Thief II: The Metal Age (v1.18)

                    FAQ v1.0 by Taffer (

                                 May 19, 2000

"It is not a question about what the Law is, but rather what it is not. The Law 
is neither noble, nor an end in itself. It is not for the weak-minded or the 
squeamish. The Law is simply a means for those who control it, namely me, to 
acquire that which I want. One with your wealth and connections, who is prepared 
to sacrifice to have a troubling problem resolved, need only describe to me in 
detail the favor you are requesting."
     -- Gorman Truart, correspondence

"The Master Builder came unto us. He built for us a new house, and the house was 
like His house. And he gifted us with knowledge, and we learned to use Boiler 
and Gear. That unto us would come His Paradise, and there would be no pain."
     -- from Mechanist Rote Texts for Novices

"Twice moons face darks us showed
 Twice thems jackals singsie
 Thrice Him harvest failsy blights
 Thrice we weeps and chillsing..."
     -- Unattributed, Ink on Parchment

"Our focus shifted to those who presented two faces: one manifest yet false, the 
other hidden yet true. To interfere directly would bring ruin, still, the glyph 
warnings were absolute."
     -- Keepers Annals

"He poured his children's eyes from glass and from steel wrought their hands 
that none could escape his judgement."
     -- The New Scripture of the Master Builder

Table of Contents
Section 1: The Latest From Taffer
   1.1: Personal Notes Regarding The Next Release
Section 2: Updates Since Last Release
Section 3: Opening Notes Regarding This FAQ
   3.1: Patches Available
   3.2: Reading This FAQ
   3.3: Best Times
   3.4: Mission Objectives
      3.4.1: Changing Objectives
      3.4.2: Bonus Objectives
   3.5: Recommended Purchases
   3.6: The Walkthroughs
   3.7: Headers
   3.8: Just What The Heck Is A Taffer Anyway?
      3.8.1: The True Meaning Of "Taffer"
   3.9: Contacting the Author
      3.9.1: Contact Through Email
      3.9.2: Contact Through ICQ Unauthorized Adding On ICQ
      3.9.3: Thief FAQ Mailing Lists Bounced Emails
   3.10: Other FAQs By The Author
Section 4: Game Notes
   4.1: Patrols
   4.2: Bloodstains and Bodies
   4.3: Doors
   4.4: Hard Surfaces
   4.5: Water
   4.6: Food
   4.7: Gas Lamps
   4.8: Compass
   4.9: Jumping and Mantling
   4.10: Leaning
   4.11: Zooming
   4.12: Enemies
      4.12.1: Human Guards
      4.12.2: Non-Combatants
   4.13: Arsenal
      4.13.1: Sword
      4.13.2: Blackjack
      4.13.3: Broadhead Arrows
      4.13.4: Water Arrows
      4.13.5: Fire Arrows
      4.13.6: Moss Arrows
      4.13.7: Gas Arrows
      4.13.8: Rope Arrows
      4.13.9: Noisemaker Arrows
      4.13.10: Flash Bombs
      4.13.11: Flares
      4.13.12: Explosive Mines
      4.13.13: Gas Mines
      4.13.14: Potions
   4.14: Cheats
Section 5: Running Interference (Mission 1)
   5.1: Introduction
   5.2: Objectives: Normal
   5.3: Objectives: Hard
   5.4: Objectives: Expert
   5.5: Simplified Objectives
   5.6: Before The Mission
   5.7: Notes Regarding This Mission
   5.8: Walkthrough
Section 6: Input From Other Thieves
Section 7: Thief II Sites On The Internet
Section 8: Version History
Section 9: Disclaimer
Section 10: Endnotes And Copyright Notice

Section 1: The Latest From Taffer
Well, here it is at last! The first release of the Thief II FAQ! A lot of the 
initial non-walkthrough information included in this first release is basically 
"Cut-and-Pasted" from the Thief Gold FAQ I did (in particular, the Arsenal 
section). I will fix any errors as I come across them. I apologize if this 
inconveniences anyone.

For those of you that don't know me, I wrote the FAQ for Thief Gold as well. For 
those of you that DO know me...welcome back! :)

In the last month or so of working on the Thief Gold FAQ, my computer had taken 
to crashing when I played the game while working on the walkthrough and, on 
three seperate occasions, spontaneously rebooting! Fortunately, this has not yet 
happened with Thief II. So either Thief Gold was less stable than I thought, or 
my computer doesn't like running a game while I work on a text file nearly a 
megabyte in length. :)

On June 30th, I am getting a cable connection to the Internet, so the email 
address I am currently using will not be functioning anymore. I don't have a new 
one to give out yet, as some taffer has used my email name on the server I'm 
joining. :( While I may not be able to use "taffer", I will try to use something taffer_one, or taffer!, or something like that.

The format that I used for the Thief Gold FAQ had gotten very little criticism, 
and any criticism it did get was taken into account and instituted accordingly. 
And since this format worked so well, I have decided to use an identical format 
for this FAQ. However, if you have anything you'd like to see added and/or 
changed, I am always open to your suggestions, comments, criticisms, 
etc....after all, this is for you!

Incidentally, does anyone know how to take a screen shot in this game? I can't 
find it in the Default Controls list, and the default from Thief Gold is used by 
something else. :(

1.1: Personal Notes Regarding The Next Release
The next release will probably not be for a little while yet, as I want to go 
back over the Thief Gold FAQ and polish it up for it's "final" release. However, 
since all of the television shows that I watch (The Practice, Ally McBeal, and 
Star Trek: Voyager) are all having their season finales soon, I'll have nothing 
to distract me from continuing working on these FAQs! (Except I seem to have 
somehow become addicted to "The Sims", and I really should do some more work on 
my chain mail armour...and then of course, there is the move....)

Section 2: Updates Since Last Release
This is the first release of the FAQ. EVERYTHING is new! :)

For a complete version history, see Section 8.

Section 3: Opening Notes Regarding This FAQ
This is my second FAQ/Walkthrough. All input is appreciated, especially 
regarding what you liked, and how I can improve it. Please send comments, 
suggestions, etc., to

This FAQ does not cover the entire game at the moment. It only covers the first 
mission, "Running Interference". Other missions will be added every now and 
then, at irregular intervals.

This game is the sequel to both Thief: The Dark Project, and Thief: The Dark 
Project Gold (hereafter referred to as Thief Gold...this is an "enhanced" 
version of the first game). Despite this, most of the FAQ will assume you have 
NOT played either of the previous games. I will, however, point out items of 
interest for those who HAVE played one or both of them. (For example, in the 
first mission, you are helping Basso...whom you rescued from prison in the 
previous games.)

This FAQ/Walkthrough is based on the PC version of the game. Does another 
version exist? I don't know.

3.1: Patches Available
There are a couple of patches available for this wonderful game. Not all of them 
are necessary however.

There is a large (30+ megs) patch called "thf2v118" which patches your Thief II 
game to v1.18, the version which this FAQ is based on.

There is a much smaller (3 meg) patch for the Thief II mission editor DromED, 
which you WILL need if you want to make your own missions and have patched the 
game to v1.18. This file is called "dromed118".

Finally, since the game patch to v1.18 makes a LOT of changes throughout many of 
the missions, you can download the v1.18 versions of these missions for DromED, 
either seperately or all together in one big file. All together, the fifteen 
files total about 50 megs when compressed together.

The first patch (the game patch) is available from the Eidos website. I will 
have to do some exploring online to find the location of the other two.

3.2: Reading This FAQ
I have had a few people email me saying that they had trouble reading the Thief 
Gold FAQ through certain programs (such as Internet Explorer). They say they 
can't read it through their standard viewing programs, as the lines run off the 
screen. This has so far only come from people who are on my mailing list.

When I type up the FAQ, I use the WordPad program which came with Windows 98. I 
have the View/Options set to "Wrap to ruler". Then I type merrily away, without 
having to worry about hitting the "Enter" key. Unfortunately, when the document 
is later viewed in certain other programs, it prints the entire line of text 
until the end, sometimes continuing off the screen (as described above).

If you are having this problem viewing the FAQ, then I suggest you do one of two 

1) Use WordPad to view it, with the View/Options set to "Wrap to
2) Go to and download the FAQ from there.

Apparently (and I don't know how), when the webmaster puts the FAQ up on his 
site, this problem of lines not wrapping disappears. 

I'm afraid that's all I can suggest at this time.

3.3: Best Times
For those missions that have been completed, I have also included my best time 
for completing that mission. This is for various reasons, but mostly to do with 
ego. :) Note that my best time for a mission does NOT necessarily reflect this 
walkthrough. For example, I may take a more risky path, or I may run on metal 
grating...or I may not bother hiding bodies, closing doors, cleaning up 
bloodstains, etc.. Each mission was finished, however, with both the maximum 
possible loot and all secrets found, unless otherwise noted.

For those who may be interested, I've collected all my best times here:

Mission  1: Running Interference -- 6 minutes, 50 seconds
Mission  2: Shipping... And Receiving -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission  3: Framed -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission  4: Ambush! -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission  5: Eavesdropping -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission  6: First City Bank And Trust -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission  7: Blackmail -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission  8: Trace The Courier -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission  9: Blood Trail -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission 10: Life Of The Party -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission 11: Precious Cargo -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission 12: Kidnap -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission 13: Casing The Joint -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission 14: Masks -- (Haven't played it yet)
Mission 15: Sabotage At Soul Forge -- (Haven't played it yet)

3.4: Mission Objectives
Although each mission walkthrough shows the objectives for Normal, Hard, and 
Expert levels, the walkthrough itself covers ONLY the Expert level.

The Simplified Objectives contain the mission objectives as viewed from within 
the mission. They are less verbose, and more to the point than the wordy 
objectives given before the mission begins. Although the only ones shown are 
from the Expert level, you should be able to pick out which ones apply to your 
game if you are playing on Normal or Hard instead.

3.4.1: Changing Objectives
During some missions which you will undertake, your mission objectives will 
deviate from those which you started with as you progress through the mission. 
This can be due to changing situations, the gaining of further information, 
receiving new instructions, and perhaps other reasons as well. You are informed 
in the game when your mission objectives change, and the mission's walkthrough 
also reflects this. When your objectives change, the walkthrough will give you a 
list of your new objectives.

Note that when your objectives list is displayed inside a mission's walkthrough, 
it will also indicate which ones you have completed so far. If your list differs 
from the one given within, it means that you have not followed the walkthrough 
as it is laid out. For example, if you need 1500 in treasure to complete a 
mission objective, and the walkthrough says you have done so but your mission 
objectives do not, then you have not picked up all the treasures indicated up to 
that point.

3.4.2: Bonus Objectives
Some missions also have Bonus Objectives. These are mission objectives that you 
don't find out about until AFTER you've completed them. Your very first mission, 
"Running Interference", has one of these.

When you receive a Bonus Objective, if you have Goal Notification turned on, you 
will be informed just as if you had completed a normal objective. If you look at 
your objectives however, you will see one has been added, and that it is already 
checked. Just as with changing objectives, whenever you receive a bonus 
objective the walkthrough will give you a list of what your current objectives 
are, including the new, Bonus Objective.

Note: You don't find out about the bonus objectives until AFTER you've found 
them. That being the case, each mission walkthrough documents the bonus 
objectives which I have FOUND. I will do my best to find them all, but I can't 
guarantee there are no more than the ones shown. If anyone finds others I miss, 
please let me know.

3.5: Recommended Purchases
At the end of each "Before The Mission" section, I've listed the equipment that 
I personally use and/or recommend to complete that mission. In most cases, these 
purchases will NOT eat up all of your funds. Use whatever you have left over as 
you see fit.

Note that my recommended purchases are not always what is NECESSARY to complete 
the mission. In some cases, it will make the mission easier for you, in others 
it may simply be that there is NOTHING to buy to help you, but what I've 
recommended is (in my opinion) the best you can do.

3.6: The Walkthroughs
This FAQ is geared towards having you complete each mission with the maximum 
amount of treasure possible, on top of completing all of your quests. Each 
mission is done at the EXPERT level, and all statistics are given for that 
difficulty setting (ie: what you find, where, how much, etc.). I have not tried 
playing these missions on the lower difficulty levels.

Each mission walkthrough is presented in the following manner:

1) it allows you to find all the treasure that is available;
2) it points you to all the secrets you can find;
3) it attempts to give you the most expedient path through the mission,
   with a minimal amount of backtracking, thus giving you a better
   finishing time;
4) it attempts to present the SAFEST method of doing things.

A few words regarding numbers three and four:

The most expedient path means the fastest way through the mission while still 
keeping the other three goals in mind. Most missions have several "sidetrek" 
areas, where there is nothing for you to do or to acquire. However, a lot of 
these areas are just plain interesting...the designers have put a lot of time, 
effort, and planning into some of these, and it would be a shame for you to miss 
it all. So I suggest that when you are using the walkthrough, if you come across 
a "sidetrek" area, save your game, and go and investigate it. A lot of times, it 
is well worth it.

[A good example of these sidetreks: In Mission 3 of Thief Gold, "Down in the 
Bonehoard", there are several places where you can find members of a lost 
expedition and read their journals. But since you need to go out of your way to 
get to them, they are not mentioned in that FAQ.]

The SAFEST method of doing something is not always the fastest way. There are 
some areas where there is a more risky way of doing something, but doing so is 
faster. Sometimes it's not just a matter of risk, but of timing as well, since a 
lot of the guards patrol. So if you've been wondering why you can't beat my best 
times no matter HOW closely you follow the walkthroughs...well, that's your 
answer. (See Section 3.3: Best Times, for more details.)

3.7: Headers
The mission headers were a late addition to the Thief Gold FAQ. They were 
included when a few people wrote in to say that they had trouble finding a 
specific area of a mission that they were looking for when they needed help in a 
single area. Since their inclusion, no one has written in with this problem.

The beginning of each mission's walkthrough will have a list of "headers". These 
are distributed throughout each walkthrough, in an effort to make it easier for 
people to find a certain section that they are looking for.

Note that these headers are NOT always entirely accurate. A section may change 
before the header does, or one section may contain a brief "side trip" into 
another section. The walkthrough may move you through a bit of a new section 
before changing the header.

An example of this is in the first mission (Running Interference). There is a 
brief sidestrip from the basement kitchen up into the entry hall, and then 
you're brought right back down into the kitchen again. 

I hope you all like the headers and find them useful! Enjoy! :)

3.8: Just What The Heck Is A Taffer Anyway?
This is a question that many Thief fans have asked countless times. I received a 
few emails regarding this, and here is what I've derived from them:

There is a Mother Goose nursery rhyme that contains the line(s), "Taffy was a 
Welshman, Taffy was a thief". "Taffy" is a slang name for a Welshman.

At least one other person has suggested to me that "Taffer" is a dilution of 
"Trickster", much like in modern English "Darn" is a dilution of "Damn", and 
"Heck" is a dilution of "Hell".

Someone wrote in to suggest that "Taffer" was merely a censoring word, that 
could be replaced with any appropriate expletive. (Or perhaps more likely, a 
sort of "medieval cuss-word", as he put it.)

I've been informed that in Suffolk, England, there is a verb, "to taff", which 
means "to spit". So a Taffer would be a Spitter.

Apparently there is some point in the game (which I have either missed or not 
yet gotten to), where a Hammerite makes reference to the fact that "Taffer" and 
"Trickster" are synonymous.

If anyone can clarify, expand, or suggest another meaning, please contact me! I 
seem to recall having once seen a definition online (on a message board 
somewhere) that made much more sense.

3.8.1: The True Meaning Of "Taffer"
Lastly, someone sent me an email with the following information:

"I got this one from PC Accelerator. They interviewed Steve Pearsall, 
project designer of Thief. The question, "What is a Taffer and where did it come 
from?" The Answer, "One of our level designers, Laura Baldwin, made it up. 
Taffer was meant to be a slang word that meant a common criminal, but has 
evolved into meaning any sort of low life." So basically it is a fictitious 
word. Hey, maybe it will become real if we use it enough."

So there you have it. I'll bet the people over at Looking Glass Studios have 
been having a nice chuckle watching everyone go crazy and coming up with these 
(admittedly inventive) possible meanings/origins of a word they made up! :)

Be sure you all use this word everyday! I want to see it in the next edition of 
Webster's Dictionary! :)

3.9: Contacting the Author
You can contact me either through email, or through ICQ.

3.9.1 Contact Through Email
My email address is:

Please note...I am going to be getting a cable connection for the Internet. When 
I do, the above email address will cease to exist. This is PLANNED to occur on 
June 30th. I will try to let you know what the new email address will be before 

I do read all your emails (except for a few...see the next paragraph for 
details), and I try to reply to every one of them. Sometimes I am unable to 
reply, simply due to the great number I receive, time constraints, and any 
number of other reasons. However, any questions sent to me that are already 
answered in this FAQ will be ignored.

There is a very simply reason why I ignore these emails. I don't read them. 
These missions are not included in the FAQ yet because I have not PLAYED them 
yet. And a lot of the emails I used to get like this would say things like "How 
do I do X on Mission Y? I've done A, B, C and D, and found that J and K are 
hidden here, but X is still eluding me!" Congratulations, you've just ruined 
some surprises for me on that mission. Because of this, I now delete a message 
as soon as I see it is heading in that direction.

I hate having something ruined for me...I like playing the game and finding 
things out for myself. So do not waste your time or mine by sending in questions 
for missions not yet covered...they will not even be read.

3.9.2 Contact Through ICQ
If you want to contact me through ICQ (all single ladies welcome! ), my ICQ 
number is: 19232955. My handle is "Taffer".

Note that the same rules for email apply to ICQ as well. Also, if you have a 
lengthy amount of information to send me, I would appreciate it if you would do 
so using email.

Please Note: I do not use the "Chat" mode on ICQ. I only use the messaging 
feature. My ICQ settings are currently set up to automatically decline any chat 
requests. Unauthorized Adding On ICQ
This refers to people who add me to their contact list using some sort of a hack 
or crack program, without receiving my authorization first.

WARNING! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT add me to your contact list WITHOUT receiving 
my authorization first! Several people appear to think it's a real laugh to do 
this. Well, the first time someone did that to me, they erased my hard drive. So 
consider this your first and only warning: Do NOT add me in this 
manner...request authorization like everyone else. ANYONE who adds me without 
requesting my authorization will IMMEDIATELY get placed on my ignore list. I 
will not even bother reading any messages that person may have sent. (This may 
seem harsh...but if you had had YOUR hard drive erased, I'm sure you would 
understand completely.)

3.9.3: Thief II FAQ Mailing Lists
There are TWO mailing lists for those who wish to be notified of updates: a 
"Zipped" list, and a "Notify" list.

Anyone who wishes to be put on a mailing list will have to tell me which one 
they wish to be on. One list of people will receive a zipped email attachment of 
the FAQ (the "Zipped" list). The other list of people (the "Notify" list) will 
only be receiving an email stating that the FAQ has been sent up to (and ONLY to ...anyone else posting the FAQ 
does not necessarily have the most up to date version, but I always send the 
latest release to the address given above!). Anyone requesting to be put on a 
mailing list without stating which one will default to the "Notify" list.

Please note that this does not mean that the FAQ has been POSTED there 
yet...only that I have sent it up to BE posted. There may sometimes be a delay 
in the posting.

Emails will be sent out AS THE FAQ IS UPDATED AND RELEASED.

Anyone who is on a mailing list that would like to be switched over to the other 
list will have to send me an email stating so. Likewise, if you want to be 
removed from either mailing list, you'll need to send me an email stating so.

Anyone who is on the "Zipped" list for this FAQ automatically receives, at no 
extra cost, the Thief II Companion Guide that I am attempting to create.

Anyone who was put on one of my mailing lists for my Thief Gold FAQ has 
automatically been put on a similar mailing list (either "Zipped" or "Notify") 
for this FAQ, unless they requested otherwise.

PLEASE NOTE: Since I now have more than one mailing list (Thief Gold and Thief 
II), if you wish to be removed, please tell me WHICH mailing list you wish to be 
removed from when you make your request. Simply saying "Take me off your mailing 
list" will result in me asking myself "Which one does (s)he mean?", and the 
result will be nothing being done. Even simply putting the game's title in the 
subject heading is sufficient.

I have no intention, now or ever, of distributing these email addresses to 
anyone, nor will they be used by me for advertising or "spamming". It is simply 
to get the FAQ out to those who are waiting for it. Bounced Emails
Once when I sent out a FAQ to those on the mailing list, one of the emails 
bounced back. Apparently, someone changed their email address and didn't inform 
me. This is not good. I have a slow internet connection, and every email that 
bounces back I have to download with the attachment. If more than one person 
does it, well, that would be a long wait. Fortunately, it was only one person.

What's my point? Oh yes...from this point on, anyone who's email account bounces 
back to me will be removed from the mailing list. Seems fair, since they aren't 
getting the attachment anyway.

3.10: Other FAQs By The Author
This is my second FAQ. I have two others at present, one of which is being 
written concurrently with this one.

The Thief Gold FAQ, which is now nearly complete, and covers all the missions in 
the game. Thief Gold is the precursor to Thief II, and I highly recommend it to 
anyone who hasn't played it yet.

The other FAQ I am working on is a Companion Guide to this one, which will 
contain (should I keep it up) the text of every document, scroll, parchment, 
plaque, letter, report, announcement and palimpsest that I have been able to 
find in the game. It is not necessary for either playing Thief II or for using 
this FAQ, it is simply included as a "bonus supplement".

All of these documents, including this one, can be found at

Section 4: Game Notes

4.1: Patrols
Some areas have guards (of one sort or another) moving around in them, and 
sometimes moving from one area to another. This makes it difficult to say for 
sure when a certain task you may be told to perform should be done, as it is 
unlikely that you will arrive at the area at the exact same time during the 
mission that I did. In these areas, it's a good idea to save your game. (This 
will be noted at the proper areas.)

4.2: Bloodstains and Bodies
Leaving bodies out in the open where they can be seen, or not cleaning up 
telltale bloodstains (by shooting a Water Arrow at them) is inviting discovery. 
While there are certain points in the game where just leaving your victims where 
they fall may be all right (and, in some cases, unavoidable), for the most part, 
you should tidy up after yourself. After telling you to take out someone, this 
FAQ is going to assume that you have the prudence to hide your handiwork.

Any bloodstains you leave behind that you don't clean up yourself seem to 
disappear over time. I guess they "soak" into the carpet, stone, ground, etc..

A note of macabre interest, regarding the various corpses of people you will 
find and/or create. If you pick them up, then drop them again, their heads will 
be at unnatural angles (probably indicating that their necks are broken), or 
sometimes their heads just disappear!

4.3: Doors
This FAQ also assumes that you will know enough to try to open doors before 
walking through them, and to close them behind you. (An open door can also be a 
telltale sign to patrols that something is amiss...namely, you.)

Note that in this walkthrough, most of the time when I refer to a door, there is 
an actual, physical door. If there is not, the opening is generally referred to 
as a doorway, opening, or an archway.

4.4: Hard Surfaces
Hard surfaces include any sort of surface that makes a very loud or noticeable 
noise when you're walking on it. Things like tile, metal, and even wood can fall 
into this category. While Moss Arrows will allow you to walk over the covered 
area silently, you never really have enough of them to go wantonly shooting them 
everywhere you want to walk.

SNEAKING is the key. You have three movements available to you...walking, 
running, and sneaking. The sneak key defaults to the SHIFT key, and makes you 
move slower, though quieter. In some areas, I have noted that when you move 
normally in the shadows, you are slightly more visible, but sneaking seems to 
keep you hidden.

There is another way to sneak...CROUCH SNEAKING. This is walking when you are 
CROUCHED, either with the sneak key pressed or not. You make less noise 
(although it is sometimes still very audible). You can minimize this even 
further, however, by using a "stop-and-go" method. Move forward a SHORT 
distance, and stop. You will probably have made no noise whatsoever. Now, move 
forward another short distance, and stop. Keep this up until you get to quieter 
ground, and you should be able to get through just about any terrain silently.

4.5: Water
Water is loud when you splash around in it. This occurs when you try to swim 
quickly, or jump into the water. Try not to do it too often. Swim slowly (using 
your WALK key). Also note that, while you can swim carrying someone on your 
shoulder, on the missions where you are told not to kill anyone, you cannot dump 
bodies in the water to "hide" them. They drown, and that counts as you killing 
them. (If they follow you into the water and drown however, that does not count 
against you...that's just idiots trying to swim while wearing armour.)

An important note regarding your weapons and water: if the water is deep enough, 
even if you are simply wading (ie: walking, not swimming), you will still be 
unable to use most of your weapons.

When the water is deep enough, you can dive underwater. This is useful for 
finding underwater passages, searching the bottom of a lake for treasures, and 
possibly even for hiding from enemies. You do have a limited supply of air 
however (represented by a "bubble bar" in the lower right of the screen), and 
when that runs out, you'll start to take damage. You'll take three hit points of 
damage, get a small reprieve (you get a few bubbles added to your bubble bar), 
and then take another three hits. This will continue until you surface, take a 
Breath Potion, or die.

On a final note: Whatever you do, do NOT try to swim in lava. It's not water. 
You'll die. Instantly.

4.6: Food
Throughout the various missions, you will come across a variety of different 
sorts of food. While in the previous games this was basically just to make the 
game more realistic and to provide some atmosphere, food plays a bigger role in 
Thief II.

Occasionally when you eat something, it will restore a single point of health to 
you. This seems to be a random occurence, but I have seen it happen while eating 
a slice of cheese. So if you're running low on health, start collecting food 
items. You may be lucky enough to restore enough health points to finish the 
mission (or find a Healing Potion!).

4.7: Gas Lamps
When you find a light source in the game, it is most likely to be either a torch 
or a gas lamp. While torches are pretty straightforward, gas lamps are a little 
more tricky.

Gas lamps can be extinguished with a Water Arrow, just like a torch can. 
However, once it is out, you may notice sometimes that they "highlight" just 
like items you can take or use. If you try to "use" a gas lamp while it's 
highlighted, you can turn them on again, and it will operate just as if you had 
never doused it. Unfortunately, you cannot turn them OFF as must 
douse it just like you would a torch.

When you stand close to a gas lamp, you will hear a slight hissing noise. This 
is, I presume, the gas used to fuel the lamp. It can be quite distracting if 
you're trying to listen to or for something in particular. Until I figured out 
what this noise was, I thought the game had been made to include snakes! (I hate 

4.8: Compass
You have a compass in your inventory. Most of the time in this FAQ, I will 
attempt to give you instructions without needing to resort to referring to the 
compass. For example, I will say something like "On your left, as you face the 
idol," or "Turn so the door is to your back." From time to time, however, it may 
be necessary for me to refer to compass directions.

Your compass is in the shape of an eight-pointed star. The larger points 
indicate the major compass directions (North, East, South, and West), whereas 
the smaller points refer to the in-between directions (Northeast, Southeast, 
Southwest, Northwest). One of the larger points is red in colour. This point is 
your reference point. It will always be pointing towards the north. The 
direction which you are currently facing will be indicated by the point which is 
directed in (more or less) the direction you're facing. So if I tell you to face 
east, look at your compass, and orient it so that the red arrow is pointing 
(more or less) towards the left side of the screen.

An interesting note regarding your compass...if you spin around while it is open 
in your inventory, you can watch the star spin with you. However, if you change 
your vertical facing (ie: looking up and down), the star will also rotate on 
that axis with you!

4.9: Jumping and Mantling
For those who remember Garrett's "continuous jumping" trick from the previous 
games, it appears to have been removed from Thief II. Either that, or I'm 
incredibly inept at the procedure. I prefer to think the former. :)

Mantling is pulling yourself up onto a ledge of some sort, be it a railing, 
fireplace mantle, or just a block of stone. To mantle, you press up against the 
object you wish to climb, and jump. You will grab the object in question, pull 
yourself up, and stand up on top of it.

It is important to note that some objects are just a touch too high to mantle up 
onto in this manner. In these cases, you have to do a running jump/mantle 
manouevre. Basically, you step back from the object, then run towards it and 
jump before you reach it. Do not release the jump button, and when Garrett 
strikes the object, he will grab onto it and mantle up.

4.10: Leaning
Leaning is a very important part of your pilfering profession. Leaning around a 
corner will allow you, for example, to look into a brightly lit room while still 
remaining unseen. In some cases, it will allow you to knock out a patrolling 
guard when he walks by, when you can't move up behind him because of the hard 
floor surface.

There are three types of leanings you can do. There is the left lean, the right 
lean, and the forward lean. The forward lean can be very useful for picking 
pockets or knocking out guards when there's an obstruction in the way, such as a 
small wall. Also, leaning forward will allow you to knock out a guard who is 
approaching you in the dark before he gets close enough to notice you.

4.11: Zooming
In the game, you play Garrett, a master thief who has a mechanical eye. And 
that's not a clever play on words, or a cute name for a device. He literally has 
a mechanical eye in place of a real one. (To find out how this happened, play 
the previous game.)

One of the benefits of this device is that you have a sort of "telescopic view" 
that you can access. You use your Zoom In and Zoom Out keys (defaults are ] and 
[, respectively) to increase or decrease your view's range. You can increase 
your view to the same sort you get when you are pulling back on an arrow (if you 
have Bow Zoom turned on). That is your maximum. Your MINIMUM view is the one you 
default to. You cannot "Zoom Back" to a smaller view than this.

The benefits of this Zoom mode is that, unlike the Bow Zoom, you can hold your 
Zoom In view indefinitely. The Bow Zoom only lasts as long as the strength in 
your arm does. Once you let loose your grip on the bowstring, your view returns 
to normal.

4.12: Enemies
"Enemies" is a general term used to describe anyone or anything you might 
encounter during the game that would make your pilfering expeditions more 
dangerous, either by attacking you or by raising the alarm and alerting others 
to your presence. Not all "enemies" can attack you, but all are against your 
best interests.

You face off against a number of different types of enemies. Here is some basic 
information on the ones I've encountered so far. Note that the names I've given 
to some of them are NOT necessarily official. They are just what I've called 
them when I've had no official name to give them.

4.12.1: Human Guards
First Appearance: Mission One (Running Interference)

This includes your standard Guards (Swordsmen and Archers), and Hammerites. 
Unlike the previous game, Thief II includes females as well as males among the 
ranks of guardsmen (guardspersons?).

These guys fall easily to your Blackjack attacks, so long as they aren't 
expecting it. If they are looking around searching for you, you can sometimes 
manage to club them, but it doesn't always work. In these circumstances, your 
best bet is to lean forward to knock them out. They don't seem to see you as 
well then. Also, light plays an important role. The more of you that can be seen 
(ie: check your light-indicator!), the harder it is to successfully put the 
guards to sleep.

Most of the time, these guys are armed with some sort of hand-to-hand weapon (a 
sword or hammer). Occasionally, one will have a bow instead (and don't think 
that they can only fire Broadheads at you!). The guys in red, however, are 
Priests and spell casters.

Occasionally, a guard will have a key, purse, or other item on their person that 
you can either lift off (ie: pick their pocket), or grab after you've knocked 
them out. I prefer the pickpocket method. (Note: There are entries in the game 
manual that seem to indicate a person can have more than one item to 

NOTE: One time, I knocked out a guard, and because another was coming, picked up 
the body and ran BEFORE getting the purse off him. After dropping the body, 
however, the purse was gone. :( This, however, was while playing the original 
Thief game. In Thief II, I have picked up bodies, then dropped them and been 
able to get the item from their belt.

I need to experiment more with this to see if this still occurs in Thief II. 
However, one suggested method of avoiding this is to knock out the victim, and 
pick his pocket AS HE'S FALLING. This apparently works, and you still get the 
credit for picking the pocket.

4.12.2: Non-Combatants
First Appearance: Mission One (Running Interference)

This category includes anyone that doesn't fight against you in the game: 
Servants, Civilians, Prisoners, etc. They are weak, falling easily to just about 
any attack.

In most cases with other human opponents, once they are alert to you, they are 
difficult to blackjack. This is not necessarily true of the Non-Combatants. In 
most cases, they can be running right towards you, screaming for help, with you 
in bright light, and you can knock them senseless. Some, however, will still not 
fall, although they are rare.

4.13: Arsenal
While your chosen lifestyle usually involves you hiding from foes rather than 
fighting, it is sometimes necessary to make use of some of your weapons...and 
some have more uses than the obvious.

Note that you are more easily seen if you have a weapon drawn than if you are 
empty-handed (except for the Blackjack). Also, having a weapon out (except the 
Blackjack) can slow you down. So if you are in a hurry, put your weapons away!

A word about your bow. Whenever you nock an arrow and pull back, after a short 
wait your vision will "zoom in" and you'll be able to see much farther much 
clearer. This can be handy if you ever need to see great distances. Nock an 
arrow, pull back, and when you've seen all you wish to see, disarm the bow. The 
default disarm key is the tilde (~). (For more on Zooming, see section 4.10.)

4.13.1: Sword
First Appearance: Mission One (Running Interference)

Your basic hack-n-slash weapon. Your Sword does either a left cut, a right cut, 
or an overhead smashing blow. To get the smashing blow, you need to hold your 
attack button without releasing it for a short time. While it takes longer to 
deliver, it does more damage than the simple cuts. Also, if your enemy is not 
expecting an attack (ie: he doesn't know you're there), the Sword delivers more 
damage than standard (usually killing with one blow).

According to the manual, there are two types of cuts. Tapping your attack button 
will do a quick cut with your Sword. If you hold your attack button slightly 
longer, you apparently do a more powerful sideswipe.

Your Sword is also good for cutting down banners, tapestries, or other types of 
wall-hangings that may hide secret areas behind them.

If you are trying to hide in the shadows, having your Sword drawn will make you 
easier to spot. However, if you put your weapon in the Block position, it seems 
to lessen your visibility somewhat.

4.13.2: Blackjack
First Appearance: Mission One (Running Interference)

There's not much about the Blackjack that isn't obvious. It's got a short reach, 
so you have to be pretty close to use it effectively. Interestingly enough, when 
you knock out your victims, if you examine their faces, their eyes are wide 
open. Curious that....

While most other weapons make you more visible, having this one at the ready 
does not affect your visibility.

Two things worth noting about this weapon. First, it IS possible to kill someone 
with it. If they know you're there and are attacking you, a few solid clouts 
with this does send them to the Builder. Also, sometimes Non-Combatants (ie: 
Servants, Prisoners, etc.) are so weak that a single blow from this weapon kills 
them, even if you were just going for a knock-out.

Another interesting thing. If you knock someone out while you are in the middle 
of a jump, when you look at your stats screen later, you will have an additional 
entry for the number of knockouts "while airborne". :)

Sometimes there is a problem with knocking out a person, and picking up the body 
BEFORE getting any goodies (like a purse or key) off of their belt. When you 
drop the body and look, the item sometimes disappears. One method of avoiding 
this (assuming you are in a hurry for some reason) is to knock your victim out 
and then pick his pocket before he hits the ground. You will get the item and, 
apparently, the credit for picking his pocket as well.

NOTE: According to the manual (bottom of page 21), you have to hit a creature on 
the head in order to induce sleep. This is, in fact, not true. You can prepare 
your blackjack to strike, then crouch, move behind your opponent, and release, 
knocking him out despite the fact that you just whacked his or her ass (although 
I prefer to think you are whacking them in the kidneys, stunning them.)

4.13.3: Broadhead Arrows
First Appearance: Mission One (Running Interference)

Their use as a weapon is obvious. These weapons, like your Sword, do much more 
damage to your enemies when they are not expecting your attack (usually killing 
them with one shot).

You may think these weapons are useless on missions where you can't kill anyone, 
but that's not entirely true. They are great "distractions". Fire one off 
against a nearby wall, and you attract the attention of nearby enemies. And if 
you're hiding in shadows, they (usually) look around for you instead of raising 
the alarm. Lead your enemies into an ambush, and blackjack them. :)

Note that if you fire your Broadhead Arrows into soft surfaces, you can 
sometimes retrieve them! (I'm afraid your target's body does not count as a soft 

Sometimes you can collect Broadheads that were shot at you and missed, if they 
land in soft surfaces. I have been told that Garrett cannot carry more than 90 
Broadhead Arrows, but I have not verified this. (This limitation was for Thief 
Gold...I am assuming that it carried over to Thief II.)

4.13.4: Water Arrows
First Appearance: Mission One (Running Interference)

Very useful for putting out unwanted light sources, and also for cleaning up any 
bloodstains you leave behind. Light sources include torches, gas lamps, and 
Flares (see section 4.12.11, below).

As an interesting side note, Water Arrows are ignored by your enemies when fired 
at them. I've fired a Water Arrow right in the face of a guard, and he didn't 
even flinch! Although the noise does seem to attract them, at least the first 

NOTE: When extinguishing a light source, it is not necessary to hit it dead-
on...or in some cases, even to hit it! A close hit will still put it out. I am 
assuming this is some sort of "splash damage".

4.13.5: Fire Arrows
First Appearance: Unknown

These little beauties are devastating. Some guards which normally take several 
Broadhead Arrows to bring down will sometimes fall with a single Fire Arrow. 
They are also useful for relighting torches, should you decide you need a little 
more light in your life. (Perhaps they also relight Gas Lamps?)

If your Fire Arrow detonates too close to you, you will take some damage, so be 

If you are hiding in the shadows, arming a Fire Arrow will brighten your area a 
bit, making you more noticeable.

A word about trajectory: When you fire most arrows, you need to take gravity 
into account. That is, once the arrow leaves your bow, it starts to fall, losing 
altitude. You need to aim high if you're aiming at a target that's a long way 
off. This is NOT true with the Fire Arrows. It's like a mini-rocket. Aim, fire, 
and it keeps going IN A STRAIGHT LINE, until it strikes something. Keep this in 
mind when using them.

It is interesting to note that, while a Fire Arrow will continue on in a 
straight line until it hits something, how far back you pull the bowstring will 
determine how fast it flies. Try it out for's like watching its 
flight in slow motion. (Just for fun, if you fire your Fire Arrow slowly enough, 
you CAN run after it, past it, then turn around and watch it hit you! I assume 
the same can be said for Gas Arrows.)

4.13.6: Moss Arrows
First Appearance: Mission Two (Shipping... and Receiving)

You fire a Moss Arrow at some loud sound-generating ground (tile, grating,etc.), 
and it gets covered with moss. When you walk on it, you no longer make any noise 
at all. So far, that's the only use I've found for them.

Firing Moss Arrows at items, people, or even the walls or ceiling, will cause 
the initial clump of moss to fall to the ground at that point, and then the 
remaining moss will shoot out.

It is important to note that the moss from one of these arrows covers an entire 
square area, even though some patches may look "bare" in this area. These bare 
patches are still considered "mossed", and you can walk silently on them.

4.13.7: Gas Arrows
First Appearance: Unknown

These are very nice to have on those levels where you can't kill anyone. It 
allows you to knock out someone (or sometimes a few someones) at a distance. If 
you use one of these in a crowd, there is a radius effect which knocks out the 
primary target as well as those in the immediate vicinity.

While you won't be knocked unconscious if your Gas Arrow "detonates" too close 
to you, you will take some damage from the shattering glass.

Trajectory with Gas Arrows is the same as with Fire Arrows: they keep going in a 
straight line, never falling, until they hit something.

In a pinch, Gas Arrows can be used to put out unwanted fires. (Possibly Gas 
Lamps as well?)

Like Fire Arrows, if you only pull back on your bowstring briefly, the arrow 
will travel much more slowly. (And I assume that you can chase it and hit 
yourself with it, like the Fire Arrows.) 

4.13.8: Rope Arrows
First Appearance: Unknown

Very handy items, if you happen to have no way into or out of an area, and there 
is a wooden (or similarly "soft") surface neraby. Fire one of these, and you 
have instant access.

A word of caution: While these arrows are very useful to you in many situations, 
it should be pointed out that there is a maximum length to the rope. You could 
shoot a Rope Arrow at a ceiling very high up, and watch with dismay as the rope 
tumbles down to stop several feet higher than your highest jump.

Note that these arrows are re-usable. Once you've finished with the rope, 
retrieve the Arrow whenever possible.

A useful manouevre for any Thief is what I call a "jump-n-snatch" manouevre. 
Basically, when you are ready to abandon your rope, position yourself in some 
way to that your Rope Arrow is highlighted, then jump off the rope AT THE SAME 
TIME THAT YOU GRAB THE ARROW! This retrieves your Rope Arrow for re-use later, 
and accomplishes your goal of getting to where you wanted to go. (In some cases, 
it is enough to just hang on the rope and grab the arrow, allow yourself to 

WARNING! Do not face a wall, standing directly against it, then look straight up 
and fire one of these into a secure material! Yes, it will stick, but the rope 
will be too close to the wall, and you will be unable to use it!

4.13.9: Noisemaker Arrows
First Appearance: Unknown

An arrow that makes a noise as it flies. When it strikes a surface, it emits a 
"cricket" sound for a short while. In most cases, I've found this completely 
useless, although I have made successful use of it in a Thief Gold mission. I'm 
sure there are other instances that I am just not seeing where these devices 
would prove useful.

These weapons are also retrieveable, like the Rope Arrows.

4.13.10: Flash Bombs
First Appearance: Mission One (Running Interference)

A Flash Bomb is a device which will blind anyone nearby who sees the "flash" 
when it strikes a hard surface (like the floor or a wall). If you use one of 
these one someone who is chasing you, the blindness caused by it will make that 
person vulnerable to your Blackjack again. At least, until the blindess wears 

A word of caution: When the Flash Bomb goes off, you also suffer the blinding 
effects! You will be just as blinded (for a short time) by the flash as your 
enemies, unless you look away. The farther away you look (ie: the more "away" 
you turn your gaze), the less the effects will be. However, even if you look 
directly at it when it goes off, you seem to be blinded for a shorter period of 
time then the others. Probably because you were expecting it and they weren't.

4.13.11: Flares
First Appearance: Mission One (Running Interference)

The Flare is a device with a misleading name. This type of Flare does not behave 
in the manner of a traditional flare. More appropriately, this device is a Glow-

Activating a Flare will light up the area immediately surrounding you. The 
light's radius is very small, and it has a greenish tinge to it. While you are 
holding the Flare, you will be unable to manipulate or pick up objects. The 
light lasts for about fifteen seconds, and then the Flare disappears in a puff 
of smoke (literally).

A Flare does not need to be held onto in order to keep the light active. You can 
drop it on the floor if you want or need to (to pick up an object, for example), 
and retrieve it again. Or you can throw it ahead of you into a dark area to get 
an idea of what you'll be walking into.

A Flare is a once-only item. Once you use it, you cannot shut it off to preserve 
the light, nor can you prematurely douse it (see below). It will "burn" for its 
full duration, then wink out. And once it is out, you cannot re-light it.

Remember, the Flare is a LIGHT SOURCE! That means that if you are holding it, 
you are more brightly illuminated than if you weren't holding it. Don't light 
one of these when someone's looking for you!

Flares do not appear to work underwater. And if you throw a glowing Flare into 
water, it will wink out (and the item itself will disappear). If you find a 
Flare to be an annoyance to you, you can even douse it with a Water Arrow.

Note: One time, I was able to keep a Flare going INDEFINITELY, by throwing it 
before it went out, then picking it up before it went out, then throwing it 
again, etc. I kept the Flare burning for at least two minutes this way. I cannot 
at this time remember if it eventually burned out or if I just gave up on it.

4.13.12: Explosive Mines
First Appearance: Unknown

These Mines are small, and sometimes hard to see when they are lying around 
waiting to be picked up (or set off).

A note about setting Mines: Don't use the right mouse button like you do to (for 
example) throw a Flash Bomb. Instead, use your "Drop" key (the default drop key 
is the letter "R"). It will fall at your feet. Otherwise, if you use the right 
mouse button, you tend to "throw" it a distance from yourself, and it bounces 
and slides around for a short time before finally stopping and arming itself.

A word of caution: Once you've set a Mine, you CAN trigger it yourself. BE 

According to the manual, you can use your lockpicks on a set Mine to disarm it. 
The manual did NOT say if this renders the Mine useless, or if you can pick it 
up yourself and use it once it's been deactivated. (The manual only said 
"Mines", it did not specifically name "Explosive Mines".)

Another interesting point about Mines. If there is one set, you can trigger them 
without going near. I've fired Broadhead Arrows at them and had them go off, 
although you have to actually HIT the Mine...the motion of the arrow flying by 
is not sufficient to alert the Mine's motion detectors. Note that the Mine has 
to be that's just lying there without being set will not be triggered 
in this manner. Also, another Mine exploding nearby can set off a Mine...they 
can be knocked back, and you can start a chain reaction this way!

One final note regarding Explosive Mines: if one goes off near an unlit torch, 
it can ignite the torch. (Possibly Gas Lamps as well?)

4.13.13: Gas Mines
First Appearance: Unknown

A Gas Mine is like a Gas Arrow, as far as effect is concened. When trod upon, 
they release the same knockout gas as the Gas Arrow, putting the victim to 
sleep. Also like the Gas Arrow, it has an area effect, so if several persons are 
nearby when it goes off, more than one will likely fall asleep.

Since it is still a Mine, it share a few characteristics with the Explosive 
Mine. They are set the same way, and you can set them off yourself if you move 
too close to it once it is primed. Also, you can set it off from a distance with 
a Broadhead Arrow, just like the Explosive Mine, and deactivate them with your 
lockpicks. Finally, they do make a rather audible noise when they go off, so 
anyone nearby has a chance to hear it.

4.13.14: Potions
First Appearance: Healing Potion - Mission One (Running Interference); Breath 
Potion - Unknown; Speed Potion - Mission One (Running Interference); Slowfall 
Potion - Mission Two (Shipping... and Receiving); Invisibility Potion - Mission 
Two (Shipping... and Receiving)

There are five types of potions you can get in the game: Healing, Breath, Speed, 
Slowfall, and Invisibility.

Healing Potion: Exactly what it sounds like. When you quaff this potion, you 
will start to regain health points. It heals you a total of four health points 
(or up to your maximum, whichever is the lower value). It is not an immediate 
effect (it doesn't take too long, it just doesn't happen immediately) will 
regain these points slowly, one by one.

Breath Potion: This is extremely useful when you have a long underwater journey 
to take. If you're supply of air is running low, drink this potion down 
(actually it's just a bottle of air, but why quibble?) and you'll have a 
replenished air supply. No matter how low your air supply is when you take this, 
it is always restored to the maximum, so I suggest you wait until your current 
supply is nearly depleted before using this, to gain the maximum benefits.

Speed Potion: Another rather obvious one. You swallow this potion, and you are 
granted a temporary burst of speed. You can run faster and, as a result, jump 
farther. It doesn't last very long (approximately eight seconds), so be sure you 
really want to use it before you do. I am not sure if your combat skills are 
enhanced by this potion or not. Anyone?

Slowfall Potion: 

Invisibility Potion: 

4.14: Cheats
What? You want to CHEAT?? You want to deprive yourself of the experience of 
playing and winning this game on your own??? WHY?!?!?!

The following cheats are known. Note that I have not personally verified them.

To skip the current mission and move on to the next one, press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-

For extra money, add the line "cash_bonus x" to your dark.cfg file, where x is 
an integer. That value will be added to your loot total for loadout purposes 
(the before-mission screen where you buy equipment is the loadout screen).

Section 5: Running Interference (Mission 1)
My best time on Expert: 6 minutes, 50 seconds
Maximum Possible Treasure: 1285
Total Number of Secrets: 3

Regarding my best time: Although the final time shown at the end of the mission 
was 6 minutes, 50 seconds, I actually made it out of the manor in 5 minutes, 55 
seconds. The remainder of the time I was waiting for Basso and Jenivere to exit.

5.1: Introduction
"Reliance upon others is weakness for the strong, but strength for the weak. 
Wisdom and balance lie in knowing your own nature over time."
     -- Chronicle of the Metal Age

I've always equated "feelings" with "getting caught"...they both get in the way 
of my money. Unfortunately not everyone is as committed to their work as I am. 
An old associate of mine...Basso, the Boxman...wants to marry Lady Rumford's 
chambermaid, Jenivere...and live happily ever after. Guess prison life spoiled 
his taste for thievery.

Too bad for Basso that Lady Rumford has other plans...marriage would void 
Jenivere's indentured service contract, so Rumford is keeping her confined in 
the estate with the rest of her "worldly possessions".

Basso has asked for my assistance on getting her out...since infiltration is my 
specialty. I make it a policy never to take a job so sentimental, but the 
Rumford manner could be a lucrative opportunity for a man like me. It would also 
mean that Basso would owe me a favour...And in this line of work, you can never 
have too many of those.

I'll sneak in after dark, and clear a path for Basso, so he can rescue his 
"damsel in distress". Along the way I'll pick up a few "souveniers" for the 
local pawn shops. That should make all this aggravation worthwhile. Otherwise, 
I'll make Basso wish he was still rotting in Cragscleft. Huh! This proves 
it...going legit is more trouble than it's worth....

5.2: Objectives: Normal
1. Once you're ready for Basso to go, give the signal using the
   birdcall he gave you. You have to be close enough for him to hear
2. Help Basso and Jenivere get out of the mansion together. You'll need
   to scout ahead to make sure Basso's route is safe.
3. Jenivere would be aghast if anybody died because of this. Don't kill

5.3: Objectives: Hard
1. Once you're ready for Basso to go, give the signal using the
   birdcall he gave you. You have to be close enough for him to hear
2. Help Basso and Jenivere get out of the mansion together. You'll need
   to scout ahead to make sure Basso's route is safe.
3. Luckily, Basso didn't say anything about not taking Lady Rumford's
   stuff. Get 300 in loot.
4. Jenivere would be aghast if anybody died because of this. Don't kill

5.4: Objectives: Expert
1. Once you're ready for Basso to go, give the signal using the
   birdcall he gave you. You have to be close enough for him to hear
2. Help Basso and Jenivere get out of the mansion together. You'll need
   to scout ahead to make sure Basso's route is safe.
3. Luckily, Basso didn't say anything about not taking Lady Rumford's
   stuff. Get 600 in loot, including 200 in gems.
4. Jenivere would be aghast if anybody died because of this. Don't kill
5. Still, nothing stops you from teaching these guards a lesson and
   getting in a little practice. Score at least 8 knockouts.

5.5: Simplified Objectives
1. Once you're ready for Basso to go, give the signal using the
   birdcall he gave you. You have to be close enough for him to hear
2. Get Basso and Jenivere out of the mansion together with you.
3. Get 600 loot, including 200 in gems.
4. Don't kill anyone.
5. Score at least 8 knockouts.

5.6: Before The Mission
What You'll Encounter: Human Guards (Swordsmen and Archers).

Starting Funds: 0

Starting Gear:

 1 Sword
 1 Blackjack
15 Water Arrows
 1 Birdcall

There is no purchases screen for this mission. You leap right from mission 
objectives into the mission itself.

Recommended Purchases: None. Total Cost: 0

5.7: Notes Regarding This Mission
This mission starts off with a very nicely done tie-in with the previous game. 
If you recall, you decided to rescue Basso the Boxman from Cragscleft Prison 
because he had a female relative you were interested in. Now you're helping him 
with his true love. What wonderful irony! :)

This is a wonderfully done introductory mission. Not too hard, not too easy, and 
it introduces the player to many of the basics of how to play, and what to 

Despite what the manual says, you do not start with any Broadhead Arrows, nor do 
you have the opportunity to purchase anything before this mission starts. 
However, you are given an ample supply of Water Arrows, and you'll find a few 
more items of interest within the mission.

You will be introduced to many aspects of the game in this mission, including 
(but not limited to) hiding, sneaking, blackjacking guards, "cause and effect" 
aspects (for example, using a lever to open a hidden compartment), picking 
pockets, and using keys, among others. Most importantly perhaps, you will learn 
that, if you want to be a master thief, you must search EVERYWHERE for items of 
wealth. That even means searching places you don't think of! (I know that sounds 
cryptic, but you'll see what I mean when you play the game.) Some of the loot is 
hidden quite insidiously.

A final word regarding the loot...there is one area where you find three "coins" 
(I've heard them referred to as Lucky Coins, and I'll call them that in the 
walkthrough below). Apparently, there is sometimes a problem with these coins. 
In the original Thief II game (ie: before the patch is applied), there is no 
problem, but after you apply the patch, one of these coins is "stuck", and you 
can't get it. However, I have applied the patch to the game and I have had 
absolutely no trouble with these coins. This is only mentioned here is case you 
happen to have trouble getting one of these coins. This is the reason. The coins 
are only worth 20 loot each, so there's no significant loss if you can't get it.

When you finish the mission, your stats screen will show that you have a certain 
number of pickpockets "out of 10". I have only found nine of these ten. If 
anyone knows where number ten is, please let me know.

Regarding Basso's route: This walkthrough does not have you follow Basso when he 
goes to rescue Jenivere. However, if you have a saved game near the point where 
you call him, you can follow him if you wish, for the fun of it. He seems to 
switch from run mode to walk mode for no apparent reason. When he finally picks 
the lock on Jenivere's door, you can manage to move yourself into the room 
before it locks on you again. Inside, you'll find a red key on the table, which 
unlocks the door to this room. Now, WHY didn't Jenivere use it herself? :)

Note that, sometimes, you can find yourself waiting outside for Basso and 
Jenivere, and they just don't seem to be coming. I don't know why, but 
occasionally, they get "stuck". I went to check on him on one occasion, and he 
was standing outside her door, with it wide open, and she was just standing 
inside. There was nothing to do but reload the game.

Finally, remember that you are REQUIRED to knock out a minimum of eight 
individuals before you can successfully complete this mission. Despite the fact 
that sneaking is usually preferred over force, don't hesitate to use your 
Blackjack! The walkthrough will attempt to "count" the knockouts with you, only 
using those pointed out within it. If you knock out more people than instructed, 
your count will most likely be higher. Once the eighth knockout has been 
achieved, no further count will be kept.

Fun Thing To Try: Believe it or not, it is possible to get up to the highest 
point of the roof of the manor. It takes a long time and a lot of patience, but 
it's possible. Your reward? You'll find a hole in the roof that acts as a 
chimney for all the fireplaces you find within, which you can fall down and die. 
Neat, hmmmm? :) Also, one time while I was up there, I was able to throw a crate 
down onto a guard below. It bounced off his head (at a rather impressive height, 
I might add), and crashed into the ground. The funny part is that the guard 
didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until the crate hit the ground! :)

5.8: Walkthrough
     A. Gaining Entry
     B. The Basement, Initial Section
     C. The Kitchen Area
     D. The Basement, Final Section
     E. Ground Floor, West Wing
     F. The Courtyard
     G. Ground Floor, East Wing
     H. Leaving The Manor

               * A. Gaining Entry *

As soon as the mission starts, someone approaches you. Don't panic, it's just 
Basso. He'll tell you that he's unlocked the door to the butler's quarters for 
you, and say something about that being "the only good way in". He'll then go 
and lock himself in a nearby building to await your signal.

Move forward, and follow the wall of the manor on your left until you come to a 
corner. Turn left immediately, and there before you is a ramp leading down. Move 
to the bottom of the ramp, turn left, and move through the door ahead of you.

Okay, you're in. Directly ahead of you in the corner to your right is a table 
with some loose change on it...two stacks of stacks of copper coins (5, 5, 
Treasure Count: 5, 10) and two stacks of silver coins (12, 12, Treasure Count: 
22, 34).

Once you've grabbed the treasure, turn around until you find another exit (aside 
from the one you used) from this room, then take it.

In the wall ahead of you in this room are two exits, on to your left, one to 
your right. Move towards the left, On a ledge just to the right of the door is a 
key, which will unlock both of these doors. Grab the key, and unlock the door 
ahead of you. Move through it into darkness.

               * B. The Basement, Initial Section *

SAVE YOUR GAME! This is where things start to get interesting. Turn left, and 
move forward. Keep angling yourself towards the wall to your left, so the when 
you find the door there it will highlight. Once you've found it, move through 

Ignore this first room, and move forward through the opening ahead into the next 
room. Upon entry, immediately turn right. Open the chest to get yourself another 
stack of coppers (5, Treasure Count: 39). Then turn right and leave this room 
the way you entered. Continue forward and go through the door ahead, back in to 
the dark hall.

[Note: The room with the chest mentioned above also contains a slice of cheese, 
if you're collecting food items as well.]

Turn left, and move forward. Do NOT leave the safety of the shadows just yet 
though. When you're at just about the edge of the shadows, turn right, then lean 
out left. Aha! A burning torch! There's also a sort of window that two guards 
can see out of. So take out your Water Arrows and, while still leaning left, 
douse that torch. You'll hear the two guards having a conversation about the 
situation. Ignore them.

Now that the way is clear, move down that hall that you've just darkened. When 
you come across a door in the wall to your left, move through it.

Aha, some sort of a barracks, perhaps? There are three chests for you to open in 
this room. Two of them are at the foot of bunks, the third is by an opening 
leading into the guardroom with the two guards.

Move around the room, collecting the treasures from the chests. Each one 
contains some more copper coins (5, 5, 5, Treasure Count: 44, 49, 54). Don't 
worry about being seen, these two guards never seem to turn to look this way.

Once you have everything, turn around, until you find the burning gas lamp near 
a corner. There's a door in that corner for you to go through. Do so.

Directly ahead is a workbench. On top of it you'll find a single Flash Bomb and 
five Flares. Also, beneath the workbench, on the opposite side from the door you 
used, is a lever. Flip this lever (it's Secret #1), and the nearby display will 
rise up, revealing a secret panel behind it, containing another Flare, another 
Flash Bomb, a Healing Potion, and a purse (50, Treasure Count: 104).

[NOTE: There is one area with a guard who is VERY difficult to knock out without 
some help. Try to save one of your Flash Bombs for him. He will be pointed out 
to you at the appropriate time.]

Once you've taken everything you want, turn so you can see the rest of the room. 
There is a doorway in the wall opposite the workbench. Go through it.

SAVE YOUR GAME! Just a precaution really, this next part isn't so tricky. In 
this room, directly across from you is a door. Move through it. In the hall, 
turn right.

I hope that guard didn't scare you too much. Don't worry, he doesn't seem to 
EVER change his facing. Sneak up behind him, and lift the purse from his belt 
(25, Treasure Count: 129). Then knock him out (knockout #1).

Move forward into the next room. Now, stick close to the wall on your right, and 
move forward. There is a door up ahead, in the wall you're following. Try to 
angle yourself so it highlights when you find it. Once you've found it, turn to 
face it.

               * C. The Kitchen Area *

SAVE YOUR GAME! This next part is not as easy as the last time. Open the door, 
but don't proceed into the room yet. There's a servant walking around in there. 
He doesn't seem to have a set "patrol route", he just wanders aimlessly around, 
sometimes into nearby rooms. Watch him, and when you think you've either got a 
good shot at getting behind him, or of getting in unseen and hiding, do so. 
(There are shadows to hide in on either side of the room.) When the opportunity 
presents itself, move right behind him, and knock him out (knockout #2). He's 
carrying a purse also, which you can try to pickpocket before clouting him (16, 
Treasure Count: 145). 

Since you are most likely turned around now, as the servant is almost never 
knocked out in the same place twice, I'm going to ask you to return to the door 
that you entered this room by. Turn so your back is to it.

Now, ahead of you there are four tables, two farther into the room, and two 
nearby. On the nearby table to the left, at the far end, is a bag resting on the 
table. Grab it (45, Treasure Count: 190).

Behind the tables at the far end is a fireplace. To the left of the fireplace is 
a set of stairs going up. Move over to the staircase. You'll see that there are 
a few steps up, then it turns left and continues up. Climb up the first few 
steps, then turn left, and climb up the staircase. However, don't go all the way 
up. Climb until you're standing on the fifth step from the bottom. Then turn 
right around, so you're facing back down the stairs. Side-step to the left so 
you're right against the wall (be sure you stay on the fifth step!).

Ahead of you is a small shelf. Lean forward, and you'll find three "lucky coin" 
sets (20, 20, 20, Treasure Count: 210, 230, 250). Once you have all three sets, 
back up one step (ie: move backwards until you are on the next step up). Then 
turn right, jump forward, and mantle up into the room above.

SAVE YOUR GAME! Although unlikely, you can get caught here. Turn right. There is 
a fireplace are standing to one side of it. Move forward so that you 
pass in front of the fireplace, and keep going until you've passed by it. Then 
turn left, move forward until you are pressed against the wall. Turn left, move 
forward against the fireplace, and mantle up onto the fireplace mantle.

Now centre your view, and turn just slightly to the right. A pair of rings 
should highlight. Grab them. This is the bonus objective for this mission. If 
you look at your mission objectives, they will now read this way:

1. Once you're ready for Basso to go, give the signal using the
   birdcall he gave you. You have to be close enough for him to hear
2. Get Basso and Jenivere out of the mansion together with you.
3. What would a wedding be without rings? Get two for Basso and
   Jenivere. (BONUS OBJECTIVE!) (Checked.)
4. Get 600 loot, including 200 in gems.
5. Don't kill anyone.
6. Score at least 8 knockouts.

Unfortunately, these rings do not add anything to your loot total. Most likely 
because you are giving them to the happy couple, and not fencing them.

Okay, you've got the rings. Now, back up until you fall off the mantle, then 
turn left. Move forward until you are able to turn right, then do so. Move 
forward past the fireplace. Ahead and to the right you should see a hole in the 
floor. This is the stairs you took up. Move over to the hole and allow yourself 
to fall down onto the staircase again.

Turn so you are looking down the stairs, and move forward. Turn left, and move 
down the smaller flight. You are now back in the kitchen. Turn left, and move 
forward. Go right past the fireplace, and you'll soon find a tunnel ahead, with 
a table with some plates on it. Follow this tunnel to the end. There, you'll see 
a doorway of sorts leading into a cubbyhole, with a lever just this side.

SAVE YOUR GAME! Again, more of a precaution than anything else. Move into the 
cubbyhole, then turn right around. Look at the lever so it is highlighted, then 
use it. You'll soon start moving're in a mechanical dumb-waiter! 
While you're moving upwards, turn right around and crouch.

Once you've stopped, you'll be looking into a dining room of sorts. There's a 
table directly in front of you with some treasures for your taking: two golden 
goblets (25, 25, Treasure Count: 275, 300) and two gold plates (50, 50, Treasure 
Count: 350, 400). Also, there is a guard patrolling in this room, and he has a 
key you need. Wait for him to come by, and pick his pocket. Then operate the 
lever in the pane to your left. You'll start moving downwards again. Turn right 
around and stand upright again. (If you accidentally alert the guard to your 
presence, just reload your game and try again.)

Once the dumb-waiter stops, move forward through the exit ahead. Continue 
forward down this tunnel. Once you've passed by the table with the plates on it, 
turn left. Move forward until you find another doorway on your left, and go 
through it.

You're now in the wine cellar, and directly ahead of you is a wine rack. Move 
over to the wine rack. Note that while you're in this room, you may hear the 
sounds of a guard moving around. Don't worry, he's not in this room.

Now, there are three bottles of fine wine in this wine rack, and you'll want to 
take all three. The wine rack has alternating rows of four and three slots (not 
counting any half slots). Starting from the top row, the three slots you want 
are Row 2 Slot 1, Row 5 Slot 4, and Row 6 Slot 1. Get all three wine bottles 
(20, 20, 20, Treasure Count: 420, 440, 460).

Once that's done, either crouch, or look down at the very bottom row of half-
slots. There are three half-slots in total on the bottom. Look into the 
rightmost slot, and you'll find a Speed Potion. (This is Secret #2.) Once you've 
got that, you're finished in here. Turn right around and move forward, and exit 
this room the way you came in.

Back in the kitchen again. Continue forward until you find a door. Go through 
it. Direcly ahead of you is a door in the wall. Ahead to your right there is a 
torch merrily lighting up the room. Use a Water Arrow to douse the torch, then 
head for the door.

               * D. The Basement, Final Section *

SAVE YOUR GAME! There's a patroling guard beyond this door. Open the door, but 
stay in this room. Wait and watch. When the guard comes by, he will quickly 
change direction and start leaving again. That's when you spring into up behind him and knock him out (knockout #3).

[Note: Try not to make too much noise in this area. There is a nearby stationary 
guard you have not taken out because, quite frankly, there's no need to.

You're now in a hallway of sorts. Look around for another closed door. When you 
find it, go through it. Move forward through this hallway, ignoring all the 
doors, until you find a doorway to your right. Move through it. Directly ahead 
are three chests. Within each you will find some copper coins (5, 5, 5, Treasure 
Count: 465, 470, 475).

Turn around and leave the room the way you came in. Turn left. Directly ahead is 
the door you used to enter this area. (It may be open or closed, depending on 
how you left it.) Move forward and go through it, then turn right. Ahead of you 
is a doorway. Move through it into the hall beyond.

Turn right and move forward. You will find a metal door on your right, which is 
locked. This is where Jenivere is being held, and you can't get in. (If you 
highlight the door, Garrett will say something regarding this. However, it's not 
necessary to try to get in.)

Bypass this door. You'll soon come to a wooden door, also on the right. Ignore 
it as well. Just past this door the hallway turns right. Follow it a short 
distance, then stop and turn left. There should be a metal door somewhere in 
front of you. Use a Flare if you can't see it. Once you've found it, move 
through it.

You're in a storage room of sorts. Move forward into the room, and near the back 
turn left. You'll see a series of stacked crates. Start clearing them out until 
you have an opening you can move through (a single stack is sufficient). Move 
through this opening into a small shrine of sorts.

Examine the shrine in front of you. There's a hole in the centre, within which 
someone has secreted a gold nugget (100, Treasure Count: 575). Also, just behind 
the shrine to the right is a tiny alcove. On the floor there you'll find a 
silver nugget (50, Treasure Count: 625). (You will most likely have to crouch to 
get this treasure.)

Once you've got your treasures, turn and move back through the opening you 
created in the crates. Turn right, and move forward until you find the door you 
used to come in here, and move through it again.

Back in the hall, turn left. Again, use your Flare to light the area if you need 
it. A short distance from the door you just used is another one, again in the 
wall to the left. Once you've found it, go through it.

You're in another servant's quarters, much like the butler's quarters you 
entered through. Directly across from you is another door. Go through it. Once 
you're in the next room, turn right and move down to the end. On the table in 
front of you is another purse for you to grab (50, Treasure Count: 675). Once 
you've pilfered it, turn around and move back down to the other side of the 
room. Turn left and move through the door you entered this room by.

As soon as you're in the next room, turn left and move forward to the other 
side. Then turn right. There's another door directly ahead of you. Move forward 
and go through it.

The area's pretty dark, but don't use a Flare here. Turn right, and move 
cautiously up the stairs.

               * E. Ground Floor, West Wing *

SAVE YOUR GAME! You've made it out of the basement, and cleared Basso's path for 
him. However, you're not finished yet! Move forward cautiously, keeping in the 
shadows. There's a guard who patrols the next hallway, and you would really 
rather not get his attention!

When you reach the end of the hall, wait for the guard. While you're waiting, 
take note of the door in the wall to your right. When the guard comes by, pick 
his pocket for his purse (40, Treasure Count: 715), then introduce him to your 
Blackjack (knockout #4).

SAVE YOUR GAME! There's still another guard in this section of the manor. Turn 
to that door you noted while waiting for the guard. Make sure you're still 
hidden by shadows before you open it. Once you're safely hidden, take out that 
gold key you lifted from the guard while you were in the dumb waiter, and unlock 
the door.

If you don't see the guard, then wait for him. He's probably upstairs. He'll 
come down the stairs, move towards the door you're looking through, then turn 
around to go back up. When he turns, move in and knock him out (knockout #5). 
Get the key from his belt also, if you wish.

Now that he's sleeping peacefully, move to the other side of the room (opposite 
the door you entered by), then turn right. Here's the staircase he descended. 
Climb the stairs to the next level. At the top, turn right, and move forward 
until you hit the wall. Then turn left, and move through the door ahead.

Turn right. Ahead of you, you should see a potted plant on a table. Move over to 
it, then look down at the corner the table is sitting in. On one of the walls 
beneath the table you'll find a lever (crouching may help you find it). Operate 
it to find Secret #3. You'll hear a sliding noise of something opening nearby.

Turn around until you find the bed in this room, then move over to it. Position 
yourself near the head, facing it, then look up at the wall above it. The secret 
panel you opened is there, and within lies a jewelled tiara (175, Treasure 
Count: 890). Once you have it in your lootbag, turn right around and move 
forward and slight to the right. Once you've found the door you entered this 
room by, use it to again exit the room.

[Note: There's a desk in the room with the secret you just found, upon which 
sits another golden key. Take it if you wish. It's not necessary, however.]

Turn right, and move forward until you hit the wall. Turn left, and move down 
the stairs into the room below. At the bottom, turn left. Across the room is the 
door you originally entered this room by (open or closed, depending on how you 
left it). Move across the room and go through the door.

Continue forward, moving down the hallway here. Ignore the first two doors on 
your left, and then go through the third into the music room.

This room is illuminated by a single light. Just to the right of that light is a 
table. Move through the room towards that table. When you reach it, you'll find 
it holds two stacks of copper coins (5, 5, Treasure Count: 895, 900). Take them, 
then turn right. You should see another table with a harp sitting on it. Beyond 
that to the right is another table. Move over to that table, and pick up the 
silver flute lying on it (50, Treasure Count: 950).

There's nothing else in here for you, so turn and find the door you used to come 
in here, and leave through it. In the hall, turn left. Ahead is an archway. Move 
forward and go through it. You'll find yourself in the large entry hall, where 
you found the rings. Turn right and move forward. When you find a pair of double 
doors, turn to face them, then position yourself so you are hidden in the 

               * F. The Courtyard *

SAVE YOUR GAME! This next part can be quite dangerous. Pull out one of those 
gold keys you've been collecting, and unlock the doors ahead. Unfortunately, you 
cannot keep one closed while the other is open. Across the courtyard, opposite 
your position, are two gates (the area where you started this mission). In the 
courtyard are three guards, all of them archers. Two are stationary, one is on 
patrol. Wait here until you can see the one on patrol, and wait for him to pass 
by. Once he does, it's time to go to work.

Move through the doors carefully (crouching really helps here), and turn left. 
Move forward around the door, and behind the guard. Pick his pocket if you wish, 
then knock him out (knockout #6). Then turn so you have the courtyard to your 
left, and move forward past the double doors. When you're behind the second 
guard, pick his pocket if you like as well, then knock him out too (knockout 

That's two. The third one is the patroller. This is the guard you've been saving 
your Flash Bomb for. Turn so you're facing the courtyard, and see if you can 
spot him. By now he's probably made it at least halfway around the courtyard 
again. Once you've found him, ready your Flash Bomb and move forward off the 
porch you're on, rush up to him, and throw your Flash Bomb at him (remember to 
look away!). Once he's disoriented, knock him out (knockout #8). This guard has 
two "pockets" to pick...there is the key on his belt, and he's got three 
Broadhead Arrows in his quiver that you can make your own.

Now that the area is clear of guards, turn and find the gates mentioned above. 
Move over to them, unlock them, and move through them. Once you're through, whip 
out your birdcall and use it to tell Basso the way is clear for him to rescue 
his lady fair.

While Basso's doing that, turn and move back into the courtyard. Make your way 
to the centre, and you'll find the remains of someone's picnic. Not only can you 
get a slice of cheese, but there's also a golden goblet (25, Treasure Count: 
975) and a gold plate (50, Treasure Count: 1025). Take what you like.

SAVE YOUR GAME! A precaution again. Once you have what you want from the picnic 
sight, continue forward towards the porch. Mantle up onto it, and move through 
the doors (open or closed, depending on how you left them.) Once you're back 
indoors, turn right.

               * G. Ground Floor, East Wing *

This is where it gets a bit tricky. Ahead of you, you should be able to make out 
a doorway. You'll want to go through there. However, there is a guard who 
patrols that hall. Unfortuntely, I've found that he doesn't always do it 
properly. It appears that sometimes, he needs a trigger before he'll begin his 
patrol. That trigger appears to be you moving a distance down that hall.

Watch the opening for a while, and if the guard doesn't make an appearance (he 
does come a short distance into this room), then he's waiting for you to trigger 
him. If he does come however, then wait for him to turn around, then move in 
behind him and send him off to dreamland.

[Note: If this guard HAS been triggered, his patrol route includes going up some 
stairs and into at least one room before coming back down.]

Move forward to the opening, and go through it. Move down the hall. At the 
corner ahead, continue following the hall, but stay over to the right side. When 
you turn the corner, you may see a guard ahead on patrol in another hall. You 
should be able to ignore him at this point. Move forward into the shadows. (If 
you knocked out the "trigger guard" mentioned above, skip the next paragraph.)

If you haven't found the "trigger guard" mentioned above, wait for him here. 
When he comes down the hall, lean forward and knock him out. (If you don't lean 
forward, you will likely just annoy him.)

Now move down the hall to where you saw the other guard patroling. Wait for him, 
and knock him out when you get the chance. (You may want to lean forward for 
this as well.)

SAVE YOUR GAME! That's the last guard you need to worry about. Now turn until 
you find a doorway, then move through it into a semi-large room. To the left are 
several entrances (made by columns) into a dark room. Move into that room.

Stand with your back to the opening you just came through. Ahead is a wall with 
two doors in it. (You may want to use a Flare to find them.) Go through the 
leftmost door. Directly ahead of you, on the table beside the bed, is a gold-
gilded vase (50, Treasure Count: 1075). Once you have it, turn right around and 
leave the way you came in. Turn left, and move over to the second door in this 
room. Go through it.

This room is a little trickier. From the doorway, move into the room and jump 
onto the bed. Then look at the light brightening this room, and look up. There's 
a ledge just above it. Turn to the right, watching the ledge. Shortly another 
gilded vase will highlight. Grab it (50, Treasure Count: 1125).

Now get off the bed, turn around, and leave the way you came in. In the dark 
room, continue forward through one of the openings into the better-lit room. 
Turn right, and move forward until you hit the wall, then turn left. Climb the 
stairs to the top.

Turn left, and move forward. There's a door in the wall to your right. When you 
find it, go through it. Move forward and through the doorway ahead on your 

In this room, turn left. On the table beside the bed is a ring (40, Treasure 
Count: 1165). Once you have it, turn left and leave the room the way you came 

Across the room from you there is a table in the far right corner. Move over to 
it, and on top of it you'll find a jewelled necklace (120, Treasure Count: 

               * H. Leaving The Manor *

Well, that's everything. Once you have that necklace, turn around so you're 
facing the opposite corner of the room and move forward. Go through the exit 
there (either closed or open, depending on how you left it), turn left, and move 
forward. When you hit the wall, turn right, and move down the stairs to the 

Turn right, move forward across the room, and exit through the doorway ahead. 
Immediately after you leave the room, turn right. Move down the hall, and down 
the stairs. At the bottom, turn right. Pull out the iron key you found in 
butler's room at the beginning of the mission, and unlock this door.

[Note: From this point, if you have been fast enough, you could possible meet 
Basso and Jenivere as they escape too.]

Move into the room beyond the door. There's a doorway in the wall opposite you. 
Move through that doorway, then turn left. There's an exit ahead of you (either 
open or closed, again, depending on how you left it.) Move through that exit.

That's as far as you have to go. However, if you were fast enough, it is 
entirely possible that you beat Basso and Jenivere to the exit. If that's the 
case, you'll now have to wait for them to come out of the manor. Once they do, 
all your objectives will have been completed.

Congratulations! You've helped your friend Basso marry the woman of his dreams!

Section 6: Input From Other Thieves
This is the spot where I will be acknowledging the input from others(sort of a 
"Contributors" section).

Each person's information is incorporated directly into the FAQ, in the relevant 
position. That person is then credited here, and a brief note on what they 
contributed will be listed.

If you send me any information that you feel might be included in this FAQ, 
please include the following information with your tidbit of knowledge:

1) If you want to be credited or not,
2) What name you would like me to use to credit you,
3) If it's okay to include your email address in the credit.

Due to the great number of emails I receive with suggestions/help/etc., I 
instituted a new policy regarding this: any email that contains something which 
could be incorporated into the FAQ which does NOT have the above information 
will be assumed to have answered "No" to question #1. (Due to this new policy, 
the FIRST person I receive an email from with new information will receive the 
credit...this is in cases of more than one person sending me the same 

NOTE: Any information that a person provided to me for the Thief Gold FAQ that 
is relevant to this FAQ has been carried over. I've done my best to keep their 
credit here. If I've mistakenly missed giving you the proper credit, please let 
me know and I'll do my best to correct the error.

Psonyk (
     - Provided information on Mines

Bastage (
     - Improved information on blackjacking humans

Prodigy^ (
     - Revealed you can outrun your Fire Arrows
     - Provided further information regarding Moss Arrows

Downsider (
     - "chain reaction" with Explosive Mines

Section 7: Thief II Sites On The Internet
The following sites are what I have found on the Internet for Thief II: The 
Metal Age. If your site is included here and you want it removed, simply contact 
me via email stating your wish to have the site removed, and WHICH site it is 
you are referring to. If you would like your Thief II site mentioned here, 
please email me (at with the pertinent information.

NOTE: This information is in dire need of updating. I have not had the time to 
search the net for sites, so if anyone out there can send me any addresses they 
have, it would be greatly appreciated.

Looking Glass Studios' Home Page: One of the companies to bring us this amazing 
piece of software. (Note: They have asked me to make it clear that they do NOT 
do tech support for Thief...that is being handled by EIDOS. Unfortunately, EIDOS 
has not gotten back to me about putting their web address in my FAQ, nor about 
my problem with the game.) This is THE place to go for anything Thief related. News, 
desktop themes, wallpaper, fanworks, and more!

Lytha's Web Site - Thief Collection and more: I was thoroughly pleased when I 
discovered this gem of a has everything an aspiring taffer could hope 
for! The Loot Lists section alone is a gift from The Builder himself! (Covers 
both Thief Gold and Thief II, Thief II sections still under construction.)

Section 8: Version History
NOTE: All references in the version history to specific section numbers are 
referring to sections numbers AT THAT TIME! In many cases, these section numbers 
have changed with subsequent releases.

1.0  -- First release of this FAQ. Included only the first mission
        (Lord Bafford's Manor).

Section 9: Disclaimer
Most of this section is taken from the Hellfire FAQ written by by Joseph 
Christopher , and is used here with permission. While 
most of this portion has not proven to be necessary, seeing it in his document 
made me think it would be a good idea to include it in mine. (Please note I said 
MOST of this portion has not proven to be of it have, which is 
why I went looking for information such as this.)

1) I, Adam Gilchrist, the author of this document, am not in any way liable for 
any harm that anybody thinks came from reading this document. Examples of this 
harm include physical ones, such as getting mauled by someone who lost to you 
via a technique found in this document, and emotional ones, such as experiencing 
humiliation upon the use or most likely misuse of yet another technique found in 
this document.

2) If this document was accessed from a source other than, 
there is a chance that it is not up to date. You must therefore attempt to 
access and read the latest version of this document first at the said web site 
before sending in any comments, suggestions, and/or corrections. (This includes 
telling me that such-and-such a website has an incomplete version. I am not 
responsible for the content or any maintenaince on anyone else's website.)

3) This document is not to be profited from---directly, indirectly, or in 
whatever other way possible. By directly I mean earning less than, equal to, or 
greater than a cent's worth in cash, items, or services in exchange for part of 
or all the contents of this document. On the other hand, by indirectly I mean 
using a part of or all the contents of this document as a convincing factor for 
the purchase of another product thus directly or again indirectly yielding 

4) You will not use even a single phrase, sentence, or concept found anywhere in 
this document on your own work, even if you expressed it in your own words, 
without at the very least giving me, Adam Gilchrist, the author of this 
document, full credit for it. If you in any way incorporated even a very minute 
part of the strategies found in this document with your own in your work, then 
you must at the very least give me partial credit for it.

5) Webmasters, web page contibutors, and all similar personnel wishing to post 
this document on any other website, you must read and abide by this disclaimer 
as well as the copyright information provided at the end of this document. 
Keeping this document as updated as it is at is preferable, 
though not required.

6) Ignorance of the law excuses no one, therefore if ever anything unlawful is 
done to this document and/or to me, its author, the appropriate legal actions 
will be taken. If at any point you disagree with this or any of the above 
statements, delete this document immediately and discard any help it has done 
for you.

Section 10: Endnotes And Copyright Notice
Please send all comments, suggestions, praise, love letters, job offers 
(ESPECIALLY the job offers...Prima, why haven't you contacted me? ), etc. to:

Feedback is greatly appreciated. In particular, what you liked, disliked, what 
could have been done better, alternate ways around problems, spelling errors you 
spotted that I didn't, the correct names for items/treasures I may have not 
recognized properly, etc. Anything that you feel will make the next version of 
the FAQ and/or Companion Guide better and/or more complete and accurate.

This document is copyright May 2000 Adam Gilchrist. Permission is granted to 
reproduce and distribute it freely, in whole or in part, provided that:

i) the reproduced portion(s) remain(s) unmodified,
ii) the original author (Adam Gilchrist) is credited,
iii) no profit is made from the usage of the reproduced portion(s) or
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iv) if being reproduced for other than personal use, the information on
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v) you read/have read, and agree to abide by, the Disclaimer section of
   this document,
vi) you read/have read, and agree to abide by, this copyright notice,
vii) the Disclaimer section is included in its entirety (permission is
     granted to change the section number of the Disclaimer section, to
     allow continuity for those who are not reproducing the entire
viii) this copyright notice is included in its entirety.

That's all until next time. Ignore what the guards and Hammers tell you, and 
keep taffing!