Yuna Only No Summon (/No Items) Own Sphere Grid Challenge FAQ
By Mason Rhudy, User Name: _Mace_
E-mail: scratchgamer@hotmail.com
FAQ started 7/23/06 at 11:31pm
Version: 1.99

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1.0 - Copyright
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Copyright 2007 by Mason Rhudy.  GameFAQs user name: _Mace_
                                Neoseeker user name: Mace22

This FAQ was created solely by me, through my hard work.  You are more than
welcome to access this FAQ for personal use.  If you are to redistribute
without me allowing you, you will be punished to the fullest possible extent of
the law.  You cannot sell for profit or share as your own. I want full credit
for this piece of work along with anyone I specifically credit

GameFAQs and Neoseeker are the only sites allowed to host this FAQ.

If other sites host this FAQ without being given permission in this FAQ, please
contact me.

If another site would like to host this FAQ, contact me first.

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2.0 - Index
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Copyright                                                           1.0
Index                                                               2.0
Introduction                                                        3.0
Summary                                                             4.0
Version History                                                     5.0
Rules                                                               6.0
Overdrives and Overdrive Modes                                      7.0
Yuna's Ability List                                                 8.0
Quicklist for Items/Equipment/Abilities                             9.0
Boss Quick Jump Table                                              10.0
Walkthrough                                                        11.0
Credits                                                            12.0

***There will be Spoilers for the FFX plot from here on out, fair warning.***

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3.0 - Introduction
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Hey there, I'm Mason, better known on GameFAQs as _Mace_.  This is my first
attempt at writing a FAQ, something I've always wanted to do, but never felt
as if I had enough of a purpose to do so.  Well after many, many years of
playing video games, mostly RPGs, I felt it was necessary that I at least
try my hand in helping others enjoy a game that has brought me so much
happiness.  The FFX board is one of my usual hang-outs, and I noticed another
user, Kikiorie45, talking about tackling a Yuna Only No Summons FAQ.  I was
instantly intrigued, so I asked him if I would be of any service to him.  We
hit it off that very minute, I loaded up a save and got my game under way.
Not too soon into the project, Justin informed me that I would be taking
over the helm, and writing the FAQ myself.  A daunting task indeed, this was
my chance to check off one of the things on my "to do" list.  A topic
concerning the creation of this FAQ was created on the boards, and it
instantly had an overwhelming surge of users commenting on it, helping out,
and showing genuine interest.  Right then I knew this was something that I
would see through to the very end.  Many of the board's vets and SCC
specialists have come along to help me on my adventure, and to support me as
I delved into the unknown.  There was one user who had publicly attempted
this challenge before, and had made a daring attempt before falling just
short at Braska's Final Aeon.  Sadly she had customized the wrong abilities
onto her armor, and was unable to legitimately procure the goods she needed
to make the necessary armor.  Her username was CrystalBangle, and the
thought that she had striven so valiantly, and came up just short was rather
inspiring for me, another reason to complete this task.  Not had I ever 
played this game so fervently, I was enjoying myself even whilst farming 
Ragoras for weapon drops.  I can hardly believe that I would study and learn
so much about this game is such a short while.  Some people have written off 
this challenge as a waste of time, which is fine by me, but I'm having a blast
doing what not many others have done.  I would now like to pass my knowledge
and hard work on to you, the gamer, so that you may have an opportunity to test
the limits of your patience, sanity, and perseverance in the most tediously
difficult challenges I've ever played.  Enjoy!

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4.0 - A Summary of a YONSOSG game
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I know what some of you are thinking.

"Imposhibibble!  How do we even hurt bosses, or take out random enemies?"
There are three things that make this challenge possible.  They are:  Holy,
Customized/Dropped Weapons, and a whole lot of patience.  There are two 
points in the challenge where we must massively power level to learn a skill 
for taking out a boss.  The first time is learning Reflect before the Sinspawn
Gui fight, which is impossible without Reflect.  The second time is learning
Holy before the Anima fight, as she is impossible without it in our arsenal, and
even then you have to be somewhat fortunate.  For anyone adding No Items to
their challenge, you'll have to learn HOLY before Sinspawn Gui.

If there was ever a recurring theme in this challenge, it would be 
"Preparation".  I know that that can be said about any challenge, but it 
holds true even more so in this game.  As I said, there will be two areas in 
which we must power level, and there will be a few areas where we'll be 
harvesting Fiends for weapon/armor drops.  The game clock in my first run
through was well over 100 hours.  If you aren't a patient person, I'd advise
you to not try this challenge.

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5.0 - Version History
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.25: Outlining the FAQ.  Legal stuff, index, intro, rules.

.50:  Working on the walkthrough.

.75: Adding Item lists, credits (partial).  Revising enemy strategies.
Adding enemy group strategies.

1.0: SoulSpark finished formatting document.  Finally ready for submission.

1.25: Changed errors and mistakes brought to my attention by other GameFAQs
members.  Added a coding section for the boss strategies.  Alphabetized the
enemy encounter groups.  Added a quick reference for abilities, equipment,
and items.

1.50: Edited some misinformation regarding enemy strategies, and equipment

1.60: Some more minor editing.  Adding section for Cavern of the Stolen Fayth,
editing enemy immunities, removing any of the irrelevant information.  Slightly
altered format.

1.85: Added Villa's Dark Aeon strategies.

1.99: No Items restriction added to Walkthrough section. Minor updates
throughout the FAQ.
Coming Soon!  In depth Monster Arena and Mark of Conquest Section!