Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer map guide

In this day and age, FPS competition online can be brutal, so it's important to arm yourself with all the information you can. One of the most important parts of multiplayer is learning the maps and figuring out where the best chokepoints, sniper spots and hot zones are at, but that takes time. Fortunately you can check out our list of Black Ops maps and learn their ins and outs before your opponents do.

Each map features a downloadable PDF, click the map image to view it or right click to save it.

Print it out and stare at it until its image is burned into your brain, or just drag it into the bathroom if you're out of reading material. Once you've washed your hands, get out there and get some wins.

More maps are on the way, so keep this page bookmarked for the updates!


Map Size: Large
Preferred Weapons: Long-Med range

Notes: The comm array in the center offers good vantage points, but is usually too highly trafficked to make for a good sniping spot. Scan through the windows and take shots at you go, but make sure to keep moving. Avoid the North West portion of map, it has bad cover, and draws fire from enemies stationed in the comm array tower.


Map size: Medium
Preferred Weapons: Bad sniping map

Notes: Avoid the middle, keep moving


Map size: Large
Preferred Weapons: All

Notes: This level actually has good options for all weapon types as long as you keep yourself confined to advantageous areas. Make sure to avoid the beach, as there's poor cover and you'll be easy to spot.

Firing Range

Image coming soon!

Map size: Small
Preferred Weapons: Short range

Notes: Long sightlines mean you can use sniper rifles here but close quarters load outs are preferred. The west side open area is usually a hotspot.

Image coming soon!

Map size: Small
Preferred Weapons: Short range

Notes: Avoid the middle of the map and come equipped fro close quarters combat.