_   _           _            
( ) ( ) _       ( )           
| |/'/'(_) _ __ | |_    _   _ 
| , <  | |( '__)| '_`\ ( ) ( )
| |\`\ | || |   | |_) )| (_) |
(_) (_)(_)(_)   (_,__/'`\__, |
                       ( )_| |
 ___                                  ___    _                
(  _`\                               (  _`\ ( )_              
| (_(_) _   _  _ _      __   _ __    | (_(_)| ,_)   _ _  _ __ 
`\__ \ ( ) ( )( '_`\  /'__`\( '__)   `\__ \ | |   /'_` )( '__)
( )_) || (_) || (_) )(  ___/| |      ( )_) || |_ ( (_| || |   
`\____)`\___/'| ,__/'`\____)(_)      `\____)`\__)`\__,_)(_)   
              | |                                             
 _   _  _    _               
( ) ( )(_ ) ( )_             
| | | | | | | ,_) _ __   _ _ 
| | | | | | | |  ( '__)/'_` )
| (_) | | | | |_ | |  ( (_| |
(_____)(___)`\__)(_)  `\__,_)

V. 1.0
FAQ Began: 9/27/08
Game Released: 9/22/08

Copyright 2008 InfernoCrossing


Hello there FAQ reader. My guess is that the reeason you chose to read this
FAQ is because you either need help on this game, which in this case is
Kirby Super Star Ultra, or you need some information that my FAQ provides
you. Fear not, for I shall tell you about the wonder called Kirby Super Star
Ultra. Now then, let's begin!


1. Version History

2. Introduction

3. Controls/Screen

4. Spring Breeze

5. Dyna Blade (In Progress)

6. The Great Cave Offensive (In Progress)

7. Gourmet Race

8. Revenge of Metaknight (In Progress)

9. Milky Way Wishes (In Progress)

10. The Arena

11. Revenge of the King (In Progress)

12. Metaknightmare Ultra (In Progress)

13. Helper to Hero

14. The True Arena (In Progress)

15. Mini-Games

  15.1 Kirby Card Swipe
  15.2 Kirby on the Draw
  15.3 Snack Tracks

  15.4 Megaton Punch

  15.5 Samurai Kirby

16. Enemies (In Progress)

17. Bosses (In Progress)

18. Abilities

18. Items (Not Complete)

19. Bonus Content

20. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

21. Credits 

22. Contact Information

23. Permitted Websites

24. Copyright Inormation



V. 1.0-September 27, 2008

Started to work on this as soon as I got the game, but after I finished part
of it or course. I got the Table of contents and Spring Breeze down. I'll
hopefully have Dyna Blade and The Great Cave Offensive within the next 2
days. I also got all the mini-games done today. What a night, eh? Before
bed, though, I finished  up Gourmet Race, Credits, Contact Information, part
of the FAQ, and Copyright information. I also finished up the basic skeleton
and I'm going to submit it to GameFAQS right now.

V. 1.5-October 2, 2008

It's finally added to the FAQS list! Huzzah! In celebration, I added a new
section called "Items", which, of course, I'll work on afterwards. For now,
though, I've finished up a large variety of things today, as well as 
Sunday night. I've finished up The Arena, Helper to Hero, Bonus Content,
Samurai Kirby, and Megaton Punch. This officially makes the mini-game section
finished! *throws confetti*

I also added some stuff into the FAQ, Controls, and I've started to work on
the Enemy/Ability and Bosses sections, as well as most of the game modes. 
Just hang tight while I type this up for you all. It's a large update, but
it's also well-worth it.

One more thing for this update. Several websites have asked permission of me
to post my FAQ on their site. Thus, I've added a section called "Permitted
Websites". In it will be a list of sites that I've given my permission to 
display my FAQ.

V 1.2 October 4-6, 2008

No I didn't downgrade the FAQ. I just adopted a new FAQ Version display 
format. I hope it's not too much trouble for you guys.

I've worked on a bit more than half of The Great Tree Offensive. It's taken me
a large portion of my weekend to do it and I'm proud of my progress.If you
want the whole thing, which includes a list of the treasures and their
respective areas, you'll have to wait until the next update. I think 30KB+
is good enough for the moment.

Another update to the FAQ is completion of the Abilites section and the
separation of it from the Enemies section. They are now separated for easier
reference. The Bosses section hasn't been touched much, but it's definitely
going to be a lot larger in the next update.



Millions of gamers around the world know about the "super tough pink puff"
named Kirby. Kirby even has a show that's played on a handful of stations.
As the cute little pink ball grew, Nintendo released games based on it.
One game titled "Kirby Super Star" for the SNES was a huge hit. It wasn't
until now, though, that a remake of it has been released. 

As you might think, Kirby Super Star Ultra has everthing the original one
had, and you're right! But, a lot of new improvements have been made since
it's original came to pass. For starters, the sprites and the graphics have
obviously been tuned up a bit. Also, you've got a nice dose of new game
modes to try out! Let's dive on into the fun, shall we?



Honestly, did you think you could go through the game without knowing the
controls for it? Well, you COULD just go ahead and learn them by yourself,
but I recommend you know what you're doing first, before you let go of that
uber and awesome ability you're totally owning with.

+Menu Controls+

L-Shoulder Button: Nothing
R-Shoulder Button: Nothing
Directional Pad: Mover cursor
A Button: Confirm/Select
B Button: Cancel
Y Button: Nothing
X Button: Nothing
Start Button: Confirm
Select Button: Nothing

*NOTE* You can also tap what you want to choose

+Game Controls+

L-Shoulder Button: Guard 
R-Shoulder Button: Guard 
Directional Pad: Left/Right: Walk Down: Crouch/Swallow
A Button: Jump
B Button: Inhale
Y Button: Jump
X Button: Create Helper (with Ability)
Start Button: Pause
Select Button: Pause

+Water Controls+

L-Shoulder Button: Guard 
R-Shoulder Button: Guard 
Directional Pad: Move Around
A Button: Swim (Tap to swim faster)
B Button: Shoot Water
Y Button: Swim (Tap to swim faster)
X Button: Nothing
Start Button: Pause
Select Button: Pause

+Combo Controls+

Down Button + A/Y: Slide
Up Button: Enter Door/Open Treasure Chest
Tap Left or Right twice: Dash
Tap A: Float
Tap B while floating in Air: Shoot Air


Not only do you need to know just what the heck you're about to do, you
also need to know what you're looking at. With the help of this FAQ (as
well as your own eyes) you should know what you're doing so you can master
that art of "seeing".

+Main Menu+

-Screen 1-

This is the screen where you select what file you want ti use. This is also
where you can begin group sub-games and 2-player Spring Breeze.

-Screen 1b-

This is where you can choose a 1-player adventure or a 2-player adventure.
If you choose 2-player, be sure to have a buddy near you. This game doesn't
connect to the Nintendo Wifi Connection.

-Screen 2-

This is where you select what mode you want to play in. In the beginning,
you're limited to only Spring Breeze and somemini-games. As you progress,
however, you'll gain more modes to choose from.You can also choose to view
cut-scenes you've seen before and change your options.

-Screen 3-

This is the screen that you get to after selecting a mode that isn't a
sub-game. Here, the details of the mode is displayed below and the "New Game"
and "Continue" options are displayed on the top.

-Screen 4-

This is the screen you get to if you pick a mini-game. On the top screen,
it tells you to choose choose what level you want you're mini-game to be.
The bottom screen gives you game info and has the selection area where you
can choose what level you want the game to be.

-Screen 5-

This screen is where you get to when you touch/select the theater icon. On
the top screen, you have Kirby pretending he's a movie director with 
sunglasses. The bottom screen is where you choose what scene you want to see.

-Screen 6-

This is the options screen. From here you can adjust your sound settings,
view the beginner's show again, or erase your file. On the top, Kirby is
sitting on what appears to be a box holding a wrench and screwdriver.

+Pause Menu+

-Screen 3- 

You can get to this screen by simply pressing the Start button in-game.
From here, you can either continue your game, or quit.

-Screen 3b-

This gives you a plain description of the Kirby ability you have now. This
doesn't give you the controls to press.

-Screen 3c-

This screen (or sometimes screens) tells you what moves you can use in
detail. This/These screen(s) DO give controls to press.

+Bottom Screen In-Game+

The bottom screen in-game tells you many things, althoguh you'll probably
rarely check. It tells you Kirby's current health, his partner's current
health, if he has one, how many lives you have left, what your score is,
what stage you're on, the title of the stage, and what mode you're playing.


Now that we've gotten through all the nitty-gritty stuff, let's move
onto the walkthroughs. Before, we move, though, let me just tell you
first about my format before each walkthrough. First, I'll give you the
difficulty of it, then the description of it, then the game's fact on it,
and then my opinion. The form for this one is as followed:

Difficulty: *

Description: All of the food in peaceful Dream Land has been stolen! This
             must be the work of King Dedede!

Game Statement: This game is easy fun! It's simple enough for new players
              to enjoy.

My Opinion: Easy like Sunday morning. You really don't need a walkthrough
            for this.

Alright, let's get this bad boy roared up!


There's trouble in Dream Land! King Dedede and his soldiers have stolen
ALL the food in Dream Land! Here comes our hero, riding in on the Spring
Breeze! Some call him...Kirby. Let the adventure begin!

-Stage 1-

-Room 1-

Enemies: 6

5 Junk Enemies
1 Laser Doo

Just like most of the rooms in this mode, this is simple. You'll first
see a Laser Doo. You can either bypass it or grab it's ability. The next
5 enemies don't give you anything special, so just kill them off. Simply
jump over the hills and the gorge near the end and jump on top of the
Warp Star near the end.

-Room 2- (BOSS)

Enemies: 2

5 Junk Enemies
1 Poppy Bros. Senior

This room is your first boss battle. Kill of the Poppy Bros. or use it as
ammo. Keep attacking the Poppy Bros. Senior with whatever you can throw at
it until it dies. All he does is jump around and throw bombs. If you 
inhale it, you get the Bomb ability.

Once your done with him, keep moving on. Watch out for the flying enemy
and the Poppy Bros that are in here. Just below where the flying enemy
appears are blocks that you can destroy. They arre hiding food, but they
also hide a Poppy Bros. Stand guard and press on to the door, but watch
out for the giant cat animal-thing near the end.

-Room 3-

Enemies: 4

1 Laser Doo
3 Junk Enemies

You're inside a tree. Okaaaay. Watch out for the Laser Doo near the
beginning, since you might jump into it or it's beam. The is some food
at the sides of the tree that are protected by blocks, and a Maxim Tomato
is hidden behind some blocks as well.

-Room 4- (BOSS)

Enemies: 1

1 Giant Tree

Just simply fall through the holes. Eventually you'll get yourself in a
skirmish between you and a Giant Tree. It attacks by dropping apples on top
of you. Nutrition hurts, doesn't it? Just bash until it will make a nice
batch of floorboards. Grab the shiny object and enjoy the show.

-Stage 2-

-Room 1-

Enemies: 5

1 Knuckle Joe
4 Junk Enemies

How you got from a forest to a group islands, I'll never know. Anyways,
watch out for the Knuckle Joe near the beginning. Then, keep wary of the
waters below. They contain 2 junk enemies. The door at the end is also guarded
by two enemies, so watch out.

-Room 2-

Enemies: 5

1 Chilly
2 Junk Enemies
1 Spike Ball

This room is a bit of a hazzard if you're low on health. Drop down, but watch
out for the enemy. There's some food in a room to the left, but watch out for
the spikes below you. Proceed on and you hit a fork. The upper area contains
a door that leads to a 1-up. The bottom area contains a Chilly and a Spike
Ball blocking a door. I recommend you go to the upper area first, then the
lower area.

-Room 3-

Enemies: 0

Grab the 1-up, but watch out for the falling walnuts!

-Rooms 4-

Enemies: 11

2 Burning Leos
8 Junk Enemies
1 Spike Ball

There are two ways you can take this room. The first way is to just grab
the Invincibili-Pop and rampage into the next room. The next way is to
avoide the 'Pop and head on as normal. I recommend the 'Pop way since it'll
make the next room a breeze. This room can be deadly, so watch out if you
don't eat the 'Pop.

-Room 5- (BOSS)

Enemies: 5

1 Mr. Frosty
4 Junk Enemies

If you grabbed the 'Pop, just run into Mr. Frosty at least 3 times and he's
a goner. If you didn't use whatever you can against him. He may look somewhat
cute, but don't go easy on him. He gives you the power of Ice once you defeat
him and inhale him. Afterwards, grab the Warp Star. You'll automatically
KO the 4 enemies in your way.

-Room 6-

Enemies: 3

1 Crasher
1 Sir Kibble
1 Blade Knight

This is just the room you need in order to prepare for a boss battle. You
have 3 choices here- Cutter, Sword, or Crash. Cutter and Sword will last
a while, but Crash Kirby will eliminate both of the bosses in one fell swoop.
Choose whichever one you want, grab the banana and Maxim Tomato if you wish,
then proceed. 

-Room 7- (BOSS)

Enemies: 2

1 Lololo
1 Lalala

These guys are pretty simple to defeat, if you have Crash Kirby that is.
Just press B and they're goners. If not, use whatever ability you have, or
inhale and then exhale the blocks they're pushing. Be wary, though. They
sometimes push Spike Balls, which will hurt. Once they're both downed, you'll
be taken onto an island with a shiny thing. Grab it and press onto the next

-Stage 3-

-Room 1-

Enemies: 9

2 Blade Knights
5 Junk Enemies
2 Cannons

Now you're on clouds. Not only that, but you can STAND on them too. I guess
it's best not to follow the Laws of Nature then. Anyways, try to refrain from
falling down. If you do, you can imagine that plummeting to the planet from
a cloud will hurt. A lot.

Jump to the next cloud with a Blade Knight on it, and then head onto the
solid structure. Watch out for fire from cannons on the way. Once you're
there, do what you want with the Blade Knight and head on through the door.
If you wish to try to inhale the flying orange enemies, don't. They'll go
rapid on you. If you press on farther than the door, 2 treats will fall from
the sky. Aren't you already in te sky? Okaaay.

-Room 2-

Enemies: 6

1 Simirror
1 Laser Doo
2 Sir Kibbles
2 Junk Pokes

This room is somewhat crowded, so be on your toes. There's nothing too
special about it, besides some food. Just bash your way through and move on.

-Room 3-

Enemies: 4

4 Junk Enemies

This room might kill you if you aren't careful. Watch out when you're flying.
Be sure to grab the food if you're low on health. Move on through the door
that you can reach by jumping or flying to it.

-Room 4- (BOSS)

Enemies: At least 2

? Laser Doo(s)
1 Kracko Jr.

This guy will spawn Laser Doos and drop bombs on you. Not only that, but 
it'll also run into you deliberately. Avoid it and hit it while it's
stationary. Once it's down, hop onto the Warp Star.

-Room 5-

Enemies: 9

1 Mike
8 Junk Enemies

This room is tricky to maneuver with the Flower Chomps around. The spiky
brick might hurt you as well. Grab the Mike and use Mic Kirby to eliminate
the junk enemies trapped within the blocks. Press on through the door.

-Room 6-

Enemies: 7

2 Sir Kibbles
2 Laser Dees
2 Rockies
1 Junk Enemy

This room is incredibly simple. Or is it? Float up to the door level,
defeating and inhaling enemies when necessary. Once you get up to the door
level, though, you can either enter through the obvious door, or you can
go to the moon! Either way, they both lead to the same final area.

-Secret Room-

Enemies: 2

1 Sleepa
1 Bonkers

This room contains a huge amount of food, as well as a 1-up. Grab what you
want and head on down. At the bottom, Bonkers waits for you, as well as a
Sleepa. Inhaling the Sleepa will cause you to go to sleep. Usually this'll
be a good thing, since you'll regain energy. But during the thick of a hot
right, it can make you lose more health. Use the Sleepa as ammo, if you can,
and destroy Bonkers. Watch out for his hammer and walnut attacks, though.
If you inhale him, you get the hammer ability.

-Room 7- (BOSS)

Enemies: At least 1

? Laser Doo(s)
1 Kracko

Remember the Kracko Jr? His daddy is here. He's bigger, spikier, and more
of a threat than his son. What a chip of the old block, that kid. Avoide him
at all costs until he's stationary. Then you can unleash on him. Repeat this
until he joins his son. Once he's down, grab the shiny thing and enjoy the

-Final Stage-

-Room 1- 

Enemies: 3

1 Rocky
1 Laser Doo
1 Junk Enemy

You start off rolling right through a Rocky. You can do with it whatever you
want. The same thing goes with the other enemies that occupy this room.
Just be sure you're prepared for what's coming up.

-Room 2- (BOSS)

Enemies: 1

1 King Dedede

This is it. This is what you've been playing for. Make sure you're at least
at half health. Otherwise, you'll have a hard time. He'll swallow you, he'll
swing at you, and he'll pounce on you. Attack him with everything you've got.
Eventually, the King will fall.

+Spring Breeze Ending+

Kirby will grow to the size of some freakin' huge mountain and bring the
castle to the people that own the food. The food will rain down and the
people will rejoice. It will say "To be continued..." at the bottom.


Difficulty: ***

Description: Dyna Blade has disrupted the crops. There must be a reason. But
             first, this has to stop!

Game Statement: Five stages of adventure await! Perfect your copy and helper

My Opinion: If you still haven't grasped the basics of this game yet, this
            mode will make you hurt a bit. You don't really have to perfect
            your copy and Helper Skills just yet. But if you already did,
            congrats. I guess...

Most of you probably already know about a giant bird named Dyna Blade. If you
don't then don't sweat it, you'll be personally aquainted soon enough. 
Before you go playing this mode all wily-nily, though. Dyna Blade is no
pushover. Althoguh getting to Dyna Blade shouldn't be too hard, even if you're
just a slightly seasoned rookie. With 5 stages laid out right in front of you,
why are you reading? Let's move, people!


What was that shadow that flew through the sky!? No worries, though, right?
Nothing bad can happen in this serene-looking scene. The Flowers are dancing
(which is kinda odd since they don't have feat...), the butterflies are
fluttering around carelessly, and our favorite pink puff is taking a nap
under a tree. Nothing can go wrong...

Or so we thought. Dyna Blade has just flew through this area, damaged the
flowers, scatters the butterflies, cuts down the hills (somehow), and cuts 
down the tree Kirby is sleeping under. It's a miracle he's still alive. It's 
even more of a miracle that he's still asleep. but that soon changes when an 
apple hits him on the head.

Observing the scene, Kirby chases after Dyna Blade in order to find out
exactly what's happening.As Kirby runs, a feather appears in the forground.

-Stage 1-

This section is currently being produced. Hang tight.


Difficulty: ****

Description: Kirby finds himself lost in a deep cave full of peril...and 

Game Statement: Find all 60 treasures and get out safely!

My Opinion: Hardcore, puzzle-solving, helper-utilizing, ability-using,
            thumb hurting fun! 

We all love treasure. So does Kirby. But what we need to do here is to
survive this darn place. 60 treasure chests to be found, and millions of
gold to get as well. Although the gold doesn't really matter, as it's just
a point system designed to work well with this particular mode. If you love
back-tracking to get treasures you've missed or if you like using Kirby's
abilities to solve hidden puzzles, click HERE!

....did you fall for that? Darn. Anyways, if you REALLY love that kind of
stuff, then this mode is just ripe for you. Put on your treasure hunting...
styluses..I guess. You know what I mean.


Nothing is cuter than Kirby wearing a Safari cap and a backpack while taking
a nice walk and singing/humming (Kirby's doing SOMETHING music-related, but 
we can't really figure out exactly what it is since all we see are music 
notes) at the same time. But it's about to get a little less cute...

Suddenyl, he walks into a large and deep hole with a bent up warning sign
near it. After falling quite a distance (and somehow surviving...), Kirby
wakes up to find that he's fallen into some sort of cave. Forget bravery,
let's just get the heck out! ....while collecting treasure of course.

-Stage 1-

-Room 1-

Enemies: 0

Hmm. Who knew that falling through a hole on the ground would make you land in
the bottom of a tree. Remember kids, science stinks!

Alright, there's nothing much to see in this first room, although you'll be
seeing it again. But for the meantime, just dash your cute little pink self to
the door on the far right.

-Room 2-

Enemies: 10

1 Laser Doo
2 Knuckle Joes
6 Junk Enemies 

Are you ready for your first treasure? Avoid the first Knuckle Joe and keep
moving to the right until you see the pretty blatant treasure chest that's out
in the open. 

Chest #1
Treasure: Gold Medal
Value: 10,000 G

Stay at the bottom and keep going right. You should come upon a pillar with
two Flower Chomps around it. Destroy the top section of the pillar to reaveal
a door. Enter said door.

-Room 3-

Enemies: 0

To save a bit of time, just fly to the end of the room, then swim down. Then
grab the treasure that's at the bottom of the water.

Chest #2
Treasure: Gold Coin
Value: 1,000 G

Now head back to Room 2

-Room 2-

Enemies: 10

1 Laser Doo
2 Knuckle Joes
6 Junk Enemies 

Alright, now move on to the right until you come along three bomb blocks that
are in your way. Destroy the first and third one. Do NOT destroy the second
one. Doing so will result in having to leave and enter the room again to
refresh it. After destroying the blocks, head on through the passage that you
made. Destroy the blocks and bomb block in your way, although watch out for
Gator that might give you a visit. Grab the treasure.

Chest #3
Treasure: Whip
Value: 6,800 G

Before we move on, you have to make a choice. Do you want an ability that
moves fast, or an ability that can fire at a distance. If you chose the
ability that can fire at a distance, grab the Laser Doo. If you want the
ability that can move fast, head on through the door at the far right. Don't
forget to avoid the Knuckle Joe.

-Room 4-

Enemies: 9

3 Birdons
6 Junk Enemies

If you haven't gotten the beam ability, grab the Wing ability fro mthe Birdon.
I suggest getting the Wing ability since it has the ability to launch feathers
and also moves fast.

Climb down (or fall, your choice) the ladder. You'll be able to go either
through the water or through a puzzle that test your agility. We're going
through the puzzle first.

*NOTE: Do everything that I'm about to say as fast as you can. If you mess up,
don't worry. There are doors and floor areas that will take you back to the
outside of the puzzle.

Run over the first switch and keep moving to the bottom-left. Take a breath if
you need it. Run to the switch to the left and launch a projectile at the
switch to the right. Jump through the given path.

Take a short breath. We're almost there. Get on top of the switch you see and
get up the ladder. Or, if you have the Wing ability, fly to the top. Run over
the switch that you see and ignore the door. If you did this correctly, you
should enter a small little oasis-like room. Grab the treasure (of course).

Chest #4
Treasure: Crystal Ball
Value: 200,000 G

Not a bad prize, huh? Hit the bomb and get out of the room to return to the

*NOTE: You can stop going fast now.

Alright. Remember that water path? Well head on through there and swim. The
first time you get out of the water, you should two blocks above you. Hit
them and enter the room they were trying to conceal...poorly. Grab any find
that you need and grab the treasure.

Chest #5
Treasure: Lucky Cat
Value: 500 G

That's all the treasure we can get in this area. Swim to your left and enter
the door. Or, if you need something, destroy the bomb block to back to the 
main ladder. 

-Room 5-

Enemies: 14

2 Laser Dees
1 Spike Ball
11 Junk Enemies

There's a whole lotta junk in this room Just try to deal with it.

At the beginning, you should see 5 blocks. You can jump on the first and last
two blocks, but do NOT jump on the middle one. If you do, refresh the room.
Once you get out of that magma pit, go to the left, but watch out for the
swinging Laser Dee. It may look cute, but it can be annoying. Especially with
two enemies closing in on you.

Once you defeat him, though, you'll notice another pillar. Destroy the top of
it and you'll notice that the treasure chest will land on top of the block
that you shouldn't have stepped on. Go back down to the pit and grab the
treasure chest.

Chest #6
Treasure: Seiryu Sword
Value: 142,000 G

Now head to the left until you see a floor tile that allows you go through it.
It has a bomb block beneath it with a pancake. Destroy ther block to reveal a
small corridor. Head on through to get the treasure with a hint of Easter Egg.

Chest #7
Treasure: Screw Attack
Value: 80,000 G

Your eyes do not deceive. If you haven't gotten the reference yet, the Screw
Attack is used in Metroid games, another series owned by Nintendo.

Head back up a keep going straight up. You should be near a breakable pole
part again. But don't break this one. Instead, go to the right and break the
bricks on that side (this is assuming you still have the Wing ability. If you
don't have it, then just enter through the left as I said before), Now break
all the bricks on the right side until a chest pops out. You know what to do..

Chest #8
Treasure: Echigo Candy
Value: 8,000 G

You should be in front of a door right now. If you want to, enter the door. It
leads to a save room where you can restore full health and save your game. If
not, just skip ahead a bit.

-Save Room 1-

Enemies: 0

Just simply walk onto the platform. It will automatically restore your health.
It gives you the option to save your game. Do what you wish and head back 
through the door you used to get in.

-Room 5-

Enemies: 14

2 Laser Dees
1 Spike Ball
11 Junk Enemies

Head to the right and past the ladder, but stop before the cliff. You should
be on top or near two regular blocks. Break them and you should enter a small
room with a pole block. Break it and the water path will be cleared. Enter
the water path by going to the left and dropping through two floors. Swim all
the way to the right. You can eat the cake if you want to for some health.
Once you get back on land, defeat the enemy with a boomerang surrounded by
four regular blocks.

Now you should be in a well-like area. Grab the Maxim Tomato if needed to the
left of the well. Now destroy the bomb block to get out. Now destroy the face
block to release the treasure chest. Go back to the well to get it.

Chest #9
Treasure: Phanto Mask
Value: 278,000 G

Now go back up and enter the door on the left.

-Room 6-

Enemies: 18

1 Bonkers
4 Sir Kibbles
5 Plasma Wisps
2 Smirrors
2 Spike Balls
4 Junk Enemies

This room is going to be a tough one, so just follow my lead...

Head to the right until you see a Bonkers. You can either defeat it or you
can just simply destroy the blocks to make him fall a thousand feet below. Now
head up the ladder and make your way to the left, but not too far left or
you'll come across two Plasma Wisps. Climb up the ladder and enter the cannon.
Shoot yourself straight up to get the treasure.

Chest #10
Treasure: Star Stone
Value: 82,100 G

Now backtrack yourself to the first ladder that you took going up in this
room. This time, climb up the ladder that's slightly to the left of it. Now
move to the right again and you'll be on a ladder that leads to two floor. For
now, head all the way to the bottom. Watch out for the Smirror and Sir Kibble
here. Destroy the block and watch out for the Spike Balls. Now head inside
the room that those two were occupying and grab dat treasure yo.

Chest #11
Treasure: Beast's Fang
Value: 7,300 G

Sorry about that language. Anyways, go back to the ladder and go to the level
that you previously skipped. Dodge or destroy the enemies and move to the
right. Head up the ladder and do the same thing. Once you head up the next
ladder, you can go to the left to get some food, or you can move onto the
right side. Either way, head all the way to the right and enter the door.

-Room 7-

Enemies: 12

1 Sir Kibble
5 Junk Enemies
3 Smirrors
3 Tac

If you don't have the Cutter ability on you, then inhale the Sir Kibble that
you see as soon as you enter the room. Cut the platform that you see if you
need some health. Keep heading right until you see a couple of bomb blocks
that are blocking a treasure chest. The bombs are on both sides of it, so 
be sure to take them all out. Once you destroy all the blocks, the chest 
should land on a small strip of land. Grab n' Go!

Chest #12
Treasure: Bandanna
Value: 1,990 G

We're almost done with all the treasure chests in this area. Move onto the
left area. Cut down the platform you see after the Smirror. Jump through the
shaft it made and head to the left. You'll come along a 1-up and a Treasure 
Chest. You can grab them in any order you wish.

Chest #13
Treasure: Seasons Heart
Value: 250,000 G

Congratulations! If you've followed this FAQ correctly, then you should have
all the treasures in the Sub Tree. If you look at the touch screen, you should
see a gold coin next to the Kirby statue. A Gold Coin means you have all the
tresures in that particular area. Don't get this confused with the Gold Coin

Alright, now head back up and to your right. Enter the door/

-Room 8-

Enemies: 0

Inside this room are three abilities you can pick up, as well as a Maxim
Tomato to restore your health to perfection. You can choose from:

-Magic (I highly suggest Kirby takes this ability)
-Sword (I highly suggest Kirby's partner takes this ability)

Prepare yourself wisely in this room, as you are about to face a boss battle
pretty soon. 

-Room 9- (BOSS)

Enemies: 1

1 Fatty Whale

In the beginning there's nothing much to do. You can marvel at the background
for a bit if you want. But don't lose track of what we're really here to do.
Head over to right until the screen stops following you.

Fatty Whale is here! 75% blubber, 20% horn, 5% pixels, all boss! Fatty Whale
has a variety of attacks he uses against you. He will bounce along the edge,
he will splash into the lake, causing rubble and (somehow) enemies to pop out
of nowhere. And sometimes he'll just swim along. But don't get too cocky when
he does that, since he'll burst water out, causing a huge wipeout that'll make
Kirby and his partner go sky high.

If you have Mirror on Kirby, attack whenever you have the chance and guard
whenever you don't. Your partner should take care of the rest of Fatty Whale's

Before you move on, check your treasures. You should have 13 of them and your
total gold should be 1,067,690 G. If you're missing a treasure, find out what
you're missing. Once you do...

Head on over to the door to your right. 

-Rail Station 1-

Enemies: 11

11 Junk Enemies

A simple room. You can either take the long way and walk all the way to the
end, or you can just hop in one of the Wagons, tap the direction you want to
go, and enjoy thie slaughter. Grab the Maxim Tomato near the beginning if you
need it. Once you reach the end, do the usual.

-Stage 2-

-Room 1-

Enemies: 6

6 Junk Enemies

Welcome to the new stage! I bet you can't guess what it's theme is...

Start out this stage by swimming down through the water. Avoid the enemies
on your way down, though. Ignore the door and keep going down. Grab that
first chest you see.

Chest #14
Treasure: Dime
Value: 10 G

Now head to your left and break the bricks there. Eventually, you shoul reach
a thin corridor with a treasure and a 1-up. Grab them in any order your little
heart desires.

Chest #15
Treasure: Glass Slipper
Value: 120,000 G

Backtrack to that door that you ignored and enter it.

-Room 2-

Enemies: 0

There are four doors in this room. Each of them leads to a different room.
Which door will it be, Princess? Let's drop down one level and enter the door
with the glowing star first.

-Save Room 2-

Enemies: 0

Just simply walk onto the platform. It will automatically resotre your health.
It gives you the option to save your game. Do what you wish and head back 
through the door you used to get in.

-Room 2-

Enemies: 0

Now then. let's head to the left door, shall we? If you don't want to go
through that door first, I won't force you, although you'll have to skip
around my guid a bit if you do since I'm going in order of the treasures and
nothing else.

-Room 3-

Enemies: 14

3 Crashers
1 Poppy Bros.
10 Junk Enemies

Head to the left and go down one level. You should either be on a ledge that
overlooks a treasure chest, or be near one. Either case, press the switch and
the brick wall that was blocking the chest will come open. Grab n' Go!

Chest #16
Treasure: Goblet
Value: 800 G

Now head straight down until you see a button. Don't push it just yet. Move
to the right side of it and then shoot it with a water blast. Now hold the
Up Directional-Pad button and you should obtain the...

Chest #17
Treasure: Saucepan
Value: 10 G

Swim to the left while aboiding the squid-like enemies. Get the Crash ability
from the Crasher and keep going left. Eventually you should come upon a wall
whose button is on the other side that blocks a treasure chest. Use your Crash
ability to open the door, but be quick about it. It won't stay open for long
(just like most bars in real life...). Grab the treasure chest.

Chest #18
Treasure: Brass Knuckle
Value: 20,000 G

Now that you're on this side of the tracks, move left until you find another
pool of water. Go to the bottom and hit the button to activate another current
that you can ride on. Head up and go to the ledge to your left with a Crasher
and a treasure chest on it. Either swallow the Crasher and get the Crash 
ability again, or you can avoid it and go straight to the creme de la creme
aka the treasure chest.

Chest #19
Treasure: Amber Rose
Value: 22,100 G

Now head up one more level until you see a ledge with an enemy on top of a 
bomb brick. You can either use your Crash ability to activate the brick, or 
you can grab the bomb ability from the enemy and do the same thing. Either
way, you'll be lead into a small room with some strong winds. Try to float
your way to the door in the middle and enter it.

-Room 5-

Enemies: You don't need to know this information yet

Simply grab the two beautiful beauties that are cornering you and leave.

Chest #20
Treasure: Fish Fossil
Value: 8,250 G

Chest #21
Treasure: Beast Fossil
Value: 24,220 G

-Room 3-

Enemies: 14

3 Crashers
1 Poppy Bros.
10 Junk Enemies

Head on back to the area with the current that you previously activated.
Keep moving on up again until you see a Crasher. Grab it. Move onto the 
right until the Poppy Bros. comes out. Use your Crasher ability to destroy
it as well as the brick hiding one of the treasure chests. 

Chest #22
Treasure: Machine Parts
Value: 121,300 G

This treasure references to Kirby: Air Ride for the GameCube. It's a part of
one of the legendary machines called the Hydra.

Move to the righ again and destroy the bomb block. Now make your way back to
the main room.

-Room 2-

Enemies: 0

Save your game if necessary. Once you do, head through the middle door this
time around.

-Room 4-

Enemies: 19

3 Spike Balls
2 Sir Kibbles
2 Gims
2 Capsule J2s
10 Junk Enemies

If you see the treasure chest at the bottom, don't go for it yet. The water
currents are too strong for you to swim to it. For now, swim up and avoid the
enemies. Watch out for the Gim enar the surface as well. Run to your right
and dive back into the water. Navigate your way through the blocks and enemies
until you reach a fork in the....water. The left side has some food and an
enemy guarding it if you need to replenish some health. Otherwise, go to the
star block, destroy and go up until you reach a treasure chest.

Chest #23
Treasure: Bucket
Value: 200 G

Now get back into the water and make your way to the right. Go up until you
reach land again. Go right and drop down into an area with a lot of spikes
and two moving platforms. The one on the right leads to a Maxim Tomato if you
need it. If not, go to the left one. Drop down where it ends and ride the 
moving platform on that level. When you reach another split path, choose
the left platofmr again. Break the blocks that are blocking the platform to 
reveal the next treasure.

Chest #24
Treasure: Power Paintbrush
Value: 222,000 G

Now go back and take the platform on the left this time. Go into the water
and make your way to the left side. Watch out for the Spike Balls that are in 
this area. Try to stay to the bottom. Eventually, you should come up on that
treasure chest that we saw earlier. Rock n' Roll baby!

Chest #25
Treasure: 100-Dollar Coin
Value: 10,000 G

Let's head back to the main room, shall we?

-Room 2-

Enemies: 0

Save if you want to. Only one door remains that we haven't gone through yet.
Let's enter the final door on the far right this time.

-Room 5-

Enemies: 14

5 Tacs
3 Spikes Balls
4 Wheelies
2 Junk Enemies

A lot of enemies sometimes seem to pop out of nowhere in this room, so stay on
your toes.                 

Float over the strip of land over your head and push the button their. Spikes
should pop out and a treasure chest will appear. Avoid the spikes and grab the
treasure chest.

Chest #26
Treasure: Ancient Gem
Value: 68,000 G

Now jump over the ledge and climb down the ladder. Move to the right, but try
to avoid the theif if you have an ability. Break the bricks and eventually a
treasure chest should come out of one of them.

Chest #27
Treasure: Falcon Helmet
Value: 41,000 G

Now get out of that room and climb up the ladder. Head right and climb up
another ladder. Go right again and go through the floor and down the ladder.
Head right until you see a bomb block near a treasure chest that's guarded
by a Wheelie. Break the block and grab the treasure chest.

Chest #28
Treasure: Cell Phone
Value: 40,210

The next chest will likely take at least some damage from Kirby and his
partner, so be wary.

Head to the left and make your way up. Once you reach a fork where you can
either go up or down, go down. There should be a Maxim Tomato to the left of
you. If you don't have full health, grab it. Make your way through the wind
tunnel on the right side. There are sine Gordos and spikes that will make this
trip even harder and more potent. Once you reach the end, grab the Maxim 
Tomato in any order you please.

Chest #29
Treasure: Truth Mirror
Value: 500,000 G

Now break the bomb block above you and make your way up and to the left
until you reach a door. Enter it.

-Room 6-

Enemies: 0

It's a rest room. You know what this means. Choose your abilities and
replenish your health. Your avilable abilities are:


I have no suggestions since they are all effective against the upcoming boss
battle. Now check yourself before you wreck yourself. You should have 29
treasures out of 60. Your monetary worth should be 2,265,790. If you have all
of that and a gold coin next to the stage, you have all the treasures in this
stage. If you don't, check what you need and hurry back. When you get back, or
if you didn't backtrack, head through the door on your right.

-Room 7- (BOSS)

Enemies: 1

1 Computer Virus

The Computer Virus is probably my favorite boss in the game. You don't
battle it in the fast-paced action that you're used to. You battle it
turn-by-turn. That means you have a limited time to attack all three enemies
that this boss will throw at you/ You'll first battle a Slime. Then you'll
battle a puppet. After those two, you'll face off against the magician. Just
block when it's your opponent's turn and you should leave easily.

Once you beat it, head to the right and enter the door.

-Rail Station 2-

Enemies: 6

You know the drill by now/ Just grab the Maxim Tomato to replenish your health
and ride the cart to the end. Once you reach the end, enter the door.

-Stage 3-

-Room 1-

Enemies: 0

Welcome to the Old Tower! I bet lots of people visit this place...

Don't freak out, just let Kirby fall to the ground. Now head to the right and
enter the shiny door.

-Save Room 3-

Enemies: 0

Just simply walk onto the platform. It will automatically resotre your health.
It gives you the option to save your game. Do what you wish and head back 
through the door you used to get in.

-Room 1-

Enemies: 0

Now head to the left until you reach the really large door. Don't go through
the normal door to the far left just yet. We'll get there in a bit.

-Room 2-

Enemies: 12

4 Cannons
2 Bio Sparks
6 Junk Enemies

Head to the second level in this area and start bouncing on each of the
springs until you are taken to a door. Watch out for the cannons, though, as
they'll continually launch cannonballs at you. Enter the door that you were
taken to.

-Room 3-

Enemies: 2

2 Gordos

See those two Gordos? They're protecting the next treasure. Hit the block on
the very right side to make sure they don't touch the treasure too much. Now
hit the block under the treasure and grab it.

Chest #30
Treasure: Star Tiara
Value: 408,200 G

You're halfway there! Congratulations! Now get out....of this room.

-Room 2-

Enemies: 12

4 Cannons
2 Bio Sparks
6 Junk Enemies

Now head back down to the first level. Go all the way to the right and
enter the door.

-Room 4-

Enemies: 6

1 Laser Dee
2 Sir Kibbles
3 Junk Enemies

Make your way to the top of this room by repeatedly climbing the ladders.
There are some Sir Kibbles near the tops of some ladders, so watch out. At the
top, as Laser Dee will drop near the ldder, right next to a Sir Kibble as
well, so watch out. Once you head to the door, you know what to do...

-Room 5-

Enemies: 7

3 Cannons
2 Smirrors
2 Sir Kibbles

You ahve two choices right now, either make your way through this room
cautiously or quickly. Since you're not on a time budget, I suggest you move
slowly. Move to the left until you see a bomb block in the ground. Destroy it
and follow the passage it leads you to. Watch out for the cannons, though.
Endure the trip and you shall be rewarded young Padawan.

Chest #34
Treasure: Unicorn's Horn
Value: 80,300 G

Now make your way out of there and go through the door on the left side.

-Room 6-

Enemies: 1

1 Bonkers

Whatever you do, DON'T hit the bomb on the floor. After you defeat the
Bonkers, get the hammer ability from it. You'll see why later. For now, just
head back to room number 2.

-Room 2-

Enemies: 12

4 Cannons
2 Bio Sparks
6 Junk Enemies

Now move to go to the bottom leftmost door this time.

-Room 7-

Enemies: 0

You should have the Hammer ability on you right now, so smash that stake and
move into the door it was blocking.

-Room 8-

Enemies: 0

Simply ride the two elevators down. The ride takes a bit, so try to find
somethign to distract yourself with. Once you reach the bottom, go through
the door you see.


This game mixes up four awesome things-Kirby, food, platforming, and racing.
It's pretty fast-paced and the tracks take some time before you can actually
go through them fast. 

Difficulty: **

Description: King Dedede has challenged Kirby to see who's the hungriest
             gourmet! Who will reach the goal first? Speed up to eat, eat to

Game Statement: You can eat and run for the goal versus a friend as well!

My Opinion: Pretty fast-paced. It's also kinda frustrating at times.

*NOTE* Several people I know got dizzy after playing this a few times. Don't
       play this for too long and too many times.

This mode has 2 ways to play, Time Attack and Grand Prix. Time Attack has
no need to be discussed in detail. I'll just describe the Grand Prix in some
moderate detail. I WILL describe the three tracks, though.


Kirby flys off to take his midday nap. While flying through the skies of
Dream Land, Kirby starts thinking about several kinds of food. After he
reaches his napping spot, he takes a nap. When he wakes up, he discovers
that King Dedede is in front of him, and he has challenged Kirby to an 
eating challenge!

+Grand Prix+

In Grand Prix mode, you race King Dedede in three consecutive races on three
different stages. As discussed before, you have to eat more food than King
Dedede. Don't act cocky, since Dedede is no pushover. Not only do you have to
eat as much as you can within each racing track, though, you also have to
get to the end of the track first. Finishing first is completelly optional,
though. But finishing first nets you a bonus 30 points. That means, even if
you don't collect any food at all but win every race, you get 90 points in
the end.

After racing through all of the courses, you are brought to a screen that
will tally up your points. It first adds up the amount of food you've 
collected. Then, it gives you any bonus points you've earned via winning 
races. If you win, you are treated to 1 more total win. You sure showed
that so called "King", didn't you?

+Time Attack+

The title makes this mode pretty self-explanatory, but I prefer to describe
this to those people who don't care about titles.

Time Attack is basically a way of improving your racing skills on the
individual courses. If it's your first time racing on that course in Time
Attack, then you race by yourself. But once you've established a record
on the course, the next time you play it, a Ghost Kirby will copy that path
of your run that was the fastest. 

In short, it's a little like Grand Prix, but without Dedede and the food.


There are 3 different courses in this mode, and I'll try to describe them
as best as I can.

-Pumpkin Grand/Course 1-

This course is very straightforward. All you really have to do is dash. The
obstacles that prevent you from dashing all the way to the end are water
and some blocks. 

For water, you have 2 choices. You can either suck it up and plow right
through it, or you can jump over it and save time. Although if you mess up
the timing of the jump, you might just end up in the water.

For the blocks, you have 2 choices as well. You can either slide right through
them, or you can grab the 2 treats that are stuck inside them. Getting the
treats would take a lot of time for Kirby, though.

Near the end, you'll come across a succession of raised and lowered roads.
I found that the best way to get through this part is to jump at the height
of the first raised ramp. Then to jump again at the end of the next path,
and jump one more time over the final raised path. After that, just dash to
the finish line.

-Corn Hall/Course 2-

Keep dashing and jump once you see the second red arrow. Once you land,
jump one more time. Dash down the slope and jump onto the ledges. If you
jump of off each one correctly, you should hit the ground on the top of a
raised path. Afterwards, float to the top of the high path and jump as soon
as you get near the edge. Once you land, jump one more time. If you did that
correctly, you should've cleared that large room.

Dash up the ledges that lead left and right.You'll need to double-jump to
reach each ledge. Afterwards, keep dashing until you reach a fork in the
road. If you go up the ladder, jump on top of the ledges and keep dashing
and jumping until you reach the finish line. If you take the straight route,
jump over the raised paths and slide into the blocks. Float to the top of the
raised path and dash to the finish line.

-Onion Garden/Course 3-

This is sure to cause frustration, even with a walkthrough.

Dash until you reach the area where you can get abilities. Grab the Wing
ability.Dash and drop into the hole. Jump over the blocks and dash until
you reach an area that has spikes covering all the walls. Fly through this
area with precision. Try not to get hit.

After you finish that part up, fly over the water below and dive into the
hole thats after it. Be sure to break the blocks that's blocking the hole.
Now fly into the first corridor you get to. Keep flying until you reach a
thing wall of blocks. Break them and fly forward, but keep low. Now fly up
the column that your reach. Then dive down and keept to the left. Dash until
you reach the water. Swim around the bend. Once you reach the fork go to the
left. Dash from cloud to cloud, going down. Fly up at the very first area 
you're able to. Once you hit the top, dash to the freeddom of the final

*NOTE* There are more abilities than the Wing ability available in this
course. If the Wing method doesn't suit you, mix and match which ones you 


Difficulty: ****

Description: The masked swordsman Meta Knight disrupted the peace of Dream
             Land! Take down his airship, the Halberd!

Game Statement: Face daunting timed challenges and overcome close scrapes.

My Opinion: Nothing like fast-paced action at 3 in the morning! (Fun game)

Apparently Meta Knight just ticked the heck out of Kirby, and now Kirby is
on the move to take out his ship, the Halberd, before he goes any further
than he already did. Nothing like kicking a heavy-accented flying swordsman.
The REAL problem, though, is actually getting to him. So...do you think you
can? Then let's find out.

One more thing before you go. In my opinion, this the second most emotional
game mode for me. Don't blame me if you get a tear rolling down your cheek
since you've been warned.


Whoa. That is a HUGE ship. Meta Knight has launched an attack against the
Dream Land kingdom and plans to rule. Here comes Kirby now on a Warpstar,
but is Kirby enough to defeat a menace of this magnitude?

"Reactor 1, output normal."

"Adjust the balancer to...0003!"

"Let's raise the anchor."

"Check anti-gravity plant 1, 2, 3 Ok!!"

"Release the sails, solar level 288!"

"The time has come. The time to show our power!"

"Dream Land's lazy lifestyle will end! I will rule!

-Stage 1-

This section is currently being produced. Hang tight.


Difficulty: *****

Description: The moon and the sun are fighting and you must settle it! Help
             us, comet at galaxy's end!

Game Statement: Collect Copy Essences Deluxe to use Copy Abilities anytime!

My Opinion: The world selection screen is somewhat annoying. But besides
            that, this mode is pure fun!

This mode can be pretty frustrating in the beginning, since you can't inhale
and swallow in order to copy the abilities of your enemies. Instead, you have
to collect Copy Essence Deluxes in order to regain your abilities. You can
cycle through the abilities you've collected on the touch screen.

Having unlimited ability-usage is fun, right? Not when you have to fight as
hard as you can to regain them. Trust me, leave no stone unturned. Can you
handle the heat? Well let's start cooking to find out...


The Great Fountain has something to say. Listen to your elders..

"In the year ????, the Sun and Moon began to fight day and night."

Hey, what's that cute little thing that's bouncing on a ball doing
behind you?

"Hey, hey, hey! Can you make peace between Sun and Moon?"

"You need to ask the giant comet Nova for help! But first, there's something
we must do."

"To ask Nova, we must gather power from all the stars around us."

"It will be difficult Kirby, but you can do it. We are counting on you. 
Good luck!"

And just like that, Kirby sets off on an adventure that will span planets
and defy the laws of physics...again...

-Planet 1-

This section is currently being produced. Hang tight.


Most of you people that are reading this FAQ know the term "endurance".
Well, Super Star Ultra mashes it's endurance mode into a harsh mode called
"The Arena". As the name suggests, it's like an arena battle. But this time,
you can only heal a limited amount of time, you can only switch between
the choices given to you between battles, and you don't face normal enemies.
You face bosses. All of them. It doesn't matter what mode they were in, they
have all been invited to receive a pummeling from you.

Difficulty: ******

Game Description: Why cab't people stop fighting? When the pink terror raises
                  his fist,even the strong tremble in fear...

Game Statement: Every boss you've fought is here! You think you can take them

My Opinion: Even though it's 6 full stars, you can beat it after it beats
            you a few times. If you're lucky and have mastered this game, you
            might even make it through on your first try. It's not the
            ability that makse the Kirby, it's your button pressing and
            quick reflexes. I guess the ability helps also...

Before you attempt to blast through this mode, I suggest you read up a bit
on the bosses. You may use my FAQ if you wish, because that's the reason
I put the "Bosses" section separately. You should also probably find a
particular skill you're very good at and master using it. If you can't,
there's a good chance you'll get massacred out there. Remember, you can
use your partner to conserve a skill.


A trophy, shiny and golden. We all know that our tough little pink puff
loves shiny things, and know he's serious. The top screen shows Kirby as
Fighter Kirby, even though going through The Arena as Fighter Kirby is
completely your choice. Then, in the foreground, it shows an oh so familiar
face coming upon Kirby. The battle for the Golden Trophy has begun!

+The Arena Battles/Resting Places+

The battles in The Arena are completely randomized each time. Since that is
the case, I can't write a pinpoint accurate walkthrough for this mode. But,
I can give you some useful hints, descriptions, tips, among other things.
That's what I'm here for, baby. That's what I'm here for.


Before your first battle, you're given access to every single ability in the
game. The only ones you aren't able to use are ones that let you ride a
vehicle, like a Wheelie Bike. Use this opporunity wisely. This is the only 
time you're able to freely choose what ability to use.

Most of the battles will take place in the area where you originally fought
the indicated boss. You won't be immediately placed in the thick of the
battle, usually. You still have to jump/fall/move to a certain area, or,
in Metaknight's case, grab something to initiate the battle. The only
battles where you'll be put directly into the heat are the All-Star battles,
which are battles against various sub-bosses, like Bonkers. The rest are as
I indicated

After your first battle and every battle afterwards, except that last one,
you're limited to only two abilities. Yup. Only two. These are randomly
selected and are placed to the bottom right and bottom left of the resting
area, which I'm about to inform you about.

-Resting Area-

The resting area is the only area where you are able to take a breather.
Since you  have to plow through 20 bosses, some tough and some easy, I 
recommend you rest up a bit here from time to time. Go eat some crackers
or peaches and grab yourself some nice cold water.

You're not the only one that deserves a rest too you know. Kirby needs to
regain his own health. While smashing and chopping your way to battle number
20, Kirby's most likely going to be sustaining some damage from time to time.
One the top of the screen in the resting area are some Maxim Tomotoes. If you
haven't figured it out yet, these little wonders restore your health fully.
Be cautious, though. You only have 5 of them to use up. But, everytime you
use one up, a normal tomato grows in it's place after the next battle. A
normal tomato replenishes your health by about 1/4. So, all-in-all, you
can replenish your life 6 1/4 times.

Even if you have a Maxim Tomato or two waiting for you in the resting
area, don't try raging into a battle with only a thin bar of health left.
This is pretty dangerous and risky, since you don't have any lives yet. Once
you're down, you're down. You can't save in The Arena, so once you lose, it's
game over.

As I've told you before, the only area where you can freely choose what
ability you want to use is the area right before the first battle, similar
to the bonus area in other Kirby games where all the abilities are stockpiled.
There's an elevator near the left side, and one near the right side for easy

That's the only time where you can be carefree. Be careful about your 
decisions. After that, the resting place where you'll continually be sent
back to will only have 2 abilities you can choose from. The only other
place within The Arena that you can choose an ability is during the
Computer Virus battle, and those disappear rather quickly, are random,
and move fast. When you're sure you're ready for the next battle, stroll on
up to the door like your bad Kirby self, and move onwards to victory.


If you need any help with any of the bosses, you're free to browse my
"Bosses" section as needed. Fortunately for you, though, you've already
faced these bosses already, so you should know what the heck you're
doing during your battle against it/him/her/them.

+Revenge of the King+

Difficulty: *****

Description: King Dedede demands revenge! Will he finally reign victorious 
over his age-old nemesis?!

Game Statement:  King Dedede wants revenge! Careful, he's serious this time!

My Opinion: If you step Spring Breeze up a couple of notches, you get this.
            Pretty uncreative, but still a great mode.

Remember when I said that Revenge of Meta Knight was the second-most emotional
mode for me? Well, this is number one.

As I said before, this mode is basically Spring Breeze kicked up a couple of
notches. Spring Breeze is no longer a breeze, and the enemies have gotten a
little more craftier. It's going to scratch a bit, but you can do it! Just
make sure you have a tissue or two near you.


No, that wasn't a screamer.

You've beat him up once already, and he's mad now. King Dedede wants to 
justify his defeat with the defeat of Kirby. As the camera zooms out, you
can feel the presence of a more serious tone, mostly because of the thunder
I guess.

Outside of the castle, a large balloon-like  enemy patrol the castle. but
that's something to save for later. For now, let's stick to the task at hand,
opening up a can of WHOOPA on King Dedede again!

-Stage 1-

This section is currently being produced. Hang tight.


Difficulty: *****

Description: That cool knight's reappeared! Defeat foes to store power, then
             touch the screen to use abilities! He trains as he journeys...

Game Statement: Bring a sword knight with you to the comet at galaxy's end!

My Opinion: In all honesty, this mdoe is longer than hard. But it's still
            preety awesome to play through the game as Meta Knight.

Instead of copying the abilities of his opponents, Meta Knight saves up points
to use for special abilities of his own. The four abilities, as well as
they're point values:

Knight Call-2 pts
Meta Quick-8 pts
Heal-10 pts
Mach Tornado-30 pts

Each enemy gives you two points, while some bosses give you ten points. You
can save up a total of 50 points. I guess this prevents people from abusing
the points. It's a long journey, but you mgiht just make it...


Meta Knight is on top of a cliff. Sitting. Watching. He suddenyl pulls out
his sword and sets off on a mission to become an even greater swordsman, the
best swordsman in the universe! Let's follow him. Better yet, let's CONTROL

-Stage 1-

This section is currently being produced. Hang tight.


Are you tired of playing as Kirby all the time? Want a change of pace?
Well Nintendo put this little wonder into the que to relieve your pink-filled
life. You're able to play as any of the 20 helpers available to you.
That's not all. Now you have to battle 13 bosses, including one boss even
Kirby hasn't faced yet? Do you think you're up for it? Hehehehe...

Difficulty: ******

Game Description: Kirby's not the only hero! Helpers can be heroes, too!
                  We'll prove it in an all-star battle!

Game Statement: Beat 13 foes as one of many Helpers! Master each one!

My Opinion: It was too big to be a mini-game, so it just HAD to be a game
            mode. With a new change of pace, d'ya think you can handle the
            heat? Fortunately for you, you only have 13 foes to beat. But,
            if you're playing as something unfamiliar to you, this could
            turn into hell.

+Battles/Resting Area+

During Helper to Hero, you can only choose one Helper to use. You can NOT
switch Helpers during battle. There are no pick-ups you can use in the
Resting Area, nothing.


Difficulty: *******

Description: The last battle, without a doubt! Beat 10 tough foes, including
             the final four!

Game Statement: All the new bosses are here! Beat em' to be the true master!

My Opinion: THE hardest mode on this game. If you had a hard time dealing with
            the original arena, then you'll absolutely tear your hair off
            while playing this mode.

Holy fudge. This mode may have eight less bosses than the original Arena, but,
somwehow, the difficulty has been stepped up a bit

The same rules apply from the original Arena, but you've still got a lot of
obstacles to overcome in order to beat this mode. I will describe it just as I
did with the original Arena.

By the way, at a glance, it looks like it removed the original Arena to put
this bad boy in there. Don't panic, it's still there. If you select The True
Arena, then you'll be lead to another selection screen where you can select
The Arena or The True Arena.


A trophy, shiny, golden, and royal. We all know that our tough little pink 
puff loves shiny things, and we know he's even more serious this time around.
The top screen shows Kirby as Hammer Kirby, even though going through The 
True Arena as Hammer Kirby is completely your choice. Then, in the foreground,
it shows an oh so familiar face coming upon Kirby. It then shows four of the 
toughest bosses in the game getting ready for an attack on Kirby. Do you think
you can handle all of them? You do? Alright then...the battle for the Royal 
Golden Trophy has begun!

This section is currently being produced. Hang tight.


A Kirby game just isn't Kirby without a pink puff that totally owns in it.
What? You thought I was going to talk about mini-games? Mini-games aren't a 
major aspect of Kirby games, but they sure are fun! 

The way I'll tell you the games beforehand is like this. I'll tell you the
directions first, and then my opinion on it. After giving you a rough
description of it, I'll give you some tips and tricks.

+Kirby Card Swipe+

Directions: Observe the cards on the touch screen. Touch the same card on
            the touch screen. The first one to get 3 cards right wins.

My Opinion: Pretty fun game. In fact, it's my favorite one.

To win this game, you'll need some pretty good reflexes. You'll also need
a good memory to memorize the cards on the bottom.

-Tips and Tricks-

-Memorize the cards on the bottom while you can

-Try to keep the stylus near the middle of the cards

+Kirby on the Draw+

Directions: Tap targets as they appear. To reload, tap the bar on the bottom.
            Watch out for the bombs!

My opinion: It's not too bad. It could've been a little better, though.

It's harsh on the upper levels. Even on the bottom levels you'll probably 
work up a sweat. To win the upper levels, try to be as fast as you can with
tapping the stylus. Practice makes perfect.

-Tips and Tricks-

-Practice. It's pretty basic, but useful for this mini-game

-If you want to, tap anything that moves. Sometimes you'll rack up so many
 points that bombs will barely hurt your points

-Try to keep the stylus near the middle of the screen

+Snack Tracks+

Directions: Beware of bombs on your track. Tap bugs and rocks to get rid of
            them. Tap rocks twice. Eat the good food.

My opinion: Pretty hard, even on easy levels

This game is REALLY hard beause of the gap between the top and bottom 
screens. Also, you'll need really good hand-eye coordination for it. Just
don't try to hard. It hurts your eyes.

-Tips and Tricks-

-Just because it's a Maxim Tomato doesn't mean it's always good. Some
 Maxims have worms on them. Be sure to get rid of them

-Don't stare at one single screen for too long

-You can still tap when you're stunned

-Only pay attention to what's going on in your own track. Diverting your eyes
 might make you miss something important

+Megaton Punch+

Directions: Mind the power gauge and watch the pendulum.

My Opinion: I'm loving this game right now. I'm pretty confident that you'll
like it as well!

In short, easy and simple fun. All you have to do is time yourself so you can
outpunch your opponent. There's nothing to it, but yet, it's highly enjoyable.

-Tips and Tricks-

-You're not being timed, so don't rush yourself

-If you're taking your time, do the best you can do to find the rhythm of
the obstacles

-The obstacles will briefly flash white when they reach maximum power. But
don't press the button at that point. Try to press it slightly earlier than
before it flashes

+Samurai Kirby+ 

Directions: Press any button immediately when you see "!"

My Opinion: You think you have good reflexes? Try this game on for size.
In all honesty, I haven't beaten normal mode yet....please don't judge me.
Either way, though, it's still pretty addicting.

This game is not for the faint of heart. Trust me. It's also pretty addictive,
so it's basically a blessing in disguise. Either way, it's one of my favourite
Kirby mini-games.

-Tips and Tricks-

-As soon as you see ANYTHING that wasn't on the screen when you began, hammer
on all 4 of the buttons. It might just be my opinion, but I think pressing
all 4 buttons might help you a bit

-I find it easier to take a breath during the scene where Kirby sees the
enemy. Then hold your breath.

-The sign at the bottom-right of the screen informs you of your reaction-time.
It doesn't count in seconds. I believe it counts in millis or tenths seconds.


Any Kirby game has a variety of enemies that you can defeat. Some of the 
enemies also give you special abilites that you can utilize in order to make
Kirby kick bad-guy butt even harder, and sometimes, even more stylish. If
you need a little help with the types of enemies that are out there that might
damage Kirby a bit, just refer to this section. Also included here is the list
of abilities. I'll describe them once we get there. For now, here's the form
for enemy descriptions:

Physical Description*:
Special Notes:

*: Physical appearance changes depending on what game mode you're playing.
Regardless of that, I'll give you a physical description of it. The only
major thing that changes is usually the color. Although some game modes will
completely change it's physical appearnce.


Name: Smirror
Ability: Mirror
Physical Description: The Smirror looks basically like a wizard.
Partner: Yes
Special Notes: None

Name: Gordo
Ability: None
Physical Description: A Gordo is a small and spiky ball that's completely
Partner: No
Special Notes: It's indestructible

Name: Sir Kibble
Ability: Cutter
Physical Description:  Basically a helmet that can throw boomerangs. But this
helmet has arms and legs, althoguh kinda stubby
Partner: Yes
Special Notes: None

Name: Rocky
Ability: Stone
Physical Description: Basically a rock with a rope tied around it's head
Partner: Yes
Special Notes: It does practically nothing when it's not your partner

Name: Wheelie
Ability: Wheel
Physical Description: It's a living wheel...
Partner: Yes
Special Notes: Can be pretty annoying if you're running fast and there are
plenty of these things around. You can also hop on one to become a Wheelie

Name: Tac
Ability: Copy
Physical Description: Kind of like a Ninja, but with a green sack on it's

back and some seriously squinty eyes
Partner: Yes
Special Notes: When it's not your partner, Tac will be able to steal your
ability from you. When he does that, you can only destroy him.

Name: Birdon
Ability: Wing
Physical Description: A bird that's a bit larger than Kirby
Partner: Yes
Special Notes: None

Name: Capsule J2
Ability: Jet
Physical Description: A ston-like enemy with a jetpack on it's back
Partner: Yes
Special Notes: Can be dangerous if you're moving a bit too slow


What's a game without it's share of thougher monsters called bosses? Kirby
Super Star Ultra has a nice variety of these bosses. If you need help on any
of the bosses, or if you need some info on the bosses, reference this section.
The form for the bosses are as followed:

Known Attacks:

*: By class, I mean to classify whther it's a boss or a sub-boss. Keep in mind
that some sub-bosses are also classified as enemies since they can be your

**: There are several strategies for most, if not all, of the bosses. I'll try
to put up a strategy that'll be fit for most abilities, but mostly for the
regular Kirby.


Name: Whispy Woods
Class: Boss
Appearance: A giant tree.....nothing more
Known Attacks:

-Blows wind at you
-Makes apples fall on you

Strategy: If you have an ability, simply keep close to the bottom of it and
repeatedly attack it. If you're normal Kirby, just attack it with apples. It's
a pretty simple boss.

Name: Poppy Bros. Sr.
Class: Sub-Boss
Appearance: A giant Poppy Bros. Jr
Known Attacks:

-Throws bombs at you
-Jumps on you

Strategy: Try to keep your distance and either attack with your ability or
turn it's bombs back on it.

Name: Mr. Frosty
Class: Sub-Boss
Appearance: It looks like a walrus that's wearing trousers
Known Attacks:

-It swallows you
-It throws various-sized ice blocks at you
-It tries to tackle you

Strategy: Keep at a distance and either fire away at it from a distance or
turn it's ice blocks back on it. Staying too close will make him swallow you.


A Kirby game isn't Kirby without it's share of abilities. Durign the entire
course of the game, you'll be relying on the abilities of both you and your 
partner, no matter what mode it is. So all of those techiniques are too
confusing for you? Do you need some information on some abilites? Well fear
not, good citizen, for I am here to help. And the form for this section looks
like this. *drum roll*

List of moves:
Special Notes:

Without further ado, let's learn the secrets of our inner ability, shall we?


Helper: Burning Leo
Description: Burn bright with fire power! Light the fuse! Yow! Hot! You're on
             fire, man! Yoww!
List of Moves:

B: Fire Breath
D-Pad + B: Aim Fire
Hold B + Hold Left D-Pad: Fireball Inferno
Dash + B: Burn
B in air: Fireball Spin
B prior to landing: Fireball Roll

Special Notes: None

Helper: Chilly
Description: Freeze foes with icy breath! Kick ice cubes into others! When you
             dash, you skate!
List of Moves:

Dash: Skate
B: Ice Breath
B in air: Ice Sprinkle
Dash + B in air: Super Ice Sprinkle
Dash + Hold B: Ice Storm
B + B + B: Ice Storm
Up/Down/Right D-pad + B near foe: Ice Suction
Ice Suction + B: Ice Ejection
Tap Frozen Foe: Ice Kick

Special Notes: If you have an invincible status on you, simply dash and you'll
               take down easy foes in a flash. When you dash, you also attack.

Helper: Blade Knight
Description: You wield the kind of blades! At full health, you shoot beams!
             Show your sword mastery!
List of Moves:

B: Chop
B with full health: Sword Beam
B after Chop: Uppercut
B + B + B: Multisword Attack
Dash + B: Stab
Dash + B in air: Sword Spin
B in air: Chop and Thrust
Down D-Pad + B in air: Down Thrust

Special Notes: Looks a lot like Link from the Legend of Zelda series, huh?
               Kirby has the sword and hat! I wonder... Someone should check 
               the back of Kirby's hand...

Helper: Birdon
Description: Midair spins and shuttle loops! Spread your winfs and fly, little
             Kirby! Doesn't that feel good?
List of Moves:

B: Feather Gun
Dash + B: Condor Head
Down D-Pad plus B in air: Bomber Head
Dash, Jump, and Down D-Pad +B: Condor Dive
Up/Down/Left D-Pad + B near foe: Toss
B after Toss: Shuttle Loop
A/Y in air: Hover Flap

Special Notes: Not so fun flying around in an area filled with magma and 
               spikes...so don't try it.

Helper: Smirror
Description: This mirror has odd powers! Deflect projectiles or project
             doubles  of yourself!
List of Moves:

B: Mirror Cut
Hold B: Reflect Force
Dash + B: Mirror Body
Left/Right Shoulder Button: Reflect Guard

Special Notes: Reflect guard will reflect projectiles. It will also damage
               enemies that attack you physically.

Helper: Gim
Description: This isn't just any yo-yo! Swing up and down, or break-spin!
             Try 'em all to look cool!

List of Moves: 

B: Yo-Yo Throw
Dash + B: Break Spin
Up d-Pad + B: Yo-Yo Up
Down D-Pad + B: Yo-Yo Down
Dash + B in air: Jump Spin
Up/Left/Down D-Pad + B near foe: Hammer Drop
Down D-Pad then Up D-Pad + B: Gazer Spiral

Special Notes: None

Helper: Parasol Waddle Dee
Description: Guard against falling objects! Twirl to attack or just drift.
             Or do a parasol throw!
List of Moves:

B: Parasol Swing
Hold B: Parasol Shield
Dash + B: Parasol Drill
Down D-Pad + B in air: Parasol Dive
Up/Down/Right D-Pad + B near foe: Circus Throw
Drop: Parasol Drift
Down D-Pad while dropping: Drift Stall
B Underwater: Parasol Drill
Down D-Pad + B Underwater: Parasol Dive

Special Notes: Even if you're just walking, the parasol will protect you from
               projectiles that are falling. It doesn't protect against some
               attacks, however.

Helper: Bonkers
Description: This hammer packs a wallop! Punish stakes and blocks! When it's
             on fire, foes beware!
List of Moves:

B: Hammer
Fash + B: Hammer Swing
B in air: Giant Swing
Dash + B in air: Ultra-Giant Swing
Up D-Pad + B: Hammer Flip
Dash + X: Hammer Throw

Special Notes: Stakes are small wooden things in the ground. The only two
               abilities that can flip a stake are Stone and Hammer

Helper: Bio Spark
Description: Hide in shadows and darkness. Use Ninja skills on your mission.
             You're a ninja! A NINJA! Cool...
List of Moves:

B: Knife Throw
Hold B: Quad Shock
Dash + B: Dash Attack
Down D-Pad + B in air: Ninja Kick
Up/Down/Right D-Pad + B near foe: Air Drop
Take Damage + B: Hide Guard
Push on Wall in Air: Wall Cling
Wall Cling + A or Y: Wall Jump

Special Notes: Hide Guard only lasts a little bit, but while you're in Hide
               Guard, you are invincible.

Helper: Waddle Doo
Description: Flail this beam like a whip. It has many useful attacks. Try to
             store up a super shot!
List of Moves:

B: Beam Whip
Dash + B: Cycle Beam
Dash + B in air: Beam Blast
Up/Down/Right + B near foe: Capture Beam
Hold B and Release: Beam Blast

Special Notes: The beam can go through some walls.

Helper: Knuckle Joe
Description: Hi-yaa! Hold the B Button longer for a stronger blow! That punch
             is an instant KO!
List of Moves:

Tap B: Vulcan Jab
Hold B: Smash Punch
Dash + Tap B: Leg Sweep
Dash + Hold B: Spin Kick
Tap B in air: Down Kick
Hold B in air: Double Kick
Up D-Pad + Hold B: Rising Break
Up/Down/Right + B near foe: Grab foe
Grab + B: Arm Throw
Grab + Left/Down D-Pad + B: Judo Throw

Special Notes: You can repeatedly tap B for a long series of Vulcan Jabs.

Helper: Bugzzy
Description: This burns with fighting spirit! Grab foes and throw 'em! Learn
             all 8 throws to be a champ!
List of Moves:

B: Dash Grab
Dash + B: Turbo Dash Grab
Down D-Pad + B in air: Pinpoint Kick
B when Grabbing: Fury Stomp
B near foe: Lift
Lift + Up D-Pad: Back Breaker
Lift + Down D-Pad: Body Slam
Lift + Right D-Pad: Pile Driver
Lift + Left D-Pad: Big Suplex
Lift + B: Torrent Lariat
Lift + A/Y: Rock Drop

Lift + All but Down D-Pad in air: Air Body Slam
Lift + Down D-Pad in Air: Plunge Body Slam

Special Notes: With this ability, watch your aim. You can attack enemies for
               massive damage, but you might accidentally grab a block.

Helper: Plasma Wisp
Description: Tap the +Control Pad to make and store an electric charge! Plasma
             shots go through walls.
List of Moves:

No Charge + B: Plasma Needle
Some Charge + B: Plasma Arrow
More Charge + B: Plasma Spark
Lots of Charge + B: Plasma Lazer
Tons of Charge + B: Plasma Wave
Max Charge: Plasma Barrier
Plasma Barrier + B: Plasma Attack

Special Notes: By charge, they mean the amount of times you rotate the D-Pad.
               1 Rotation= Some Charge
               2 Rotations= More Charge
               3 Rotations= Lots of Charge
               4 Rotations= Tons of Charge
               5 Rotations= Max Charge

               A full rotation consists of rotating the D-Pad a full 360
               degrees. That means making sure it tilts Up, Left, Down, and

Helper: Rocky
Description: Pound! Pound! CRUSH! Change into many heavy forms. When on a
             sloper, you'll sliiiiide.
List of Moves:

B: Stone Change
B in air: Stone Smash
Dash + B: Turbo Stone

Special Notes: Kirby is invincible when he's Stone.

Helper: Sir Kibble
Description: Throw a boomerang all over! Slash! Jab! Strike! You can even cut
List of Moves:

B: Cutter Boomerang
Dash + B: Cutter Dash
Hold B in air: Sweep Cutter
Down D-Pad + B in air: Cutter Drop
B near foe: Cleaving Cutter
B + B + B near foe: Nonstop Cutter/Final Cutter

Special Notes: If you see a rope, you can cut it with a single boomerang

Helper: Wheelie
Description: Roll to be nearly invincible or ride a Wheel Helper! Beware
             thorns and holes.
List of Moves:

B: Dash/Stop Dash
Dash + A/Y: Brake
Dash + Hold A/Y: Go Slow
Dash + Left D-Pad: Turn
Dash + Repeatedly Turn: Turn Jump

Special Notes: If you have a Wheelie as your helper, you can jump on it. When
               you're on a Wheelie, you turn into a separate ability called a
               Wheelie Rider, which I will also cover.

=Wheelie Rider=
Helper: Wheelie
Description: Hop on your bike, Wheelie Rider! Go for a drive with a friend.
             Use teamwork to roll ahead!
List of Moves: 

B: Rider Dash/Rider Release
A/Y: Rider Jump
Rider Dash + Left D-Pad: Turn
Dash + Repeatedly turn: Turn Jump
Up D-Pad + A/X/Y: Dismount

Special Notes: You can only enter this ability if you have a Wheelie helper.
               If you had an ability prior to this, when you dismount, you'll
               receive your ability back. 
               You can also slide and climb ladders normally in this mode.

Helper: Poppy Bro Jr.
Description: Grab a bomb and hold the buttom to set the throw angle. Toss and
             it'll go Ka-BOOM!
List of Moves:

B: Ready Bomb
Ready Bomb + B: Bomb Throw
Dash + Bomb Throw: Straight Throw
B near foe: Bomb Drop
Down D-Pad + B: Bomb Set

Special Notes: You can set angle while holding B when using Bomb Throw.

Helper: Tac
Description: Use a strange light to analyze and then copy foes abilities.
             Might you learn weird ones?
List of Moves:

B: Analyze Beam

Special Notes: Analyze Beam copies a foes ability. If you use it on a normal
               enemy, nothing will happen. If you use it on a Tac, it will
               destroy it.

Helper: Nothing
Description: Just a li'l while longer...please. Let me sleep...
List of Moves: 

You can't do anything until Kirby wakes up. Good night...

Special Notes: Pretty much useless. In some past games, using Sleep Kirby
               can replenish your health, but it doesn't do that in this game.


Since the day after the dawn of video gaming, you have always received
bonuses or more content after completing various tasks. The harder the tasks,
the better the reward (usually). KSSU continues this tradition with many more
modes than the original 6 you see. This is the list of the bonuses you can
get, along with what you need to do to get it or unlock it.

Bonus                            Task to Do

Unlock Dyna Blade----------------Finish Spring Breeze

Unlock The Great Cave Offensive--Finish Spring Breeze

Unlock Gourmet Race--------------Finish Spring Breeze

Unlock Revenge of Metaknight-----Finish Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race, and save
                                 once in The Great Cave Offensive

Unlock Milky Way Wishes----------Finish The Great Cave Offensive and
                                 Revenge of Metaknight

Unlock The Arena-----------------Finish Milky Way Wishes

Unlock Revenge of the King-------Finish Milky way Wishes

Unlock Metaknightmare Ultra------Finish Revenge of the King

Unlock The True Arena------------Finish Metaknightmare Ultra, The Arena,
                                 and Helper to Hero

Unlock Megaton Punch Mini-Game---Finish Revenge of the King

Unlock Samurai Kirby Mini-Game---Finish Metaknightmare Ultra

Unlock Video 00------------------Finish Helper to Hero with all 20 helpers

Unlock Video 34------------------Finish The True Arena

Unlock Video 35------------------Finish All Modes and get 100%


Q. Your FAQ doesn't have ____. Why?

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Q. You took information that I made first without notifying me.

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   what their really names are. For now, I'm just naming that giant blue
   penguin thing King Dedede.


Q. Was that a joke?

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