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Are you familiar with Dredd, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper and chums? Blogger Stacey Whittle discusses how she only recently came to experience British comics stalwart 2000 AD:

Me and 2000 AD

I’m in love, I am. Newly and quite besottedly in love - you know the first flushes when you think about them a lot, you get very excited to see them and you can’t wait for them to get here? It’s like that, only with a comic.

It started because I am a fan of the writer Tony Lee who wrote the wonderful Midnight Kiss and Hope Falls. Because I stalk, erm, keep up with his news on his LiveJournal I saw that he had a run in 2000 AD starting so I thought I would pick it up. Now as it goes I didn’t love Stalag #666. I didn’t hate it either, I just don’t think it quite worked.

It didn’t matter actually because I’d read Dredd, and fallen just a bit. Then I read me some Dredd trades: first I read The Cursed Earth by Pat Mills, and oh my goodness, look at this whole world of exciting and, given the age of the it, amazingly relevant work. I read The Apocalypse War and The Child Judge Quest and, better than that, The Day The Law Died, and America. I think it tipped over into borderline obsession when I read The Pit (in this trade Dredd and his world became “real” - a brilliant engaging storyline and characters you can really care about).


It’s not just Dredd, though; it’s Dirty Frank, Dante, and in the Meg, Tank Girl and Dan Abnett and Colin MacNeil's strip Insurrection which is outstanding and a million other characters and stories and rich new worlds. I have a crush on Johnny Alpha (that mutie boy is well pretty).

With over 30 years of history, Dredd and 2000 AD should inspire the same backstory terror in me that Marvel and DC characters do. But actually Dredd himself is the most accessible character I have ever come across; you can read a one-off story, like the one by the rather fabulous Al Ewing in last week’s prog, and you can enjoy it for exactly what it is. But if you have read other arcs it adds a layer of richness without taking anything away from the new reader. Also being able to pick up trades for as little as 99p in major comic retailers helps somewhat.

I do sometimes run into problems: whilst reading a Dredd story in the Megazine, I said to my boyfriend, "Look at this lazy artwork, the artist has drawn this judge identically to Dredd!" …And he had to explain to me about Rico being Dredd’s clone. But most often my lack of history doesn’t impact at all, except on my purse. Go on, you zarjaz earthlets, pick up a copy and let me know what you think.

This is a personal article by Stacey Whittle, one of our new bloggers - read more about our volunteer contributors on this dedicated page .

SFX was just talking to Tharg the other day about how cool Al Ewing's story "Cockroaches" was recently. Find out more about the comic over at the official 2000 AD website .

Are you a 2000 AD fan? Been reading Dredd long and want to give Stacey some more tips? Your thoughts welcome as always, in the comment thread below or on our forum .


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