kill any 
survivors and head on up the hill, another camouflaged group of three banzai 
troops (the guys that don’t try to shoot at all just charge at you with their 
bayonet) will come at you here. Drop them and continue straight ahead. You 
should see a large Japanese bunker to the left. This is our next objective. 

Race down the hill and take cover behind the truck here. Look 90 degrees to 
your right, to see a tunnel that will get you close. Venture down the ramp 
leading to the tunnel and kill the two guys in the room here. Take the left 
exit from the room into an underground passage. Follow this tunnel to the next
exit on the left-hand side, as you pass through watch out for more surprise 
attacks from around corners. Keep in mind that you can easily kill these guys 
in close quarters with melee attacks as you are already right on top of them 
when they attack. At the end of the tunnel look up the ramp to the left. Kill 
all the soldiers that appear here and try to take out the two MGs in the bunker
windows if you can. Cruise up the ramp and turn immediately right, follow the 
wooden wall here to find Death Card (2/13). 

Continue along the bunker wall here to your right and enter the next tunnel, 
which also doubles as an entrance to the big, bad bunker. Follow it around 
until you reach a ladder, scale that and look over the broken wall to your 
right. To the left of the truck below you will be able to identify the mortar 
pit we need to take out. Unfortunately, it is populated by a horde of enemy 
soldiers. Call in a rocket strike to eliminate all of them in one foul swoop.
Next, we will need to take out the two Japanese tanks on the opposite side of 
the mortar pit using the rockets again. Once the enemy armor is down for the 
count, head through the open door to the right of the ladder and regroup with 
the others to finish the mission.

***Mission 3: Hard Landing*** [ACT-03]   

Proceed into the swamp in front of you and follow your squad to find a crashed
aircraft. More soldiers will be here examining the wreckage. When it explodes,
 take cover immediately as there is an ambush waiting for you on the hill 
behind and to the right of the plane. Clear the area. Continue through the 
swamp and take your first right to encounter another ambush. Kill the soldiers
here and step onto dry ground. Follow the squad again and continue up the hill
behind the stone blocks they were using as cover.  

At the top of the hill, find cover quickly, enemies will come from in front 
of you and will also be set up to the left in a bunker.  Using cover, 
cautiously move up to the first bunker here. Continue through the bunker 
dispatching any bad guys in your way. Like previous buildings it is likely that
you will bump into them as you round corners so always be ready to melee if 
you get up close and personal. On exit from the bunker move up to the cover 
in front of you, clear the immediate area and then head around the stumps and 
into the ruined bunker to the left. 

When you reach the end of this bunker, you should see a heavily fortified MG 
nest in front of you.  When the MGs are focused elsewhere, sprint forward and 
jump into the trench in front of you. Take cover here and sprint across to the
crates on the opposite side of the road when you feel it is safe to do so. 
Move towards the bunker slowly, and you will see a flamethrower toting soldier
in front of you, he will attempt to attack the bunker with it and will die in 
the process. Run over and pick it up and then quickly run to the wall to the 
left of both MGs so they cannot shoot you, then move along to the windows and 
flame the inhabitants.

Make your way through the bunker, killing any stragglers and head out the other
side.  Walk down the hill and follow the road to the right of the burning 
truck.  When you reach some barrels and a couple of stacks of pellets near a 
second truck along the road, some soldiers will emerge from the grass in front
of you to the left and the right. Take them out and someone will notice one 
more enemy soldier in a tree in front of you. Take him out to continue up the 

After you enter the next area, you will see a truck explode just in front of 
you. Head up to the truck and look past it. There is a large building here with
lots of troops occupying it.  Head down the hill to the left of the truck and 
take cover behind the wall at the bottom.  Kill some enemies here if you like,
but when you are ready to continue, follow the wall onwards. When the wall 
ends, run over and take cover behind the truck here. Pick up the M1 Garand with
the grenade launcher attachment on the crate behind the truck and use it to 
take out the MG turrets on the second floor. 

When the MGs are out of commission, kill any soldiers on the ground between 
you and the building and then head inside. Clear the area of hostiles and make
your way to the very left portion of the building. Enter the dark room here and
turn immediately right on entering to find Death Card (3/13) sitting in front 
of a light source.  Do a 180 degree turn and head up the stairs to the right 
in front of you. Turn left at the top of the stairs and follow the building 
layout to a large opening overlooking an open field with a few crashed planes 
in it and some allied tanks making inroads towards the enemy airfield in the 
distance. To your right is a road leading past a set of barrels and crates, 
cruise down the road until you reach the fence and follow it until it makes you
head in towards the planes - this will give the allied tanks and soldiers a 
chance to eliminate some of the enemy presence in the area with relatively 
little risk to your safety.

Make your way through the debris in the centre of the field and head over to 
the cover in front of you.  Jump down into the trench behind it and pick up the
bazooka in the right corner.  Use the bazooka to kill the three Japanese tanks
in the area, the Japanese tanks are the ones with the camouflage netting 
draped over the top of them.  Just duck out of the trench, fire, and then 
reenter the trench again to avoid getting smoked. When all three tanks are down
for the count,  move up to cover in front of the trenches before the airbase.

Kill any soldiers between you and the trench and when success is assured, 
jump in. Crouch down, and make your way through to the end of the trenches. 
Stay at the exit and pick off the enemy soldiers that are sheltered behind a 
series of sandbag walls, directly in front of the airfield. When you have 
killed a few, head up to the sand bags and fight them on their own turf.  Make
your way slowly through the sandbag barriers. As you reach the wall of the 
airfield, turn right and follow it, through a broken fence. There will be two 
guys waiting for you here. Kill them and continue up the stairs.

Turn left at the top and make for the ramp in front of you. Kill the two 
soldiers standing guard on the second floor of the ruined building to your 
right. Then look down to the left and you should see an AA gun being manned by
a pair of soldiers. Kill them to disable it.  On the easier difficulties you 
can then man the AA gun here and use it to wipe out the other three gun crews 
in the surrounding area. There is one to the right, just behind the guard 
tower. The other two  AA guns are at the far end of the roof and located on 
either side of another tower there. On the harder difficulties, you may have 
a little more difficulty surviving in the AA gun so you will have to slowly 
work your way into a position to fire on each of them whilst killing enemy 
soldiers. When you have managed to take out all of the AA guns, you will need 
to secure the roof, so eliminate any remaining hostiles. 

When they are all gone, you will have to defend the building from a Japanese 
counter attack. There are plenty of weapons on the roof including a pair of 
machine gun turrets, and a pair of AA guns you can use to repel the onslaught.
Don't use a gun emplacement in any form for too long though, or you will 
probably regret it. Also, you will need to keep your eye on the area between 
the two machine guns at the front of the base, there is a pair of ladders here 
and enemy soldiers will occasionally scale them to pay you a visit.

As the enemies appear below, take them out. Don’t forget to use grenades and 
the red barrels to exterminate small groups simultaneously. After you kill 
enough enemies, a tank will appear. Continue to take enemies out when you can 
and when you have taken out enough a second tank will appear, and a gunner 
will climb into a guard tower on the other side of the area below and set up 
an MG. Kill him if you can and continue to eliminate the infantry threat below
until a third and final tank appears.  Now just take it easy in cover and kill
enemies as they climb the ladders between the turrets. When you have killed 
enough, air support will come in and wipe out the remaining ground forces.  
Mission Complete!

***Mission 4: Vendetta*** [ACT-04]   

When you are able to move, you will be prone on the ground and unable to stand
up. Crawl forward in the direction that the German soldier walked off. After 
crawling a short distance, one of the bodies in front of you reveals that he 
is Sgt. Reznov, he’s still alive and asks you to follow him. Shadow him until 
he stops and the game prompts you to crouch. Do so and Reznov will hand you 
his sniper rifle. Zoom in and watch the German general, you have no ammo and 
as such can not shoot him. 

After the general is safely inside, Reznov will give you some ammo and tells 
you to clear the street of enemy soldiers but instructs you to wait until 
bombers are over head. When he says so, kill the two sentries in front of the 
building, then the two just next to the burning car on the right of the street
and a final two in front of the other burning car. One more soldier will come 
between the cars and so will a dog. When the bombers pass and everything is 
dead, follow the Sgt over the wall and into cover behind the truck.  A tank 
will appear and spook him. Follow him down the wall of the generals building 
to the right and into a burning house. On entering the house, when Reznov 
enters the first door, turn around and look on the end of the counter for 
Death Card (4/13).

Continue through the house and into cover behind the white car on exit.  Move 
up to the truck and when Reznov jumps through the window on the left, follow 
him. Go up stairs and take out the sniper in the building across the street 
with the banners on the front. He will be on the top floor and will run between
windows after each shot.

Follow Reznov through the door and down the stairs. Vault the table to the 
left at the bottom. Continue down this hallway and you will see a large German
patrol passing by outside the window. Drop to prone position and carry on 
slowly along the corridor. You will be spotted by the troops and they will 
start firing in the windows with flamethrowers. Keep on Reznov’s tail and as 
he stands up; kill the soldiers looking through the windows directly in front 
of you.  Continue following Reznov through the building and up the stairs to 
the right.  Carry on here avoiding the fires as best you can. When you reach 
a large opening in the wall, jump through it to the street below.

After a short scene, you will be rescued by a group of Russians lead by a Sgt.
Dalesky. When you can move again, follow Reznov up the ladder on the building 
directly in front of you. Continue along the catwalk and into the room at the 
end. From here snipe any soldiers in the courtyard below, keeping in mind, if 
you shoot a flamethrower soldier in the back, he will explode, similarly to a 
grenade, so try to take them out when they are in close proximity to other 
troops.  After killing a number of soldiers below, some German reinforcements 
will venture on to the two balconies (one level with you, and one high up) 
directly across the street to your left. Take them out and then return to 
street duty, covering Dalesky’s advance. 

When Dalesky gets about ¾ of the way up the street Reznov will inform you that
to continue being effective you will also need to move up. Once again follow 
him up some stairs at the back of the room and through a destroyed building. 
Pick up the MP40 on the table in the middle of the building and continue out 
the door. At the far end of the balcony here a door will open and a small army
of enemy soldiers will emerge. Take cover quickly and shoot them when you get 
the chance. At this point be prepared for dog attacks as they will unleash a 
pair of them on you.  Eliminate them all.

From the now clear balcony, look to your left and shoot the enemies at street 
level so that Dalesky’s crew can continue.  If you get tired of sniping people,
continue into the next room and you will find an MG turret with a good view of
the street you can use also. Whilst clearing this area you need to watch out 
for snipers on top of and in the windows of the building directly opposite of 
you and on the balcony high up above the street and to the left. Be sure to 
take out the MG turret on the third floor of the building in front of you and 
on the back of the halftracks at the far end of the street when they appear or
they can be a real nuisance.

After killing a sufficient number of enemies, Reznov will tell you that General
Amsel is likely to run so we need to cut him off. Follow Reznov as he opens 
the door to the next area. Kill the soldier in this room and the two that 
appear behind the hole in the wall at the foot of the stairs, then continue 
after your buddy. He will stop on a small raised platform looking over a 
square with tanks and soldiers killing some Russians. Let them be for now and 
focus on the building with flags draped down the outside across the square to 
your left. The General will emerge from here shortly after the fighting has 
subsided a little and will run from left to right across the area.  He will 
take cover behind various objects, time your shot carefully and when the 
opportunity presents itself - let him have it. 

When Amsel is down, a tank will fire on the building and knock you down. Wait 
until you regain control and then sprint out of the room, following on Reznov’s
heels.  After a second explosion, you will reach a flight of stairs with an 
angry group of German soldiers will running up them to attack you. Help Reznov
dispatch them and then continue up the stairs. When you reach the attic area, 
follow Reznov out the window to complete the mission.   

***Mission 5: Their Land, their Blood*** [ACT-05]   

When you regain control of your movements,  exit the building through the hole
in the wall turn to your left and make your way towards the Russian tanks. 
Just before you reach them, you will find a pathway that runs between two sets
of white fences parallel to the bridge. Follow this area around and kill any 
Germans you see as they run out of the burning field and the barn in the 
distance. Follow the right fence around until it becomes a dirt path leading 
down a hill. 

At the bottom, take cover behind the low walls here and exterminate any enemy 
resistance in the immediate area. When the coast is clear, vault the wall and 
step into the river, follow it to the left until you see another low wall in 
front of another small path on your right. Take cover here and take out the 
German soldiers behind the next set of cover. Move up to this and take cover 
again, in front of you will be what looks to be a mud pit surrounded by a set 
of log walls, on the opposite side of the mud there is a path leading up the 
hill on the other side. Kill the enemy troops as they proceed down the hill 
towards you, if you miss some initially, carefully clear the area and then 
proceed up the path.

At the top of the hill you will enter a burning forest. From the wall here, 
take out the soldiers guarding the trench in front of you. Then vault the wall
and continue into the trench. Follow it to the left and clear the bunker at 
the first left. Exit the bunker and continue straight ahead, through the 
intersection and eliminate all the German infantry in your way. From the first
left, you should be able to successfully kill the MG operator which will allow
your allies to join you. 

Follow the trenches forward and under the bridge, another few soldiers will 
enter the trench in front of you. Kill them and continue onwards.  When you 
reach a dirt path leading up the hill to your right, you will be given a new 
objective, destroying all four German tanks. 

Continue straight up the right fork of the path and at the top you will be 
able to pick up a Panzerschrek (German bazooka for the uninitiated) from a 
crate in front of you.  The first tank is just to the right of the building 
in front of you.  Hit it with a rocket two times to destroy it.  Move a short 
way forward along the right wall of the building here and a pair of Germans 
will emerge from it. Kill them and continue forward a little more,  the next 
tank should move past the end of the building and into firing range. Retrace 
your steps to the crate holding the panzershreck and fire on it from here.  

Once the second tank has been put out of commission,  make your way inside 
the building through the window, picking up ammo if you need it and then 
continue out the back door.  Help Reznov and the others take out the enemy 
position at a small open building in front of you.  Use the dead tanks as cover
to move up to the enemy position.  When they are all clear, turn right and head
across the dirt road to another trench. Before you enter, take cover behind 
the crates closest to the road and eliminate the third tank in front of you. 
Enter the trench and follow it along until you reach the first path leading 
off to the left. At the end of this path is a big barn house filled with German
infantry. Lean out from the corner to kill any soldiers in the windows here. 
Continue towards the farm house and vault through a window. Climb the stairs 
and explore the area to find another panzerscherck, look outside  the window 
next to it to see the fourth tank below you.  When you are ready, give it a 
couple of rockets.

Now you will need to regroup with Reznov, so return back downstairs and follow
your objective marker.  As you speak with Reznov, take cover behind the wall 
here, and aim your rocket launcher at the barn door, shortly thereafter, the 
door to the barn will burst open and another tank will roll out. Hit the tank 
with the first rocket, and then hit the deck whilst you reload, turn to your 
left and hit it once more as you see it coming past the end of your cover. 
Kill any more infantrymen in the immediate area and head inside the barn. 
Turn left as you enter and look in the first pen to your right to find Death 
Card (5/13).  Follow Reznov out of the barn and jump onto the tank at the 
back of the column to your left. 

When you drop off the back of the tank you will be at a heavily defended German
camp.  Follow the path to the right, move up and take cover behind the 
concrete blocks here and kill any soldiers that you can ahead.  Trucks filled 
with infantry will enter the area, as they do hit them with your panzershrek 
to avoid any difficulties. Take the Germans in the guard tower down with 
rockets and then focus your fire on the enemies on the ground.  When the area 
is clear, head out the gate to the left of the entrance and pick up the 
panzershrek behind the cover in front of you, hit the infantry-filled truck 
that comes up the road with a rocket to save yourself a lot of time and effort. 

Move up to the wreckage and slowly advance on the camp beyond. Eliminate the 
guards in the sniper towers and if you have any rocket ammo left, hit the MG 
setup in the middle of the road with it.  Move up to the blocked road here and
kill any Germans that appear. When you feel it safe, look to your right and 
head up the ramp next to one of the guard towers. Immediately after the guard 
tower, turn right and enter the structure that you see in front of you.  
Exterminate any remaining enemy soldiers in the vicinity, and then follow the 
path up the hill to complete the mission. 

***Mission 6: Burn 'em Out*** [ACT-06]   

At the start of the mission head forward and hug the wall to your right. At 
the end, stay in cover, there is an MG nest with a clear view of the next area.
You will be instructed to toss a smoke grenade to block the view of your 
advance, do so and wait until the smoke is thick, if you don’t you will die. 
When you judge it thick enough, race round the corner and take the first left,
take out any enemies in front of you and continue along the left wall into 
the first mortar pit. Defeat all the enemies here to eliminate the first 
mortar crew.

Return to the previous area and take the unexplored path to your left,  watch 
for enemy soldiers on the ridges on either side of the trench here and when 
you cross under the makeshift bridge, look immediately up to kill two Japanese
soldiers behind a low wall.  Take a left turn then immediately right when you 
see an abandoned turret.  Move into cover behind the barrels here, and 
dispatch any enemies in the trench in front of you.  Keep your eye out for 
snipers in the trees. If you look straight down the trench here, there is a 
sniper in the tree above and to the left of you. 

Move up to the barrels at the end of the straight here and venture round the 
corner. Two banzai soldiers will run at you and a pair of riflemen will take 
pot shots at you from a low wall directly in front of you. Adequate use of 
your flamethrower should be able to dispatch them all fairly quickly.  Follow 
the trench to your left and you will enter a semi-open area, there are quite a
few enemies here, so use the red barrels in the room to level the playing field
a little before you proceed onwards to eliminate them.  Head into the bunker 
at the end of the trench here and kill the two banzai soldiers that run out.  
Continue inside and kill the other two soldiers in here. Look in the corner 
closest to the entryway behind the wall to find Death Card (6/13). Head back 
outside and continue up the ramp in front of you on the right. 

At the top of the hill is the second mortar pit. When you start attacking the 
enemies in here, another large group of Japanese soldiers will appear on the 
ridge behind the area. Take your time and slowly eliminate all the enemies to 
get a mission objective update. Before entering the next trench area, look in 
the closest tree to the left for another sniper. Cautiously continue forward 
into the trench in front of you, and look on the ridge slightly to the left. 
There will be a group of three or four infantry men - shoot the barrels here 
to transform them into rocket men. Eliminate any enemies that try to sneak up 
on the sides of the trench and continue forward. When you reach the barrels at
the first corner, take cover here and kill anyone on the ridges who is not 
yet dead.  There is also a sniper in the tree in front of you in need of a 
personal touch.

If it appears that an infinite number of enemies are spawning on the ridge 
here, toss a smoke grenade down and run into the next area, watch out for two 
banzai attackers and continue down the trench. Take the next right turn and 
dispatch the group of soldiers in front of you. Head into the bunker on the 
right and clear it. Return outside and slowly make your way down the path. This
room is tough, there are lots of enemy forces in the trench with you and 
several positioned above the trench with an excellent view of you and your men.
Take out what you can, and then throw a smoke grenade into the area. When the 
smoke is up, cruise on in and eliminate anyone left standing.  At the end of 
the area, there are two tunnels, clear the left one first. Then enter the 
right one,  when you reach the room with a hole in the roof, take cover 
immediately. There are several enemies in here already in cover. Take them out.  

When the first few are down, move to the white barrels on the right of the 
room, another group of Japanese fighters will enter. Use your flamethrower to 
eliminate most of them before they can fire a shot. If things get a little 
hectic, and they can on the herder difficulties, throw a smoke grenade and 
defeat any survivors. Continue out of the tunnel to find the third and final 
mortar crew. Eliminate all of the soldiers here to compete the mission.

***Mission 7: Relentless*** [ACT-07]   

You will start the mission atop a tank rolling through the jungle. After a 
short breather, the convoy will be hit by rocket fire. Immediately jump off 
the tank when allowed to do so.  Sprint forward and take cover behind one of 
the fallen trees. Kill the group of Japanese infantry that will swarm down to 
attack you from both the left and the right. When the coast is clear, follow 
the stream up the hill to the left, making sure to take out all the enemy 
soldiers along the ridge to the left and those in front of you. You should see
a large rock on the right of the path here. From the rock sprint straight 
forward up the hill to the top and kill the enemy to your left, hit the deck 
and take cover behind the sandbags.

Dispatch any enemies in close proximity to you, then you will be ordered on to
the triple 25 to your left. Man the gun and aim it at the bunker in front of 
you. Give it to the enemy reinforcements as they pour out of the tunnel 
entrance. Kill anything else that moves and isn’t friendly in the area, then 
shoot the anti-tank gun directly in front of you. Jump off when the gunfire 
has ceased and you judge it safe to continue.  

Enter the trench to the right of the tunnel entrance and follow it around the 
corner. Take cover behind the corner of the trench here and pick up the Scoped
Springfield if you would like to snipe some baddies for a change. As you 
dispatch Japanese soldiers, slowly move down the ramp in front of you until 
you reach another triple25.  Take cover behind the sandbags here and shoot 
anything close to your position. Move up slowly along the left side of the 
area to reach a Japanese shelter.  Clear it and turn right to eliminate any 
enemy presence in the water below, and then pull out your sniper rifle again 
to clear the area up ahead.

When you are ready, move up to the next low wall behind the shelter and take 
cover. As you do a large group of Japanese fighters will run out of the 
building in front of you to the right.  Kill them as you move forward and 
when the last one falls you will have cleared the second anti-tank position.

Follow your squad, up a sandy path to the right of the last anti-tank position
and vault the tree, continue to the very end and take cover against the wall. 
The area just above you is another Japanese position. Continue along with the 
wall to your right and kill the two enemies in front of you. Wait a few 
moments and some American reinforcements will arrive, including one big, bad 
flamer tank.

When it appears, sprint out and take cover behind it. It will slowly move 
forward, as it does stay right behind it, and shoot any enemies you see trying
to sneak around the sides. Your squad mates will probably take care of them 
for you but be vigilant, just in case.  When the tank stops moving forward, 
you will arrive at a pair of cave entrances. If you still have your sniper 
rifle, take out the enemies in each entrance to make the next part of the 
mission a little easier. If not, head on up, and enter the right side, killing
any remaining resistance as you go.  Follow the tunnel up slowly and take 
cover before you enter the cavern. In the centre of this room there are a large
number of Japanese troops. Eliminate all of them and slowly work your way 
forward into the room. As you do, more soldiers will come from a tunnel at 
the back of the room and another on the right of the room. When the coast is 
clear, head up either tunnel - they will connect up ahead so they both go in 
the same direction. Be sure to clear out the tunnel as you go through. 

When you find the spot where both tunnels meet a little further on (keep you 
eyes peeled for a branch-off tunnel from each of the mains) you will find 
Death Card (7/13). Return to your selected tunnel and continue in the way you 
were heading.  At the end of the tunnel is another large room populated by 
numerous soldiers. Once again, cautiously move into the room and exterminate 
them.  When its all clear, head to the back of the room near the artillery 
guns to complete the mission.

***Mission 8: Blood & Iron*** [ACT-08]   

In this mission you will be controlling a flame tank. From the start, follow 
the tank in front of you along the road until a group of German soldiers 
appear to the left. Head over and flame them.  Continue through the field here
and look to the right, in front of you to see an artillery gun. Shoot it. 
Continue on down the road and there will be a tank in the distance to your 
right. Hit him with a single shell to take it out. 

Continue up the road for a short while and destroy the German armor on the 
hill in the field, in front of you on the right. Then look just above the road
to the left, to find a second artillery piece.  After destroying it, backtrack
a little and then, take the small dirt road to the right. Take out the tank in
front of you. Continue along the road and when you head down the hill after 
turning left, destroy another tank. Another three should appear in front of 
you - one on the road and two in the field to your left. Eliminate this enemy 
armor.  Continue a little further down the road and take out the tank on the 
ridge to your right. Then turn around and head back through the field 
eliminating any remaining tanks. 

Make your way to the objective marker on your map and destroy the guard towers
here and the two artillery positions. Continue West through the area until 
you can proceed no further, take out one tank here then turn north, destroy 
another tank and then follow this path.  You should see the next objective in 
front of you - the large radio tower on the small hill flanked by two guard 
towers. Eliminate any armor that comes to get you on the way and shoot the 
tower three times to destroy it. 

Before you reach the hill here, head off to the left and follow the left-hand 
road up the hill. At the top you will encounter another two German tanks, 
take them out quickly and continue onwards.  Ignore the building here and 
continue following the road in a north-west direction. When you reach the 
bottom of the hill, some friendly planes will come in with an air strike to 
soften up the base in the centre here a little.  Once again ignore the base, 
but kill any tanks that might hinder your progress.

Continue following the path until you reach the train yard. You will finish 
the mission.

***Mission 9: Ring of Steel*** [ACT-09]   

Exit the train and follow your comrades up the hill. Watch the fireworks here 
and when they let you through, continue up to the town. Now get behind the 
tanks and follow them until they stop. Find some cover and attack the German 

The first sets of defenses are positions set up on either side of a street in 
two burnt out buildings.  When we get there we will be tasked with ridding the
area of panzershreks and MGs to advance the tanks. When the ground floors are 
relatively clear, head into the building on the left first and head upstairs 
to eliminate a pair of rocket soldiers. From the top floor here, look out the 
window and eliminate any enemies in the building opposite. When the first two 
buildings are clear, head to the back area of the roof and look to the West, 
there is a large building here which is heavily defended. Take cover behind 
the remaining sections of wall here and take out the entrenched soldiers in the
building in front. 

When the windows have been cleared, a group of opposing forces will run out of
the door at ground level. As they do, Russian tanks will sweep in from the 
South and help you take them out.  Descend the stairs and find your way out 
the back door. Move up to the right side of the office building and enter 
through the missing section of wall here.  Follow the friendlies up the stairs
and take care of any survivors.  Carry on through the building until you find 
a hole with a catwalk linking this building to the next.

Cross the catwalk and enter the next building, return to ground level and make
for the exit. Wait for the allied tank to knock down the wall to your left and
then continue through it.  Turn to the right and take cover, there are a few 
defensive positions here, so slowly make your way up the street to the north 
until you find an exit off the road to the left. Take cover behind the wall 
here and eliminate some of the enemy forces on the ground in the area 
surrounding the building. Slowly move into the area in front of you.

Push on to the heavily defended section of the building. Take out the MG in 
the second floor window if you can and deal with the ground forces as they 
come. Once the MG is down, work your way forward. When you reach the archway 
leading inside, take it and turn immediately left inside. Follow the wall to 
the end and look behind the low wall at the end for Death Card (8/13). Return 
to the entrance and follow your allies through the courtyard here. When you 
get back inside, turn left and climb the stairs. 

At the top, follow the Russian soldiers through a pair of destroyed walls and 
enter the remains of a shower area. On entering the room, you will trigger a 
German ambush, so take cover ASAP (I would recommend using the hole in the 
wall to the left before the door).  Once the ambush has been put down, continue
through the bathroom and out the back door. 

There will be another entrenched enemy position set up here. If you head to 
the window to your left you can mount an MG to attack. Clear the room directly
across from you and the window above it. When the soldiers stop coming, 
dismount and continue. Before you head into the walkway overlooking the 
central courtyard, find some good cover and eliminate any Germans perched on 
the rooftops. When the bullets top flying, proceed along the walkway clockwise.
Enter the first room on your left.

Follow the corridor here, through several broken down walls until you reach 
an MG position at the end of a hallway to your right. Toss a grenade in here 
to kill him, and then head around the turret, and take the other exit out of 
the room. Take cover behind the broken wall here and eliminate the Germans in 
the room beyond. When it is safe to do so, move up to the sandbags in front of
the door.  Clear the room with the MG in front of you, and move inside, follow
the room around and down the hallway behind it. 

At the end of the hallway is another broken wall, behind it, there is a large 
group of enemies.  To make things easier, let your allies attack them from 
here and by yourself, head to the right and onto the central walkway, take it 
to the end and vault through the open window. Head forward, and through the 
first hole in the wall and turn left to flank the Germans in cover here. 

Once the German forces have been eliminated, follow your troops off the roof 
top and down to street level. Kill any retreating enemy forces you see. You 
can shadow one of the tanks here for a little bit of mobile cover. Follow the 
tanks until the mission is complete.    

***Mission 10: Eviction*** [ACT-10]   

From the start, walk down the hallway and take the first left you come to. 
Watch the scene in the room here and continue through either of the door on the
other side.  Run across the roof and follow your comrades into the next 
building.  Make your way down the stairs and quietly enter the room. In the 
next room to your left is a group of Germans unaware to your position. When 
you are ready, surprise them with a grenade or two and then head in to clear 
the area. 

Exit the room and turn left into a hallway. Kill the Germans guarding it and 
proceed along said hallway and down the stairs to your right. At the bottom of
the stairs, turn left and enter the first area to the right. There will be a 
Russian about to be executed by enemy soldiers just to your left. Rescue him 
and continue into the room. Shooting the executioners causes a large group of 
Germans to enter the room from the right.  Make your way through the ruined 
room here and shoot the guy on the MG outside the window. 

Continue along until you reach the room with a large hole in the wall that 
opens onto to a square walkway.  This area looks like a hotel lobby of sorts. 
On the opposite side of the gap here, a group of enemies will attack you.  When
you reach this room, turn to your right and jump over the desk and through a 
hole in the wall. Drop down the gap in the floor behind the desk to the floor 
below. Look on the opposite side of the room from the toilet cubicles to find 
Death Card (9/13). 

Exit the room and follow the hallway, killing a few guards along the way. Turn
right at the end and kill any German soldiers on the ground level with you, 
then make a dash for the door on your right.  Immediately take cover behind 
the bookcase on your left as there is an MG nest at the end of the hallway. 
Slowly lean out of cover and kill the turret jockey. Continue into the room at 
the end.  Turn left and take the stairs, follow the smoke filled hallway all 
the way around and keep moving until the smoke thins out.

Take the small set of stairs downwards and ignore the doorway to your left, 
rather, sprint straight into the room in front of you. Through the windows 
here, eliminate the hostiles in the adjacent room, then backtrack and head 
through the door we ignored a minute ago. Make your way through to the back of
this room and take cover behind the windows here. Once again, eliminate any 
enemy presence in the next room and head outside. Take down any Germans out 
here and then run over to regroup with the tanks. 

Follow the left hand wall up the street, taking care to move from cover to 
cover and eliminating any enemies firing at you prior to moving on. When you 
get about ¾ of the way down the street a pair of MGs will fire up on the second
floor of the building in front of you and to your right. Kill enough enemies 
on the ground, and the tank will take out the MG nest for you.  Follow the tank
until it stops moving and finish off any remaining soldiers in the area. 

Continue along the street as far as you can, for another short scene, after 
which, follow the friendlies down the stairs and into the subway.  Continue 
down the stairs to the bottom and head onto the subway platform. Take out any 
soldiers that appear in front of you and be mindful of a second platform to 
your left which is also being guarded by German infantry.  Slowly make your way
along the platform. As you do, the lights will occasionally flicker and go out.
The enemy will become a little adventurous at times like these so kill them 
as they try to use the cover of darkness to move up on you. About ¾ of the way
 down the platforms, an MG emplacement will fire up at the end of the tunnel 
throw a grenade its way or put a bullet in the head of the gunner and continue
on. To the left you will see a train car, eliminate any more enemies on the 
platform in front of you and any lurking in the train car before entering.

Move through the train car and jump into the water on the other side.  When 
you reach a pile of rubble blocking the tunnel ahead, a large number of German
reinforcements will stream out of an inaccessible door behind the barrier. 
Take them out as Reznov struggles with the door on the left. Continue to 
defend this area until the mission is completed.

***Mission 11: Black Cats*** [ACT-11]   

For this mission, you will assume the role of an American in the gunner seat 
of an attack plane.  During the course of this mission you will have to change
between different gun turrets on the plane, so when instructed to do so, you 
will need to hit the interact button to switch. 

To start with your plane will be attacking a Japanese merchant fleet. As you 
swoop in, rather than attacking the big ships focus first on the smaller, 
machine gun toting PT boats. When they are down you will have a chance to 
take out the larger ones - when you do fire at the large explosive tanks and 
boxes on the decks to make things quicker. You will have three passes at the 
ships here so there should be ample opportunity to destroy everything.

After a brief period of nothingness your objectives will be updated and you 
will head to the front of the boat.  A large squadron of enemy fighter planes 
will pass In front of you en route to some US military ships nearby. Take out 
as many of these bad boys as you can. Soon after this occurs, groups of three 
Zeros will come into attack you at a time and will come from different 
directions. Listen out for where they are coming from. Keep in mind that 12 
o’clock means directly in front of you and 6’o’clock is directly behind you, 
listen out for their direction and fire on them when they come into range. 

The enemy planes will take down the other attack plane and you will be by 
yourself, the pilot will come into land in the water and as this happens, 
more zeros will show up. Once more, the Japanese planes will focus their firing
at the boats rather than you though, so take down as many as you can.  After 
a group of kamikaze bombers hit the ships you will be transferred to a gun on 
the side of the plane. From here you need to take down the two PT boats 
straight ahead shooting at the survivors in the water, when you get the 
opportunity, use the interact button to pull a survivor aboard. After the 
first two are destroyed, another two PT boats will come from the rear of the 

When you switch to the left turret, look straight ahead and eliminate the two 
PT boats that will come around the front of the sip across from you, kill them
and then move the gun as far as you can forward to see and destroy the pair of
PT boats when they appear. Switch back to looking at the American boat again 
and take out another two boats as they come around in front of it. Take one 
more out from the front and you will be instructed to the front of the plane.

At this time, look to the skies and take out any planes you see until the 
mission is complete. 

***Mission 12: Blowtorch & Corkscrew*** [ACT-12]   

Follow your squad up the hill and through the tall grass.  When you reach the 
rocks, move forwards a little and a group of Japanese soldiers will emerge 
from a several hidden ‘spider holes’ - small underground bunkers used to 
surprise attack and flank you in a hurry. Two of these will open to the left 
of you and one more will emerge from the right.  Move up to them and use your 
flamethrower to quickly dispatch them. 

When the enemy soldiers are dead, immediately take cover, either in one of the
spider holes on the left or behind the rocks in front of you. A huge number 
of Japanese troops will now be coming down the hill on the right of the area 
and more will come from straight ahead. You will need to kill all of them, 
whilst slowly moving forward, as you do, keep an eye out for additional enemy 
reinforcements coming down the hill to the west.  When you reach the tall 
pagoda-shaped stone lantern, turn right and then fight your way to the top of 
this hill. Be very vigilant and very careful in this area, it is very wide and
the high grass makes it very difficult to spot enemy soldiers. Move between 
cover only when you know its safe and crawling is also a pretty good idea. 
Carry on ascending the hill until you reach a second stone lantern. You should
get a checkpoint here.

Behind the lantern is more of the same open grassy field with an ancient ruin 
located on the hillside behind. The structure here has been fortified to stop 
your advance, with a couple of MG turrets attached and a ton of infantry. Work
your way from the lantern to the very right hand side of the area, move 
between the rocks and up towards the base. Take out any soldiers trying to 
enter the tall grass and any defending the lower part of the camp. When you 
feel like it, you can use a smoke grenade to enter the lower part of the enemy
defensive position. Use your flamethrower to eliminate any threats in a timely

Eliminate the turret soldier and head into either of the caves at the back of 
the base, kill the guy in here and exit into a stream. Take cover as you do 
and kill the group of infantry that runs into view. Head through the waterfall
and look on the right of the room to see a couple of glowing objects on a 
crate. This can be used to refill your supply of satchel charges. Continue 
through the opening to the right. 

In the next area, head immediately to your left and follow the wall along here
until you reach a small, stone ruin on the left. In front of this you will 
find Death Card (10/13). Kill the enemies coming at you from the west, and 
then retrace your steps back to the start of the area. This time, head to the 
right and fight your way to a Japanese bunker. Throw a satchel charge through 
the window here and detonate it to destroy the first gun emplacement.  Continue
to the death card area, and take a right up the hill.

Carefully move up to the bunker and eliminate the small group of defenders. 
Once again, throw a satchel charge through the window and detonate it. There 
is another stockpile of charges just to the right of the bunker if you are out.
After the bunker is secure, continue down the hill and into the river. There 
are two enemy camps here, one straight ahead and one on your right.  Take 
cover, and eliminate the enemies along the ridges in front of you overlooking 
the river. Slightly to your left (but still in front of you) you should see a 
hole in the sandbag wall.  Make your way through here and slowly work your way
up the hill.  When you are close enough look up and toss a charge as far as 
you can into the base and detonate it.  When the final bunker is down, head up
the small dirt path to the left and rendezvous with Sgt. Roebuck at the top of
the hill. When you arrive, he will break down a barricade. Follow him through 
and regroup with a tank division. Fall in behind one of the tanks and follow 
it up the road. 

When the tank gets destroyed, you will see the next objective just up the 
road and a little to the right. Take cover behind the tank and then sprint to 
your right and hit the deck as you reach some rocks. In front of you, there 
is a path that appears to lead around the bunker. Eliminate the soldiers 
present here and then turn towards the base, crouch and look between the rocks
here to take out the MG gunner. Another will come to take his place. Whilst 
that happens, you can sprint down the path you just cleared and take cover 
behind the wall. Move up the path and a few more hostiles will try to stop you. 

Kill them and continue past a couple of sand bags into a small tunnel which is
flanked by a pair of small waterfalls, kill the enemies in here and continue 
through. On exiting, follow the path to the right and down the hill. As you 
do a couple of spider holes will open up, dispatch the enemies that jump out 
of here and continue along the path. Take cover behind some rocks around here 
and kill the infantry sitting in the small sheltered area atop the small rise 
in front of you and a few of their friends that come down the hill.  Make your
way to the shelter and jump down behind two trucks on the opposite side of 
the building. Turn around and enter the bunker.

Take the first right inside and watch out for the officer that will charge at 
you here. Equip the flamethrower and venture into the large room at the end, 
four or five soldiers will enter from the right to attack you, use the flamer 
to end said attack fairly abruptly.  In the next room, another three will come
at you from a tunnel on the left side of the back wall. Once again, the 
flamer works a treat. Continue through the tunnel and at the end, climb the 
ladder.  There will be four infantrymen in this room, but they will be spread 
out, pick them off one at a time and head up the ladder on the right. 

At the top of the ladder you will be immediately greeted by two soldiers. 
Shoot them both and follow the hall until you can turn left you will enter a 
fairly large open room, take out the group of enemies that are camped in this 
room and after they are defeated, head to the back side of the room from where
you entered, go through the door and climb the ladder to the top. You will be 
immediately attacked just cut a couple of wide swings with the flamethrower 
on to clear the roof and complete the mission.

***Mission 13: Breaking Point*** [ACT-13]   

From the start follow Sgt. Roebuck and the rest of your squad until you reach 
the ammo drop. Interact with it when instructed and then get into cover as 
fast as you can. A group of Japanese fighters will come and attack you from 
behind the sandbag wall in front of you and there will be four snipers in the 
trees to your right. Eliminate these guys and Roebuck will warn you about 
incoming mortars. Ignore any remaining enemies and sprint after him down the 
small path into the bunker.

When the entrance to the bunker is opened, jump down. You will need to crouch 
to enter the tunnel here, do so and follow it until you reach a room with a 
table in the middle and five or so Japanese soldiers unaware of your presence.
Lob a grenade or two in here and shoot any survivors.  Continue on and climb 
the ladder to exit the area. 

Turn left on exiting until you see a decorative gate. Follow the wall beside 
the gate to the East, as soon as you take a few steps in that direction the 
hillside above the path will come to life. A LOT of Japanese soldiers will 
jump down to the path and attack you, and further up the hill to the south, a 
pair of gates (which look a lot like guard towers) with MG turrets will start 
firing at you, so crouch and dispatch all the enemy units before moving on.  
Ignore the first flight of stairs to the right and continue to the end. Kill 
the soldier that pops out of the spider hole here and a couple of his friends 
that run down the hill. 

Close to the end of the wall you will see a second set of stairs leading up 
the hill. Climb these and make your way towards the second gate/tower. As you 
do watch out for spider holes and eliminate the other enemy soldiers you can 
see. Continue up the ramp and through the gate.  Run straight up the stairs 
in front of you and take cover behind the large stone lanterns at the top. 
Turn to your right and take out the enemy combatants as you see them. Slowly 
move up between lanterns and when you reach the final one, the large building 
in front of you will become a lot more active. 

Japanese reinforcements will come out of it, there will be snipers on the roof
and in the second floor window of the guard tower on the right side, there 
will also be gunners sitting in the windows on the ground floor. When the 
coast is clear, run up to the foot of the stairs in front of the building. 
Make your way into the door on the right side.  In the first hallway, eliminate
any enemies that are still standing and follow it to the end. Shoot the two 
bodies in the room to your right or they will jump up and try to stab you.  
Continue on and exit the building, follow the stairs up the hill and enter 
the next area via a gate.

Turn right after the gate and follow the path here to enter a large, open 
courtyard with two halves neatly separated by a short wall in the centre. You 
will enter on one side and there will be a large number of Japanese fighters 
on the other side.  Eliminate the guys sitting up in the second floor of the 
guard tower across from you and then turn your attention to the guys in the 
holes on either side of the area, toss a grenade into each of the holes when 
you get a chance to take out a mortar crew.  To make things a little more fun,
on the raised area in the middle of your half of the courtyard, between the 
two tall stone lanterns is a pile of mortars. Hitting the action key lets you 
pick these up, and prime them, you can then throw them at enemies for a bit of
a bang. Once the area is clear, you can grab and prime one more mortar and 
continue up the stairs. 

At the top of the stairs, you will see the third mortar crew directly in front
of you. Lob your mortar at them to eliminate the third group. Clear the 
immediate area of any more Japanese soldiers and then jump down into the 
mortar pit. Turn right and you will see a building with an MG in the window 
in front of you, off to your right is another building which contains Death 
Card (11/13), you should get this after you clear the area. The fourth mortar 
pit is just in front of the building with the MG. unfortunately, there are a 
large number of troops here - dispatch them any way you like, there are 
additional prime-able mortars in the pit here for you to throw around if you 
so wish. When it’s safe, clear the final mortar pit and go and grab the Death 

Continue up the path to the building with the MG, watch out for the spider 
holes either side of it and then wait for Roebuck to open the door. When he 
does, follow him through and out the other side.  This area has a left and a 
right path, they are essentially the same and consist of a series of stone 
walls, gates and ruined structures that enemies like to hide behind. I found 
the left route to be slightly easier.  Whichever path you choose, take it very
slowly and be extremely cautious, you never know when an enemy is going to 
jump out. Both paths empty out into a large courtyard filled with Japanese 
soldiers. When they are all down head up the steps farthest to the left and 
follow Roebuck inside.

When you enter, turn left and jump through a gap in the wall. Turn right and 
enter a corridor, take cover and kill the enemies here and in the room at the 
end of the hallway.  Clear the end area and head left into the next room. Take
the stairs down into the tunnels below. A short distance along the tunnel you 
will enter a room with two enemies, ventilate them and then continue on to 
the right, passing through the small room with the light shining in from the 
roof and into a much larger room. Try to stay in the smaller room with the 
hole and pick off the enemy troops in the large room from a distance, you 
could also enter the room and circle round anti-clockwise to flank the enemy 
positions at the end. Either way, clear the room and head through the door to 
the next area.

The next room is a small one, with two soldiers inside. Finish them off and 
continue into the tunnel behind their position. Climb the stairs here and 
follow them to the room at the end. Here you will see a group of enemies 
running down a large set of stairs at the back of the room. Head into the room
quickly and take cover behind the boxes to your left.  Eliminate the baddies, 
and continue up the stairs.

Follow Roebuck up to the top floor, then out a door and down a series of 
ramps outside. At the bottom you will encounter a group of three enemies 
trying to surrender. Back off a bit and kill them when they try to jump on 
Roebuck or the other guy. You will only be able to save one of your men as they
are separated. Either way, when the small scene is over, a lot of smoke will 
suddenly appear and you will be attacked again. 

Defend your current position. After a minute or two, a radio call will come 
in telling you that you now have air strike support. Use it to take out the 
building to the north of the area.   You will have to wait thirty seconds to 
reuse the air strike, so make sure you hit the target you need to. Just 
continue to defend your position until it becomes available again. When it 
does, use it on the large building to the east, you will need to call in two 
air strikes to knock down the second building but when you do, the mission and
the Pacific Theatre portion of the campaign will be complete. 

***Mission 14: Heart of the Reich*** [ACT-14]   

When you regain control of your character, grab the gun from your buddy Reznov.
Climb the stairs and immediately turn left, run across the street and continue
straight until you see another set of stairs heading down to the subway tunnel
almost identical to the first on your left. Climb down the stairs here and 
grab Death Card (12/13). 

Find Reznov and follow him to regroup with the squad.  Make your way to the 
left side of the street and head into the alley between the two broken 
buildings next to the anti-tank weapon. Follow Reznov through here and sprint 
up to the wall in front of you. Kill the Germans attacking you from above, both
on the street and in the Hotel. Slowly make your way along the wall here to 
the left. At the end of the wall hang out and kill the Germans you can see 
inside. Watch out for the enemies in the buildings on the second floor as they
can be easy to miss.  When you feel it safe enough, sprint up to the hole in 
the wall of the hotel and pick off any remaining enemies inside before 
entering. Clear out the right side of the room and any survivors you were 
previously unable to kill.

Once the building is clear move to the right side to another hole in the wall.
Take cover here and shoot anything you see moving around in the building 
across the alleyway. When it’s clean, cross the alley and enter the building 
you just partially cleared. Ignore the door to your right as you enter and 
continue straight ahead. Kill the group of soldiers here. When the bookshelf 
to the right ends, turn right and duck down behind the table in front of you. 
Turn further to your right and shoot any enemies at the end of this hallway 
then eliminate any other hostiles on the other side of the table. 

Follow the path around and jump out the window, take the trench on the left and
follow it around, through a broken wall or two and regroup with the rest of 
your squad.  When you exit from the second broken wall, your allies will 
charge past you up the hill into a large square in front of an important 
looking building - the Reichstag. Unfortunately, for us, there are four flak 
turrets we will need to destroy, and there are probably 10 times as many 
German infantrymen guarding them. Take cover behind the first available wall 
and pick off the guy manning the MG in front of you to the right. Wait for the
tanks to arrive, and then head over to join your crew at the foot of the 

When the front of the area is clear, climb the stairs and take cover behind 
anything you can. Clear the immediate area, and then move up again.  When you 
reach the first flak gun, run up to it and activate the glowing ground in front
of it to plant some C4. Retreat a little then work around to the left side of 
the square.  Repeat the process here, moving up slowly, eliminating anyone 
who gets in the way and then blowing up the gun emplacement.  Follow the layout
of the square fighting your way up the stairs in front of you and to the 
third flak gun in the far left corner.  After planting the explosives here, 
cut a quick U-turn and head for the final flak gun. You will see straight in 
front of you and off a little to your left. Make your way to it and blow it up
to complete the objective.

Turn towards the Reichstag and clear out both destroyed buildings, before the 
stairs leading up to it. Use these buildings as cover to destroy the small 
army of German soldiers on the stairs leading to the Reichstag.  Also be sure 
to watch out for the numerous snipers and rocket troopers positioned in the 
windows of the large building.

When you feel its safe, run from the right hand building up to the burnt out 
car at the top of the stairs. Using the car as cover, eliminate any hostiles 
in the small area at the top of the stairs here.  Sprint up to the sandbags 
next and kill anybody on the steps or hiding behind the pillars ahead. After 
your comrades join you, an explosion will occur and one of the Reichstag’s 
pillars will fall, Destroying part of the blockade and allowing us entry to 
the building to finish the mission.

***Mission 15: Downfall*** [ACT-15]   

After Reznov’s Spiel at the start, follow him into the Reichstag, he will 
turn a couple of corners then head up a small set of stairs to the left.  Enter
the room here and take cover ASAP. It is a large, circular room with a pair of
large staircases. Wait a few moments and one of your buddies will take out the
MG at the back of the room with a panzershrek. At this point you should stay 
crouched and try to eliminate any enemies on the raised platforms or on the 
balconies above. When you’ve done that, don’t stand up, rather find gaps 
between pieces of cover and shoot anybody you can that way. 

When you’ve had your fill, head to the right of the entrance and through a 
hole in the wall.  Clear out this room here, and you will be able to flank 
any remaining baddies in the central area before the stairs in the large room.
Once the circular room is clear, slowly make your way up the stairs at the 
back, killing anyone who tries to bring you down. Continue through the door at
the top of the stairs and proceed down the hallway to the right, follow it 
along until you see two Russian soldiers shoot a door, make their way inside 
and then kill the inhabitants. When they leave head into the room and look in 
the back left corner for Death Card (13/13). 

Return to the hallway and follow it straight ahead until you reach a blockade,
head right here and you will see your comrades engaged in a pretty fierce 
firefight. As soon as you enter the room, turn right and look beside the 
entrance, find the stairs, climb to the top and follow the balcony area around
to the right, leaning against the railing here you should find a PTRS-41 
(sniper rifle), there is also ammo for this lying around the balcony area. 
Pick it up and use it to help clear the room below. You should take out the 
MG gunner at the back of the room first and then focus on the infantry 
scattered around the room. Occasionally a pair of panzershreks will appear at 
the back of the room and flank the MG platform. Take them out when they 
arrive to make things a little easier.

After you have killed a good number of Germans, your Russian comrades will 
get a little feisty and decide to push the attack. The Germans will temporarily
retreat. At this point, some German soldiers will appear on the balcony on the
opposite side of the room. Try to knock them off first before returning to 
clear the floor below. When you do so, focus on the flamethrowers first, then 
the panzershreks and then everything else. Continue to take out the German 
reinforcements until the ‘objective complete’ message flashes across the top 
of the screen and Reznov tells you to follow him.

At this point, head back downstairs and into the room with all the fighting.  
Follow Reznov into cover behind the wall here and take out the enemies as they
come. Don’t forget to focus fire on the flamers first. The MG turret will 
start up again now, if you still have your sniper rifle, you should be able 
to crouch and take it out without anything hitting you.  Follow the cover as 
far as you can to the left, then take out any Germans directly in front of you.
When you think it’s a safe bet, sprint up to the storage shelf in front of 
you. Use this to clear the area and when you have done so, again move up to 
the next cover - a filing cabinet next to some sandbags.  From here eliminate 
all the remaining enemies on the bottom floor. 

Climb the stairs at the front of the parliament and follow your crew to the 
left.  Wait for them to open the door, then cruise through and climb the 
stairs to the very top. You will be on the opposite side of the balcony you 
used before. Turn right at the top of the stairs and take out all the 
aggressors here. As you advance, they will retreat around the balcony to your 
right, so be mindful of that when choosing cover.  When all the soldiers are 
dead, continue around the balcony to the barrier then head up the stairs to 
your right. Follow the path to the left here and then shadow Reznov all the 
way up the stairs to an atrium atop the building.

This part of the building is supremely well fortified, there is very little 
cover at the entrance and there are many German soldiers to the left and right
of the room, a panzershrek on the left and an MG up on a raised section of the
wall on the back left of the room. If you still have your sniper rifle, take 
out the MG first and anyone else you can attack from the stairs, then slowly 
work your way into the room and to the left. Exterminate the enemies on the 
ground floor here and head through the broken section of wall into a tunnel. 
Kill another pair of infantrymen here before popping out the other side.

As you exit the tunnel, a wave of German reinforcements will enter the room. 
Head back into the tunnel, from here you should be able to pick most of them 
off. Be warned though, some of the reinforcements will enter another broken 
section of wall a little further up and will be able to see you through the 
pipes blocking the tunnel in front of you. When they have all been dealt with,
continue to the back of the room. As you approach the stairs, an artillery 
barrage will hit the building in front of you.  Turn around and pick up the 
Russian flag off a fallen comrade and take it to the Nazi flag on the far end 
of the roof after a short, uncontrollable sequence, Reznov will encourage you 
to plant the flag. Walk to the end of the roof and hit the action button when 
instructed to complete the mission, the European campaign and the game.

Congratulations! You just completed Call of Duty: World at War


***    COLLECTIBLES   *** [CLTB]

There are thirteen death cards that are hidden in each of the non-vehicle 
missions each unlocks a special cheat that can be used in private co-operative 
sessions. Each of these cheats has a specific effect on the game play and can 
be mixed and matched to provide a completely new and different experience. Here
is a list of the Death Cards, their locations and their effects. For specific 
locations for a acard, please check the walkthrough above

1. Ace of Spades
   Mission: Eviction
   Cheat:   Undead Soldier
   Effect:  Transforms enemies into Zombies.

2. King of Hearts
   Mission: Hard Landing
   Cheat:   Suicide King
   Effect:  You will be able to fire explosive rounds from your pistol whilst 
            bleeding out on the ground. 

3. Queen of Hearts
   Mission: Burn ‘em Out
   Cheat:   Vampire
   Effect:  You will not regenerate health as per usual. You will need to kill 
            enemies to regain health.

4. Jack of Spades
   Mission: Ring of Steel
   Cheat:   Body Armor
   Effect:  Only headshots will kill enemies.

5. Ten of Clubs
   Mission: Blowtorch & Corkscrew
   Cheat:   Painkiller
   Effect:  Rather than reviving co-op partners in the usual manner, shooting 
            them will bring them back to life.

6. Nine of Diamonds
   Mission: Relentless
   Cheat:   Flack jacket
   Effect:  Enemies are more resistant to explosive damage.

7. Eight of Hearts
   Mission: Semper Fi
   Cheat:   Thunder
   Effect:  Shooting enemies in the head will cause them to explode.

8. Joker
   Mission: Their Land, Their Blood
   Cheat:   Sticks & Stones
   Effect:  Your weapons will be replaced with a knife and stones.

9. Six of Clubs
   Mission: Heart of the Reich
   Cheat:   Paintball
   Effect:  Bullet holes will be replaced with colourful paint spatter

10. Five of Diamonds
   Mission: Vendetta
   Cheat:   Cold Dead Hands
   Effect:  Enemies will not drop ammo

11. Four of Clubs
   Mission: Little Resistance
   Cheat:   Hard Headed
   Effect:  Enemies are more resistant to bullets

12. Three of Diamonds
   Mission: Breaking Point
   Cheat:   Berserker
   Effect:  Get three kills in five seconds to transform into a berserker

13. Two of Spades
   Mission: Downfall
   Cheat:   Victory
   Effect:  Limited HUD, faster bleed out time


***     UNLOCKABLES   *** [UNLK]

Find and collect the specific Death Card to unlock the corresponding cheat.

Undead Soldier
Suicide King
Body Armor
Flack jacket
Sticks & Stones
Cold Dead hands
Hard headed

**NOTE** Follow the guide above [CLTB] for a brief explanation about Death Cards
and their effects, and read the walkthrough for the locations of each of these 

Veteran Mode - Once you reach level 32 in co-op gameplay, you will be able to 
               unlock Veteran mode. This is co-op with much tougher enemies.

Zombie Mode  - Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock Zombie mode. You 
               will be pitted against an endless swarm of Nazi zombies. This 
               is a 1-4 player co-operative mode.


Version 1.0

The guide currently contains
- Full walkthrough from Mission 1 - 15
- Complete Death Card list
- Small Hints and tips section
- Unlockables and Collectibles section added

Date submitted 17th November


Version 0.2

The guide currently contains
- Full walkthrough from Mission 1 - 3
- locations of Death Cards 1-4

Date Started 14th November, 2008

- Completed level walkthroughs from Mission 1- Mission 3