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Commanders: Attack of the Genos is a turn-based strategy game and is one of
the few strategy titles available for download from X-Box Live Arcade. The
title features a unique (to video games) art deco style that sets it apart
from most titles I have encounted, which is probably its most distinctive
characteristic. As of this writing, the title costs 800 Microsoft Points.

* Table of Contents *
[MOD] Gameplay Modes
[UNS] Regular Units
[CMT] Commander Units
[CPN] Standard Campaign
	[C00] Training
	[C01] Baptism of Fire
	[C02] Birth of a Warrior
	[C03] The First Fight
	[C04] Abducted
	[C05] Stolen Plans
	[C06] The Turning Point
	[C07] A New World
	[C08] Betrayed
	[C09] The Big War
	[C10] The Hunt
	[C11] Caught!
	[C12] Behemoth
	[C13] Unfinished Business
	[C14] The Fort
	[C15] Phoenix Reborn
[ADV] Advanced Campaign
[BTL] Battle Mode
	[B01] Island Warfare
	[B02] Deserted Tactics
	[B03] Airstruck
	[B04] Sand Divided
	[B05] U Turn
	[B06] Coal Labryinth
	[B07] Sand Land
	[B08] Missile Plains
	[B09] Crossroads
	[B10] Battle Royale
[AGP] Achievements
[CLS] Closing

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The ASCII above was created with ASCII Generator by Jonathan Matthews Software.

Version History
- Version 0.12 - Initial release of this guide
- Version 0.26 - Added U Turn, Coal Labrinth, Sand Land, Birth of a Warrior
- Version 0.48 - Added Missile Plains, Crossroads, Battle Royale
- Version 0.60 - Added The First Fight, Abducted, Stolen Plans
- Version 0.76 - Added The Turning Point, A New World, Betrayed, The Big War
- Version 0.92 - Added The Hunt, Caught!, Behemoth, Unfinished Business
- Version 1.00 - Added The Fort, Phoenix Reborn
- Version 1.04 - Updated Achievements

* [MOD] Gameplay Modes *
Commanders: Attack of the Genos offers four different modes. Multiplayer is a
hotseat or online match between two to four players. Standard Campaign is the
basic story campaign. Advanced Campaign is a second campaign available after
you have completed standard campaign. Lastly, Battle Mode offers ten maps that
somewhat recreate the multiplayer mode for a single player.

* [UNS] Units *
The basic units are the crux of any strategy game. Below are descriptions
of each of the fifteen basic units available in Commanders. All factions
command the same units, but not all units are always available in all

Light Infantry
() Cost: 750
() Armor: 2
() Speed: 2
() Firepower: 4
() Description: Light Infantry are the most basic units at your disposal,
   and one of only two units that can capture cities and factories. They
   are the cheapest units in the game, which logically means they are
   also the weakest units. They have greater range than their heavy
   counterparts, however this can be negated with the use of transports.

Heavy Infantry
() Cost: 1000
() Armor: 2
() Speed: 1
() Firepower: 4
() Description: A slower, but stronger, version of the light infantry.
   Although they can take more punishment than the light infantry, their
   reduction in range is killer. It is best to avoid building these units
   unless you are also making use of transport units.

Transport Unit
() Cost: 1000
() Armor: 2
() Speed: 4
() Firepower: 0
() Description: Transports are armored vehicles that can carry up to three
   heavy or light infantry. Their range is much greater than either of
   those units, and their armor is vastly superior as well.

Radar Unit
() Cost: 1500
() Armor: 1
() Speed: 2
() Firepower: 0
() Description: The Radar Unit allows you to see really far, but has no
   attack and very low defense. Spend your money on something of a little
   more value, unless of course you are in the campaign and need them for
   certain missions discussed in this walkthrough.

() Cost: 1500
() Armor: 2
() Speed: 4
() Firepower: 3
() Description: Scouts have a very high range of movement and surprisingly
   decent attack and armor. They also can see a very great distance,
   drastically reducing the fog of war around your units. For scouting and
   taking on infantry, scouts have the best benefit-cost ratio of any

Repair Truck
() Cost: 1500
() Armor: 1
() Speed: 1
() Firepower: 0
() Description: Repair Trucks cannot attack, but can repair any of your
   units for a good deal of health. Given their cost, this is a very good
   unit to have one of with any of your major attack groups in missions
   with limited resources and production points.

() Cost: 1750
() Armor: 3
() Speed: 5
() Firepower: 3
() Description: Only available in missions with air support, Anti-Air is
   your means of eliminating air threats from the ground. These units can
   easily shoot down any air threat in the skies over your territory,
   although they can be destroyed by the most basic of ground units very
   easily. Keep a repair truck with them or position them near natural
   boundaries to keep your skies free of pests.

Light Tank
() Cost: 2000
() Armor: 3
() Speed: 3
() Firepower: 3
() Description: Light Tanks are your basic armored cavalry, offering
   decent range with a generally good defense and attack. The comparison
   between light and heavy tanks is much the same as between light and
   heavy infantry. If you like to rush, light tanks are for you. If
   instead you prefer to move in slowly with larger units, than go for
   the heavy tanks.

Heavy Tank
() Cost: 3000
() Armor: 4
() Speed: 2
() Firepower: 4
() Description: Slower, but more armored and powerful than a light tank,
   Heavy Tanks are the heavy cavalry of Commanders. Build them in maps
   where the fighting is isolated to confined areas.

Light Artillery
() Cost: 3000
() Armor: 1
() Speed: 2
() Firepower: 4
() Description: Light Artillery offers a ranged attack against any foe
   for a good deal of damage that is not open to counterattack. You will
   learn to love artillery for these reasons, although the upgraded
   heavy artillery is ultimately the better buy for your money.

Heavy Artillery
() Cost: 4000
() Armor: 1
() Speed: 2
() Firepower: 5
() Description: Heavy artillery does slightly more damage than its light
   cousin, but costs slightly more. All in all, however, heavy artillery
   is the better deal of the two.

Super Unit
() Cost: 10000
() Armor: 4
() Speed: 3
() Firepower: 4
() Description: The dreaded Super Unit. Don't let its mediocre stats fool
   you, the super unit can deal more damage and take more punishment than
   any other unit in the game. They cost a bundle and are locked on most
   missions, but expect to see a lot of them on any mission where they are

() Cost: 3000
() Armor: 2
() Speed: 5
() Firepower: 3
() Description: One of three air units that you won't see until later in
   the game, the Gunship is the basic offensive air unit. It can attack
   other air units and land units, although it is not very effective against
   ground forces, making it more of a bodyguard for bombers and air
   transports, but with its long movement range it also makes an excellent
   scout for eliminating that pesky fog of war.

() Cost: 3500
() Armor: 2
() Speed: 5
() Firepower: 0
() Description: Just like its land-bound cousin, the Transport is used to
   move infantry units about, only now without regard to the terrain below
   the aircraft.

() Cost: 5000
() Armor: 2
() Speed: 3
() Firepower: 4
() Description: As the name would suggest, the Bomber is used for launching
   bombing strikes against enemy land units. Unfortunately you get more
   bang for your buck from heavy artillery in most situations, save those
   where a major terrain obstacle prevents your artillery from accessing an

* [CMT] Commander Units *
Commander units are akin to the generals of Advance Wars or the hero units
of Warcraft III. Your commander is picked for you in some of the campaign
missions, but in both multiplayer and battle mode you chose who you want.
In this guide I make a recommendation for each mission, but ultimately it
is up to you to decide which commanders fit your particular playstyle.

Although the commanders all have different abilities, one thing in common
they share is their unit cost and stats. All commander units cost $5000,
while they share the same armor rating (2), speed (4), and firepower (3).
This means that no matter which commander you face, their basic attacks,
movement range, and defense will remain constant.

Below is a list of all the commanders to be found in Commanders: Attack of
the Genos, along with some brief descriptions of their abilities.

Alec Falcon
() Active Power: (Firing Frenzy) Commander unit attacks all nearby units
   with a wave of bullets.
() Passive Power: (Defense) All nearby units get some extra defense.
() Description: Alec Falcon is the first commander you will have access to
   and is not all that exciting. His defense bonus is fairly limited, but
   his active power is a very nice ability. Essentially Alec attacks all
   enemy units within two squares of him and they are not able to counter.
   This is especially helpful if you have reduced the strength of nearby
   enemies to almost destroyed and want to finish them off all at once.

General Regina
() Active Power: (Full Action) Restore all action points of nearby units.
() Passive Power: (Artillery) All nearby artillery gets an increased firing
() Description: General Regina has one of the best active powers in the game
   at her disposal. The range of the restoring action is surprisingly far
   and allows for additional attacks and movements on your turn.

General Veers
() Active Power: (Afterburner!) All nearby air units can move farther for
   one round.
() Passive Power: (Air) Heals all nearby air units.
() Description: The air unit commander. Sadly, there really aren't a lot of
   maps that have a heavy reliance on air power. As such, General Veers is
   not the best pick in most any situation where he is available.

Lareina Creed
() Active Power: (Invincible) All nearby units become invulnerable for one
() Passive Power: (Heal) All nearby units are slowly healed.
() Description: Lareina Creed is a solid commander. Both her active and
   passive powers can tip a match in your favor in just one turn, making
   her a possible game-breaker. However, due to these advantages she offers
   no offensive advantage. Use her in a four-way multiplayer match for the
   best results.

Professor Zane
() Active Power: (Clone) The strongest nearby unit is cloned!
() Passive Power: (Damage) All nearby units take damage.
() Description: The infamous Professor Zane. Being the "boss" commander,
   Professor Zane is extremely broken. His active power allows you to clone
   a unit, preferably one of your super units, while his passive power just
   sucks the life out of his enemies. Much like Strum in Advance Wars, Zane
   is, in my opinion, best kept out of multiplayer.

() Active Power: (Sabotage) All nearby units are sabotaged and freeze for
   one round.
() Passive Power: (Vision) All nearby units can see farther.
() Description: Seeing further is a distinct advantage in some missions,
   but most likely you will be playing Raven for her ability to effectively
   shut down a chunk of the enemy army for a turn. Sabotage is best used,
   obviously, when the enemy has surrounded your forces. Some playstyles
   may find this advantageous, but personally I have never found it that
   useful and have easily recovered from her attacks when facing her.

Striker Alden
() Active Power: (Reinforcements) Commander is surrounded by infantry
() Passive Power: (Tank Attack) All nearby tanks shoot farther.
() Description: Striker Alden is one of the best commanders available to
   you early game. His passive ability equates to one extra square range,
   which can make or break an attack, while his active power creates two
   light infantry and two heavy infantry around him. This latter ability
   can help you easily take the buildings in an enemy base during a major
   assault on said base for obvious reasons.

Striker Kaden
() Active Power: (Missile Rain) A rain of missiles hits all nearby enemy
() Passive Power: (Power) Nearby units do more damage.
() Description: You will fight Striker Kaden several times before you can
   actually play with him, unless of course you skip straight to multi-
   player. His active power allows him to make an artillery attack against
   any units he can see, which can be devestating if used properly. He is
   an invaluable choice for the quintessential "rusher."

* [CPN] Standard Campaign *
* [C00] Training *
I have lumped my introduction to campaign mode and the training mission into
the same spot on this guide as I do not intend to offer a walkthrough of the
training mission since Raven literally tells you every move to make. I do,
however, recommend that you run through it quickly as it gives you a feel
for the basics of the game. Further, if you want all of Commanders: Attack
of the Genos' achievements, you need to complete training to grab the
Scholar achievement. It only takes about ten minutes, so enjoy.

Once you have completed training, you are ready to jump into the campaign.
Campaign mode offers two difficulties (although you must complete the entire
campaign on standard to unlock the advanced difficulty) and fifteen missions.

* [C01] Baptism of Fire *
() At least one infantry must survive
() Capture the enemy factory
() Destroy all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Alden

The first mission, as one would expect, is not terribly trying. Although you
have three seperate mission objectives, the first and third objective will
be completed through the course of trying to achieve the second. There is
only one route through this mission, so I will forgo specific directions at
this point in the walkthrough.

You begin the mission with five units: a commander, a transport, a scout,
and two light infantry. Immediately within sight is a single Genos light
infantry. Begin by loading your infantry into the transport and moving your
commander to the front of your lines. Take out the light infantry on your
next turn with your commander, then continue moving forward. You will spot
a second Genos light infantry not very far ahead. Take it out with either
your commander or your scout, then continue along the path.

() Secret Token () Just to the northeast of the second Genos light infantry
is your first secret token. Send your scout there and Raven will pop up to
explain a little about secret tokens. Claim it by having your unit end its
turn atop the token.

A third Genos light infantry awaits just before the enemy base. Take him
out with your commander while your scout claims the secret token. With him
out of the way, move your commander so that Alec is lodged between the
opening of the base. The remaining two Genos units will attack next turn
and more than likely be destroyed. (If not, they can be mopped up without
incident at the beginning of your next turn.)

() Secret Token () Just over the east wall of the enemy base is this map's
other secret token. Swoop in and claim it with your scout.

Once all the enemy units are destroyed, send your transport in and unload
an infantry unit right on to the base square. End your turn to finish the
mission. You also should have not lost any units, so you will claim the
Survivor achievement along with your victory.

* [C02] Birth of a Warrior *
() Capture research facility
() Capture all enemy factories

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Alden

After Raven explains the situation, you will have a factory at your disposal
to build units to battle the Genos with here. Build an infantry unit for now
and head east. Seize the first two oil wells and eliminate the minor enemy
resistance. The road splits here. Directly south is your main objective. 

At your factory construct scouts, as they can catch up with your forces, and
move south once you take the oil wells. You will hit the enemy factory in
short order where Striker Alden awaits. He will summon four infantry units
and attack. Hide your forces north of the first buidling and let them come
one at a time to you, taking them out as they do.

Once you take out a unit or two, the main enemy force will be upon you. Move
south along the eastern side of the building and seize the enemy factory,
taking out the stragglers as you do. Begin producing light tanks and finish
off the enemy forces that remain.

() Secret Token () This mission's secret token is southwest of the research
station at the foot of the mountains. Send a unit as far into that southwest
corner as you can to find it.

Once you have an infantry unit claim the research facility, victory is yours.

* [C03] The First Fight *
() Take out all enemy units
() Commander must survive

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon
() Raven

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Alden

Raven's increased sight range makes her ideal for this mission, so I give her
my recommendation for your commander unit here. Take out the light infantry
unit immediately in front of your forces, but do not move forward yet. Let the
other enemy forces move in, then hit them first on your next turn.

Move slowly forward until you get a small scene stating that artillery is just
up ahead. As the enemy light artillery can move and shoot on the same turn,
be especially careful. Stay just out of range until it Raven's power charges,
then rush in and use it to disable the artillery. Move your units forward,
then crush it on the next turn.

() Secret Token () Behind where the artillery was is a short path offroad.
Follow it to reach a secret token. Remember that these things do random stuff,
such as giving you health but also possibly destroying your unit.

Move around the bend, taking out the tank and infantry. Around the second bend
is Striker Alden, who will most likely summon reinforcements before you can
actually properly see him. Let them come to you. By now you should have your
power full again, so use it when they get close to take them out with minimal
damage. Once Alden and his bodyguards are destroyed, you win.

* [C04] Abducted *
() Destroy all enemy transport units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon
() Raven

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Alden

Alec Falcon is the best choice for this mission as his special power can save
you in a pinch. Quickly move south and take the neutral base. Start building
light artillery and place them along the edge of the canyon. Send Alec to the
east and down to the convoy's path, while sending your tank west to take out
two Genos units moving on you that way.

() Secret Token () This mission's secret token is to the west of the neutral
pass through the mountain pass. If your tank survives against the scout and
the tank the enemy has (which is unlikely) you can claim it with that. If not,
just send an infantry unit after it while you're bombarding the convoy later
in the mission.

Using Alec to see incoming units, take them out one at a time as they try to
rush past and to the east. Finish off weaker units with Alec if your artillery
is not enough. If any of the transports make it by, you lose, so they are the
primary targets for your attacks.

After two transports and three light artillery, Striker Alden will show up
with his usual bag of tricks. You should have about four artillery now, so you
can make short work of him and his goons yet again. Once Striker Alden has
been made short work of, three more transports will come all at once. You may
need to rely on Alec to finish these off, but you should have five or six
artillery by now and they won't be a problem. Once all three are destroyed,
victory is yours.

* [C05] Stolen Plans *
() Capture all enemy factories

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Lareina Creed, Raven

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Kaden

With Striker Alden out of action for a while, Striker Kaden will try to thwart
you in this mission. He brings land mines which become the focus of this
battle. With an emphasis on building otherwise largely useless radar units,
none of the commanders have a distinct advantage here, so use whichever one
suits your playstyle.

Move forward slowly with your radar unit. Once it detects a land mine, you can
see it forever, so there is no reason to "plant" them anywhere to detect them.
The road splits just north of your base. Striker Kaden is waiting to the north
with some enemy units, so head east to bypass him for now.

Heading south on this easterly road will bring you to the first enemy factory.
Claim it and start building from here from now on. Begin producing units and
move north against Striker Kaden. Luckily he's bottled in a narrow path by his
own mines, so you can take out his forces one at a time as they try to move
on you. (Do not take the westerly path north as it is blocked off by these
same mines.)

Kaden likes to use artillery... a lot. It is a guarantee that his base will
be filled with it. Heavy tanks and light artillery are about all you have to
counter this at this time, so produce a few of both for your final push into
the enemy base.

Eventually, you will either push in or Kaden will run out of forces. In either
scenario, once you claim the factory in his base you win.

() Secret Token () Down the road past Kaden's factory leads to a series of
oil wells. Keep following this road as it winds and heads north to find the
secret token at the very end.

* [C06] The Turning Point *
() Capture the 3 power generators
() Destroy all enemy units
() Capture the enemy portal

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Lareina Creed, Raven

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Kaden

A three-tiered mission, although really it is very similar to the previous

() Secret Token () Send your scout directly south of its starting location.
The secret token is in the clearing in the southeast.

Move your forces to the north, eliminating the few enemy units present, and
towards the three circles marked on the map. You want to head for the two
north of the first crossroads you come to (slightly northeast of your base).
These two power generators are lightly guarded and are easy enough to claim,
although be aware that the enemy units will tend to target your infantry
over other units since they are the only ones who can take these buildings.
You can go either north or east as both roads lead to the same two power

Once you take these power generators, move east and claim the enemy factory.
Use this as your new base of operations and construct units for the next big
push to the north. Striker Kaden is waiting just to the north in front of
the last power generator, so be prepared for an artillery attack as you

With the third power generator taken, move further down the road and towards
the enemy base. As you near it, enemy units will appear from the portal and
pour towards you. Thankfully they are mostly scouts and infantry and should
be easy pickings.

() Secret Token () Before completing the mission, send a unit to the north
of the enemy base. Behind the trees and slightly west is this mission's second
secret token.

Mop up what is left of Kaden's forces and claim the portal to end the mission
and move on to the next.

* [C07] A New World *
() Survive for 18 rounds

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Lareina Creed

Enemy Commander:
() General Veers

At least you won't have to worry about your speed rating here. There's a
couple different ways to go about this mission, each with its own merits and

The most obvious course of action is to hunker down and produce units, fending
off attacks from the three fronts from the base. This can be accomplished by
building lots of little units and holding out by sheer numbers; losing a lot
of troops, but lasting out by the enemy's limited ability to attack. Believe
it or not, this is a generally better idea than building a few bigger units
as that means less targets for your enemy units to hit.

The other course of action is to take the fight to the enemy by building units
and sending them down the three paths. The biggest advantage this provides is
it forces the other two enemy squads to chase you, but is more difficult late
in the mission when you no longer have a base to operate from.

You can also do a combination of the two, mostly fortifying your base, while
sending out a few units (heavy tanks work best) to battle one or two of the
enemy squads as they approach. This also gives you the opportunity to fall
back out of the base down one of the routes if need be late in the mission.

() Secret Token () To effectively get this mission's secret token, you need
to focus your forces directly south of your base. It is in a small clearing
all the way at the bottom of the map, so you need to completely destroy the
forces around General Veers in order to get by to get to it.

Regardless, listen to Lareina and build some anti-air if you want to survive
the bomber onslaught late in the mission. Once eighteen turns pass, you can
move on to the next mission.

* [C08] Betrayed *
() Make your way through the snowy landscape
() Commander must survive

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Lareina Creed

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Alden

If you ever played Warcraft III, you probably will be used to this sort of
mission. Although you only start out with your commander, you will gain more
units as the mission progresses, so bear that in mind when chosing your
commander. The ability to make units invincible is almost a necessity here,
so go with Lareina.

Carefully move forward and capture the pillbox, making sure to stay out of
its range until you finally move in with your light infantry to claim it.
Let the Human and Genos forces ahead of you kill each other, then move in to
mop up the side that wins.

() Secret Token () North of where the first Human unit you encounter are two
pillboxes on a mesa. The secret token is just to the northeast of them. You
can either move on them and capture them slowly, or sacrifice your gunboat
and just rush it. I recommend the former.

Move forward to the fork in the road. East is the secret token as described
above, while to the west is a pillbox guarded by two ground units and an
anti air unit on the ridge. Position your gunboat and commander so they are
on either side of the pillbox (and thus out of its range) and so that the
gunboat is on the southside (to avoid the anti air unit). Destroy it and
move to the west to get two more units.

() Secret Token () A second secret token waits behind the two pillboxes, to
the northwest, just north of where you get your second batch of troops. To
get it, you need to use Lareina's power and claim/destroy the pillboxes in
a turn or two, otherwise they will quickly tear apart anything you try and
send by them.

Continue north, noting that a heavy tank waits just behind the first turn you
come to. Move your commander to the front and take out the anti air unit
waiting for you just beyond the tank. Once he's done, move further north to
face Striker Kaden one last time. After a quick conversation, however, he will
defect to your side, allowing you to move on.

* [C09] The Big War *
() Capture Human capitol
() Capture Genos capitol

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Lareina Creed, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() General Regina
() General Veers

We're transitioning to the point where the campaign missions become more like
battle mode. If you played battle mode first (like I did) then this will not
be a problem. If not, basically from this point on missions are less "puzzle"
oriented and more set up where you follow a general strategy each time. You
have three commanders to choose from and should be familiar with each by now,
so pick your poison.

() Secret Token () Southeast of your base is a small island. Send an air unit
there to claim the secret token.

Immediately west of your base is a small island with some oil wells that you
should claim as soon as possible. This extra income boost can be a real life
saver late in the mission.

General Veers relies on air units. His base is in the northeast. Your best bet
for approaching him is by land, accompanied by anti air units. His ground
forces are minimal, but he will target your most valuable units without

General Regina uses a lot of ground forces. Her base is in the northwest. As
you may guess, it is best to approach from the air and drop infantry directly
into her base. Moving by land can be done, but is slower and more difficult.

Both enemy commanders will attack one another, which helps. You should focus
on one over the other initially. I think it is easier to take out Regina first
by filling an air transport with infantry and flying in to drop them directly
on her buildings. You can supplement this with a small ground force, especially
if you are using Alden as he can summon four more infantry for you to use.

My specific strategy for this mission is to use Alden and begin by building a
heavy tank and a gunship. Load your infantry into your air transport and
began moving on Regina. As you do, build a second gunship and an anti air unit
and follow after. Leave the anti air unit near the crossroads (to fend off
Veers) and send your ground forces up the pass to Regina. Build another air
transport next and fill it with heavy infantry.

Meanwhile, send your fliers all the way west and move on Regina from behind.
Swoop in and attack as your ground forces push on. Use Alden's ability as soon
as it is full (you will not have trouble filling it back up) and keep pushing.
You should break into her base in about ten turns and claim the capitol.

Once you have two bases, you will have far more resources than General Veers
and can beat him through sheer numbers. He does not have many ground units,
instead relying on his airpower, so soften him up with some gunships and anti
air, then claim his capitol for the win.

* [C10] The Hunt *
() Commander must survive
() At least 1 infantry unit must survive
() Take out all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, General Regina, Lareina Creed, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() Raven

This mission really isn't as bad as it seems at first. You might want to leave
one of your infantry units in the rear, ensuring you don't lose the whole
mission if the enemy decides to just target them.

Follow the road south. Around the bend is a light tank and a heavy artillery,
as well as a mine right in front of them. Take them out as you did when Kaden
sent similar units at you. There is also a mine right behind them, in the
middle of the road, so be aware.

Continue onwards to run into two heavy infantry and a heavy artillery hiding
behind one of the trees west of the road. Move your commander in on the heavy
artillery (close enough so it cannot attack) and use your own artillery to
take out the other two nuisances.

South of them is another heavy tank and another heavy artillery (the tank on
the left, artillery on the right). It is very difficult to navigate this area
without taking losses, but do not worry as there is a empty base for you just
beyond them.

Take the base as soon as you can and began building air transports to move
troops (and gunships to protect them). Directly across the ravine is Raven, a
few units to guard her, and some pillboxes. You need to land troops there to,
essentially, act as meat shields while you attack with your gunships to take
out the pillboxes and Raven's followers. If you position yourself correctly
you might also be able to take one of the pillboxes, assuming Raven doesn't
focus on that unit (which she usually will).

() Secret Token () East of your new base is a plateau. Send a gunship over to
it to find the secret token.

Raven will use her sabotage ability as soon as you move in on her, so negate
it by sending a gunship along the eastern edge of her plateau the turn before
you attack. She will waste her ability disabling it, where none of her units
can hit it, allowing you an easy insertion on the next turn. If you have four
full air transports and one or two gunships you can sweep her forces and get
one step closer to the end of the campaign.

* [C11] Caught! *
() Capture or destroy all 6 missile silos
() Commander must survive
() Infantry must survive

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, General Regina, Lareina Creed, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() Raven

Unfortunately for you, all six of the missile silos in question are under enemy
control and will fire at you as you approach. You probably want to go with
Striker Alden on this map because of his ability to produce more infantry.

The factory immediately to the east of your starting point is essential for
victory, but it is also in range of a missile silo (as is the oil well to the
north of it). Carefully take out the two enemy units around the missile silo
just northwest of the factory. Load your transport with two infantry and rush
in to drop them off for the capture.

Move east, destroying the steady flow of infantry as you do, and rush the next
missile silo with Alden. Dump your four infantry on it and take it the next
turn. Use it to destroy the artillery unit to the north that is now in sight.
Once you have this plateau, take the capitol city just south of it.

Build a heavy artillery and a heavy tank at your factory and send them, along
with a heavy infantry, towards the southern missile silo you were shown in
the opening sequence. Meanwhile send the bulk of your forces northeast towards
the next silo on that route. Take care, as you did before, with approaching.
These two are now more lightly guarded, so they should be easier than the first

In the canyon pass to the east of the capitol you captured is an air base. If
you like, you can capture it and build gunships in place of land units for the
duration of this mission. From here you can just send those gunships to take
out the remaining missile silos from the air.

() Secret Token () South of the easternmost missile silo is a small clearing
with the secret token. Use a gunship to take it easy.

If you want a speed rating, however, you will need to pursue some of the silos
from the ground simultaneously. If that is your goal, just repeat the same
basic tactics to take another one or two nearby silos. Once all six are
captured or destroyed Raven will be forced to land and surrender.

* [C12] Behemoth *
() Survive for 25 rounds

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, General Regina, Lareina Creed, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Kaden

Another survival mission. Each of the commanders has their own readily obvious
advantages here. This mission is not as hard as A New World, but you do need
to last longer than that mission. Regardless of who you pick, you want to
just crank out heavy infantry and heavy tanks. Your heavy infantry will take
care of the air threats that come along, as well as light tanks and scouts,
while your heavy tanks can destroy the artillery, heavy tanks, and light
infantry that flood in.

() Secret Token () Almost directly south of your factory along the river bed
is this mission's secret token. Send a scout down to get it.

About turn eighteen Striker Kaden and his super units will arrive along the
northern roads into your base. Your best bet is to cluster some of your heavy
tanks and infantry around the northern oil well, just out of initial attacking
range of the super units. To effectively deal with these intruders you need to
get the first hits in. Otherwise they will roll through up to two of your
units a turn.

If you can take out the first super unit, you should be able to last until turn
twenty-five regardless of how many forces pour into your base at that point.
Once the time limit is up, victory is yours.

* [C13] Unfinished Business *
() Capture enemy capitol
() Capture all factories

Available Commanders:
() General Regina, General Veers, Lareina Creed, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Kaden

Although you finally have access to General Veers, there are only two airports
late in this mission, so instead stick with whichever of the other three
commanders you are most comfortable with and begin.

Split your initial forces, sending two tanks and some infantry to the west and
your commander, super unit, and some more infantry to the east. The first of
the factories to the northeast appears unguarded, but has a super unit hiding
just behind the oil well and a bomber just over the central ridge. Take out
the bomber with your heavy infantry, then move slowly with your super unit to
get the first strike on the enemy super unit.

The factory to the northwest also has a super unit lurking about. This one is
a little harder to deal with given your starting units, but if you can hold it
off while you capture the factory it will make your life a lot easier.

Once you have the first eastern factory, redirect some of your forces to take
the airport on the eastern ridge overlooking it to stop Kaden's supply of
bombers that keep coming at you. If you have the funds, you might also build
some gunships to send his way once it is under your control.

() Secret Token () East of the eastern airport, along the map's edge, is this
mission's sole secret token. Grab it while you take the airport from the

Once you have both of the initial factories, move on the capitol and factory
in the central north area of the map. Striker Kaden is waiting for you there,
but thankfully his bodyguards are somewhat thin in the ranks. Take him out and
claim these last two spots to finally best the self-important Kaden.

* [C14] The Fort *
() Capture all factories
() Capture all capitols
() Capture all airports

Available Commanders:
() General Regina, General Veers, Lareina Creed, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() Professor Zane

The dreaded mission fourteen. Seems every message board I frequent has people
seeking help on this mission (and probably a good number of people who load up
this guide are coming here for help on it). Thankfully, at least, Professor
Zane does not show up in person just yet. I highly recommend using Striker
Alden since he can produce infantry on the fly.

Probably the best way to approach this mission is to move systematically,
focusing all your forces on each of the mission objectives one at a time. For
starters, move south and take the capitol below your base with everything you
have. As you do, save your money up and buy a super unit when you have enough.

Move to the base to the immediate northwest of yours next. Attack with your
super units and quickly take out the enemy forces. Do not begin pulling anyone
out until you have completely taken the base, and do whatever you can to stop
the enemy super units from leveling up. Once they hit level two they are
essentially unstoppable (although your super units at even level three are
much easier for them to take out). Also be aware that the enemy has a seemingly
endless supply of money and will crank out super units and heavy artillery
every turn until you take their factory.

() Secret Token () In the southern corner of the second base you move on is
this mission's first secret token. There is another later on, so do not think
you are done with them yet.

When both of these areas are yours, move a unit beyond the wall in the south
leading out of this initial area. You will be immediately attacked by a tank
and some gunships, so do it with an infantry unit. Once the enemy reveals
themselves, send your super units in and destroy them. A lone super unit will
then emerge from the south. Take it out as well, then move to the south. Do
not go west. You will run into another super unit and a bomber, so be prepared
for them.

Loop around the turn and back up north, taking the buildings as you do. Once
you meet up with where the road originally split a portal will be revealed and
enemy tanks and infantry will pour out. Infantry will emerge from the portal
every turn, so take it as soon as possible.

() Secret Token () Beyond the wall to the north of the portal lies the second
secret token of the mission.

Once you have secured the area, move on the next factory in the canyon to the
west of the portal. The enemy will have a heavy artillery and another random
ground unit, so it should not be too much trouble. Once you claim the factory
you will move on to the final mission of the standard campaign.

* [C15] Phoenix Reborn *
() Defeat Professor Zane
() Capture enemy capitol

Available Commanders:
() General Regina, General Veers, Lareina Creed, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() Professor Zane

The final mission of the standard campaign awaits. There is not any real good
way to do this mission, but it is beatable. Overall you want to build strong
units and march slowly. Heavy artillery and super units should compose most of
your ranks.

The areas to the northeast and southeast of you should be your first targets.
Claim the oil wells in both areas for some much needed cash. Once these are
yours, move along the southern route and take out the artillery and other
enemy units blocking your path.

Now move towards the east central region and claim the factory as you do. Once
you have secured this area, you are ready to move on Professor Zane and his
bodyguard super units. This is the hardest part of the mission and there are
no real good ways to deal with the troops he throws at you, or his very
ridiculous commander power. Your own super units and heavy artillery are about
all you have to counteract him.

() Secret Token () North of Professor Zane is the final secret token to be
found. With the patch update, this will now unlock the Explorer achievement for
you assuming you have followed this guide thus far.

If you want to get the good ending, you need to finish this mission in less
than forty turns. To do this, the same general strategy above is what you want
to do, you just need to move quickly, meaning you will be moving with less
units and taking more risks. This isn't necessarily extremely bad, but a few
glacing hits from your end and some critical hits from the enemy end can ruin
an entire movement if you only have a few units.

* [ADV] Advanced Campaign *
Upon completion of the Standard Campaign, the Advanced Campaign will be
unlocked. The Advanced Campaign features ten missions from the Standard
Campaign with increased difficulty. The same general strategies apply to
these missions as the original, the enemy forces are just more competent
than before.

* [BTL] Battle Mode *
Battle Mode offers ten maps that offer differing challenges. Astute
observers will note these ten maps are the ten multiplayer maps. These
are, in essence, rehashes of multiplayer mode by yourself, but they do
restrict the commanders you can utilize. Completing battle mode also
nets an achievement, so if you want to catch them all you need to go
through it.

* [B01] Island Warfare *
() Destroy all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Lareina Creed, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Kaden

You begin this mission with two light infantry, a scout, and your chosen
commander. I recommend using Alec Falcon as your commander for this battle
and have written this walkthrough with him.

Your first order of business should be to move your scout to the east (the
center of the map) as far as possible. From the central region of the map
you can see almost two-thirds of the map with one scout alone. Next, send
each of your light infantry to the northeast and southeast, respectively.
Your goal with them is to claim the oil wells along the north and south.
Send your commander towards the center of the map.

You also begin with $6900. I recommend purchasing a light infantry from
the capital and a heavy artillery from the factory. Both will be sent to
the central portion of the map on your next turn. After that, use your
money on either light infantry, artillery, or light tanks depending on
what units the enemy produces.

On turn three you should be placing your first two light infantry on the
oil wells adjacent to your base. You should also be able to move your
scout and commander against the enemy's own scout and commander. Alec
Falcon can eliminate the scout with a single hit. Most likely the enemy
will also have an artillery unit, so be mindful of potential long-range
hits. Meanwhile, move your scout either to the north or south and take
out the enemy light infantry there.

The main enemy force should be bottled along the high path into the
central region from their base. Damage the commander with your own
commander, then use your heavy artillery to take out the enemy artillery
unit, and more than likely the enemy commander as well. Swoop in with
your infantry and claim the oil wells in the center.

From the first oil wells, move your light infantry slowly, keeping them
out of range of the enemy infantry. Once the enemy infantry moves into
your range, take them out. By the next turn, their oil wells should be

This strategy may cost you your commander unit, but you will take out
many more of the enemy. You can also rebuild your commander, which I
recommend doing as well if you lose him.

Keep your artillery in the central crossroads of the central sector.
If you also keep your scout somewhere near the east side of this area
(it does not need to be on the raised section) you can see anything that
comes up the road at you and can pick it off with your artillery.

By now the enemy should be hurting pretty bad. Once you can, send in your
tanks and your commander to the enemy base proper. You will have much
greater resources than them, and most likely the computer will spend its
money on a new commander, and you should be able to pick off their
remaining units and claim victory.

* [B02] Deserted Tactics *
() Destroy all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Raven, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Kaden

By now you should have the basics of the game down and can begin trying out
different things. At this point none of the commanders offer a major
strategic advantage over the others, so try whichever of the three sounds
most interesting. When you find the one that matches your playstyle, you
will be more easily able to move through these challenges.

Load your infantry into each of the transports and head north right off the
bat. Your goal with these units is to first take the factories on both sides
of the map in the middle. Move your other units north along with them. Do
not build anything in the south, except infantry. For the rest of the battle
you will be building from the factories in the north.

Once the factories are yours, enemy forces should start to appear. Use your
armor to hold them on the outskirts of the map while your infantry and
transport units move to the center to take the oil wells. Striker Kaden will
begin heavily relying on artillery on this map, so be prepared for some long
distance strikes (as well as his own commander ability to hit you with them)
as you try to manuever to take the oil wells.

While you claim the center, build some heavy artillery and move it into the
center. Once you begin your push on the enemy base, you will want to move
these units along the north wall and launch attacks. Do not do it too early,
however, as Striker Kaden's artillery will not hesitate to hit any targets
of opportunity they can.

I would also recommend that you build one repair truck. It will save you
money in the long run to repair your damaged armor instead of just buying
new units all the time. And don't think you can just outlast the computer
because you have more resources than it does: It definately cheats as it
will produce units every turn even without any oil wells.

Regardless, once the center is yours the enemy forces can be quickly routed
and you can move north. Striker Kaden will likely send light tanks and
infantry against you, but with just a little supplement from your factories,
you should be able to mop up his remaining forces with your starting units.
Do remember to pick off units as they spawn with your artillery as well and
this will be a quick battle.

* [B03] Airstruck *
() Destroy all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Raven, Striker Alden, Striker Kaden

Enemy Commander:
() General Regina

A very odd map, here you have two bases, divided only by a single wall with
three openings. Build one heavy arillery on your first turn, then move your
commander to the center opening and your infantry to either side opening.
Due to the close-quarters and the need for an artillery unit, I recommend
using Striker Kaden for this mission.

You need to be the first person to strike in this map in order to gain the
advantage, so if need be let the enemy come to you. Maintaining more units
than the enemy is the single biggest factor in this map given the close
proximity between you. That is to say, quantity is its own quality, or more
directly, build lots of cheap units instead of big expensive ones.

General Regina is almost certain to build an artillery unit herself, which
works both ways. While she will pelt you as you enter the enemy base, she
will be unable to clear her factory and will not be building any other armor
with which to accost you, so long as you remain in range.

If General Regina routes your forces, do not hesitate to hide behind your
wall and regroup. Building a second heavy artillery and just producing a
steady stream of light infantry for a massive rush can be a life-saver.

A steady flow of light infantry into the enemy base will win you this map.
The enemy will waste its time trying to launch an offense against you
before defending its own territory. A torrent of light infantry will allow
you to seize the enemy structures one-by-one. Once you claim all three,
General Regina can no longer rebuild and can be mopped up in a turn or two.

* [B04] Sand Divided *
() Destroy all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Raven, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() General Veers

Alec Falcon or Striker Alden are the better choices for commander here as
you will rather easily see the enemy. This battle is your first taste of air
units in battle mode, although the mission can be won without their use just
as easily.

Begin by building an anti-air unit, then on the next turn position it in the
center of your plateau as far east as you can (just off the road in the
center). Meanwhile load up your infantry and send them along the north and
south route, respectively. The enemy will focus their forces on one or the
other, so one will not be likely to get through, but the other will allow
you to start seizing enemy structures right away.

For air support, build a bomber and use it to harass the units General Veers
produces in his factory just across the canyon. When the General builds a
gunship, do not follow suit with your own. The enemy gunships will go after
your anti-air, so save some money and just replace that unit if it is killed.

Once whichever of your infantry and transports makes it to the enemy base,
unload and seize his capital. From here you will begin cranking out light
infantry every turn to seize General Veers' structures as quickly as you can
manage. Most likely General Veers will have only built heavy infantry, giving
you the advantage. Kill the infantry, as they are General Veers' only way of
getting his capital back.

Meanwhile, along whichever route the enemy force is moving on your base,
build and send scouts down the path and target the infantry. Once the enemy
loses his infantry here and at the base, the victory is yours, it just may
take a while. From here on out, the enemy cannot retake anything, so you will
win eventually if you just wear down the enemy. Your immediate goal is to get
two units on his airport and factory (you don't need to take them, just block
future production). Once his last unit is destroyed, you win again.

* [B05] U Turn *
() Destroy all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Raven, Striker Kaden

Enemy Commander:
() General Regina (Red)
() General Veers (Green)

The first truly challenging mission of battle mode. Enemy forces appear both
north and south of you. Thankfully they will attack one another, but
unfortunately they have to pass through your territory to get to each other.
They also will utilize large numbers of super units, which will dominate
this battle. Striker Kaden is the best choice for this battle because of the
presence of these particular enemy fighters.

I do not know if this is a glitch, but it seems if you do not try and take
either of the airports, than the enemy commanders will refrain from building
air units. This has worked for me a couple of times, so try and avoid those
buildings if you want the battle to go a little quicker.

The enemy super units are the main threat you will face here. The only units
that will even put a dent in these enemies are heavy artillery and other
super units. Striker Kaden can make these units do more damage, being an
invaluable benefit.

Right off the bat seize the oil wells and the missile silos as soon as you
can. Send the bulk of your forces either north or south (I prefer south as
General Veers is the stronger commander), leaving only the light infantry
taking the production facilities behind. Build two heavy artillery, sending
one after your main force and leaving the other behind. Also be sure to
build a heavy infantry to take on the enemy commander unit that will no
doubt arrive from the enemy base you are not attacking.

Do not attack a super unit with anything but one of the three units I
mentioned above. The key to victory here is the ability to take out the
enemy super units with your artillery and bombers. You also want to save
your resources and buy your own super unit as soon as you safely can. Do
not forget to utilize your missile silos every turn as well. They may not
do a lot of damage, but every little bit helps on this mission.

Once you get a super unit out you can really start a push into an enemy
base. With an artillery unit and your missile silos you should be able to
hold the center by that point without too much effort.

When the first enemy commander goes down things become a lot easier. You can
claim the defeated commander's oil wells and other buildings, then push on
the other enemy camp. Redirect all your forces at them and they should fall
within short order.

* [B06] Coal Labryinth *
() Destroy all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, General Regina, Raven

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Alden

This mission is a lot like Airstruck. The only really difference here is
that the enemy will build super units to send at you very early on. The
walls here cut back on even their effectiveness, however, making this a
surprisingly easy mission.

Use the same general stratgey you used on Airstruck to make short work of
this map. I would offer a full walkthrough, but trust me, if you have
gotten this far then you should have no trouble here.

A few general tips, however, to consider. Remember, here and on any mission,
that if you take the enemy capitals and destroy all their infantry they will
be unable to take back any buildings from you. Also be aware of enemy units
that have leveled up. In all liklihood you will find yourself on this map
facing nothing but a level two super unit in short order if you do not take
deliberate efforts to eliminate the original super unit that the enemy sends
after you on turn two or three. If that happens you will know victory is
yours, but you'll end up spending six or seven turns trying to stop a nigh
unstoppable menace.

* [B07] Sand Land *
() Destroy all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Raven, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() Striker Kaden

Another tight fit, although ironically there is no sand to be found here. The
enemy base is within sight of yours, with some additional oil wells to the
east of both bases. Striker Alden makes a good choice for this map since he
can summon infantry when you assault the enemy base.

Believe it or not you can get really lucky and win this map in five turns,
but more than likely you will find yourself facing down a super unit by that
time. Begin by moving east with all your forces. Build a heavy artillery
piece, then a scout. Take the northern oil well, then move south and attack
the enemy main force. While you fight, seize their newly acquired oil well.
If you attack first, you will be able to decimate their forces in two turns.

When the super unit gets in range, take it out with your artillery. Meanwhile
move your commander into the enemy base and use his power to drop four more
infantry. Take the buildings like its Christmas. By turn ten, this battle
will be over and another victory will be yours.

* [B08] Missile Plains *
() Destroy all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Raven, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() Lareina Creed (Red)
() Striker Kaden (Green)

Another three-way battle. The two enemy bases are closer to each other than
to you, resulting in two possible strategies here. In general, you can either
rush or wait.

To rush, move your tanks and infantry immediately on the factories on the east
and west sides of the map. From here, build tanks and artillery and move on
both enemy bases simultaneously. If you wish to utilize this strategy, then
go with Striker Alden as your commander. His ability to create four infantry
units will be extremely helpful. Use it in the center of the map to claim the
four oil wells early on.

To wait, do not initially move on the factories. Instead, wait at your base
for a turn. Generally (but not always) the enemy will send the brunt of their
forces at each other. After a turn, move on those positions and rush in to
the enemy bases to seize their capitals. Without these, they will be unable
to replace their infantry to reseize buildings. Hunt down their infantry,
ensuring your eventual victory. For this strategy, use Raven as your

Either way, this map is not nearly as difficult as it might appear. The two
enemy forces will spend a lot of time attacking one another in either scenario
and are not overly concerned with you, even as you pour into their bases.
Once you take out one of the enemy armies, the other will focus completely on
you, but by then you should control all of the map except their base, meaning
they will offer very little resistance.

* [B09] Crossroads *
() Destroy all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Raven, Striker Alden

Enemy Commander:
() Lareina Creed (Red)
() Striker Kaden (Green)
() General Regina (Yellow)

This battle is very similar to the last one, except now there are three enemy
armies instead of two and waiting is no longer an option. I recommend using
Striker Alden, again for his infantry producing effects.

Begin by sending an infantry and a tank to the oil wells to the east and south
of you, respectively. Pick a direction and send your commander after them.
Whichever way you chose, that is your first target. Build an artillery unit
and send it that way as well, then follow up with armor. Focus the bulk of
your forces on the enemy base this leads to, not stopping until you have
eliminated them.

As you do this, send that infantry unit that went the other way to the center
and build a second light infantry to send there as well. The oil wells in the
center of the map will likely be ignored by the enemy for the first several
turns, giving you an opportunity to get a financial advantage over them. When
the enemy comes in force to fight over them, do not get involved. Let them
battle each other, wasting valuable resources, and hang back to swoop in for
some quick grabs when only one of them is left in the middle again.

The single biggest heartache here is that the enemy will produce super units
at an alarming rate. Thankfully they spend as much time using them on each
other as they do on you, giving you some reprieve.

Once you take out one of the enemy armies, solidify your position by claiming
all of their resources. By now one of the other two armies should be in a
dominant position, so push on the weaker one along with the other enemy
forces. Focus more on taking their buildings than fighting their units (leave
that to the other enemy army). You do not so much want to be the one to wipe
them out as the one to come out financially ahead of the pack. Buying two
super units at once late in the game is much better than buying a lot of light
tanks early on.

If you run short on units, do not panic. As long as there is at least two
enemy armies left, they will lighten up on attacking you as you are weakened.
Use these respites to save some funds and plan for a large-scale assault when
the enemy forces are weakest. If you can manipulate the enemy players into
attacking each other more than you, you will come out on top.

* [B10] Battle Royale *
() Destroy all enemy units

Available Commanders:
() Alec Falcon, Lareina Creed, Striker Kaden

Enemy Commander:
() Professor Zane (Black)
() Raven (Green)
() Striker Alden (Yellow)

This is an interesting place, and luck plays a bigger factor in your victory
or defeat than on any other mission. Mostly you just need to survive and avoid
the enemy forces early on. All three of them will have a super unit by turn
three and it is best to just let them go at each other. Build a couple of
infantry and send them to the center to try and get some of those oil wells.

* [AGP] Achievements *
As with all X-Box Live Arcade titles, Commanders: Attack of the Genos has a
total of twelve achievements worth 200 points. Likewise, not all games are
created equal in terms of achievements, and you will find (like it or hate
it) that Commanders has some more challenging achievements than some titles.
Regardless, here are the achievements with a brief description of how to
unlock them.

() Scholar (5 pts)
   "Finish Training." The simplest achievement to attain, simply load up
   the training mission and follow Raven's instructions to complete it.
() Bravely Bold (5 pts)
   "Finish an online match." Another easy achievement, just join a ranked
   game on x-Box Live and play through to the end (i.e. don't quit early).
() Explorer (15 pts)
   "Collect every secret token." The locations of all the secret tokens is
   outlined in the standard campaign walkthrough of this guide.
() Tank Commander (10 pts)
   "Own 10 heavy tanks at the same time." The easiest way to get this one
   is to load up "Island Warfare" in battle mode and seize the majority
   of the oil wells, but do not finish the enemy off. Instead just hold
   back and build heavy tanks.
() Officer (20 pts)
   "Complete the Standard Campaign." Fairly self-explanatory, simply work
   your way through the first fifteen missions of the campaign mode to net
   this achievement.
() General (30 pts)
   "Complete the Advanced Campaign." After finishing the standard campaign
   and unlocking the advanced campaign, complete the ten missions of the
   advanced campaign for this achievement.
() Warrior (15 pts)
   "Finish all Battlemaps." For this achievement, complete the battle mode
   missions (all ten of them).
() Destroyer (15 pts)
   "Destroy 1000 enemy units." Your enemy kills are tracked across all
   modes, so this is a total kill count of 1000. If you are working toward
   getting the three single-player achievements above, you will likely
   claim this one in the process. If not, multiplayer kills count as well.
() Winner (15 pts)
   "Win 50 missions." This too is counted across all game modes, although
   with only a total of 35 missions between the three single-player modes
   you will either need to gain the additional 15 victories in multiplayer
   or by replaying old missions.
() Survivor (5 pts)
   "Win any campaign mission without casualties." If you follow my guide
   you will attain this achievement on the first standard campaign mission
   and gain five gamer points.
() Perfectionist (40 pts)
   "Get 5 stars in every category on all Standard Campaign missions." This
   is an extremely difficult achievement to attain and really goes beyond
   the scope of this guide. In essence, your rating is based upon how many
   turns it takes you to complete a mission, how many of the higher cost
   units you produce, and how many enemy units you destroy versus your own
   losses. Attaining a five-star rating on some of the early missions is
   not overly difficult, but by about halfway through it will really start
   to strain you. Good luck to any who attempt this.
() Supreme (25 pts)
   "Get the good ending in the Advanced Campaign." To get the good ending on
   the advanced campaign, you must get a five star speed rating on the final
   mission. This means you need to beat the mission in under forty turns.

* [CLS] Closing *
Advance Wars is (c) Nintendo
Commanders: Attack of the Genos is (c) Sierra
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is (c) Blizzard