Brutal Legend – Motor Forge and Solo Tablature guide

Brutal Legend features a face-melting number of collectibles. In this guide we’ll cover the most important ones – the locations of Motor Forges where you can spend your Fire Tributes to purchase upgrades, as well as the less-obvious Tab Slabs that unlock Solos to help you conquer the tougher Stage Battles. And if you're ready for even more collectibles, check out our Bound Serpents Guide, where we reveal the locations of all 120 stone dragons!

All 11 Motor Forges

The Motor Forges are essential pit stops for buying upgrades, as well as having a laugh with a certain recognizable rocker. They’re easy to spot once you’re in the right area – just look for a huge engine sticking out of the ground, surrounded by red flowers.

Above: Each Motor Forge, once unearthed using the Relic Raiser Solo, handily shows up on the world map. Each Forge is represented by a skull with exhaust pipes coming out of it. Click for an enlarged version

Tab Slabs

Most of the Solos that Eddie learns are smack dab in the main story path – you can’t miss ‘em. There are a few others, however, either slightly less obvious or way out of the way. We’ve got video below for each one. We’ve picked a nearby recognizable landmark as a starting point in each case.

Above: Each hidden Tab Slab is marked with a T(#) corresponding to the location of each as shown in the videos below. Click for an enlarged version 

Rally Army (T1)

This Solo is useful for getting all of your army to come to you even if they’re out of earshot, since normally you have to be close to them to issue orders.

Above: From the eastern highway end, head northwest through the cacti

Summon Flag (T2)

This Solo is a must for reducing the hassle of moving your troops around. Once you play this Solo, all newly created troops will automatically gather at the Rally Flag you’ve created. You can also pick up the flag and move it without having to play the Solo again.

Above: From the Rally Army Tab Slab, head southeast toward the cliff wall

Bring it on Home (T3)

This is your uber attack Solo, and makes a huge difference in big battles. A flaming zeppelin comes crashing down wherever you play this, causing devastating damage to troops.

Above: This one’s a long drive. Start at the indicated spot on the map – it’s a fork in the road with a pile of severed heads marking the fork. Head to the right and follow the road all the way to the cliffs, then hang a right and follow it to the end

Rock Block (T4)

This temporarily stops production of enemy troops, which can create a crucial breather in the later, more difficult battles.

Above: From the giant mound with eyeballs and teeth staring out of it, head north. The Slab is tucked into a small gorge to the right of the main road

Light of Dawn (T5)

This Solo removes any special abilities the enemy has used to either make their own troops more powerful or to make your troops weaker.

Above: When you first enter the dry ice mines, you have the option of starting a Stage Battle. Instead, head off to the left fork. Look for a narrow alley leading off to the left and follow it. You’ll curve back around and up a hill until you find a bridge. Cross that, then turn left. The Slab is at the far end of the hilltop

Anvil of Burden (T6)

We didn’t find a need for this Solo, but depending on your playstyle, it might help. Since it cripples the enemy Avatar (command unit), it can net you some Avatar kills or get them off your back.

Above: From the southeastern-most Motor Forge, head east. You’ll see a graveyard surrounded by a fence. Head in through the open gate and find the Slab inside

Update: For the Call of the Wild Solo, there is no Tab Slab to find. Instead, you have to complete the first Hunting side mission (titled Overslaughter). The mission-giver is just southwest of Bladehenge (your army's basecamp that you first drive to after the game's opening sequence). Once you complete the initial side mission and get Call of the Wild, you can then upgrade the Solo by completing more Hunting missions, which add new animal types to the Solo.

Don't forget to check out our Bound Serpents Guide as well. 

Oct 13, 2009

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    Think i found a solo tab you guys missed. Its called facemelter and is to the north west of the giant mountain, just a short distance.
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  • GamesRadarMatthewKeast - October 20, 2009 9:07 p.m.

    Looks like I remembered the location for Call of the Wild wrong. Take a look at the end of the article for an update that properly describes where to get the solo.
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  • GamesRadarMatthewKeast - October 14, 2009 7:25 p.m.

    For Call of the Wild, look at the map we have posted. See where the red arrow is indicating the player position? Head northeast of there, along the coast-cliff line, toward the giant wall of speakers. There's a side mission involved with it. I'll see if I can get another video added to show where it is.
  • Scotty367 - October 14, 2009 3:45 p.m.

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