The Shin Budokai series has been very kind to Trunks. Since the first game in
the series, Trunks has been an amazing character excelling in virtually every
area of combat. With the new rush and slam combo system, Trunks was finally
blessed with a movelist that freely allowed him to draw his sword in combat
without the horrible start up and recovery issues he suffered from in 
Budokai 3. While other characters suffered from the new combo engine (see 
Goku), Trunks only improved and was freed entirely from all of his faults in
the original Budokai series. He gained the slam strings needed to fight at
point blank range and defend against the most aggressive rush down characters
in the game, he had a decent set of death moves, an amazing ultimate, and
good ki building. At long last, Trunks fans had an amazing Trunks that they
could play as. In Shin Budokai Another Road, Trunks virtually remains 
unchanged from the last game save for the addition of Masenko as his base
form death move and the Power of Mixed Blood and Ultimate Power as Aura Burst
charges. So how does Trunks fair overall? He is among the best characters in
the game, second only to Piccolo who most vets consider broken.



Since there are two versions of Trunks in this game, you may be asking what
are the differences between the two. For starters, both versions of Trunks
have completely different fighting styles. Trunks (referred to as Sword Trunks
for this section) is Trunks when he first arrives in the present time line, he
is a well rounded fighter who doesn't specialize in any specific area of 
combat but he is proficent in all of them. Future Trunks on the other hand,
is Trunks after the Cell Games, he is a close range bare knuckles brawler
and is one of the best rush down characters in the game. Both characters play
remarkably different from each other, the only moves they share are >R, ^E [Heat Dome] 11 hits, 1950 damage

Intermediate Section
No Burst canceling knowledge needed

1) RRSSS-, >>R, >R, ^E [Heat Dome] 25 hits, 2281 damage

3) RRSSS-, >>R, RS-, ^E [Heat Dome] 28 hits, 2506 damage

Advanced Section

1) SSS*, >RRS*, >R, RRRRSSE-,