Call of Duty goes portable

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory, the brand new PSP-exclusive chapter in the popular war series, will feature aerial combat for the first time ever. Not only will you once again be able to ride in various ground-based vehicles, but you’ll also be able to shoot the Nazis down from your own flying gun turret.

As with previous Call of Duty games, Roads to Victory puts you in the military boots of different soldiers, each one providing their own unique style and set of missions. Of the three Anglo soldiers you’ll take control of, one is a British Commando, one is a US Airborne infantryman and the third is a Canadian rifleman.

Above: Their blood - your guts!

It's true that first-person shooters often get a bum rap on PSP due their clunky control layouts, but Roads to Victory is going to great lengths to be as playable as possible, with four different control systems. Hardly the biggest of selling points, but we do admire the way Roads to Victory is trying to differentiate itself as a real stand-alone entry into the COD canon, offering a new scoring system, as well plenty of unlockable extras to increase playing length, some novel challenges, such as a sniper shootout and some of the prettiest PSP visuals to ever do the Greatest Generation justice.

Multiplayer features wireless play for up to six players across familiar modes such as deathmatch, capture the Flag and King of the Hill. Reasonable, but it’s still got some way to go before it competes with Medal of Honor: Heroes online 32-person multiplayer mode on PSP. Prepare for war this Spring so look alive.

February 9, 2007


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