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John Cooper smells the pages of new Who fanzine, looking at Abslom Daak and other classic companions from the Doctor Who comic

A couple of days ago I gushed with excitement as I finally got my hands on volume two of Vworp Vworp , a fanzine dedicated to Doctor Who in its comic strip form. It’s unapologetically hardcore with its six-page, detail-specific interviews and clearly a labour of love for editors Gareth Kavanagh and Colin Brockhurst. Oh, and the pages still smell fresh. Joy.

It’s professionally produced – all full-colour and shiny pages – and volume two comes with a free gift, meticulously re-imagining a Weetabix card game promotion from 1977 involving cutting out the back of cereal packets for the game board. I’m too young to remember properly but it still gives me a nostalgic glow. According to Gareth issue two nearly didn’t appear due to an overseas printing dispute, but thank goodness it did so I can read the main reason it’s got me all excited: a feature and strip about Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer!

Created back in the early 80’s by writer Steve Moore, Abslom Daak is a chainsaw-wielding mercenary who vows to “kill every damned stinking Dalek in the galaxy” after they exterminate the girl he loves. The continuity of the character is slightly cloudy, but at one point he joins up with a disgraced Draconian, an Ice Warrior and an old mate with a metal hand to form the Star Tigers , who fly around in a ship called The Killwagon . Yes, it doesn’t sound like your average supporting cast for Doctor Who and it’s as awesome as it sounds, but was very short-lived.

Today’s telly Doctor Who has a wealth of strong supporting allies and companions, some spinning off into their own adventures like Sarah Jane and Captain Jack, while others beg to have their own series, such as Victorian adventurers Madam Vastra & Jenny. I’d even settle for Dorium Maldovar’s dis-embodied head popping up on Deal Or No Deal .

Volume two of Vworp Vworp also discusses “The Lodger”, which started life as a strip in Doctor Who Magazine before being commissioned to a full episode, making the leap to telly. Using this incredibly tenuous link I’d like to delve into the past of the comic strip for a handful of characters that would look awesome on the small screen along side the Doctor:

Abslom Daak
A kick-ass, chainsaw-wielding, pony-tailed bag of muscle. Maybe lose the pony-tail though.

A Cyberman who still retains his human emotions, despite being cyber-converted. As an idea, I’m surprised it’s not been “borrowed” already. He’s constantly being mistaken for a bad guy, and everyone is afraid of him. He’s also immortal. Kroton is a tragic character, like a mechanical Frankenstein’s monster.

With a big shiny ball for a head, Shayde is an artificial being and a creation of the Time Lord matrix who can travel through time unaided. Can also fire psychic bullets and become invisible. If not a companion he’d ideal as a series six DVD extra, popping up in the bottom corner of the screen like those late night sign language people, explaining the more complex plot threads.

Sir Justin
Loin cloth-clad medieval warrior, Sir Justin was all too brief a companion for the fifth Doctor, but on screen could provide the crucial extra attraction that Merlin knows how to do so well – topless male… er… slashbait?

A whifferdill detective, the shape-shifting Frobisher spent quite a lot of time as a penguin and could be an excellent budget-conscious companion for TV. A character who could be played by whatever animal or person the production can stretch too on a weekly basis.

For more info on the Vworp Vworp fanzine ,go here

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