Black Ops: Rezurrection DLC trailer takes (yet another) wry look at domesticated undead

Ever wondered how it might work if the rapacious barbarism of zombies were harnessed into an uneasy sort of domesticity – say, for everyday life, research purposes or menial labor? Well, if so, that situation's explored in no shortage of motion picturesgame trailers, or miscellaneous adverts, or... you get the idea. But none of those things are affiliated with Call of Duty, so here's a new advert for Black Ops' upcoming Rezurrection DLC pack, which is all about those wacky undead.

Besides an uncommonly bloody look behind the scenes at a zombie facility, this clip offers some new glimpses at the upcoming Rezurrection's new maps. The DLC launches on Aug 23, with a Double XP weekend to follow, as is the custom of our day.

Aug 18, 2011