Available on: PS2

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Bloody Roar 4 Cheats

  • Pick a Career Mode Char in Versus Mode

    Go to the character select screen and press L1 or R1
    Get Long
    Use career mode and get 5,000 DNA points
    Get Shina
    Use career mode and get 10,000 DNA points
    Get Kohryu
    Use career mode and get 30,000 DNA points
    Get Uranus Character
    Use career mode and get 50,000 DNA points
    Get Dragon Ryoho
    Use career mode and get 100,000 DNA points
    Pick Career Mode in Versus Mode
    Go to the versus mode screen and press R1 or L1
    Another Beastdrive
    Go to career mode and press L1 to get the map full view. Look on the map to the right for the new Beastdrive
    Easy Beast Drive
    Go to controller settings (you can get there via options or the pause menu) and set L1 to P+K+B. Then, when you press it you'll do a beast drive, just like on bloody roar 2 and 3 (maybe 1 as well). The downside is that you can only use the beast drive from number 2.
    Submitted by Murderousmonster

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Available Platforms: PS2


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