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		       Thanks to Monta Gao for the ASCII.

		               TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Walkthrough
	1a. Formation of Team 7		[WFT7]
	1b. Guarding the Scroll of Ne	[WGSN]
	1c. Taming a Tiger		[WTAT]
	1d. Gathering Herbs		[WGTH]
	1e. To the Land of Waves	[WLW1]
	1f. In the Land of Waves	[WLW2]
	1g. Chunin Exam Part One	[WCE1]
	1h. Forest of Death		[WFOD]
	1i. Chunin Exam Part 2		[WCE2]
	1j. Training			[WTRN]
	1k. Chunin Exam Part 3		[WCE3]
	1l. The Final Showdown		[WTFS]
	1m. After Game			[WAFG]
2. Sidequests
	2a. Ripped Scrolls		[SRPS]
	2b. Secret Scrolls		[SSRS]
	2c. Make-Out Items		[SMOI]
3. Characters
	3a. Naruto Uzumaki		[CNUZ]
	3b. Sasuke Uchiha		[CSKU]
	3c. Sakura Haruno		[CSKH]
	3d. Shikimaru Nara		[CSHN]
	3e. Rock Lee			[CRKL]
	3f. Neji Hyuga			[CNJH]
	3g. Jiraiya			[CJRY]
4. Jutsu
	4a. Regular Jutsu		[JRGJ]
	4b. Character-Specific Jutsu	[JCSJ]
	4c. Combinations		[JCMB]
5. Items
	5a. Equipment			[IEQP]
	5b. General Items		[IGNI]
6. Basics				[BSCS]
7. Miscellaneous
	7a. Codes			[MIGC]
	7b. Mini-Game			[MMNG]
8. Frequently Asked Questions		[8FAQ]

			         1. WALKTHROUGH

                             a. FORMATION OF TEAM 7

Items: Food Pills x4, Chakra Pills x2, Sweet Chestnuts, Hexagonal Stick,
       Winged Nails

	At the start of the game, watch through the long scene. You will get two
text options - it affects nothing, although choosing "Sakura" and "Sasuke" may
be more amusing to you. Once the full scene is over, you shall be split into
three seperate groups.

	As Naruto, avoid doing battles for the first little bit, as you will
have a ways to walk until you get to the Leaf Symbol that regenerates both HP
and Chakra. head straight up from the beginning drop-off point and open the
chest for FOOD PILLS. Head straight down past the stump in the meadow and then
take the right path at the split (the left side will have rocks in the way that
block you from going anywhere).

	You should end up coming to another split, this time a three-way fork.
Go left and then down. You will come to a chest at the dead-end of the path that
contains a HEXAGONAL STICK. Equip it if you wish (Start > Equip). Head back up,
and then take the right path going down. Once you come to another set of paths,
go down and right to open another chest for a CUP RAMEN. Head back left and then
go up. Ignore the small pond you see and continue right and up. You should find
the Leaf symbol; step over it to gain back lost Chakra and HP.

	For the moment, I would recommend you be at least about Level 3, just to
avoid problems further on (however, you should not have levelling difficulties
for basically the rest of the game after this). Once you are done, head right
from the Leaf symbol, and you will meet Kakashi. If this is your first time
playing the game, AND basically your first time playing RPGs (as this is cookie-
cutter gameplay), listen to what Kakashi has to say about Attacking. Otherwise,
just ignore it and get on with the fight.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: A Thousand Years of Death

Once the talking is done, just attack Kakashi with a regular attack three times
in a row. The fight will automatically end at this point in time, as the battle
is rigged completely in Kakashi's favour.

	Another cutscene later, you will end up taking over Sakura's scenario.

	Head north away from the clearing, then open the chest to your left for
FOOD PILLS. Proceed right, then when you get the chance, head south to obtain
some CHAKRA PILLS from another box. Loop around clockwise around the trees, then
head all the way south to find a box with a WINGED NAIL in it. Equip it, then
return partways up the path and go left to find the Leaf Village symbol. Build
yourself up to Level 3 again, then go south to take on Kakashi (you will pair up
with Sasuke for the battle). You may want to listen to him talk about Genjutsu.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: Evil Illusion: Death Mirage Jutsu

Once again, the battle is rigged, so just attack with both of your characters
thrice apiece. Kakashi will eventually end the pitiful fight with the Death
Mirage Jutsu.

	After the cutscene is over, you will take over in the role of Sasuke.

	Head straight down from your starting point, and open the box for FOOD
PILLS. Continue on left from the item chest and down. Continue around clockwise;
once you get to the bottom end of the small pond, be sure to open the chest for
a SWEET CHESTNUTS before continuing south. Once you get to a split, go up to
open the chest for some CHAKRA PILLS, then head slightly left and up. Recover
your HP and chakra at the Leaf symbol. Once again, you can IDEALLY train up to
about Level 3 (in Sasuke's case, this will take a while longer), but you do not
have to, as he has strong starting stats. Either way, once you are ready, go up
to have a face off against Kakashi. You can also learn about enemy weaknesses if
you want at this point in time.

Prize(s): None

You can actually win this battle, so do not bother trying to throw it away. Just
attack; Sasuke has strength enough that he can and will take out Kakashi without
ever having to use his Jutsu. After a couple of rounds of inflicted hits,
Kakashi should be down.

	After, more scenes. Answer "We Don't Know" to learn some more gameplay
information. Choose to accept, and you will be thrown into another battle with

Prize(s): None

This is basically the same deal as before; Kakashi as an opponent is REALLY
easy, usually requiring no more than two rounds of straight-out attacks from the
ninja trio. I would not even bother with going for the use of jutsu, as it
simply drags out the time frame that you can complete this in. On the plus side,
you get a lot more experience from this fight than most of your earlier battles.

	After, another fairly lengthy cutscene. Once you have free control of
Naruto again, walk left onto the next screen. Open the box within arm's length
for a FOOD PILLS, heal up at the Leaf Village mark, and then head north into the
overworld. Go to the Hidden Leaf Village in the centre of the map.

                          b. GUARDING THE SCROLL OF NE

Items: Substitution Scroll x2, 300 Ryo, Versatile Pills, Cup Ramen, Medical Food
       Pills x2, Medical Chakra Pills, Competition Pills, Steel Pills, 400 Ryo,
       Defense Chinese Medicine Pills, Chakra Chinese Medicine Pills x2, Stamina
       Chinese Medicine Pills x2, Attack Chinese Medicine Pills, Agility Chinese
       Medicine Pills, Ninja Power Chinese Medicine Pills, Ripped Scroll 1,
       Make-Out Violence, Crab, Super Brand Food Pills, Super Brand Chakra
       Pills, Falcon Pants, Himetsuru Swift Sword, Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit
       Pants, Sannin's Chained Sickle, Curry Rice, Vinegared Seaweed, Rice Ball,
       Leaf Chain Mail, Hidden Leaf Pants, Sweet Agar with Dumpling, Chakra

	Once inside the village, head straight north into the shop at the
entrance to enter the Ichiraku Ramen Shop. You should accept to learn about
chemistry, and after a fairly lengthy explanation, Kakashi will leave, waiting
for you at the mission reception center, and free control will be granted back
to you. Head outside.

	Back in the village, head right all the way until you go past an
entrance into another screen. Proceed straight north to the top of the screen,
and at the bottom of the staircase to the red-roofed house, you should find a
chest with 100 Ryo in it. Cross south across the wooden bridge again, then go
down the middle path. You should find a building with the sign "STORAGE" over
it. Enter.

	There is basically a TON of items in here. To start, the first room has
MEDICINE PILLS. The third room has a RIPPED SCROLL 1 (an important item), MAKE-
CHAINED SICKLE, and a CURRY RICE. Once you have obtained all the items the
Storage has to offer, head outsied, then continue back into the main section of

	From the Ichiraku Ramen Shop, head straight north into the next screen.
Here, continue going north, but stop right before you get to a big bridge; head
left into a small courtyard here to open a chest with 50 Ryo inside. Head back
onto the main road and continue straight north and into the Ninja Academy at the
end. Inside, go left on the main floor, and then go left through the first door
you see in the hallway to find a classroom with a VINEGARED SEAWEED in it.

	Backtrack to the main room, and go up the left staircase, and take the
first left you see. Along the hallway, go again through the first left door you
see, and in another classroom, open the box for a RICE BALL. Go back into the
hallway, head north up the stairs, and go left again into another room, an area
with lots of books and scrolls. Open the two chests at the bottom of the room
for a SUBSTITUTION SCROLL and a LEAF CHAIN MAIL, then head up to the north end
of the room and open two more chests for a HIDDEN LEAF PANTS and 100 Ryo. Head
back to the main room again, and go around the balcony clockwise until you come
to another box that contains a SWEET AGAR WITH DUMPLING in it.

	Continue right on the balcony and into the 2nd floor right hallway. Take
the first door you see, and open another box for a CHAKRA PILLS. Head to the
upper-right corner of the room for a MEDICAL FOOD PILLS, then head into the
hallway again and go back to the main room. Go down to the ground floor again,
then take the right door to the mission reception area. Continue along the take
the first (and only) door that you shall see to automatically go through a
cutscene and obtain a mission. You will be redirected to the Hokage's house, so
once everything is over, head down the hallway and exit the Ninja Academy.

	Once more outside, head down to the bottom of the screen, but do not go
into the main section of town. Instead, head right from the screen bottom, and
go up the bridge and into the large house. Here, the mission will be relayed to
you. After a lot of text passes by, you will end up having to chase Konohamaru.
To do this, you will need to ask around and follow a specific set of clues and
ask certain people to activate the next part of the mission.

	Outside, head across the bridge and talk to the woman to be lead to the
Ninja Academy. Inside, talk to the ninja standing in front of the door leading
to the mission reception hallway to be directed to the Ichiraku Ramen Shop. Exit
the Ninja Academy and head down a screen. Engage in conversation with the man
dressed in brown and wearing a bandanda; as Konohamaru's direction appears to be
the movie theater, head right a screen. Over here, talk to the guy standing in
front of the fence and next to the poster.

	Head left back into the main area. You should notice a box following
behind you; at this point, ignore it, as there is nothing you can do about it.
Instead, head north a screen to cue a cutscene. Choose to go to the Training
Field, and after the scene, head back south and exit out onto the overworld map.
Your next destination is, of course, the Training Field.

	Watch another cutscene; either option works for the first choice. After
some more talking all around, you will be forced to engage in a fight with

Prize(s): Make-Out Paradise 1
Attacks: Lightning Style Jutsu: Level 1

This is a fairly simple battle, as long as you are reasonably leveled up; just
pound Ebisu with your Jutsus (Naruto in particular should use the Shadow Clone
Jutsu), and he should easily quail before your might after a few rounds.

	After the battle is over, more talking, and the Scroll of Ne will be
returned to Team 7 by Konohamaru. Once that is done, go back onto the overworld
map again (left a screen and then north from where you are left off), and go
back to the Hidden Leaf Village.

Items: 1000 Ryo, Scroll of Ne, Medical Food Pills, Medical Chakra Pills, Attack
       Chinese Medical Pills

	Head north a screen and go into the Ninja Academy. Take the right
doorway and go to the mission reception room. Inside, you will receive 1000 Ryo,
the SCROLL OF NE (this time for good), one MEDICAL FOOD PILLS, and one MEDICAL
CHAKRA PILLS. Listen to the Hokage's explanation on secret ninja scrolls, and
wait until the cutscene ends.

	Once you regain control of Naruto again, head to the Hokage's house in
the southeastern corner of the northern screen of Konohagakure. In here, head
right and go north to where the Scroll of Ne was. Examine the middle bookcase
and it will disappear to reveal itself as just an illusion, leaving a new
doorway to go through. Head up two rooms, and go down into the basement. Here,
examine the large scroll, and you will get an ATTACK CHINESE MEDICINE PILLS,
which increases the Attack of any character that you choose.

	With that out of the way, exit the Hokage's house and head off to the
Ninja Academy. Head to the mission reception room, and you will automatically
get your next mission, which involves taking care of a tiger. Exit out, and head
to the first screen of the Hidden Leaf Village. In here, you will want to visit
both the Item Shop and the Armoury (the former being to the right of the Ramen
Shop, the latter being right above)(Do not buy any weapons for Sakura, as she
will get a good upgrade fairly quick. For the most part, I recommend Naruto,
because in the upcoming battles, having three Shadow Clones causing a
substantial amount of damage each really helps). Once you have fixed yourself up
with some new equipment, exit out onto the overworld and head to the Hidden Leaf
Forest in the southwest.

                               c. TAMING A TIGER

Items: Food Pills x2, Chakra Pills, Poison Manual x3, Battle Fan, Leaf Chain
       Mail, Chili Pepper, Escape Scroll, Hidden Leaf Pants, Versatile Pills,
       Make-Out Paradise DVD

	It should be noted that the Leaf Forest can cause you a bit of pain at
first, as you will likely need to make around a two or three level jump to
accomodate to the enemies here (in particular, the Nobody Ninjas, Enforcers, and
Assassins, all of which know the Lightning Style Jutsu: Level 1, capable of
causing double digits damage to at least two characters). Go through Naruto's
and Sasuke's Chakra for the first few fights, and heal them up with Sakura's
Heal Jutsu. Stay close to the entrance, and once you run out of Chakra for
Sakura, head back to the Hidden Leaf Village and use the Konoha Leaf mark to
recover. Anyways, once you are done levelling up to a reasonable level...

	Head straight north from the entrance until you run smackdab into the
pair of trees, then head right and open the chest for a FOOD PILLS. Head
straight up from here and open another box in a small grove for some CHAKRA
PILLS, then continue north up into the next screen. Open the two boxes for a
POISON MANUAL and a BATTLE FAN (the latter of which is a weapon for Sakura),
then go back into the beginning screen. Head around the line of trees clockwise
and go up the left side. Open the box to your left on the way for a LEAF CHAIN
MAIL, then continue up onto the second screen again.

	Up here, continue along the linear path, and head east across the wooden
bridge. When you get to the next split in the path, go to the south to reach a
dead-end with a box holding a CHILI PEPPER. Head back to the fork; this time
around, head north, and go right all the way at the top to get an ESCAPE SCROLL
from the box. Head on south and east into the next area.

	You will be able to find a POISON MANUAL in the box straight above the
entrance to this section. Once you have grabbed it, head down and right. You
should see some chests laying on the top of high plateaus. At this point in
time, you have no way to obtain them, so ignore trying to find a way to the top,
and instead head to the northeast corner of the area and heading on to the next
part of the forest. Also, if you are running low on HP/Chakra by this point, do
not worry; a Leaf symbol is in the next area.

	Coming in, take the first east path you see, and follow it. Go up the
first time you can to get some HIDDEN LEAF PANTS from a chest, then go back onto
the path and continue east all the way to the southeast corner and up for a
POISON MANUAL. Go back to the starting point in the southwest, then move north
all the way and east. Once you get to the river, step across the stones, and
heal up your HP and Chakra on the Leaf symbol. Head south and open a basket for
a FOOD PILLS, and SAVE YOUR GAME. Head north from the Leaf Symbol into the next

	Cue some cutscenes, and then a fight.

Prize(s): Scroll of Ushi
Attacks: Roar

This will pretty much be your first battle that is even somewhat difficult.
Start off by utilizing Naruto's Shadow Clone Jutsu and then attack (this can
cause upwards of 60 damage per turn depending on what weapon you have equipped),
and have Sasuke spam attack after he has gone through all his Chakra with Fire
Ball. Sakura should be using Lighting or Fire Style Jutsu for as long as she
can, and whenever somebody is in the lower range of their HP, healing them up
via Heal Jutsu. Just make sure that everyone stays within the mid-to-high HP
zone, use an Immobility Manual if somebody gets hit with Roar, and keep Naruto
w/Shadow Clones and Sasuke attacking, and the Tiger should fall pretty quickly.

	After the battle is over, head right from the house to open a box for
some VERSATILE PILLS. Head into the shack to find a chest containg the MAKE-OUT
PARADISE DVD. You will not be able to cross the water to grab the two remaining
chests for awhile, so either use the Escape Scroll you obtained earlier to leave
the forest, or walk to the entrance manually and leave. Head off to Konohagakure
once again.

                               d. GATHERING HERBS

Items: Family Secret Ointment, 1200 Ryo, Attack Chinese Medicine Pills, Ninja
       Powder Chinese Medicine Pills, Alloy Vest

	As you have obtained the Scroll of Ushi from the Tiger, you can stop by
at the Hokage's house and check the large scroll to obtain a FAMILY SECRET
OINTMENT. Once done, head straight up to the Ninja Academy, and go back to the
Mission Reception room. Here, you will receive 1200 Ryo, one ATTACK CHINESE
reward for taming the tiger.

	Once dropped off in Naruto's house, head north back into the Ninja
Academy, and head to the mission reception room again. This time, you will be
asked to find and deliver medicinal herbs; choose to listen when given the
choice, as this shall be a fairly length conversation. Once done, buy new
equipment and items as required (you may want to buy an Escape Scroll if you
wish to get out of each area as quickly as possible), and exit out of the
village. Outside, head off to Kikyo Pass in the northeast.

Items: Sweet Agar with Dumpling, Poison Smoke Bomb, Shuriken, Escape Scroll

	Once again, you will have problems of levels when entering this area; a
reasonable level to press on in this area is Level 10, and that is with the best
equipment on everybody possible. Reuse the strategy of training near the
entrance and going to the village to heal up there. Also, on a side note, if a
Thief or Bandit steals something from you, do not worry; you shall reclaim the
item when the battle is yours. Anyways...

	Head straight east from the beginning of the area (below the cliff, not
above) and open the chest at the end for a SWEET AGAR WITH DUMPLING. Backtrack
to the start, then go up onto the top side of the cliff and east again. Head
north into the next area. Head west here and up on top of another cliff, and go
east slightly. When you get the chance about midway, go up and left to open a
chest for a POISON SMOKE BOMB, then head back onto the main path and continue
going right and north into the next area.

	Nearing the peak of the mountain, head clockwise around the top,
ignoring the chest on the pillar for a few moments. Once you get down onto the
grass from the ramp, head around the dark grass counterclockwise until you get
back onto a cliff again. From here, do not go up just yet; instead, head left
all the way to obtain a SHURIKEN from the previously unobtainable box, then head
back and north, pressing onwards to the top.

	This next area is pretty basic, with nothing tricky; just head left,
right, left and right up the mountain path until you finally reach the Leaf
Village mark. Heal yourself up, SAVE YOUR GAME, and once you feel yourself to be
ready, head up onto the top section of the path and head left and up onto the
top of the mountain. After a scene, you will be thrust into a boss fight.

Prize(s): Scroll of Tora
Attacks: Physical Attacks Only

Do not be fooled simply because you may have fought Head Bandits as random foes
beforehand; this Head Bandit is greatly powered up in comparison to any previous
opponents. Probably the most notable thing is that one attack from him can take
off over half the health of any of your characters, no matter how well-defended
that they may be (this only applies to when he is attacking a single character.
When striking your entire party, he tends to be a joke, usually causing >5 HP in

Go in from the start with both Sakura and Sasuke using Fire Style Jutsu: Level 2
if they have it (which they should by this point in time, learned by both at
Level 9). Naruto should quickly use the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu (learned at
level 11) to obtain five Shadow Clones. When the Head Bandit attacks, switch
Sakura off into the healing character, going back to using Fire Style when the
Head Bandit misses, skips a turn or does a party attack. With his five shadow
clones, Naruto should be attacking every turn, causing potentially upwards of
100 damage a turn, while you can alternate between Fire Style Jutsu: Level 2 or
regular attacking for Sasuke. After about four or five turns of battling, the
Head Bandit will fall.

	After the battle, you will get the herbs you came for automatically.
With that done, go left to where the lone tree is and rescue an ESCAPE SCROLL
from a chest partly obscured by the branches, then either exit the place
manually by walking all the way, or use your newly-gotten Escape Scroll to
instantly leave the Pass. Go back to the Leaf Village.

                            e. TO THE LAND OF WAVES

Items: Cherry Blossom Storm, 1400 Ryo, Toad Brand Food Pills, Toad Brand Chakra
       Pills, Defense Chinese Medicine Pills,

	Make a stop at the Hokage's house; this time, the prize for netting the
Scroll of Tora will be a CHERRY BLOSSOM STORM. Exit and head off to the Mission
Reception room in the Ninja Academy, where you shall be rewarded with 1400 Ryo,
MEDICINE PILLS. After, you will be automatically relocated to Naruto's house, so
go back to the Ninja Academy for another mission. Choose to listen to Kakashi,
and after the scene is over, load up at the Item and Equipment shop (you will
probably want to buy the best equipment for everyone that you can). After, talk
to Tazuna at the gate to Konohagakure, and exit out. On the world map, travel to
the Land of Fire Grasslands.

Items: Medical Food Pills, Fan-Like Chain Mail, Sealed Jutsu Manual, Versatile
       Pills, Fan-Like Pants

	Proceed south from the entrance. When you see the first path leading
east, take it, and then immediately go north. The first branch off this path
will have a chest with a MEDICAL FOOD PILLS, and the second dead-end will have a
box containing a FAN-LIKE CHAIN MAIL. Go back onto the main path in the west
side of the grasslands. Continue heading south until you finally hit a lone
tree, and then continue right. Do not speak to the two ninja yet; instead, head
south and grab a SEALED JUTSU MANUAL from a slightly-hidden basket in a grove of
trees, then head north past the gate being guarded by the ninjas. Head east into
the next area.

	Continue east in this area; do not bother with the path going south, as
there is nothing rewarding on that road, and press east still. Take the lower
path at the branch to find a chest containing one VERSATILE PILLS. Go up and
take the northern path, and go east and then north again past the second gate
into a third section of the grasslands.

	Watch a scene, then head east and heal up at the Konoha mark. Head
straight east from here now, and once you cross the wooden bridge, you should
end up at a second Konoha mark. Heal up if you want, train if you need to, SAVE
YOUR GAME, and then head east some more to watch another scene and get into
another boss battle.

Prize(s): Poison Manual (x2)
Attacks: Poison

This battle is actually pretty much scripted from the start. Kakashi-sensei will
fall fairly quickly, At this point, both ninjas will focus solely on Naruto,
either trying to poison him or just using physical attacks on him. As you cannot
kill them, just wait until Naruto finally falls, at which point the battle ends.

	Afterwards, more storyline information, and so on. Grab FAN-LIKE PANTS
in a chest hiding right behind the lone tree, then head south (Naruto is
automatically healed) and into the next section of the Land of Fire Grasslands.
You will enter an area with a number of cats. Ignoring the chests on the pillars
(they are unreachable at this time), head right a bit, and then go straight down
to a gate. You will be required to find a certain cat to pass the gate.

	Said cat can be found fairly easily; just head west from the gate and
north to spot a blue cat. Examine it to pick it up, then go back and talk to the
lady at the gate. She shall move aside, allowing you to exit. On the worldmap,
head to the Land of Waves, and then on to the Bridge Under Construction.

	Not much really occurs here. You shall get some background information,
and will then be forced to automatically exit. Head on to the Land of Waves
Swamp once back out on the worldmap.

Items: Toad Brand Chakra Pills, Toad Brand Food Pills, Eight-Edged Shuriken,
       Defense Chinese Medicine Pills, Asura Pants, Chili Pepper

	From the entrance, go left, head through in between the trees, and then
north. Take the upper left path to get TOAD BRAND CHAKRA PILLS from a chest in
the northwest corner, then head east all the way (ignoring the north path for
the present moment) and go south to get TOAD BRAND FOOD PILLS from a box. Take
the northern path into the next section.

	The right side in this area is completely inaccessible and useless, so
do not even bother going that way. Instead, head west, then north and east,
ignoring any of the minor side paths you might spot. At the very east end of the
swamp, open the box for an EIGHT-EDGED SHURIKEN, then head north and out into
the next part of the swamp.

	Along the path going east, you should notice a split; one way goes
south, the other continues east. Take the southern path, and you will have to
move a long ways south, and continue going counterclockwise until you finally
come to a dead-end with a chest containing DEFENSE CHINESE MEDICINE PILLS. Head
back to the start of the split, and then continue on east into the next section.

	In here, go south and take the southern path back into the previous
area. Open the chest for an ASURA PANTS, then head back from whence you came.
Cross over both of the wooden bridges, and heal up at the Konoha mark. You
cannot cross over the rocks yet, so SAVE YOUR GAME, train up a bit if needed,
and then head north, going deeper into the Land of Waves Swamp.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: Water Style Jutsu: Level 2

DO NOT USE ANY WATER JUSTU ATTACKS. That being emphasized as much as I possibly
can, it should be noted that your enemy is water-aligned, so obviously Water
attacks are useless.

Zabuzi Momochi has a fairly powerful attack, so make sure that you keep Sakura's
Chakra up high enough all the time so that she can use the Heal All Jutsu
whenever it is required, in addition to the regular Heal Jutsu as necessary.
Sasuke should just straight out attack without going through any Chakra, and
Naruto should utilize the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu first, then spam attack. It
should be noted that right after Naruto uses the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, give
him a Chakra Pill so that his Chakra is AT LEAST 50 (this will be important
later on). Kakashi will also aid you with several Jutsu, but it is his regular
attack that will potentially cause the most damage, usually doing at least 500
damage (Zabuza has around 1000 HP). Just be sure to heal up whenever you fall
low on HP after an attack, and you should be good to go and continue fighting
round after round until Zabuza finally falls (it WILL take a long time, though).

	And, a lengthy cutscene, followed by another fight.

Prize(s): Scroll of U
Attacks: Deranged Slash, Sword-Slashing Jutsu

Unfortunately, you will have to come into this battle with the same amount of HP
and Chakra as you ended your previous battle with, along with losing Kakashi. If
Naruto has 50 Chakra still, use the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu. Otherwise, use a
Chakra Pill to bring him back up, and then use it. If Sasuke has Lighting Style
Jutsu: Level 2 yet, he will want to spam it, while Sakura should be kept at the
back and using Heal All Jutsu and Heal Jutsu whenever needed. Do NOT, under ANY
CIRCUMSTANCES, use any Water-type attacks; this is due to the same reasoning as
in the previous battle.

Then, of course, there is the issue of WHO to fight. Due to storyline issues,
the original Zabuza is unable to lay a finger on you; hence, Zabuza's clone is
the only thing that can damage you. You COULD ideally attack the clone to take
it out first. However, once you do, Zabuza will simply produce another water
clone, turning the battle into an eventual stalemate.

Instead of fighting the clone, I recommend you to focus on the real Zabuza (the
one in the center) with Sasuke and Naruto. Sakura should remain your main
support unit, but nothing is stopping her from attacking when she does not need
to heal (Lightning Style Jutsu: Level 1 is the best attack for the job under
regular circumstances, as Zabuza Momochi subscribes to using Water Jutsu).
Eventually, after taking around 500HP of damage, the fight automatically ends.

	After another long cutscene, head back south and heal up at the Leaf
Village mark one screen down, then return to this area. Head up and east into
the next part of the Swamp, getting closer to the exit. Continue just heading
straight right in this area, and at the end of the path, open the visible chest
for a CHILI PEPPER, then continue on north into the last screen. In here, head
north and then west all the way until you finally exit the Swamp. Go to Tazuna's
Home on the overworld.

                            f. IN THE LAND OF WAVES

Items: Make-Out Paradise Game

	Heal up at the Konohagakure mark, then go left onto the piers. Head
straight north, and go slightly left at the top, and then up into the small
forest area. Open the chest for a MAKE-OUT PARADISE GAME. Backtrack to the
village entrance, and this time just go left. Enter the wooden house with the
red shingles. Inside, you will go through a very long cutscene, after which you
will be taken back to the Land of Waves Swamp.

Items: Make-Out Paradise 2

	Kakashi-sensei will leave your group alone to go around and fight
battles to level up as needed. Move around and do as you must (going all the way
to the Konoha mark to recover, with the way there and back each being good
levelling experience).

	After you are done, go and talk to Kakashi, and say that you are done
training. He shall give you the MAKE-OUT PARADISE 2. At this point, you become
capable of climbing cliffs as needed. You will then get another long scene that
many fans of the manga/anime should recognize. After, you will be rejoined by
Sasuke and Sakura. Navigate your way to the exit from the swamp (the north end
leading to Tazuna's Home), and go to Tazuna's Home.

	SAVE YOUR GAME. Once you are done that, head left from the entrance and
enter Tazuna's house. After some text, choose to go to sleep. Naruto will
automatically wake up by his lonesome. After another long cutscene, you will
take on a pair of bosses automatically.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: ? (Zori)

This is actually a fairly easy fight if you have been keeping your levels up
reasonably. Instantly activate the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, and then attack
Zori next turn (he has the lower Stamina and has a special attack). He should
easily fall with that strike, and you will still have about half your HP left.
Do the same to Waraji next turn, and he should also fall to just one attack from
your five clones.

	After another scene, you shall take control of Sasuke and co., in the

	Really basic; just head up and left from where your starting point is,
and then take the path to the entrance of the Land of Waves Swamp. Exit out and
head over to the Bridge Under Construction on the worldmap.

Items: Agility Chinese Medicine Pills, Medical Food Pills, Versatile Pills,
       Asura Armor, Stamina Chinese Medicine Pills

	You will have random battles occuring once you get into this place, so
watch out and make sure your Stamina does not fall too low (especially as
Kakashi-sensei can be fairly unreliable at times). Head east underneath the
stone bridge, then head up the wooden platforms, going higher and higher. When
you finally get to the top, exit right to obtain an AGILITY CHINESE MEDICINE
PILLS from a bamboo chest.

	Proceed to head completely west until you finally hit a dead end with
another box on a balcony to your south containing a MEDICAL FOOD PILLS. Head
north from this position and then east to get a VERSATILE PILLS from another
chest. Go back onto the main path and move east a bit, north, and then east
through the northern end of the construction equipment onto the next screen.

	Head east all the way from the entrance and then up to get an ASURA
ARMOR from the chest. Head back west, and then go down onto the platforms and
east across to get past the obstruction. Once back on the bridge, immediately
head north for another chest with STAMINA CHINESE MEDICINE PILLS, then continue
on east to find a Konohogakure mark. SAVE YOUR GAME, and then head off into the
next area. A scene, and then a battle.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: Physical only

Once again, this is a rigged battle. Focus completely on Haku during the battle,
with Sasuke either plain attacking or using Style 2 Jutsu, and Sakura just using
Style 2 Jutsu. Do not worry either, as your Chakra and Stamina will be healed
for the next fights ahead. Trying to fight Zabuza will accomplish nothing, as he
has infinite stamina for this battle. After you damage Haku enough, the battle
shall end.

	Another scene, another battle (do not worry, as your HP will
automatically be healed).

Prize(s): None
Attacks: Physical only

Another event battle. Just attack until Naruto falls in battle, and more scenes
will play out. In the process, Sasuke shall gain the ability to use the

	More cutscenes, with probably (in my opinion, anyways) what is the most
badass moment in the first half of the series occuring. Another fight starts up.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: A Thousand Needles of Death

For this battle, no matter how much Chakra you use, it will never run out. In
any case, the solution to the battle is fairly simple; use the Multi Shadow
Clone Jutsu in your first move to gain five shadow clones, and then attack Haku.
Within two full attacks, he should be dead. If you have to, use the Heal Jutsu
on yourself (you should not need to, as even Haku's A Thousand Needles of Death
deals no more than 15-20 damage).

	A VERY lengthy scene, and then a fight.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: None

These guys are actually the same as all the thugs that you have duked it out
with on the bridge so far, and your Stamina and Chakra will be at full strength
right now, and the entire party is together. The result? Smash them and they
will fall.

	After some more scenes, you will be back on the world map. Head to the
Land of Fire, and then put the cursor directly over Konohagakure to bypass the
Grasslands and go straight back home.

                             g. CHUNIN EXAM PART ONE

Items: Ripped Scroll 3, 3500 Ryo, Stamina Chinese Medicine Pills, Chakra Chinese
       Medicine Pills, Family Secret Ointment, Falcon Pants

	Stop off at the Third Hokage's House on your way to the Ninja Academy to
get a RIPPED SCROLL 3 by offering up your Scroll of U from the second Zabuza
fight. Head to the Mission Reception Room once you have made it to the Ninja
Academy and you will get 3500 Ryo, a STAMINA CHINESE MEDICINE PILLS, a CHAKRA

	Head back to the mission reception room once you wake up. You will not
get an actual mission, but you will get a mini-task that you shall be forced to
accomplish. Head outside from the Ninja Academy, and then go south a screen and
east a screen to the east end of the Leaf Village. Head north all the way, going
across the wooden bridge. Kakashi's house is the northernmost house here, so
enter. After a scene, Sasuke departs, and Naruto and Sakura shall have to go to
the training grounds. Exit Kakashi's house, go left a screen, and leave onto the
world map. Go to the Training Field.

	Heal up at the Konoha mark, and SAVE YOUR GAME. Head east into the
central area of Training Field, and after more scenes (choose "Train" when
offered the solution to increase your relationship with Sakura) you shall get
into a battle.

Prize(s): Scroll of Tatsu
Attacks: None

Kankuro and Temari will probably strike before you, but do not worry too much.
Have Naruto use the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, and see to it that Sakura gets in
a potshot on Temari. Once the second round rolls about, have Naruto attack
Kankuro - the guy's low defense should ensure that he yields fairly soon, while
a combined assault can take out Temari right after that. If at any point during
the battle you need to heal yourself, just have Sakura use her Heal-All Jutsu.

	Watch another long scene. After, you are taken back to the Hidden Leaf
Village automatically.

	Head out of Naruto's house, and go extreme south and heal up at the Leaf
Village mark. Once you are done that, go to the eastern screen of the village.
Head straight east until you hit the end, and you should see a tent. Go past
this tent and up to an arch and bridge, and talk to Sakura and Sasuke for more
scenes. At this point in time, I recommend you go and upgrade your equipment,
especially for Sakura. Once done, go to the Hokage's house, where you can drop
off Scroll of Tatsu for a Ninja whistle. With nothing else left, head to the
Ninja Academy, where you will have more scenes, and then another battle.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: None

Have Sasuke use his Sharingan to gain almost perfect evasion, then just attack
Rock Lee. If you have Lions Barrage by this time (learned at Level 20) spam it
on Rock Lee. Otherwise, just go straight-out attacking, and after a few attacks,
he should fall without too much difficulty.

	After the battle, watch yet more scenes, then go up the stairs to your
right and into the right hallway. Here, continue straight up and proceed along
the staircase at the end onto the third floor. Another scene occurs here with
Kakashi. State "I'm Ready" to head inside, but be careful; this starts another
very, VERY long cutscene. Afterwards, you have to be able to consecutively do
ten trials that involve the use of the touch screen (a stylus IS recommended
here). Directions for each of them consecutively is below.

1 - Just rub your stylus back left and right like you usually do until you hit
    the end of the bar

2 - The chakra bar will roll back, declining with every passing moment. You have
    to rub the screen quickly enough to keep it up, but when time comes out, the
    bar HAS to be within the white box

3 - A bit more simple; simply put your stylus on the screen somewhere and rotate
    it around the screen clockwise as quick as you can until the bar fills up

4 - Jam on the bottons as quickly as you possibly can to fill up the bar

5 - Press the following buttons in order; Up, Up, B, B, A, A (if you mispress
    a letter, do not worry; the game will simply just not accept your input and
    you can press the correct letter and continue on)

6 - Jam on the bottons as quickly as you possibly can to fill up the bar

7 - Press the following buttons in order; B, B, B, A, B, R, B

8 - The chakra bar will roll back, declining with every passing moment. You have
    to rub the screen quickly enough to keep it up, but when time comes out, the
    bar HAS to be within the white box

9 - This is a repeat of exercise three in that you have to rotate the stylus
    quickly to fill up the chakra bar; this time, however, you must rotate the
    stylus counterclockwise

10 - Just rub your stylus back left and right like you usually do until you hit
     the end of the bar. It is fairly easy, too, allowing you to finish this off
     without much trouble

	After, another scene. To continue the storyline, leave Konohagakure, and
go to a newly-opened area: The Forest of Death.

                               h. FOREST OF DEATH

Items: Chakra Chinese Medicine Pills, Super Brand Food Pills x3, Super Heaven
       Armor, Marshmallow, Toad Brand Food Pills, Falcon Claw, Dragon
       Shuriken, Super Brand Versatile Pills x2, Muramasa, Stamina Chinese
       Medicine Pills, Super Brand Chakra Pills, Hard-Boiled Egg, Ripped Scroll

	For back-up help in addition to the directions in this walkthrough,
geekdragon offers an excellent Forest of Death map here;


	A very long scene. I MUST WARN YOU: The Forest of Death is HARD. MAKE
SURE that you have all the equipment and items you think you will need (in
particular, make sure that Sasuke has a Ball and Chain equipped, as it will be
very useful in taking out multiple enemies). If you need to, however, you can
still exit out the gate while still in the exam.

	In any case, at the start of the Forest of Death (which is a fairly big
maze), head up and then go left and clockwise until you reach a chest with a
CHAKRA CHINESE MEDICINE PILLS. Go back to the split, and embark straight right,
ignoring the up path; however, you should see a large part of the tree trunk to
your south that you can walk over into the middle. Grab the SUPER BRAND FOOD
PILLS from a chest and then walk back along the branch onto the main path. Head
right, and keep pressing right at the split. Take the branch north and left into
the next section of this area.

	Head left and take the left branch, then move left once you get onto
grass again and go around clockwise. Open the chest at the end for a SUPER
HEAVEN ARMOR, Go back one branch, then head all the way right, up a bit, and
then right onto the branch. Get off on the lower right end of the four-way here
to grab a MARSHMALLOW, then go off onto the upper right path. Go south at the
split. When you come to another crossroads, go east and around in a
counterclockwise loop to open a chest for a TOAD BRAND FOOD PILLS. Go back to
the crossroads and go west this time around, and keep on the main path until you
get to a dead-end with a bamboo chest containing a FALCON CLAW.

	Head south from this chest and take the branch down to the extreme
bottom. Proceed right and north for a basket containing a DRAGON SHURIKEN, then
go down and left for another chest with a SUPER BRAND VERSATILE PILLS. Head onto
the branch again, and take the right path. Go right onto the next branch, and
then go right and down to the south. Move on south and left to find a
Konohagakure mark that you will probably love after the Forest so far. Head left
until you hit a dead end for a box containing a very good MURAMASA, then go back
to the Leaf Village mark.

	SAVE YOUR GAME, and then go south for a fight.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: Intention to Kill

This is another scripted battle, so do not worry too much. The actual fight
should end fairly quickly.

	More scenes.

Prize(s): Scroll of Mi
Attacks: Sealing Jutsu, Lighting Style Justu: Level 2

At the start of the battle, Orochimaru will use the Sealing Jutsu on Naruto,
which effectively means that Naruto's HP cannot go above half his maximum total
for the battle.

Let me make this clear right now: this battle is HARD (or at least, hard in
comparison to the other fights you have had up to this point). Orochimaru might
not have any special attacks besides his Sealing Jutsu and his rarely-used
Lightning Style Jutsu, but his sheer physical strength (often being able to
double-hit) belies a need for preparation. You should be prepared for everyone
to be minimal Level 22 along the board (and Naruto should have at least 100
Chakra). If Sakura or Sasuke are using multi-enemy weapons and you have stronger
single-foe weapons, equip them instead.

When you start the battle off, have Sakura use Inner Sakura: Release, Naruto
start up a Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, and Sasuke attack using Lions Barrage. Keep
Naruto and Sasuke pounding away at Orochimaru, while Sakura should heal any
decent amount of damage and be using a Style 2 Jutsu the rest of the time. This
is pretty much all there is to it; the fight WILL be long (it is likely that you
will need to use the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu again once the clones run out of
time), but as long as you keep pressing hard against Orochimaru and keep your
Stamina up, he WILL fall.

	After some more scenes, you will be in control of Sakura, alone. Save
your game, then go south for a couple of scenes, after which you will have
another battle.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: One Thousand Bells (Kin), Sonic Fang (Dosu), Slicing Sound Wave (Zaku)

You CANNOT defeat Dosu during this battle, but you CAN defeat Kin and Zaku.
Focus on both of them using Rock Lee's Leaf Hurricane, then switch to regular
attacks when he runs out of Chakra. After the first round, Sakura should
constantly be using Heal-All Jutsu to keep both of your party members' HP up to
snuff. After awhile, Lee will automatically use a special technique to take out

	More scenes.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: One Thousand Bells (Kin), Sonic Fang (Dosu), Slicing Sound Wave (Zaku)

This time, you have only Sakura that you can use. Start by using a Substitution
Scroll to keep the three Sound nina from even landing hits on you. They will
tend to group together next to each other, so if they do, just use Fire Style
Jutsu: Level 2 on them. Otherwise, use Wind Style Jutsu: Level 2. After a few
turns, Zaku and Kin will fall. Finish Dosu off with Inner Sakura: Release.

	Yet more story.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: One Thousand Bells (Kin), Sonic Fang (Dosu), Slicing Sound Wave (Zaku),
         Petrify (Zaku)

This is obviously getting a bit annoying right now. However, the basics are the
same as last battle; the trio of Sound Ninja shall group together when attacking
you, so that you can use + formation Jutsu. Just have Sakura use her strongest
level Jutsu, while Shikimaru uses Wind Style Jutsu: Level 2. Use Heal-All Jutsu
as necessary, and be careful not to get caught with low HP by Zaku's Petrify
attack, which can take you out for around three rounds.

	Afterwards, some more scenes, and yes, ANOTHER FIGHT.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: One Thousand Bells (Kin), Sonic Fang (Dosu), Slicing Sound Wave (Zaku),
         Petrify (Zaku)

Thankfully, you will not have to go through any of this ridiculous charades any
longer, as this is the last fight. In any case, Sasuke should still have the
Ball and Chain equipped all the way back from the fight with Orochimaru, so just
straight-out start attacking with him (but be careful of Zaku's Petrify). As
Sakura's Chakra and Stamina will not have been refilled from the last battle,
make sure to keep an eye on her HP; all other times, use Level 2 Jutsu on the
Sound Ninjas to make their inevitable demise come by quicker.

	Some more cutscenes still. Head up to the Hidden Leaf Village mark to
heal up, and save your game having finally finished all that. Watch your
movements from now on, however, as the enemies WILL get tougher. Much tougher.
Also, due to storyline reasons, Sasuke cannot use ANY Jutsu outside of his Demon
Wind Shuriken or Lions Barrage.

	In any case, go south from the Konohagakure symbol and then east into a
maze. Continue on east behind the tree, and then continue east still until you
hit a dead-end with a chest containing a STAMINA CHINESE MEDICINE PILLS. Go back
west until you hit the last split (right after the behind-the-tree maneuver you
had to make). This time around, head north along the linear path.

	When you get to the next split, go north, west and south in a
counterclockwise fashion to get a SUPER BRAND FOOD PILLS from a bamboo chest,
then go back to the intersection and take the east path. Head up straight north
as there are boulders blocking your way right. Watch a scene up here, then head
east and break the rock. Go down the path and open the box for a HARD-BOILED
EGG, then go back to the lake and head south down into the previous screen.

	Break open the rock to your right, and go down and take the right branch
at the beginning. Just follow the branches along south. At the bottom of the
screen, heal up, SAVE YOUR GAME, and then head into the next area for some
scenes and a boss fight.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: Earth Swimming Jutsu (Kagari, Mubi), Fog Clone Jutsu (Mubi)

Although this trio of Earth Ninja are not that hard to fight, it should be noted
that they have an annoying quality; their Earth Swimming Jutsu allows one of
them to temporarily leave the battlefield for a few turns. While this DOES
increase your chance of survival, it makes the battle take longer if you are
godmoding with Sasuke and a multi-enemy weapon such as the Ball and Chain.

In any case, stick to the usual strategy of things that you use in other
battles; have Naruto go with Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu right off the bat, Sakura
use Inner Sakura: Release, and Sasuke attack. Follow up with Naruto and Sasuke
just attacking, while Sakura should switch up between Wind Style Jutsu: Level 2
(or Fire Style Jutsu: Level 2 when the Earth trio are next to each other) and
healing your own characters.

In particular, focus on Mubi first when you fight. This is because if the other
two fall first, Mubi can use the Fog Clone Jutsu to bring a clone of them onto
the battlefield, making it somewhat more difficult. Of course, once all three of
the main ninja are dead, then the clones automatically dissipate, making the
battle yours.

	After, head straight south to the southernmost tree. Get on the branches
at the base of the tree to open a chest with a SUPER BRAND VERSATILE PILLS in
it. Go back onto the grass, and head east for another box that contains a RIPPED
SCROLL 4. Proceed north from here, then west all the way. Break open the rocks
and heal up at the Konoha mark. Open the two chests for a SUPER BRAND CHAKRA
PILLS and then a SUPER BRAND FOOD PILLS, then go east again and north. Once on
the world map, you can head back to the Hidden leaf Village if you want to
resupply; otherwise, go slightly to the left of the Forest of Death to enter the
Forest of Death Tower.

                             i. CHUNIN EXAM PART TWO

	Head up into the tower for a long cutscene. Choose to open the scrolls,
and then choose "Yes, we're good to go!", and more cutscenes will cue. Choose to
start the battle if you have already equipped your party sufficiently

Prize(s): None
Attacks: Chakra Steal

This is actually a fairly easy fight if you have leveled Sasuke up to about
Level 27 or so (which, having coming out of the Forest of Death, you should
have). Start off with two Lions Barrage (it being one of the few attacks you can
use), then switch to straight vanilla attacking. Yoroi will likely waste some of
his turns trying to steal your Chakra, and the other times, his attack power is
pitiful enough to not mean much to you. If, for whatever reason, you do get into
danger, just remember to use your items. In any case, you should be able to put
the battle away relatively easily.

	Some more scenes. Choose to get on with the next round and Sakura will
have her fight.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: Fire Style Justu: Level 1

Ino actually has a VERY low Stamina stat, and for somebody such as Sakura who
has low attack power, this comes in handy. Make sure that you have the Dragon
Shuriken from the Forest of Death equipped beforehand, and you should be partway
on the road to success. Start off with the Substitution Jutsu, and then use
Inner Sakura: Release to increase your own stats. From here on, just straight
attack (Ino should not cause too much damage, even with her Fire Style Jutsu),
healing as necessary, and Ino should fall fairly quickly.

	More scenes. If you have to prepare for your Naruto fight, do so.
Otherwise, choose to let Gekko announce the third round.

Prize(s): Scroll of Uma
Attacks: Man Beast Clone (Akamaru), All-Four Jutsu (Kiba)

What will likely happen in the first turn is that Akamaru will basically turn
into a clone of Kiba, and Kiba will use the All-Four Jutsu to increase his
agility. Quickly activate your Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu, and then strike Akamaru
(who will probably only require a maximum of three hits to kill). Once he is
done, focus on Kiba, but be wary of your Stamina - Kiba can sometimes attack you
twice in a row, so if you are running low on HP, USE YOUR HEAL JUTSU. Otherwise,
Kiba should not be very difficult to kill either.

	Afterwards, many more scenes. Once Naruto gets free control, head south
onto the world map, and head back to the Hidden Leaf Village, finally ending
this loathsome Forest of Death/Second Exam arc.

                                  j. TRAINING

Items: Make-Out Paradise 3, Sannin's Ninja Sword

	Pick up some Escape Scrolls and Magic Cloaks at the Item Shop, as you
shall want them fairly soon. Head off to the Hokage's house. The Scroll of Mi
will give you the MAKE-OUT PARADISE 3, whereas the Scroll of Uma shall allow you
to obtain the SANNIN'S NINJA SWORD (this latter, in which case you could not
tell, is a VERY devastating weapon - equip onto Naruto posthaste). Exit the
Hokage's house, then go all the way to the lower left corner of this screen to
find the hospital. Enter, and watch a scene.

	Talk to Ebisu to select two other party members in addition to Naruto
(you now have access to Shikimaru Nara, Neji Hyuga, and Rock Lee. Obviously, you
cannot use Sasuke right now). State "I'm Positive" to advance the story along
and train with Ebisu. After, leave the village and go to the Riverbed of
Training to the west of Kikyo Pass.

Items: Super Heaven Pants

	Watch a long scene. After the scene, talk to Jiraiya again to confirm
your choices for your fellow party members (make sure you have Shikamaru in
here), then head back into the Riverbed of Training once on the world map. As
you now have the ability to walk over water, head left across the rocks to the
opposite side of the river. In the trees next to where Jiraiya is standing, open
the box for a SUPER HEAVEN PANTS. Exit out, and then head back onto the world

	As you have the ability to climb cliffs and break rocks now, this
section will also be made into a "catch up on everything you missed out on
before" section. Your first stop should be at the Training Field.

Items: Chakra Chinese Medicine Pills

	Head right from the area with the three poles to go back into the
training grounds that you originally used during your test with Kakashi. Break
open a rock, then head right, down slightly, then left to some more rocks. Break
open another rock, then continue on left into the next area. Break open rocks on
the other side, then head straight down somewhat to about the middle of the

	Move left to the Konoha mark, then go south, left again before the big
tree, and open the chest for a CHAKRA CHINESE MEDICINE PILLS. This is the only
item you could not retrieve previously due to a battle with Kakashi occuring
right after the Konohagakure mark, so once you have grabbed it, leave the foerst
either via an Escape Scroll or by manually walking back. Your next destination
once on the world map is the Hidden Leaf Forest.

Items: Dragon Chain Mail, Sweet Chestnuts, Cup Ramen, Hooked Claw Manifer,
       Ripped Page 1, Natto

	Head north a screen going up on the left side, and cross the wooden
bridge in the next area. Take the top path going right, and go south at the next
split into the next area. In here, go right, and then head around to the south-
side of the wide open area. Scale up the face of the cliff, and open the two
boxes at the top for a DRAGON CHAIN MAIL and a SWEET CHESTNUTS. Head back down
onto the ground floor, then go north and up another cliff for a bamboo chest
containing a CUP RAMEN. Continue right and north into the next section of the

	In this maze area, move far east, and then north to go up a cliff. At
the top is a chest with a HOOKED CLAW MANIFER. Go back down and back to the
southwest corner of the area, then go north and east across the water. Continue
east past the Konoha mark and north into the next area, which is where you
originally fought the tiger. Go west across the river to open the two remaining
chests in this area for a RIPPED PAGE 1 and a NATTO. At this point, either leave
the place manually or use a Hidden Scroll to exit. Head to the Land of Fire
Grasslands next.

Items: Falcon Claw, Make-Out Paradise Strap, 150 Ryo, Ripped Page 2, Natto,
       Ripped Scroll 2, Hooked Claw, Chakra Chinese Medicine Pills

	Go south slightly from the entrance, and then head east. Scale down the
cliff that you will run into and open the first chest for a FALCON CLAW. Proceed
down again for an effective shortcut, then go right into the next section. In
here, head down, and then go right slightly until you come to another cliff.
Scale down and break the rocks here to open the basket for a MAKE-OUT PARADISE
STRAP. Make your way up top again, and go right. Take the top path when you come
to a split, then press east some more and north past another gate and into the
next screen.

	Move straight east an entire screen from here. On the next screen, once
you make it past the two wooden bridges next to each other, head straight down
and go across the rocks in the water. Disembark at the southern end and open the
two chests for 150 Ryo and the RIPPED PAGE 2. Move back onto the mainland from
the water rocks, and then head north to a cliff. On top, open the two chests for

	Get back onto the ground, then go esat and south until you hit the area
with the cats. Go east and south from the entrance, and scale up the two cliffs
for a HOOKED CLAW and CHAKRA CHINESE MEDICINE PILLS. With all the items in the
grasslands claimed, exit via the gate. On the world map again, head to the Land
of Waves, and enter the Land of Waves Swamp.

Items: Attack Chinese Medicine Pills, Scroll of Hitsuji, Ripped Page 3,
       Agility Chinese Medicine Pills, 1500 Ryo

	Head up the left end and go around counterclockwise to the top, and head
north. In the next screen, head right and go across the stepping stones. Open
the two bamboo chests here for an ATTACK CHINESE MEDICINE PILLS and a SCROLL OF
HITSUJI. Move south across the rocks, then proceed west to the opposite end,
north, and then east until you hit the next area.

	Just make a beeline right in this area until you finally get to the next
screen. Continue on across the bridges, then go across the water at the Hidden
Leaf Village mark to open the chest for a RIPPED PAGE 3. Head north onto the
next screen, then head north and right a bit to find some more stepping stones.
Cross them to open a bamboo chest with an AGILITY CHINESE MEDICINE PILLS, then
head right a screen, and then right and up a screen.

	In here, go north, and then left. Continue south and left a bit, and
stay close to the shoreline. Once you find some more rocks to cross over, do so
to get to a small islet with 1500 Ryo in a box. You have claimed everything
here, so take the exit just north and left of you, and go back to the Land of
Fire. Now for the least fun part; go back to the Forest of Death.

Items: Cursed Mark Pants, Cursed Mark Vest, Ripped Page 4

	Welcome back to hell. In any case, enter the gate to go inside the
actual forest. Inside, go north and head right at the split all the way to the
end. Go north up onto the first branch, then go north and off onto the upper
right branch. Head right and south, then left. Take the first branch and head to
the lower right end, eventually getting off at the southern extreme of the
screen. Continue south, left to the Leaf Village symbol, and then south again
into the next area.

	Head south here, and then go east into the maze. Go behind the one tree,
and then head straight north into the next area. Head east at the crossroads,
then continue on north into the lake area where you first met Kabuto. Head
across the rocks in the water to the opposite side of the river, and break down
the boulders at the end. Open the right chest for the RIPPED PAGE 4. The other
two chests contain the CURSED MARK PANTS and CURSED MARK VEST. As the name
suggests, they will curse you while equipped, which is the tradeoff for their
fairly good defensive/agility stats.

	After, go straight down to the previous screen, and then right and down.
Go south along all the branches, and then emerge onto the next screen. Here, go
down and then east a bit and then out north to exit the Forest of Death. With
all four Ripped Pages, return to the Riverbed of Training.

Items: Make-Out License

	Head left across the stepping stones, and go talk to Jiraiya. You will
receive the MAKE-OUT LICENSE. Your two party members will also leave. After a
very, VERY long scene, you will then have the ability to summon toads, and also
automatically be taken back to the Hidden Leaf Village.

Items: Coupon

	Watch another scene, and choose to go see Lee. Head outside of your
room, then go up to the second floor. Enter the room with the door completely
open to watch another scene. The first choice increases Sakura's compatibility
and decreases Shikimaru's chemistry with you, while the second choice is
neutral. After (making sure that Shikimaru is at least Level 30 - if not, a good
training place for the three of you is at the least Konohagakure symbol in the
Forest of Death. If you have the Ninja Whistle yet from the scrolls in the
Hokage's House, just mass spam it and flee every time you have a battle with
anything other than Chain Centipedes. When you get the Chain Centipedes, stay
and fight - they are pretty easy and each net a good 1800 EXP) say that you are
ready to Might Guy to set off the final round of the Chunin exams. After, exit
and head off the the Hokage's House. If you claimed the Scroll of Hitsuji from
the one chest in the Land of Waves Swamp, you shall get a Coupon, which gives
you 10% off everything in the Leaf Village. Once done with that, head to the
Training Field.

                            k. CHUNIN EXAM PART THREE

	Head right into the main area, and watch a long cutscene. Afterwards,
leave the training area and go to the Main Arena, which is south of the Hidden
Leaf Village. BE WARNED though; once you enter, you will automatically be

	Lots of scenes, and then a battle.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: Byakugan, 8 Trigrams Palm Rotation, Chakra Points

If you have been doing some levelling, Naruto should ideally be somewhere around
Level 40ish, which is perfect for this battle. Start off with the Substitution
Jutsu, then activate the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu. Just pound away at Neji, and
after about four (five tops) rounds of hitting him (use your Heal Jutsu if you
have to; if you have reached Level 41, you will have Level 2), he should have
taken a sufficient amount of damage to end the battle.

However, this is ONLY if he does not decide to be cheap and use Byakugan, which
enables him to then use 8 Trigrams Palm Rotation to reflect your attack back at
you or Chakra Points to seal off your Jutsu. If he does the former, go back to
using Jutsu. If the latter, continue attacking him. If he uses both before you
can finish him off, you will have to wait until one of the status effects wears
off and use items to heal up your Stamina in the meantime. Remember of course
that you can continue to hit him after he uses Byakugan, and not have to worry
until he uses one of the latter two attacks.

	Make sure that Shikimaru is levelled up sufficiently (about level 30
should be good) and has a good weapon before going into the next battle.

Prize(s): None
Attacks: Wind Scythe Jutsu

Go defensive straight off the bat with a Clone Jutsu to raise your stats and
then a Shadow Possession Jutsu to immobilize Temari and keep her from attacking
you for a few turns (if Shadow Possession keeps missing, back off from using
it). With that out of the way, it should be noted that Temari can do around 30
to 40 points of damage a turn to you (although when she does the whirlwind
animation physical attack, it can be single digits); do NOT take her lightly, as
if she criticals you while you are around 40-70 Stamina left, you can easily
die. Instead, when you get below 80, heal up with a Level 2 Heal Jutsu. The rest
of the time, just straight out attack until Temari falls.

	Go straight to "Not Rest", and then when you get the next choice, say
"Yes". I MUST emphasise this; Sasuke will be left at the level that he was at
when you finished the Forest of Death. If you DO NOT train him now, then you
WILL get massacred in the upcoming battle. Once again, my favorite battle
training ground for this is at the end of the Forest of Death, next to the last
Konohagakure mark. Once again, spam the Ninja Whistle and flee at any battle
without a Chain Centipede in it (the Chain Centipedes themselves are easy to
kill and give off a massive 1800 EXP each).

	Also, for this fight only, deequip the Sannin's Ninja Sword off of
Naruto and give it to Sasuke. Once you are ready, SAVE YOUR GAME, and then say
no to enter battle.

Prize(s): Scroll of Saru
Attacks: Wind Style Jutsu: Level 1, Sand Shield

In order to first use the Chidori - One Thousand Birds, you first have to use
the Sharingan Insight. Use the Insight, but do not bother with the Chidori. In
the grand scheme of things, it is relatively worthless, sucking up a massive
amount of Chakra to do minimal damage. Instead, use Clone Jutsu along with the
Sharingan Insight, and then move forward into the center of the battlefield.
From this vantage point, consistently hit Gaara, and you should be doing around
200 damage a turn. Heal up with Heal Jutsu Level 2 as required, and Gaara should
be defeated after a while (albeit a longer time than most battles will take).

	Afterwards, another cutscene. Choose any party of two (the remaining two
will form another party with Sakura) to go with Sasuke. I personally prefer
using Shikamaru and Rock Lee, leaving Sakura's party with Naruto and Neji, but
the choice is up to you. Head off to the Leaf Village to equip up at least on
good weapons (and a Dragon Chain Mail for Sasuke, if you do not have it yet),
along with Magic Cloaks if you think you may need them, then go onto the
worldmap again. In the southwest side of the map, there will be a new and final
locale; Gaara Pursuit. Go there.

                             l. THE FINAL SHOWDOWN

Items: Family Secret Ointment, Departed Soul of Futsu, Summon Toad Scroll,
       Dragon Shuriken, Sannin's Shuriken, Super Brand Food Pills, Dragon Chain
       Mail, Super Brand Chakra Pills

	It should be noted that Escape Scrolls and Escape Jutsu do NOT work in
the Gaara Pursuit area. You should also train in the Forest of Death end area,
as the enemies here tend to give off crappy amounts of experience (especially if
you are using lower-levelled characters currently). Also, if you need an extra
reference for getting around, use this image here created by geekdragon to help
you get through;


	That being said, once you are ready to go, head left slightly, and then
go down and enter the trunk of the nearby tree, In the above-ground maze, go
left, down, and then right. You will come out right next to a treasure chest
with a FAMILY SECRET OINTMENT in it. Go back onto the treetops, and then head
directly south from your position to obtain a DEPARTED SOUL OF FUTSU from a
bamboo chest. Go north back to the tree, and then head west to an opposite tree.
Do not go down just yet; instead, head south and then west for a SUMMON TOAD
SCROLL. Go back to the tree and head down to the ground.

	Back on the earth, go right and up for a chest with a DRAGON SHURIKEN
inside. Continue on south, then go left at the split and south again for a
SANNIN'S SHURIKEN. Go back to the crossroads and take the east path this time.
Go south past the treetrunk for a box containing a SUPER BRAND FOOD PILLS, then
enter the tree to go back up. At the top, just head left, south and left to come
out another tree. SAVE YOUR GAME! Heal up at the Hidden Leaf Village mark, then
go south. Some scenes and a boss battle.

Prize(s): Scroll of Tori
Attacks: Confusion Attack, Petrify Attack, Poison Attack, Heal Jutsu: Level 3

Orochimaru is not a one-dimensional boss like most others before; he WILL use
his status-causing attacks, and he will use them often. If somebody is petrified
or Poisoned, heal them quickly (there are no items to stop confusion), or else
all three of your characters may end up having a status effect at the same time;
a very painful situation. You may also want to use a V-Formation (in which the
characters are lined up within a row of each other like a  Status for that.

	Lets you equip weapons, shirts and pants. Weapons increase the strength
of your character, shirts increase defense, and pants increase agility. Various
pieces of equipment may also have other types of effects. Not all types of
equipment can be equipped by everybody, so do not be surprised if you find you
cannot equip a Fan on Naruto or a Sword on Sakura.

	Lets you view the character stats of each ninja and their equipped
items. To view all the Jutsu that they know, press A again on the status screen
to load a screen with their Jutsu.

	Allows you to change the permanent formation of the party. See Other
Battle Mechanics for more details on this.

	Outside of certain areas, when walking around, random encounters will
occur that bring you into a battle screen seperate from the exploration
overfield (you can also use the Ninja Whistle to instantly bring yourself into a
battle). In battle, you shall have to fight and kill anywhere from one to three
foes. Doing so will net you experience, Ryo (money) and items, allowing you to
level up and buy stuff.


	Your de facto command. Pressing attack allows you to choose a target
from the enemies (or, in the case of certain weapons, targets all opponents) to
attack. Once you choose, your character will attack that opponent(s), either
causing damage or missing his attack. Really a fairly generic form of your
standard RPG attacking.

	Choosing defend means that your character does no action for that turn.
However, if an enemy should attack said ninja between then and the ninja's next
turn, any damage done to him/her will be reduced.

	If you think of Jutsu as Naruto's form of magic, you are good to go.
Jutsu are special techniques with a varying amount of abilities, going from
causing large amounts of damage, to causing status effects to foes, to healing
or giving stat bonuses to your party members. Using Jutsu causes you to consume
Chakra up, however, so they should be used sparingly (unless, of course, you are
near a Hidden Leaf Village mark).

	With certain Jutsu, you can power them up to cause them to have a
greater effect. However, this may also cause higher Chakra consumption in some
cases. There are four examples of how you can increase your Chakra (it is fixed
for every Jutsu). The first is to simply rub the screen as fast as you can with
your stylus to charge up a bar. The second is to rub the screen and keep the bar
within a boxed crosshair (the bar will constantly decline). The third is to
rotate the stylus counterclockwise or clockwise in a circle, depending on the
situation. Lastly, you may be coerced to press a certain button combination.

	Allows you to use any item that you have in your inventory. For the most
part, items either restore Stamina/Chakra, cure status effects, or cause stat
bonuses to your party members, with a few other items with different effects.

	Lets you and your party escape the battle instead of having to stay and
fight. So far (having used this command about one hundred times), I personally
have never seen the command fail, so I assume it is 100% surefire that you will
escape. You can use this in conjunction with the Ninja Whistle to get any
enemies that you want to fight and flee the rest.

	You can move your characters around to any part of the right side of the
battlefield, which is effectively a 3x4 grid. Moving forward allows you to cause
more damage but also leaves you open more, decreasing your defense. Moving to
the back row causes the reverse effect, leaving you with less damage caused but
also less damage taken. However, the new formation only lasts for the one

	Character stats determine a large number of things in battle. As you
level up, all stats will increase.

	Stamina is a value of how much life your character has and how much
damage he can take from opponents before s/he must kick the bucket (ala HP). It
can be healed by items or Heal Jutsu in addition to Konogahakure symbols. Once
you hit zero, you are done for. Party members who fall in battle will be
automatically revived afterwards with 1 Stamina.

	Chakra is an arbitraty value that is used up whenever you use Jutsu
techniques (in other words, your basic MP). If you do not have enough Chakra
left to use a Jutsu, you cannot use said Jutsu. Chakra can be restored through
the use of items or Konohagakure symbols.

	The value that determines how much damage you can inflict on enemy
monsters and ninja. The higher the value, the more damage you can cause. If you
move forward on the battlefield, your attack will also see a hidden increase (it
will not reflect in your actual stats); moving away will do the opposite. A
distinction should be made between raw strength and the attack that you see
reported in the menu; the raw strength is the physical strength of the ninja,
whereas the attack is the strength of the character and the weapon combined.

	Defense stat determines the amount of damage that you take from an enemy
(but does not affect loss of HP to Poison) whenever it attacks. The higher the
Defense, the less damage that you take. Defense is also increased as you equip
stronger armour.

	Agility is the speed of each ninja, and is what determines the placement
order in battle of who attacks first. Higher agility means that you can attack
before enemies do; however, the relationship between the three ninja's agility
also determines who go first out of the three of them.

	Think of Ninjutsu as magic strength, and you are good to go. The higher
your Ninjutsu ability, the more powerful/effective that your Jutsu techniques
will become when used (this does not apply so much to healing Jutsu, however).
It also does not apply to certain techniques that are one-time effects and not
attack Jutsu, such as Naruto's Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu.


	On your side of the field you can move your characters into three rows;
the front row, the middle row, and the back row (the latter by default where all
your characters usually are). Each row has four spaces that you can move to. The
front row (the left-most row on the battlefield) allows you to cause much
greater damage than when in the back row. However, your defense decreases as
your attack increases, leaving you exposed to taking more damage. The reverse is
true in the back row, as your attack lowers but your defense becomes greater.
The middle row blends the two together.

	On the menu screen, you may also note a formation button. When setting
up the placement of your characters in this screen, certain placements have a
named formation that offers a special effect. These here are the known
formations and the placements that can invoke each of them:

X = Empty Space    O = Spot where a party member is

	LIGHTNING FORMATION - Increases the attack of all party members.


	FALCON FORMATION - Raises agility of all members.

        XXX   XXX   OOO   XXX
        XXX   OOO   XXX   XXX
        OOO   XXX   XXX   XXX

	V-FORMATION - All Party Members are resistant to Poison and Blind.

        XXX   OXX   XOX   XXX
        OXX   XOX   XXO   XOX
        XOX   OXX   XOX   XXO
        OXX   XXX   XXX   XOX

        STAGGERED FORMATION - Party members are resistance to KOs.

        OXX   XXX
        XOX   OXX
        XXO   XOX
        XXX   XXO

	SPIRAL FORMATION - Raises Defense of all the party members.

        XXX   XXO   XOX   XXX
        XXO   XOX   OXX   XOX
        XOX   XXO   XOX   OXX
        XXO   XXX   XXX   XOX

	When fighting with your allies, certain people take better to Naruto
than others. Those who have a good relationship with Naruto (in other words,
they have good party chemistry together) will sometimes team together with him
or vice versa when attacking to perform a combination attack that can cause a
great amount of damage to all enemies. This is especially useful with characters
who can equip Fans and Chains, as if they get a combination with Naruto, you can
easily kill all the enemies in one hit.

	You can increase affinity slowly by battling together with others, but
this is VERY slow. The next best route to take is by eating ramen together with
another person at the Ichiraku Ramen Shop, which can instantly raise chemistry
level by one. There are, however, two catches; first, you can only eat every
ramen a grand total of once, so make sure it counts where you want it. Second,
certain people will dislike certain ramen, so if you eat a ramen they dislike,
their chemistry with Naruto will drop by TWO levels. A chart of likes and

                                            B                       E
                                            U                       R
                                                    V                       C
                        S                   T                       T
                            T       S               E                       H
                        O       B           T                       R
                            O       C           S   G                       I
                        Y       B           E                       A
                            N       A   W       E   E           G       N   R
                                Q           R
                        S   K       L   O       A   T   G   H   A   S   A   A

                    M   A   O   P   L   N   C   W   A   R   E   R   P   R   K

                    I   U   T   O   I   T   O   E   B   A   A   L   I   U   U

                    S   C   S   R   O   O   R   E   L   V   V   I   C   T
                    O   E   U   K   N   N   N   D   E   Y   Y   C   Y   O

                    R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   E

                    A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   C

                    M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   I

                    E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   A

                    N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   L
S A S U K E       | X | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | X | X | O | O | O | O | O |
                  |                                                           |
S A K U R A       | O | O | O | O | X | O | O | O | O | O | O | X | X | O | O |
                  |                                                           |
S H I K A M A R U | O | O | X | O | O | O | X | O | O | O | X | O | O | O | O |
                  |                                                           |
R O C K  L E E    | O | O | O | O | O | X | O | X | O | O | O | O | O | O | O |
                  |                                                           |
N E J I           | O | X | O | X | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | X | O |
                  |                                                           |
K A K A S H I     |		     NOT APPLICABLE                           |
		  |                                                           |
J I R A I Y A     |                  NOT APPLICABLE                           |

		O = Likes, X = Dislikes

	Additionally, you will pick up certain rare items throughout the game
that you can feed to an ally that will also increase your chemistry with them.

	Neji - Likes: Crab   Dislikes: ???
	Sakura - Likes: Sweet Agar with Dumpling   Dislikes: Chili Pepper
	Sasuke - Likes: Rice Balls   Dislikes: Natto
	Shikimaru - Likes: Vinegared Seaweed   Dislikes: Hard-Boiled Egg
	Rock Lee - Likes: Crab    Dislikes: Marshmallow

	The affinity rank goes like this, with Eww being the lowest and You Are
	Hokage being the highest. Once you get to You Are Hokage, do not eat any
	more Ramen with the same person, as you cannot increase effectiveness
	once you get to that point.

	Eww > Annoying > Not Good > Normal > Not Bad > Rival > Good > Cool > You
	are Hokage

	When fighting, certain Jutsu of certain characters, when used in tandem,
will produce a special combination Jutsu with specific effects. For a list of
these combinations and their effects, see the Jutsu section.

	Naruto: Path of the Ninja follows the prototypical experience points
system. In every battle that you fight, part of your reward are "experience
points" that can be accumulated. Over the path of several battles, you eventualy
gain enough experience points that your characters level up, increasing their
stats in the process.

			        7. MISCELLANEOUS

                                a. IN-GAME CODES

	This only works AFTER having defeated Shukaku.

	In the Ninja Academy, head off up the left staircase, and proceed into
the left hallway. Go all the way north until you reach the roof, and talk to
Konohamaru at the top. Basically, Konohamaru offers you a bunch more extra after
game cheats. To get them, you have to touch squares on a screen in a certain
order. Imagine the numbers in this order on the screen (you will also have to
imagine the squares themselves if you lack the summoning sheet that comes in
certain issues of Shonen Jump, although they are placed proportionally).

	[ 1 [ 4][ 7][10]	10, 8, 9, 2 - Get 4TH HOKAGE'S SWORD
	[ 2][ 5][ 8][11]	11, 9, 4, 2 - Get FUJIN FAN
	[ 3][ 6][ 9][12]	9, 7, 1, 5  - Jiraiya becomes a party member
				8, 5, 2, 9  - Get RAIJIN SWORD
				3, 4, 12, 8 - Naruto gets RASENGAN Jutsu

                                  b. MINI-GAME

	After defeating Shukaku, you will be able to play a mini-game that can
be accessed by the main screen. Basically, Naruto will appear on the screen in
multiple places, and you have to use your Stylus to point at him. Doing so will
give you a point. However, there are things other than Naruto that will show up
on the map, and doing so will lose you points.

	Dog - Lose one point
	Sexy-Jutsu Naruto - Lose one point, and causes you to lose a bit of
			    time. Be careful when a Naruto appears and it is
			    wispy, as it will transform into a Sexy-Jutsu Naruto
			    and should not be touched
	Iruka-sensei - Lose two points, and lose even more time (Chunin on)
	Third Hokage - Lose three points, and lose much more time (Jonin on)

	If you top the high score for each difficulty, you can move onto the
next one.

	Unlock Chunin - Obtain 50+ points in the Genin difficulty
	Unlock Jonin - Obtain 70+ points in the Chunin difficulty


Q: How do I fight Itachi?
A: In the original GBA game that this game was ported from, you could fight
   Itachi via the dojo behind the Chunin exam room in the Ninja Academy. The
   code to fight him is the exact same as before, with one slight flaw; you
   cannot enter the dojo anymore. The game has been swept upside down, and
   nobody has found a lead as to getting in to fight him or found anywhere else
   that he might be fought (at least, leads with evidence). If you have found
   anything, feel free to give me a shot at my email (down below at the bottom
   of the FAQ).

Q: What happens once I get all eight Make-Out items?
A: With this, once again, nobody knows. After having personally obtained all
   eight Make-Out items as detailed in the sidequest section, talking to Kakashi
   after fighting the final boss nets me a "Until the next mission!" message
   (aka standard talk for "It is the end of the game, nothing left to do blah
   blah blah). If any concrete evidence is found of something that CAN be done,
   go ahead with emailing me (email at the bottom of the FAQ).

Q: What is up with Guy's Suit? Why can I not equip it?
A: The general assumption is that Guy's Suit is just there for show; it has an
   item icon in the general menu as opposed to an armor icon. It is also not a
   key item, so it can be sold for money (and no, Rock Lee CANNOT equip it).

Q: How do I find Ripped Scroll/Ripped Page/Secret Scrolls/Make-Out Items?
A: Read the sidequest section (or section 1j for the Ripped Pages)! That IS
   what this whole guide is here for, and this FAQ at the end is a stopgap
   measures for anything that might not be immediately made clear in the rest
   of the guide.

Q: Is there any point in levelling up to Level 99?
A: Not necessarily. After you get everybodys' final jutsus, that pretty much
   sums up the game. Until a way can be found to fight Itachi, there is not
   really much in the after-game content (with no necessary battling), and
   levelling up that high for the final boss is overkill.

Q: Do you have a chart for the ramen and who likes and does not like what?
A: Yes; you will have to look in the Basics section and head to the section on
   battle. It is fit in with a description of Chemistry and fight combinations,
   but it IS there.

Q: Why is there not a character section for Kakashi?
A: Basically, Kakashi only joins you for a very small portion of the game, and
   he is uncontrollable as a character. Not worth much to do a whole section
   for him.

Q: How do I get into the basement in the Third Hokage's House?
A: Inside his house, head right and into the area with the bookcases. Examine
   the middle bookcase at the back and it will disappear, allowing you entrance
   further on.

Q: Why are Sasuke's/Neji's Jutsu not showing up for me when I try to use them?
A: Most likely you have either of the Cursed Mark items equipped onto them,
   which prevents the two from using (most of) their Jutsus. Deequip them to be
   able to fight regularly.

Q: Why am I unable to use certain techniques (such as Sasuke's Chidori or
   or Naruto's Rasengan)?
A: Certain unique jutsu of each character require the use of another jutsu first
   (unlike combinations, these jutsu are performed in turn by the same
   character). For example, to use Sasuke's Chidori you first need to use one
   of his Sharingan techniques. Ditto for Naruto and needing to use a (Multi)
   Shadow Clone Jutsu before you can use Rasengan. See the Jutsu list for more

Q: How can I change my party members after having defeated Shukaku?
A: Talk to Iruka in the mission reception room in the Ninja Academy to do so.

Q: Where is the summoning sheet for Konohamaru located at?
A: The summoning sheet apparently came in a certain issue of the North
   American Shonen Jump magazine. I do not have it myself; however, if you
   can find one and scan it online and send it to me, that would be most
   certainly useful.

Q: Why is the summoning sheet showing 1 2 3 4 and not the numbers you said they
A: The grid and numbers that I have presented is a mock-up of the actual
   screen; the grid is divided into twelve boxes, but the numbers I have posted
   are NOT actual numbers. Instead, they are merely imaginary numbers assigned
   to specific sections of the grid to help pinpoint where you need to touch
   the screen. Hence,  even if you select 12 6 9 3 it will still show up as
   1 2 3 4.

-RedSwordMage for allowing me to use equipment and item information from his

-Monta Gao for the ASCII at the top and for letting me know that Naruto learns
 Combo Transform at Level 74.

-Cameron Quiznos for pointing out my missing the Sannin's Kunai Knife and giving
 me directions to it.

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