Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
    Character and Gear Guide
          Version 1.0
      Created by: ChaosTH

|      Table of Contents       |

 1. Legal Stuff

 2. Version History

 3. Guide Information

 4. Game Information

 5. Characters
	I.     Sonic the Hedgehog
	II.    Miles "Tails" Prower
	III.   Knuckles the Echidna
	IV.    Amy Rose
	V.     Jet the Hawk
	VI.    Storm the Albatross
	VII.   Wave the Swallow
	VIII.  Dr. Eggman
	IX.    Cream the Rabbit
	X.     Rouge the Bat
	XI.    Shadow the Hedgehog
	XII.   Silver the Hedgehog
	XIII.  Blaze the Cat
	XV.    Amigo
	XVI.   Billy Hatcher
	XVIX.  Super Sonic
 6. Extreme Gear
	I.     Extreme Gear Types
	II.    Extreme Gear Listing
	III.   Gear Collecting Hints and Tips

 7. Credits and Thanks


|       1. Legal Stuff         |

 Alright, time to get the legal stuff outta the way.

 I do not own Sonic the Hedgehog in any way, shape or form.
 Sonic and any other related characters are © SEGA and Sonic Team. 

 Don't edit and/or claim this guide as your own. I put alot of work
 into this y'know.

 At the moment, this guide is only up on GameFAQs, but if you'd
 like to host it on your site, just send me an email. It's likely
 I'll say yes. =P


|      2. Version History      |

 14/04/2008	Version 1.0
 The initial release of this guide, and there's still alot to do.
 Things to do: - Confirm how exactly SCR-HD is unlocked.
	       - Complete, or at least add to the Extreme Gear Listing.
	       - Complete the "Extreme Gear Collecting Tips and Hints" section.


|     3. Guide Information     |

 Hey there guys and gals, I'm Chaos the Hedgehog, or just ChaosTH  
 for short (that and people seem to keep stealing my name ^^;).
 Welcome to my first ever guide! For a while now I've felt like
 writing up a guide for something, and as I kept saying what I thought
 were somewhat guide worthy comments on the gears and whatnot in SR:ZG,
 I figured that it would be a good game to start with. =P

 To begin with, I thought I was gonna do a full walkthrough for the game
 but in the end decided I'd go for something smaller. That and I didn't
 want to type out all the missions in story mode. xD

 Anyway, the purpose of this guide is to give you an in-depth look
 at the characters and the gears, stating their skills and attributes
 in as much detail as possible. Giving you a better idea of who to pick
 and what gear they should be riding.

 Also be warned that as this guide tells you how to unlock certain 
 characters and gears, as well as certain story elements, it contains
 spoilers. So yeah.

 If you have any questions about the guide, or have something you think
 should be in there, or even just wanna say hello, you can send me an 
 email at: chaos.hedgehog@gmail.com

 And now, to get on with the guide. =D


|     4. Game Information      |

 Title: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
 Platform: Wii and PS2
 Number of Players: 1-4 Simultaneous

 Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity is the second game in the Sonic Riders series
 of games. The first game was described as a new type of racing game, where
 the charaters rode on boards known as Extreme Gear, doing tricks and riding
 their opponents turbulence in order to keep their air supply up and win the
 race. In Zero Gravity, they have introduced the new 'Gravity Control' system,
 replacing alot of the old features from the first game.

 Using Gravity Control, players can nail sharp turns and ride along walls,
 aswell as a few other things in order to come out on top. The way the gears
 work has changed as well, now the gears have 'Gear Parts', which can be used
 to upgrade a characters abilities and skills. But more on that later.

 All in all, a great game. If you were a fan of the first game, I suggest you
 go out and pick up a copy, or at least hire it form the local video shop or
 something. Heck, do that even if you didn't play the first one. =P


|        5. Characters         |

 Finally onto what the guide is about. In this section I'll give a rundown
 of all the characters in the game, and they'll all look a little like this:

         Character Name

 [There'll be a character introduction here]

 Type: What type the character is.

	Dash:  The character's rate of acceleration.
	Limit: The character's top speed.
	Power: How well the character can handle rough terrain.
	Curve: How well the character can turn.

 Default Gear: The name of the character's default gear.

 How to Unlock: For characters that need to be unlocked, this section will
                tell you how.

 Attack: Details of the attack the character does upon getting the 'Attack'

 GCD [Gravity Control Device]: Not really all that important, but just in case
                               you were wondering where the character's GCD is,
                               this'll tell you. (I know I did. xD)

 Author's Notes: This is where I'll state what I feel is note worthy,
                 as well as my thoughts and opinions on the character.


 Just a few more points. Even though I state the characters type, unlike
 the last game, the characters no longer have type specific albilities. What
 they can do is now based on the type of gear they are riding. The game doesn't
 even tell you what type they are, but you can figure that out by taking a look
 at their stats, and the gear parts on their default gear. And stat-wise, the
 maximum value any one stat can have is six.

 Now, let's begin. =D


      Sonic the Hedgehog

 It's everyone's favorite blue hedgehog, Sonic! A lover of freedom with zero
 tolerance for evildoers, this hedgehog is always doing his best to help those
 in need. Once again, Sonic jumps back on board as he races to try and 
 solve the mystery behind the MeteorTech Robot Rampage along with his good 
 friends, Tails and Knuckles.

 Type: Speed

	Dash:  ****
	Limit: *****
	Power: ****
	Curve: ****

 Default Gear: Blue Star

 Attack: Sonic curls himself up into a ball and spin dashes towards his foes,
	 trapping them in a tornado briefly.

 GCD: On his right wrist is one of the Arks of the Cosmos, which Tails picked
      up after it crashed into the ground and woke him up in his sleep.

 Author's notes: Ah, good ol' Sonic. His stats are fairly even, making him
                 a good all round charater, along with every other speed type
                 as all speed types in this game were created equal.

      Miles "Tails" Prower

 A boy fox who gets his nickname from his twin tails, Miles "Tails" Prower
 is always doing his best to help Sonic foil Eggman's schemes. He loves
 tinkering with machines, often building something to aid Sonic in his
 adventures. Although still fairly new to being an Extreme Gear mechanic,
 Tails is always working on ways to improve his gear repairing skills.

 Type: Flight

	Dash:  *****
	Limit: ***
	Power: ***
	Curve: *****

 Default Gear: Yellow Tail

 Attack: Tails pulls out his power cord and swings it around his head as he
         flies foward, shocking anyone who gets close enough.

 GCD: Tails has a little device on his right hip, which he pulls out whenever
      he uses Gravity Control.

 Author's Notes: Tails, along with most of the flight characters, is best
		 at getting a quick start and making sharp turns, but doesn't
		 have the best top speed and doesn't work well off-road.
                 That aside, still a good character, and his gear is pretty
		 cool. =P

      Knuckles the Echidna

 Knuckles has been a long time friend and rival of Sonic's ever since they
 first met back on Angel Island. He seems to spend most of his time either
 guarding the Master Emerald, or tracking down the pieces of it. If he's not
 doing either of those things, he's hanging out with Sonic and Tails or treasure
 hunting. Said to be as strong as Sonic is fast, he brings his aggresive style
 of riding to the race.

 Type: Power

	Dash:  ***
	Limit: ****
	Power: *****
	Curve: ***

 Default Gear: Red Rock

 Attack: Knuckles starts to run with both fists behind him, punching his foes
	 and stunning them for a short time.

 GCD: Knuckles has a band on his left ankle that allows him to use Gravity

 Author's Notes: Knuckles, about as agressive as ever. In Zero Gravity however,
		 he seems to be bored at the start and finish of the story mode
		 as if he was being dragged along against his will. Anyway, as
		 with all power characters he does well off-road, as well as
		 having fairly average stats in everything else.

           Amy Rose

 Amy is a somewhat ditzy pink hedgehog and is Sonic's self-professed girlfriend.
 She follows the blue blur where ever he goes, constantly expressing her love
 for him and generally being a bit of a pain for Sonic. She likes having things
 go her way, and often uses her Piko Piko Hammer to make sure it does. Having
 run into Sonic and the gang after running away from the robots, she once again
 joins Sonic on his latest adventure.

 Type: Speed

	Dash:  ****
	Limit: *****
	Power: ****
	Curve: ****

 Default Gear: Pink Rose

 Attack: Amy pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer and smashes any foes in her way,
	 causing them to become stunned temporarily.

 GCD: Amy wears the Ark of the Cosmos she found around her neck like a necklace.

 Author's Notes: I don't really use Amy all that much, mainly due to the vast
		 number of cooler speed type characters that are available.
		 Still, she's just as good as any other speed character.
		 And her Sonic Riders look is just so awesome. =P

          Jet the Hawk

 Jet is the leader of the group of theives known as the Babylon Rogues.
 Many people know him as the "Legendary Wind Master" due to his impressive
 Extreme Gear riding skills. Jet and the Babylon Rogues have set their
 sights on another treasure, one that has caused his and Sonic's paths to
 cross once again. Having lost to Sonic the last time they met, he's
 more determined than ever to beat him and prove once and for all that
 he's the fastest thing in the universe!

 Type: Speed

	Dash:  ****
	Limit: *****
	Power: ****
	Curve: ****

 Default Gear: Type-J

 Attack: Jet whips out one of his green feather fans and runs at full speed,
	 attacking his rivals and trapping them in a tornado.

 GCD: Like Sonic, Jet has an Ark of the Cosmos on his left wrist. Jet and the
      Babylon Rogues took it from the shrine at the Gigan Rocks.

 Author's Notes: Jet, along with the Babylon Rogues, have been some of the
		 first truly awesome new characters I've seen. At least since
		 Shadow was introduced. They've had a big thumbs up from me
		 since the first Sonic Riders. Jet is pretty much the same
		 as the other speed characters, and his already awesome board
		 has been made even more awesome for this game. =3

      Storm the Albatross

 Storm is the muscle of the Babylon Rogues and serves as Jet's right-hand man.
 Fairly clumsy and simple minded, Storm has no problems with just following
 Jet's orders and getting the job done. He also has a habit of stuttering
 whenever he's excited or flustered, but seems to have it under control. 
 After bumping into Knuckles, along with Sonic and the gang, an old rivalry
 is about to be sparked anew with Storm eager to settle the score.

 Type: Power

	Dash:  **
	Limit: *****
	Power: *****
	Curve: ***

 Default Gear: Type-S

 Attack: Storm starts running at top speed, slapping his foes and stunning
	 them as he goes.

 GCD: Storm wears the Ark of the Cosmos he took from the Robot Leader like
      a ring on his left index finger. I guess his arms are just too big. =P

 Author's Notes: Unlike the speed and flight type characters, power type
		 characters weren't all created equal. Storm has a top
		 speed to match that of the speed types, as well as a high
		 power stat to match the other power types. However, this
		 comes at the cost of acceleration and turning ability,
		 making Storm somewhat tricky to control if you're new 
		 to the game. As a character however, Storm is awesome.
		 I've liked him even before I even knew what his name
		 was. I love Storm.