UPDATE! 8/14/2008

- Sean Paul fight at Babylon added.

- “Basic Fighting Tips” section added and “How Stats Are Important” section 

- “Best Character Fighting Style Combinations” section added as well.

- My email address has changed to bates420em@hotmail.com for those who wish 
to contact me.

Def Jam: Fight For NY
Hard Story Mode Fights Guide Ver. 1.1

Table of Contents:

A. Copyright Information
B. Contacting Information / Introduction
C. Hard Fights
      a. How Stats Are Important
      b. Basic Fighting Tips	
      c. Best Character Fighting Style Combinations
	X1. Martial Arts + Kickboxing + Submissions
	X2. Kickboxing + Martial Arts + Submissions
	X3. Wrestling + Kickboxing + Streetfighting
   1. Ice-T at Club-357
   2. FFA Round 1 at Power Plant
   3. Sean Paul at Babylon
       a. Skull at Babylon (Right before Sean Paul fight)
   4. WC at Red Room
   5. Crack at Club Murder - Cage Match
   6. FFA Round 2 at Hunt’s Point
   7. Crazy Legs at The Terror Dome
   8. Team Tournament at Chopshop
       a. Prodigy & Havoc
       b. Mack 10 & WC
       c. Elephant Man & Sean Paul
       d. Bone Crusher & David Banner
       e. Ice-T & Magic
   9. FFA Round 3 at Foundation
  10. Lil’ Flip at Gauntlet
  11. Magic at Gun Hill Garage - Demolition Match
  12. Fam-Lay at 7th Heaven
  13. WC at Chopshop
  14. Warren G at Chopshop
  15. Mack 10 at Chopshop
  16. Xzibit at The Limit
  17. FFA Round 4 at Babylon - Final Round
  18. Crack at Gauntlet - Round 3 of 1 on 1 Tournament
  19. Henry Rollins at Gauntlet - Round 5 of 1 on 1 Tournament - Final Round
  20. David Banner at The Pit
  21. Prodigy at The Heights
  22. Ghost Face Killah at Dragon House
  23. N.O.R.E. at The Heights
  24. Capone at Foundation
  25. Joe Budden at Babylon
  26. Scarface at Babylon
  27. Ludacris at Club DTP (7th Heaven)
  28. Flava Flav at The Terror Dome
  29. Doc at Club-357
  30. Magic & Crack at Hunt’s Point
  31. Sticky Fingaz at Red Hook Tire Co. - Inferno Match
  32. Crow at Crow’s Office - Window Match
D. Conclusion

A. Copyright Information

This is a copyrighted guide by me, Robert Bates. No site or any one is 
authorized to use this guide except for www.gamefaqs.com . 

B. Contacting Information / Introduction

I’m making this guide for the reason that on forum’s people are always asking 
for help on certain fights throughout the story mode of Def Jam: Fight For 
So I am going to help you all out with those hard fights. Please note this 
not including every single fight throughout story mode. So if I don’t cover 
some one you’re having trouble with or just believe I should have covered, 
then please feel free to email me at bates420em@hotmail.com . Make sure 
in the subject of the email “Def Jam Guide” or some thing along those lines. 
Thank you and I hope you benefit from my guide.

C. Hard Fights

Quick note here that this is based on playing on the Hard difficulty wich 
make a difference.

  a. How Stats Are Important

A lot of people don’t really pay attention to the stats of fighters. Or 
atleast don’t know how and what they effect exactly. So I’m going to fill 
in so you will understand my guide better.

Upper Power - This effects how much damage you do with punchs and grapple 
moves involving the upper body of your fighter including submission holds. 
An example is if say your fighter has Submission as a 
style and your opponents upper power stat is around the mid area, then their 
arm health will go down faster in submission holds.

Lower Power - This is exactly the same for Upper Power except  it effects 
lower part of the fighter. It effects every thing in the same way for the 
lower body as Upper Power does for the upper body.

Speed - Obviously this effects how fast the fighter moves.

Toughness - This mainly effects your health bar. You got a dark green bar 
 the green bar wich shows where your health can regenerate too.  Big time 
strong grapple wrestling moves will take away more of that dark green bar 
say Martial Arts strong grapple moves. Also crowd double team moves, weapons, 
and useing walls against the fighter will bring it down more as well. How 
your Toughness stat is effects how much those big moves will take away. So 
can say if a fighter has their Toughness stat down in the mid area then that 
 a big advantage for a fighter with Wrestling.

Health - This effects your health bar ofcourse, but it also effects how fast 
your head, arm, and leg health will replenish when in a submission hold. A 
fighter with a lower health stat can be taken advantaged of by a fighter with 
Submission so get them to submit faster and easier. This stat with a 
combination of a low upper or lower body power stat can really be bad for 
fighter if fighting a Submissioner.

  b. Basic Fighting Tips

Now before we get started here is a run down of some basic and very helpful 
fighting tips.

- Countering… as the opponent tries to grapple strike at the same time to 
counter leaving them wide open for an attack. To counter strikes however you 
must press block +any direction at the same time the opponent would hit you 
with a punch/kick.

- Whatever you do, as in do a move that looks like it hurts the head, arm, 
or leg, it DOES decrease their head/arm/leg health. Nice to know if you choose 
to have Submission.

- Use the weapons and environment of the levels to your advantage. 

- Get into the habit of doing strong grapples after a grapple counter on your 
opponent if you intend on using Wrestling, Submission, Kickboxing, and/or 

- Your character is never developed to full potential without learning 3 

  c. Best Character Fighting Style Combinations

In this section I’ll have the best combinations of 3 fighting styles that 
the end results end up with a 5/5 moveset I guarantee. Currently have 4, but 
you can expect another 4 or 5 plus+ my special DMX CAW in the near future 

	X1. Martial Arts + Kickboxing + Submissions

A really great technical moveset. You got the MA and KB strikes. You got the 
MA counters. Strong grapple is Kickboxing clinch and 3 submission head holds 
and 2 arm hold. Weak grapple consist of many many moves that damage the arm 
decreasing arm health. With this type of character basic gameplan would be 
to do a lot of damage to the head or arm (you can do head damage during 
Kickboxing clinch with knees to the head) to weaken their health do you can 
make them submit quicker. And well with Kickboxing you can clinch kick them 
some till they in danger (red) and then use a wall to finish them off. Really 
this is a style with some versatility and is very very technical. (I would 
recommend having at least 1 Blazin’ move that hurts the arm.)

	X2. Kickboxing + Martial Arts + Submissions

Yes this is a similar style as the one above. There are differences for sure 
though. This style has Kickboxing clinch in both weak and strong grapple which 
limit’s the amount of weak grapple moves there are. However which ones there 
is are very good for technical reasons. In strong grapple will have 3 head 
submissions (one being what you may know as a “Crippler Crossface”), 1 arm, 
and 1 leg submissions. (these being from font grapple) Another difference 
is that this style strikes very differently. Basically this combo of fighting 
styles is a little more versatile and you’ll play with it lil differently 
because of the different strike moves/combos. Overall best gameplan really 
is to target the head. If they have noticeably weak upper body then you can 
target the arm and same with the leg if they have weak lower body. There really 
no way to hurt the leg however except low clinch kicks that don’t do too much 
and just normal kicks that would hit the legs. Still the versatility is there.

	X3. Wrestling + Kickboxing + Streetfighting

This fighting style combination is monstrous . In my opinion it has the best 
type of Streetfighting Haymaker KO punch. Good combos. Weak grapple are nice 
perhaps a lil stronger than usual grapple moves. Strong grapple has 
Kickboxing clinch and strong wrestling moves. Main gameplan with this 
fighting combination is just to put the hurt on the opponent. Maybe start 
out the match throwing around the haymaker punch a lil and/or weak grapple 
to weaken them some early on. But eventually will want to strong grapple, 
do like 4 or 5 (or maybe 6 or 7 even if they weak enough) kicks/kness in the 
clinch followed by a big wrestling move that does big damage. So yeah it’s 
smart to do Kickboxing clinch kicks till their health is in danger (red) and 
follow with a wrestling move to knock them out.


1. Ice-T at Club-357

This is really early on in the story meaning your fighters stats still are 
very low. Because of them being low it seems most people have trouble beating 
him. Well for whatever style you choose first (since you will still only have 
the one style at the moment), here are strategies on how to beat him for each 

Kickboxing - Not the best against him. Not as affective. Go with your strength 
with kick combo’s. Get in strong grapples to go into clinch after reversals 
and just keep punching while in the clinch. Speaking of reversals, that is 
what will help you big time so try your best. See a bottle or small pipe that 
is pushed into the ring, go and get it right away and use it to its full 

Street Fighting - With this style you’ll want to be throwing haymaker punches 
after reversals. Do punching combo’s. Grab him with weak grapples and do a 
weak grapple move, toss him against the ropes then do a move, or throw him 
into a turnbuckle and strong grapple. Besides that, get and use the weapons 
when you see them, and focus on reversing.

Martial Arts - Focus a great deal on reversals. Get strong grapple’s when 
possible. Keep switching up with puch and kick combo’s. Try not to do the 
same thing over and over. Get and use weapons when you see them.

Wrestling - The strength in a wrestler is in his big wrestling moves. Focus 
countering his grapples and getting a strong grapple right away. Pull off 
big wrestling move. Keep that up untill he is down and out. Don’t forget to 
get and use the weapons when possible.

Submission - This is the best style against Ice-T. Why? Because Ice-T does 
have a weakness wich is his health stat wich effects his head, arm, and leg 
health in submission holds. Basically just do the same thing as I said for 
wrestler. Counter and then strong grapple and pull off a submission hold. 
Focus only on one of the areas to make him tap out faster. Once again, use 
weapons when possible.

2. FFA Round 1 at Power Plant

In the first round of the FFA Tournament you will be facing, Havoc, Bo, and 
Trick or Solo (changes). Key to winning this fight is by taking on one of 
other fighters on the other side of the venue. Use your strengths of what 
styles you have. Also use weapons when you can and the fench very often. 
Something that the 3 opponents of yours in this match have is that they all 
like to strike a lot. So be ready to counter their punch and kicks a lot. 
Especially watch out for Trick’s haymaker punch. Once some one gets KO’ed, 
then it’s time to double team on some one. If you are the one getting double 
teamed you should run away till the other 2 start fighting each other. This 
a fairly easy fight. Just don’t get double teamed and you should be alright 
you got good counter skills.

3. Sean Paul at Babylon

Sean Paul can be a little pain because he has unique strikes and is pretty 
fast. Luckily only style he has is Martial Arts which hurts him. Pretty much 
he will need to do an environmental attack or hit you with a weapon to knock 
you out, but you should by this point have at least a couple styles. Anyways 
if you have Submissions then target his arm if you can. If you got Wrestling 
then go for those big grapple moves. Besides that he don’t got much else 
weaknesses. Just use the strengths of whatever styles you have and use weapons 
and the environment a lot to beat him easier. 

One thing that can make this fight so much more harder is that if you end 
up choosing Carmen Electra for your girlfriend, then right before this fight 
you will have to fight Skull first and the damage carries over to the next 
fight either win or lose as far as I can tell. So generally to make this fight 
easier just stick with the girl friend you first get. However if you do go 
with Carmen then here are some tips for Skull.

	a. Skull at Babylon

His main weakness is his health and lower body. Really kind of need 
Submissions to really take advantage of these weaknesses. If you got 
Submissions then target his legs. If you don’t then just use the environment 
and your styles strengths best you can. Just watch out for his haymaker punch 
he likes to throw, and he also has Submissions so don’t get caught too much 
by grapples.

4. WC at Red Room

This guy doesn’t really have a weakness that you can really use against him 
this point and time of the game. Plus he isnt that predictable wich is bad 
for  you. Use weapons when possible to give you the upper hand. Keep to the 
strengths of the style you have (or styles if you were saving up early on). 
Got Street Fighting then start throwing punches. Got Submission then get 
him in those holds. Like I said, use the strengths of whatever style(s) you 
have. Just do not get too predictable. Overall he really shouldn’t be that 
hard for most people (if so then you can contact me with more specific help 
on specifically what problem you’re having with him and ill include in 

After beating WC you will get 2500 development points wich is exactly the 
ammount you need to learn a new style. So go learn!

5. Crack at Club Murder - Cage Match

This can either be a very easy fight or a very hard fight. For it to become 
easy all you gotta do is be the faster one. Now if you haven’t been giving 
any development points to speed then shame on you. Crack is slow and likes 
to strong grapple a lot wich is easy to scout. Counter his grapples and grab 
him yourself. Now use the cage and throw Crack into it. Grab him again to 
perform a move on the cage. That is the main way you’re going to beat him 
and is all you need to know about this match. Just for the love of God do 
let him get strong grapples on you or you will pay big time every time.

6. FFA Round 2 at Hunt’s Point

This should be against Memphis Bleek, Bless, and Baby Chris. Memphis Bleek 
likes to throw a heavy haymaker around so watch out for that. He also likes 
grab you tho so be ready for the grapple as well. Bless likes to throw out 
lot of martial arts combo’s and is good at countering your strikes. Countering 
him and getting the strong grapple on him will help take him out fast. Baby 
Chris grapples a bit and likes to use the enviorment against you as well as 
kicking you in a kickboxing clinch. Instead smash his head into things rather 
than the other way around. When you can get your hands on one, weapons are 
helpful as always. By now you should have 3 styles learned and if one of those 
is Submission, then doing submission holds a lot is very helpful in a FFA 
match such as this so take full advantage. Besides that just remember to stay 
out of the way of the other 2 fighters and try not to get double teamed.

7. Crazy Legs at The Terror Dome

This guy is very fast and loves to do crazy kick combo’s all the time that 
be a big pain to counter. Although he does have a few weaknesses. The 
combination of him having poor health and upper power is very good if your 
fighter has Submission for a style. If so then target either his head or arm 
with submission holds to get him to submit. If you don’t have Submission, 
but you do have Street Fighting, then have fun throwing those big haymakers 
when you get him open. The other weakness he has is that he isnt very tough. 
If your fighter has Wrestling then strong grapple wrestling moves is a big 
help here. If not then you always can throw him up against the wall often 
beat him that way. Just watch out for his feat at all times.

8. Team Tournament at Chopshop

You get to choose between Ice-T and O.E. to have as your partner for this 
tournament. Wich ever you don’t choose will end up being partners with Magic. 
So who should you choose? I’d say O.E. stat wise is better and that you should 
go with him. To be honest I don’t even like O.E. and I usually go with Ice-T, 
but I’m here to help you out and O.E. is the better partner. So pick him.

a. Prodigy & Havoc

I’m just going to say this once instead of repeating it over and over. Trust 
your partner to take care of himself. Usually he will be able to do just fine 
without your help. Also weapons will always help.

Prodigy - He doesn’t really have much of a weakness to tell you the truth. 
He isn’t predictable either. Best I can suggest against him is to try to get 
strong grapple moves on him, do moves on him on the railing, and use weapons. 
Submission holds will slow him down if your fighter has Submission.

Havoc - On the other hand, Havoc has low lower power and low health. The 
combination of the two is good for a Submissioner who has leg holds. The low 
lower power is also real good for Kickboxers. If your fighter has Kickboxing 
then getting him in those strong grapple clinchs and kicking him a lot will 
beat Havoc. 

b. Mack 10 & WC

Mack 10 - He’s a little bit on the slow side so speed can really be your 
friend with him. Also his lower power stat isn’t that high so if your fighter 
has Kickboxing, Mack 10 shouldn’t be much trouble. Plus he likes to throw 
a haymaker punch wich is good because it’s slow and has very very very short 

WC - If your fighter has Wrestling then get those strong grapple wrestling 
moves in. Also throw him into the railing and do moves on him on the railing 
a lot. Ofcourse use weapons when possible. The main thing you got to do is 
keep the upper hand. Don’t let him take control of you. Watch out for the 
combo’s from him and the haymaker that he will throw here and there. Keeping 
some distance so he misses with him combo’s will help you out so you can then 
counter with a grapple or combo of your own.

c. Elephant Man & Sean Paul

These two guys are so much alike in the way of how they fight. They like to 
combo a lot and mostly strike at you with a grapple here and there. Also they 
are very good at countering you over and over. Key to beating either one is 
countering their strikes followed up by a haymaker, strong grapple move, or 
throw them into the railing and do a move. As long as you keep countering 
them you should be fine. Weapons will also help a lot.

d. Bone Crusher & David Banner

Bone Crusher - He is very slow, but he is strong and likes to do those strong 
grapple wrestling moves. The chances of him getting one done on you isn’t 
very likely since hes so slow that it’s super easy to counter his grapples. 
Only time he should be able to get you is if he counters you.  He doesn’t 
grapple all the time. He does like to do single power stikes at you wich can 
be hard to counter since you have to adjust to him being real slow with his 
moves. Speed is all you need to defeat Bone Crusher.

David Banner - This guy on the other hand isn’t that slow and can be pretty 
hard. He loves to throw the haymaker at you so you must watch out for that. 
Make him miss the haymaker and that leaves him wide open for you to do a 
strong grapple. Useing the railing will also help and weapons ofcourse.  Just 
remember to dodge (not block) his haymaker and counter with a strong grapple.

e. Ice-T & Magic

Now if you listened to me it will be Ice-T and Magic your fighting instead 
O.E. and Magic. Well this is if you listened to me.

Ice-T - His weakness is low health. If your fighter has Submission then target 
either his head, arm, or legs with submission holds and make him submit. Ice-T 
does have some what of a patteren that goes, Strike, Strike, Grapple. That’s 
not always, but he does that often. It’s alright if you get hit by the 
strikes. Just counter the grapple and put him into a hold. If you don’t got 
Submission then just do the same thing and also use the railing and weapons.

Magic - Magic is all about getting you into submission holds. This means he 
strong grapples a lot wich is very easy to scout out since Magic doesn’t have 
the best speed either. Use your speed against him and counter his grapple 
attempts. Follow up by a strong grapple of your own, a haymaker, or throw 
him into the railing and do a move. If your fighter has Kickboxing then that 
can help a lot too since he doesn’t have the best lower power either. Get 
in the clinch and kick him to death.

9. FFA Round 3 at Foundation

Opponents are N.O.R.E. , Bone Crusher, and David Banner. Watch out for the 
haymakers from both N.O.R.E. and David Banner. Adjust your countering for 
Bone Crusher so you don’t counter too early and actually end up getting hit 
grappled. It’s best to take on Bone Crusher of the 3 since you’re faster than 
he is and he should be easy. After you take  him out, go double team 
David Banner if he isn’t out already. Or if Banner takes out N.O.R.E., then 
double team him with Bone Crusher. But if you stay on Bone Crusher and take 
him out fast then it should be real smooth sailing from there on. Don’t forget 
to use weapons.

10. Lil’ Flip at Gauntlet

Lil’ Flip  likes to keep some distance and throw a lot of combo’s at you 
involving kick moves. It’s ironic that he likes to kick a lot since his 
weakness is the lack of lower power. If your fighter has Submission and has 
atleast one leg hold then you can use that as your main attack. Otherwise 
if your fighter has Kickboxing can you really take advantage of this weakness 
by getting him in the clinch and kicking him a lot. So if you got neither 
best thing to do is use the cage on him always. Keep countering his combo’s 
and try throwing him up on the cage to start slamming his head against it. 
Shouldn’t have much trouble if you follow the simple strategy. Also Remember 
that most your successful offense will be from successful defense. The only 
real hard thing about Lil’ Flip is countering those wild kicks of his.

11. Magic at Gun Hill Garage - Demolition Match

Magic is a little bit on the slow side and has a pattern of, Strike, Strike, 
Grapple. All you got to do is counter him, grab him, and throw him into his 
car (the one on the right side) and do a move on it to damage the car. To 
“Total” his car and winning that way you have to do a move on a area of the 
car (such as a door) three times on two different areas. Or you can just go 
for the easy KO wich will probably happen anyways if your trying to “Total” 
his car.

12. Fam-Lay at 7th Heaven

This guy can be a pain at times since he doesn’t have a real weakness and 
isn’t that predictable. You will want to try to make this fight as short as 
possible, because if you make it a longer fight then theres a good chance 
it will end up being a very close match that you may or may not come out of 
on top. So going for submission holds isnt what id suggest for this fight. 
Throw him up against the sides of the venue and deal some good damage 
smashing his head into the walls of this round venue you’re in. Also use 
a lot of beer bottles to smash over his head as well. There usually is always 
a bottle you can go grab at all times. Smashing bottle after bottle over his 
head will really take him out of his game.

13. WC at Chopshop

This is the third time fighting him now. This time he should be pretty easy 
actually since your stats are much higher than when you fought him at the 
Red Room. Throw him into and use the railing of the venue on him often. 
Always use a weapon when able too to take him out faster. If your fighting 
has Wrestling then strong grapple wrestling moves will be real effective as 

14. Warren G at Chopshop

Weakness of this great fighter is lack of upper power. If your fighter has 
Street Fighting, Wrestling, or Submission (wich he does have 1 of the 3 
atleast unless you only got 2 styles) with a head or arm submission hold, 
this is good for you. Just keep attacking his upper body mainly with grapples. 
Striking doesn’t work best against Warren G since he likes to sit and wait 
you to strike so he can counter. Seriously at times he will just stand there 
and do nothing till you attack and counter. So you want to get him on the 
offensive side so you can counter him and get those strong grapples. Weak 
grapples are always good too so you can throw him up against the railing 
and do a move on that. Just don’t be all about the striking game against him 
and focus more on grapples. Although you still gotta watch out for his 
strong grapples. Otherwise he will get you in a clinch and kick you a few 
times before doing a big wrestling move.

15. Mack 10 at Chopshop

A friend of mine had some trouble with this fight, but for me this fight is 
really easy. Yet most the fights are easy for me since I got 150+ hours 
experience with this game. Anyways for whom is having trouble with this 

Mack 10’s weaknesses is that he is slow and has a lack of lower power. 
Well forget about the lack of lower power he has since it’s the difference 
in speed that will win you this fight fast and easy. Just stay on the attack 
with grapples and combo’s. Throw him up against the railing and smash 
his head into it. That’s really all you need to do. If you just stay faster 
than him and don’t get predictable, then you should be able to easily win 
this fight without getting hit once.

16. Xzibit at The Limit

This is one of the hardest fights period! Not only in story mode, but just 
general. I believe the reason is is that he has no weakness what so ever. 
Not even close to  having one. He’s like Crow and Suspect that have no 
weakness at all and has really high stats. So how do you beat Xzibit? If 
your fighter has Submission, then making this a long fight going after 
him with submission holds can really do the trick. For example he can 
have about half his life bar left while your’s is all the way down yet you 
can still get him to submit. If your fighter doesn’t have Submission or that 
strategy isn’t working out then comboing a lot on him will be effective since 
he does not counter very often. Also get in grapples when he isn’t able to 
counter them. Useing weapons is a must. And he likes to mostly do combo’s, 
but he will go for strong grapples. Do not let him get you in a strong 
grapple, otherwise you’ll pay. How ever the fight goes it will remain a 
very close fight if your not getting competely owned. For this fight I must 
say to you, good luck.

17. FFA Round 4 at Babylon - Final Round

This is the final round of the FFA tournament. Although if you want to win 
you will have to get threw Lil’ Flip, Manny, and Pockets. Remember Lil’ Flip 
likes to kick a lot yet has a lack of lower power wich you can use to your 
advantage with leg submission holds if you fighter has Submission. Either 
if your fighter does or doesn’t I suggest going after Lil’ Flip first. After 
he has been taken care of go double team whom ever has the most health 
left. Try to work them both without you getting double teamed yourself. 
That way once you take out one of them the other won’t have a lot of life 
left either so you can take him out easier and faster.

Ofcourse you got to remember that weapons are your friend as well as the 
walls on each side of the venue and the big speakers. Try not to get double 
teamed ever. While taking care of Lil’ Flip first, stay on the opposite side 
of the venue from the other two fighters.

18. Crack at Gauntlet - Round 3 of 1 on 1 Tournament

This fight is just like when you fought Crack at Club Murder in the Cage 
Match. The only difference is that you’re a lot more faster now and because 
of that this should be a pretty easy fight. Just mix up with somce 2 hit 
combo’s and weak grapples. When you grapple him just throw him into the 
cage and perform a move on it on him. continue to do so and you should have 
complete control of the entire fight. Just don’t get predictable so that he 
starts to counter and he starts to control.

19. Henry Rollins at Gauntlet - Round 5 of 1 on 1 Tournament - Final Round

Henry Rollins is unique since he  has four styles. What’s unique about that 
that no one else has more than three styles. Not even your own created fighter 
can have more than three styles. 

Anyways his weakness is that he isn’t the fastest guy around. So your going 
beat Henry Rollins just like how you beat Crack. You’re going to use your 
speed to your advantage and use the cage walls very often. Just watch out 
that haymaker of Rollins that he likes to throw around a lot. Best way to 
counter his haymaker is by punching him. When you see him doing the animation 
for his haymaker just punch him a couple times to counter. He doesn’t grapple 
a whole lot, but when he does you should be able to counter without problem. 

20. David Banner at The Pit

Weaknesses is that he is slow and has a lack of lower body power. Use your 
speed to full advantage. Kick combo’s you should favor over punching combo’s. 
If your fighter has Kickboxing then get him in the clinch in the strong 
grapple and kick him to death. Use the wood walls on both sides of the venue 
against him. Use weapons when possible. Watch out for that big haymaker that 
he loves to throw all over the place. Try side stepping his haymaker punch 
strong grapple him. 

21. Prodigy at The Heights

This guy can come at you in all kinds of ways. He likes to do combo’s with 
unique style in the game. He also likes to make you cry for your Mama by 
making you submit. Got to watch out for that haymaker. Plus he likes to 
counter your strikes a bit of the times. So how can you beat him? Well it 
isn’t exactly easy no matter what you do unless your a pro at this game. He 
a little bit on the slow side so the speed advantage can help. Although it 
doesn’t help that much. His other weakness is low on the health stat. That’s 
good if your fighter has Submission so you can start targeting his head, arm, 
or leg. Still that could make the fight a long fight, but it still can get 
job done. Best I can suggest is put him into submission holds if your fighter 
has Submission. If not then just use the strengths that your fighter has to 
your advantage (such as if he’s a Wrestler then use strong grapple wrestling 
moves). Also take full advantage of the crowd and weapons. Prodigy isnt the 
easiest guy, but he isn’t the hardest either. If you’re having trouble with 
him it really shouldn’t take more than a few tries to beat him. (If so then 
you can contact me)

22. Ghost Face Killah at Dragon House

This is probably one of the best fighters in the game. That doesn’t mean he 
super hard, but he can be. Think of him as if he was Crack. Really the two 
fighters are a lot alike. Speed is at your advantage big time here. just be 
faster than him, counter his grapples, and use the breakable fence on him. 
Also getting a Ring Out win is the best way to go. So focus on doing moves 
on him on one part of the fence till it breaks. Then push him in that area 
again and punch him off the legde to win.

23. N.O.R.E. at The Heights

N.O.R.E. actually is a lot like Prodigy. Main differences is that N.O.R.E. 
likes to throw his haymaker around more and likes to grapple a little bit 
more. Besides that he is very much like Prodigy. So you’re going to beat him 
just like you did Prodigy. Either make him submit if your fighter has 
Submission or use the strengths of what ever styles you do have against him 
as well as weapons and the crowd often. Making him submit is probably the 
easiest and fastest way to beat N.O.R.E.

24. Capone at Foundation

Capone is a real heavy hitter. He likes his haymaker punch, but unlike a lot 
of fighters he is smart about when he throws the haymaker punch. Overall 
he is probably the smartest Street Fighter in the game CPU wise. So yes you 
got to watch out for that haymaker. Best way to beat him is by useing the 
crowd, the speakers, the post, and weapons against him. Really he shouldn’t 
be too difficult since you’re fighting him at the Foundation venue wich is 
really good for you. If your fighter has Wrestling then strong grapple 
wrestling moves will get the job done. If your fighter has Kickboxing then 
strong grapple clinch kicks will help a lot too. If you got both those styles 
and can do both clinch kicks and strong grapple wrestling moves in the 
strong grapple then you shouldn’t have any problem what so ever. If you 
got neither style for your fighter just stick to useing the venue to your 
advantage and watch out for his haymaker. If you do that you should be just 

25. Joe Budden at Babylon

Joe Budden’s weakness is that he isn’t that tough. So you will want to use 
crowd, speakers, walls on each side of the venue, and weapons as much as 
possible. Especially if your fighter does not have Wrestling. If he does have 
Wrestling then still do that, but also do big time strong grapple wrestling 
moves. You should be able to put him away without much problem that way.

26. Scarface at Babylon

In my opinion this is in the top five of the hardest fights throughout story 
mode. Scarface’s only weakness is that you’re faster than he is. Although 
doesn’t make much of a difference since Scarface is one of the smarter 
fighters. It’s like when he starts to get predictable he changes what he is 
doing. He likes to throw the haymaker at  you and get you in the strong 
grapple. Those are the top things you want to avoid the most when fighting 
Scarface. So what should you do to beat him? Well to be honest to beat him 
you should just play. What I mean is pretty much do what ever is working as 
long as you don’t get predictable. When he really gets you is after he 
counters you. I wouldn’t suggest trying to make him submit since it’s best 
try to KO him as fast as possible. Don’t really focus on doing one thing to 
him over and over, but use the strengths of what styles you have against 
him besides submission holds (since that takes too long). Always use the 
walls at both end of the venue, the crowd, the two speakers, and always use 
weapons when able to. Chances are is that this will come down to being a 
pretty close even fight till one of you win. That is if you’re not getting 
totally owned. So don’t get predictable, use your fighters strengths, and 
watch out for his haymaker and strong grapples.

27. Ludacris at Club DTP (7th Heaven)

Ludacris is a tough guy to beat. Well that is unless you use my strategy here 
to easily defeat him. His weakness is lack of upper strength so if your 
fighter has Street Fighting this should be a walk in the park. Well you got 
be patient and get him to try to do a combo on you. Counter it and throw a 
haymaker punch. Continue to do this and you will KO him in no time. If your 
fighter doesn’t have Street Fighting then just keep attacking his upper body. 
You must have atleast either Street Fighting, Wrestling, or Submission for 
your fighter so you will be able to attack his upper body without problem. 
If you don’t have Street Fighting, but you do have Wrestling then counter 
do strong grapple wrestling moves. If you got neither of those and got 
Submission instead then counter and put him into a head or arm submission 
hold over and over. Unless you don’t have any arm or head submission holds 
then the next best thing to do is use weapons a lot and slamming his head 
the railing around the fight area. 

28. Flava Flav at The Terror Dome

This guy is envied by so many of you players with his drunken kung fu combo’s. 
Speaking of those drunken kung fu combo’s, that is what he favors to punish 
you with and it is straight up hard to time just right to counter. Don’t think 
about throwing big combo’s back at him because he will counter you a lot. 
That’s what he is really good at. Countering and pulling off combo’s. Plus 
he is pretty fast. He does have a few weaknesses that can help. Lacking in 
toughness, upper body power, and lower body power stats. Thing is is that 
hard to take advantage of these weaknesses and that is what makes him hard. 
The only time you usually can get a strong grapple on Flava Flav is after 
countering him wich isn’t all that easy. Not even real easy countering a 
grappleof his since he grapples at random times when you’re not expecting 
grapple. Still when your able to, get a strong grapple move done on him. 
Although mostly you will be hitting him once or twice and going for the 
weak grapple to then throw him into a wall and do a move on it. That is 
how you’re going to beat him. Use the walls to your full advantage against 
Flava Flav as well as those three steele somethings around the middle of the 
venue (you know what I’m talking about). So try to counter his combo’s always 
and if you do try pulling off a strong grapple manuver. Besides that just 
the venue as much as possible.

29. Doc at Club-357

Doc is a fighter that just doesn’t let up on you. He just keeps coming and 
coming. So you got to take it right back to him and keep coming and coming 
at him. Don’t focus on getting strong grapples because most the time Doc won’t 
let you get them. Focus on countering his combo’s and comboing him. Mix it 
up with weak grapple moves. Throw him into a turnbuckle and do a move on 
him on that. Use weapons when available. As long as you stay on him and don’t 
let up you should be in control of the fight. As long as the momentum doesn’t 
change sides then it should be smooth sailing from there on. Remember he won’t 
let up except for when he will tuant here and there. So you can’t let up on 
him. Don’t even need to use any weapons really untill you get his health low. 
Then start useing weapons to finish him off.

30. Magic & Crack at Hunt’s Point

Now this is the number one fight that inspired me to write this guide for 
you. This is the hardest fight. It’s a Team Battle with you and Blaze as your 
partner against Magic & Crack. The thing that makes this fight so hard is 
Blaze starts out with about half of his health bar and can get knocked out 
very fast and easily leaving you to take on Magic and Crack alone wich is 
nearly impossible to beat them by your self. Here’s how to win this fight....

It’s best for you to take on Crack and leave Blaze with Magic. Magic will 
mostly be on the offensive side of things against Blaze, but it’s alright 
because Magic will mostly put him into submission holds giving you time to 
take out Crack. Just don’t worry about Blaze bacause he can take care of 
himself although you may need to retry this fight a couple times because of 
him getting knocked out quickly, but most the time he will be able to survive 
long enough. 

So how can you take out Crack fast and easily in time to go help Blaze? If 
your fighter has Submission then the best thing to do is wait for Crack to 
attempt a grapple and counter it. Then put him into a head submission hold. 
Keep doing that till he submits and then go double team Magic till you KO 

On the other hand if your fighter doesn’t have Submission then still get Crack 
into the strong grapple and big wrestling moves, kickboxing clinch kicks, 
haymaker punches (or combination of clinch kicks and then wrestling move 
or haymaker if possible for your fighter).  Also use weapons when possible. 
After you KO Crack, go double team Magic till you KO him.

31. Sticky Fingaz at Red Hook Tire Co. - Inferno Match

It’s just you and Sticky in the ring of fire. Well how about useing that fire 
to your advantage? Doing moves that knocks Sticky into the fire will deal 
more damage too him. When you get Sticky in danger and push him into 
the fire it will KO him. So use the fire to your advantage. Also you will 
to look out for the haymaker that Sticky loves to throw around a lot. You 
need to stay on him like when you fought Doc because Sticky will stay on you 
and won’t let up. If you let him have control of the fight he will make you 
pay. So stay on him and don’t let up. Watch out for the haymaker of his. 
Use the fire to your advantage.

32. Crow at Crow’s Office - Window Match

Finally you get to fight Crow. He has no where near to having any kind of 
weakness. All of his stats are almost perfect. He is one of the fastest, if 
not the fastest fighter you’ll fight.  Also he has this special strong kick 
that can actually knock you out  if in danger. To make this fight harder, 
you will start out with a good chunk of your health already gone. So how 
can you beat him? Well the long way there isn’t a easy way. Just got to try 
your best. The fast and semi-easy way is to throw him out a window. There’s 
three windows. Grapple and push him up against one of them and do a move 
on him on a window. When you do the window will crack. The third time you 
do a move on Crow on the same window you will send him threw the window 
down to his death and win the fight.  So stick close to the windows for this 
fight. Just try not to get thrown up against a window yourself. Especially 
two moves have already been done on it otherwise you will need to do a rematch.

D. Conclusion

I wrote this guide to help others and I really hope I have. I choose the 
fights based on wich ones I use to have trouble with and wich ones my 
friends have had trouble with. If you think I should change some thing or 
add some thing about one of the fights or think there’s a fight that I should 
of covered, but didn’t, or just want to comment on my guide please feel free 
to contact me at bates420em@hotmail.com . 

I’ll be adding all the fights in the tournaments that take place after beating 
Crow some other time soon hopefully so check back later if those are the 
fights you’re needing help with.

I thank you for reading my guide and really hope it was helpful for you. 
I also want to thank Game FAQs for accepting my guide. And lastly, but not 
least, I have to thank EA and Aki for making one of my all time favorite games