_______.___________.    ___      .______
                  /       |           |   /   \     |   _  \
                 |   (----`---|  |----`  /  ^  \    |  |_)  |
                  \   \       |  |      /  /_\  \   |      /
              .----)   |      |  |     /  _____  \  |  |\  \----.
              |_______/       |__|    /__/     \__\ | _| `._____|

            ____    __    ____  ___      .______          _______.
            \   \  /  \  /   / /   \     |   _  \        /       |
             \   \/    \/   / /  ^  \    |  |_)  |      |   (----`
              \            / /  /_\  \   |      /        \   \
               \    /\    / /  _____  \  |  |\  \----.----)   |
                \__/  \__/ /__/     \__\ | _| `._____|_______/

                             The Force Unleashed
                                Holocron Guide

Table of contents:
(To skip to a specific section put the sections number followed by a "-" into
your find function)
1-: Intro
2-: Rewards
3-: dashing blast
4-: Tie Fighter Factory
5-: Raxus Prime
6-: Felucia
7-: The Emperical (medical facility)
8-: Bespin (cloud city)
9-: kashyyyk
10-: Imperial Felucia
11-: Imperial Raxus Prime
12-: The Death Star
13-: Legal Crap
14-: Version History
15-: Contact Information
16-: Credits


::This guide was made with the XBox 360 version of the game, holocron locations
  and rewards may not be the same in other versions::

Hello and welcome to my humble holocron guide, there are just a few
things you should know before you read on. First, this guide only touches on
the Jedi holocrons, (yellow/gold cubes) which will not respawn if you redo the
level like Sith holocrons. Second, I'd like to let you know before we even
start, get the dashing blast combo as soon as you possibly can, as it will earn
you easy access to a few holocrons and there are some you can't get without it.
I'll expand on that in the next section. If you have trouble understanding the
locations, you may find it easier if you cross-refference with another guide,
and if you are having trouble, I recommend you do so. Lastly, if you haven't
beaten this game before, I highly suggest you do first, or you might miss some
important plot elements in you search for the ever-elusive holocrons.

P.S. There are no holocrons on the first mission on Kashyyyk (the one with
Vader) so it won't even be mentioned except this once

The Layout of the holocron locations looks like this:



There are many rewards to getting all the holocrons. Not to mention the
achievement if you got the 360 version. These include extra force power, talent,
and combo points, as well as two new costumes and lightsaber crystals. If you
happen to be looking for a specific reward; you can use the find function of
your computer to find it. All the rewards and how they are laid out are as
(For saber crystals but your favored color in the  and your chosen
effect, ex: unstable, in the  section)

Force Power Sphere
Force Combo Sphere
Force Talent Sphere
10000 Force Points
Lightsaber Power Crystal:  (ex: Katak)
 lightsaber crystal:  (only put compressed or unstable in the
                                      effect section, normal crystals have
                                      nothing there)
Costume:  (ex: Sith Robes)

Dashing Blast:

Buy this as soon as you can, it costs 1 force combo point and it will make your
life many times easier. To properly use this it will take a bit of practice,
but once you get the hang of it it's the easiest thing in the world. Execution
is as follows:

Jump/Double Jump    (a)
Force Dash          (lb)

This is the tricky part, press (b) while in your force dash, when your 50-99%
through your dash.

Dashing Blast (b)

TIE Fighter Facility     4-

1) First TIE Hanger
   Once you're inside the TIE hanger, turn right and go to the opposite
   catwalk, this holocron is in the middle of the catwalk.
   10000 force points
2) First TIE Hanger
   Inside the TIE hanger, jump up onto the crashed ship, then unto its highest
   part, then jump onto the catwalk a little ways above you, this holocron is
   at the end of that catwalk.
   Yellow Lightsaber Crystal
3) Second Hallway
   After using force grip to get out of the hanger, you'll come across a door
   where you need to force push it open, after you're through that, continue
   till you find two more doors that have to be pushed open, one in front of
   you, and one on the right, the holocron is behind the door on the right. If
   you make it to the catwalk with the TIEs flying by, you've gone too far.
   10000 force points
4) Lower Lift Area
   Continue onward until you go through a room with the lift in it, continue
   straight through this room to the other side. The holocron is behind some
   Force Talent Sphere
5) Upper Lift Area
   After going up the lift, go through the door on the right. The holocron is
   at the end of the catwalk behind some crates.
   Force Combo Sphere
6) Upper Catwalk
   From the last holocron, go straight across the lift room and fight your way
   to the gap, jump over and continue down this catwalk. The holocron is in the
   second alcove on the right.
   10000 force points
7) First Wing Room
   continue until you get to the room with the modified AT-ST, (the one that
   throws things), and demolish all the enemies on the lower level. Hitch a
   ride on the left-most TIE wing and ride it up past the first catwalk and
   jump onto the second. The holocron is down a little ways behind some
   10000 force points
8) First Wing Room
   You should be able to see the next one from the last one, just go a little
   farther and jump onto the structure that it's on. It will be on the left of
   the catwalk where number (7) is.
   10000 force points
9) Second Wing Room
   In the next room with TIE wings, (the lifts don't work and most wings are
   beat up) you have to use force grip on one of the TIE wings on the floor
   and maneuver it into one of the slots. I recommend using the slot on the
   left because there are two wings below it that are already lined up.
   Once you get the wing in, jump up to this holocron, which is located three
   wings up in the middle.
   10000 force points
10) Second Wing Room
    Same room, continue jumping up wings until you get to the highest one on
    the left. Double Jump/Dash (a)(a)(lb) onto the catwalk and jump over the
    small gap to nab this holocron.
    Lightsaber Power Crystal: Rubat
    (Extra Lightsaber Damage)
11) Assembly Line: First Section
    Continue till you get to the hall with the lasers and TIE cockpits. The
    holocron is on the lowest level in a small alcove on the left. (walk
    behind lasers, next to lower level wall if you're having trouble finding
    10000 force points
12) Assembly Line: Generator Room
    Continue to the generator room, the holocron is between the four
    generators on the left. (generator room has the battery you pull out of
    the wall behind the disintegration field)
    Force Power Sphere
13) Assembly Line: Generator Room
    the holocron is in an alcove on the right of the battery room.
    10000 force points
14) Assembly Line: Second Section
    In the next  part of the assembly line, this holocron is in a similar
    alcove to holocron number (11), but it's in the right alcove this time.
    10000 force points
15) Assembly Line: Second Section
    Continue to the door at the end, but take a small detour to the right,
    the holocron is along the wall, can't miss it.
    10000 force points

Raxus Prime     5-

1) Starting Area
   After you lift up the first platform, the holocron is a little forward and
   below you in a small alcove.
   10000 force points.
2) Hiperdrive Core
   Once inside the hiperdrive core continue upward until you can jump on the
   rotating object, ride it until you can jump onto a platform opposite
   the usual path, (this is really hard to explain), and from there walk up
   the pipe-ramp, (the ramp is six pipes across if you don't know which one),
   then jump onto the next platform, and from there onto the small circular
   platform that surrounds the middle column. From there circle round it,
   and then jump onto the holocron platform. There are two jawas on the
   Force Power Sphere
3) Crashed Ship Exterior: First Area
   Continue past the falling drive-core fluid, and into the tunnel that ends
   at the crashed ship, as soon as you exit the tunnel, turn left and grab
   the holocron, you can't miss it.
   10000 force points
4) Crashed Ship Exterior: First Area
   Near the edge of the cliff, there's a weakened circular wall that you can
   force push open. It's on the side of the canyon that the crashed ship is on.
   Inside is the holocron.
   Red Lightsaber Crystal: Compressed
5) Crashed Ship Exterior: Second Area
   Go through the first part of the crashed ship, and drop through the hole,
   then continue forward to the right end of the cliff edge.
   10000 force points
6) Crashed Ship Interior: Second Area
   Continue into the second part of the crashed ship, go all the way down the
   hallway, until you are forced to jump up, before you do, force push the door
   open and grab the holocron.
   10000 force points
7) Rodian Base: First Section
   Continue onward until you pull open a large metal door, and go through. In
   the area past the door, keep left until you can jump onto an elevated
   platform. The holocron is at the end of the elevated platform you just
   walked onto.
   Gold Lightsaber Crystal
8) Rodian Base: First Section
   Same area in the opposite corner as holocron (7), to the right of the
   entrance to this area.
   Force Combo Sphere
9) Rodian Base: Second Section
   Continue down the elevator and into the next area. From the entrance to
   this area, turn right and keep along the right wall until you find the
   holocron. It's in the corner of the area.
   Yellow Lightsaber Crystal: Compressed
10) Rodian Base: Second Section
    Same area as holocron (9), the holocron is below the platform the power
    switch is on, sitting on top of a small skiff.
    Force Talent Sphere
11) Junk Canyon
    Continue to the junk canyon, (you'll know when your there because a small
    cutscene plays showing a long metal wing-ish object), from the entrance to
    this area, keep right. The holocron is on top of the right side elevated
    area, about half-way.
    10000 Force Points
12) Secret Area
    Continue past the makeshift bridge and the piece of metal you pull down
    to use as a platform, until the path makes a right turn. DO NOT GO RIGHT!
    there should be a wall of metal scrap in front of you, force push it down,
    and you should see numerous curled up sheets of metal just like the one
     you pulled down before. This is the tricky part, you have to pull all the
    sheets down to make platforms, and use them to jump to the far-off
    platform where the holocron awaits. This is one of those situations where
    Dashing Blast can become very helpful. WHEN YOU GET THE COSTUME DO NOT PUT
    IT ON!!!  I can't stress that enough, if you put it on right away, chances
    are you will never get it back again.
    Costume: Sith Robes
13) Temple Entrance
    Continue past the next junk titan and past the doors you force push open.
    There are three in this area, the first is about two feet away on the
    10000 Force Points
14) Temple Entrance
    You'll have to jump on top of the AT-ST head to be able to get to this one.
    It's on top of the elevated area on the right.
    10000 Force Points
15) Temple Entrance
    In between the two elevated platforms, this one is easy to jump to from
    the elevated area you found holocron (14) at.
    Power Crystal: Firkrann
    (Lightsaber Attacks have a chance to do electric damage)

Felucia     6-

1) Starting Canyon
   Continue down the main path until you can take a small detour to the right.
   The holocron is at the end of that small detour, if you reach a tunnel,
   you went too far.
   10000 Force Points
2) Fungus Tower
   As soon as you enter the fungus tower, continue straight forward to the edge
   and drop down to the lower level. The holocron is just behind you.
   The holocron is roughly below the entrance to the tower.
   10000 Force Points
3) Fungus Tower
   Continue up the fungus tower until you reach a bridge that goes across the
   middle. (there are a few of these, you want the lowest one) At the top,
   turn left and continue around the side of the tower to a dead end, the
   holocron is at the dead end.
   10000 Force Points
4) Fungus Tower
   Go up the second cross-middle fungus bridge, and turn right at the top,
   jump up the small cliff, and keep going until you can jump onto the
   platform the holocron is on; the ideal jumping spot is near the poison
   10000 Force Points
5) Fungus Tower
   Continue up the tower until you reach the top, just before the exit, there
   are some hanging platforms to the left, jump from one to the next to
   reach the holocron. The holocron is on the highest platform.
   Red Lightsaber Crystal: Unstable
6) First Battle Area
   Once outside of the fungus tower, keep right until you reach the holocron.
   Can't miss it.
   10000 Force Points
7) First Battle Area
   From the exit of the fungus tower, keep along the left wall until you
   reach the holocron. The holocron is inside a tunnel on the left, it will
   not show up on the mini-map so don't look for it there. The holocron is at
   the end of the tunnel.
   Gold Lightsaber Crystal: Compressed
8) First Battle Area
   A bit before the tunnel to the next area, there is a tooth-like thing. The
   holocron is inside the tooth like thing. If you can't find it, just pull up
   every tooth-like thing you can find and eventually the holocron will show
   10000 Force Points
9) Second Tunnel
   Continue inside the tunnel to the next area, the holocron is inside the
   tunnel, inside a hole in a rock in the center of the tunnel. You will have
   to jump to reach it.
   Force Combo Sphere
10) Clone Wars Battle Site
    Continue out of the tunnel until you reach an area where you have to jump
    down a small cliff. After you jump down, keep along the left wall until
    you find the holocron, can't miss it.
    10000 Force Points
11) Third Tunnel
    Continue to the next tunnel. The holocron is midway through the tunnel,
    in a hole similar to that of holocron (9)
    10000 Force Points
12) Rancor Grove
    Continue to the rancor grove, and keep to the right, the holocron is on
    top of one of the fungus shelves on the right.
    10000 Force Points
13) Rancor Grove
    Keep jumping along the right-side fungus shelves past holocron (12)
    This holocron is also on top of one of the fungus shelves.
    Force Talent Sphere
14) Rancor Grove
    From the entrance to the rancor grove, keep left and jump onto the
    left-side fungus shelves, dashing blast can be helpful here. The holocron
    is on top of one of the left-side shelves.
    Force Power Sphere
15) Rancor Grove
    Near the exit of the rancor grove, behind a tree-like thing. (the tree-ish
    things will flap out a weird appendage at their base if you hit them with
    10000 Force Points

The Empirical (Medical Frigate)     7-

1) Lab Exit
   You cannot miss this one; you practically have to walk through it to get out
   of the medical lab, but just in case, it's just past the door out of the
   starting area.
   Blue Lightsaber Crystal
2) Specimen Chamber
   As soon as you enter the specimen chamber, turn left and drop of the edge.
   the holocron is behind the doors to your left.
   Force Talent Sphere
3) Specimen Chamber
   Inside one of the specimen containers, use force push or whatever you feel
   like to break it open and claim this holocron.
   Force Combo Sphere
4) Escape Pod Room
   Continue to the escape pod room, the holocron is inside the last escape pod.
   (you have to use lightning on the pods to destroy them)
   Force Power Sphere
5) Third Hallway
   Continue to the hallway just after the pod room. The holocron is at the very
   end of this hallway behind some crates.
   Lightsaber Power Crystal: Lorrdan
   (increased ability to deflect and reflect blaster bolts)

Bespin-Cloud City     8-

1) Vapor Room
   Inside the starting area in a small alcove above the bar.
   Lightsaber Power Crystal: Ruusan
   (Force powers cost less energy to use)
2) Vapor Room
   Just before the exit of the starting area, inside a circular object.
   Gold Lightsaber Crystal: Unstable
3) First Battlezone
   After exiting the hallway and going down the ramp to the main area, stick to
   the right wall, the holocron is behind some crates.
   10000 Force Points
4) Support Beam Above First Battlezone
   Once outside, continue until you go up the ramp. When you reach the circular
   platform around the pillar, you can jump onto a support beam in front of
   you. The holocron is at the left end of that support beam.
   Yellow Lightsaber Crystal: Unstable
5) Above First Battlezone
   From the same circular platform, you can jump to the other holocron that's
   floating in the air to the right of the platform.
   Force Combo Sphere

Kashyyyk     9-

1) Starting Area
   From your starting position, keep left. Can't miss it.
   Blue Lightsaber Crystal: Compressed
2) Second Starting Area/Canyon
   From your second starting position, the holocron is right behind you, behind
   a wood structure.
   Costume: Kento's Robe
3) Second Starting Area/Canyon
   When you get to the end of this path, turn around and go backward. The
   holocron is in front of a rock outcrop on the left, up high. You'll have to
   jump off of a tree stump to reach it. Keep your eyes up.
   10000 Force Points
4) Catwalk Area
   As soon as you pull open the doors, the holocron is at the end of a small
   ledge to your left.
   10000 Force Points
5) Catwalk Area
   When you come to a split in the path, take the ramp that goes upward. The
   holocron is behind a large pipe above the ramp, so you'll have to turn
   around to see it.
   10000 Force Points
6) Catwalk Area
   On the same ramp as holocron (5) continue forward a *very* small way. The
   holocron is on a platform to the left of the catwalk/ramp. You'll have to
   jump to get to it.
   10000 Force Points
7) Catwalk Area
   At the end of the catwalk/ramp, go straight forward to the edge and look
   down. The holocron is just below the end of the catwalk, so you'll have to
   jump off and grab it in mid-air.
   Force Combo Sphere
8) Showcase Room/Sturn's Quarters
   In the showcase room, sitting on top of some Bantha horns.
   10000 Force Points
9) Battle Area
   Inside the first wooden sniper tower. 
   Force Power Sphere
10) Battle Area
    Inside the third wooden sniper tower.
    10000 Force Points
11) Battle Area
    Inside the last Wookie cage before you move on to the real prison. To open
    the cages, slash the control panel on the front with your lightsaber. If
    you go inside the real prison, (there are energy walls inside), you've gone
    too far.
    10000 Force Points
12) Wookie Prison
    After disabling the second energy wall, the holocron is in the second cell
    on the left. To open the cell, use force grip and pull it open.
    Force Talent Sphere
13) Wookie Prison
    After disabling the third energy wall, the holocron is in the second cell
    on the left.
    10000 Force Points
14) Skyhook Area
    After you exit the prison and go into the skyhook area, keep right. The
    holocron is on top of a tree branch a little ways down.
    Purple Lightsaber Crystal
15) Skyhook Area
    The holocron is on the side of the skyhook building. You should be able to
    see it from the holocron (14). I can't give a better description because
    the building is perfectly symmetrical, just go around it and look at the
    side, you should find it easily.
    10000 Force Points

Imperial Felucia     10-

1) First Battlezone/Starting Area
   This holocron is inside a tunnel/canyon practically under the starting
   position. To get there, jump down from the starting position and hug the
   right wall until you walk into the tunnel, the holo' is at the end.
   Green Lightsaber Crystal
2) First Battlezone/Starting Area
   This one is a bit tricky, the holocron is hanging out right above one of the
   giant tooth-ish things in the starting area, but in order to get to it,
   you'll have to jump off one or two boxes to get enough height. You can use
   the ones that are near the tooth to start with, or use force grip do drag
   some over a place them in your ideal position.
   Force Talent Sphere

   Jeffrey Gouge's Alternative,
   "The easiest way to obtain this holocron is on the tooth itself. There is a
    circumstance ledge circling the tooth-like thing. On the right side, face
    the tooth and stand next to it in the center then jump onto the ledge. Jump
    again to obtain the holocron. If your not on the correct position, near the
    tooth. You will not stand on the ledge, but fall back down."

3) First Battlezone/Starting Area
   Continue onward until you find a metal bridge-like structure. This is the
   path you would normally take, but holocrons are rarely on the normal path.
   Instead go straight past the bridge to a small area off to the side. The
   holocron is inside one of the giant tooth thingies. (if you can't find the
   area I'm talking about, just keep along the right wall from the starting
   position until you get there. Go past the tunnel of holocron (1))
   10000 Force Points
4) Second Battle Area
   Continue past the bridge and into the next area, the holocron is on top of
   some fungus shelves on the right side just as you get off of the metal
   Purple Lightsaber Crystal: Compressed
5) Second Battle Area
   After you drop into the next area, the holocron is inside a little alcove
   above this area. There's an e-web turret gunner up there. Now there are two
   ways you can go about getting this one, first, you can find a fungus-stump
   opposite the alcove and use that to jump into the alcove. (Dashing Blast
   required for first method), or you can get holocron (6) first, then walk to
   this one from there.
   Force Power Sphere
6) Second Battle Area
   You can walk to this one from (5) by staying up on the ledge, or you can
   stick to the left from the beginning of this area until you come to a
   mini-tunnel, and double jump to it from the other side of that mini-tunnel.
   (a cutscene will probably play before you can reach the ledge, you can just
   redo the jump and grab it)
   10000 Force Points
7) Sarlacc Exterior
   Continue until you find the imperial tank/cranes. The holocron is behind
   the first one, just jump up onto the tank, then jump down on the other side.
   10000 Force Points
8) Sarlacc Exterior
   This holocron is on top of the first tank/crane. You'll have to jump onto
   some wires on the back and carefully walk up them to reach this one.
   Lightsaber Power Crystal: Vexxtal
   (Lightsaber attacks have a chance to corrupt enemies with a damaging aura)
9) Sarlacc Exterior
   When you get onto the bridge, when you reach the center, take the left fork.
   Keep going on the bridge until you are out of the small metal tunnel-ish
   area, then turn around and jump on top of it. The holocron is right up
   10000 Force Points
10) Sarlacc Interior:First Area/Throat
    As soon as you get inside the Sarlacc, turn right. You can't really miss
    this one, it's right there.
    10000 Force Points
11) Sarlacc Interior: Stomach
    Keep going until you find the drop-off. You should be able to see the
    holocron from there. Jump to it using the Dashing Blast combo. YOU CANNOT
    GET THIS WITHOUT DASHING BLAST! If you miss it, you'll have to reload
    an earlier save.
    10000 Force Points
12) Sarlacc Interior: Lung Room
    Inside the lung room on the right side. (the lung room is the one that
    has all the air blowing at you.
    10000 Force Points
13) Second Battlezone
    After the Sarlacc ejects you, from the exact spot of your starting
    position, turn about 90 degrees right and jump onto a hanging mushroom,
    from there jump onto the next hanging mushroom and then jump to the
    holocron. You can see the holocron if you look up from your starting
    Force Combo Sphere
14) Final Canyon
    When you get to the exit of this area, (with the stairs/platforms) go up
    the first set of stairs, and then partway up the second. From there, turn
    around and double jump/dash to this holocron.
    Blue Lightsaber Crystal: Unstable
15) Final Canyon
    Continue down this next canyon/tunnel and hug the left wall the whole way.
    The holocron is along the left wall almost at the end.
    10000 Force Points

Imperial Raxus Prime     11-

1) Starting Area
   As soon as you start, go forward and jump onto the small ledge on the right.
   From there double jump/dash/dashing blast to the ledge on the left side, and 
   go into the dark alcove and go left down the elevator shaft. Keep going and
   then COMPLETY DESTROY the ballsy jawa who's guarding the holocron... Then
   grab the holocron.
   Lightsaber Power Crystal: Sigil
   (Lightning based attacks do extra damage)
   side note: the increase in damage is fairly significant.
2) Starting Area
   Once you get out of holocron (1)'s location, jump down and hug the left wall
   until you reach a tunnel. Then you have to UTTERLY DEMOLISH the ballsy jawa
   who's guarding this holocron. Then you can grab the holocron.
   10000 Force Points
3) Large Canyon
   Continue until you walk across the makeshift scrap metal bridge, then at the
   end, go straight forward and force push down the metal wall. Then you must
   FULLY INCINERATE the ballsy jawa who guards this holocron. Then you can grab
   the holocron.
   Force Power Sphere
4) Large Canyon Exit
   This holocron is at the exit to this area and in all honesty I don't think
   you can miss this. I mean really, I don't think you could not get it if you
   tried to walk around it. It's that obvious. (you actually can miss this if
   you actively try to miss it but really, who would do that?)
   10000 Force Points
5) Rodian/Imperial Battlezone
   When you jump down into the next area, keep right. Jump onto the small
   circular platform and then double jump/dashing blast your way to this one
   on another circular platform a ways away. (You can get to it without
   dashing blast, but it's much easier this way)
   Green Lightsaber Crystal: Compressed
6) Rodian/Imperial Battlezone
   A little cutscene should play soon showing some Rodians coming out of a hole
   in the wall. The holocron is at the end of that hole they crawled out of.
   10000 Force Points
7) Rodian/Imperial Battlezone
   In order to leave this area, you'll have to jump on some metal platforms to
   get to the exit. On the second or third platform up, you can jump to this
   holocron which is hanging in midair over the battlefield.
   10000 Force Points
8) Rodian/Imperial Battlezone Exit
   In the exit tunnel, this one is right in front of you. This one is like
   holocron (4), because unless you actually TRY to miss this one, I don't
   think you can.
   10000 Force Points
9) Dropbase Exterior
   This holocron is on one of the junk towers outside the dropbase. It's hard
   to miss.
   10000 Force Points
10) Dropbase Interior
    This holocron is up on the catwalks in the dropbase. To get up there just
    jump on some of the platform-ish things on the side of the base, then onto
    the catwalk and finally just walk to the holocron on the middle catwalk.
    Force Talent Sphere
11) Arrival Hanger
    After the cutscene, destroy everybody in the arrival hanger then go up the
    lift and turn right. The holocron is at the end of the upper-right side
    10000 Force Points
12) Tractor Beam Room
    Continue to the room with the central platform and keep right. Go up the
    right-side ramp, and at the end move the two boxes out of the way and force
    push the wall they were up against. Turns out there's a small area back
    there with a holocron. Go forward and claim it.
    Purple Lightsaber Crystal: Unstable
13) Catwalk Area
    Continue till you get to the area with the central catwalk and the two
    smaller catwalks below it. Jump to the left-side lower catwalk, and go to
    the far end. The place you want to be is between the last two glass panels.
    from there double jump/dashing blast to the far away left-side catwalk.
    The holocron is at the end of that catwalk. YOU NEED DASHING BLAST FOR THIS
    METHOD! Jalen441's method below does not require dashing blast.
    Force Combo Sphere

    Jalen441's Alternative,
    "The way to reach the left-hand bridge is to place a barrel on top of the
     last barrel towards the exit.  Then hop onto the stack and execute a
     double-jump and dash towards the nearest point.  If you get as high as
     possible on the double jump it’s easy."
    This method does not require dashing blast.

14) Ring Hallway
    When you get to the giant ring hallway, take the right fork. The holocron
    is about halfway down the hallway.
    10000 Force Points
15) Ring Hallway
    Similar to holocrons (14)'s location in that it's on the opposite side of
    the ring.
    10000 Force Points

The Death Star     12-

1) First Battlezone/Starting Area
   The holocron is on the upper catwalk where the snipers are. To get there
   you can jump on some boxes at the end of the hanger. The first holocron is
   in the alcove on the right-side catwalk. There's actually a lift in the
   corner you can use too...
   Lightsaber Power Crystal: Katak
   (Lightsaber attacks have a chance to siphon health from opponents)
2) First Battlezone/Starting Area
   Similar to holocron (1)'s location in that it is in the left-side alcove of
   the upper catwalk.
   10000 Force Points
3) Firing Tube: First Section
   After you break through the first two panes of glass, continue on the right
   side of the firing tube until you find a small alcove on the right. The
   holocron is behind the doors of this alcove. (If you break through the
   second pair of glass panes, you've gone too far)
   10000 Force Points
4) Firing Tube: First Section
   At the end of the first section of the firing tube, take a lift up to the
   catwalk on the left side. From there jump onto the top of the firing tube.
   The holocron is in a small alcove at the end of the above-firing tube
   10000 Force Points
5) Firing Tube: First Section
   Similar to holocron (4)'s location in that it's at the opposite end of the
   same above-firing tube catwalk.
   Green Lightsaber Crystal: Unstable
6) Second Side-Tube Area
   In the second area that runs next to the firing tube, as soon as you start,
   the holocron is in an alcove on the right a little ways forward.
   Force Talent Sphere
7) Second Side-Tube Area
   In the next right-side alcove from holocron (6)'s location
   10000 Force Points
8) Firing Tube: Second Section
   At the end of the hallway that the alcoves for (6) and (7) were in, there is
   a door that leads back into the firing tube. The holocron is in another
   small alcove at the other side of the firing tube from the door.
   10000 Force Points
9) First Amplification Chamber
   At the bottom of the first amplification chamber, behind a support beam. To
   get there you can take a lift down from the side of the firing tube.
   Force Power Sphere
10) Second Amplification Chamber
    The holocron is levitating in the middle of amplification chamber two. You
    almost have to jump through it to get past the chamber.
11) Convergence Chamber
    This holocron is inside the center ring of the lowest firing tube. To get
    to it, jump down into the tube from the convergence chamber.
    10000 Force Pionts
12) Convergence Chamber
    On the second level of the chamber, (one level above where you started),
    on the opposite side from where you entered. The holocron is in the corner
    of the area.
    10000 Force Points
13) Convergence Chamber
    On the same side as the entrance to the chamber, top level. The holocron is
    inside an alcove similar to the alcoves of holocrons (6) and (7).
    10000 Force Points
14) Convergence Chamber
    On top of the highest firing tube. To get to it, you have to jump on a
    support beam. This may take a few tries. Or, if you're skilled enough, you
    could jump right onto the top of the tube.
    Black Lightsaber Crystal
15) Convergence Chamber
    This holocron is next to one of the control panels on the platform leading
    to the emperors observation room.
    Force Combo Sphere

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Devs' and Publishers and anyone else - for making The Force Unleashed
Kyle Eldridge - For pointing out a few mistakes in my guide
Chilled Chaos - For a recommendation to list the general area of each holocron.
Jalen441 - For a non-dashing blast alterative to holocron (13) on imperial
           raxus prime.
Daniel - For finding one of my mistakes
Jeffery Gouge - For an alternate description of how to get holocorn (2) on
                Imperial Felucia.
UpTheRiverStyx - Finding an error on kashyyyk (10)
Ritual Yoda - For pointing out that there is a lift in the corner of the death
              stars starting area.
Sara - for telling me that you can get back to the drop off of  Imperial
       Felucia (11) by using the (a)(a)(lb) combo.
DarkStormChaser - For pointing out I had no reward for death star (11)