The best Pokemon toys in 2017

Pokemon merch that'll make you the very best

Whether Pokemon Go has rekindled your love affair with the yellow electric mouse and pals, or you've always wanted to be the very best, you need the best Pokemon merchandise out there. But where to start? There's seas of Pikachus, oceans of Squirtles and mountains of Poke Balls. 

Here's our definitive list of the best Pokemon toys to buy right now. 

Pikachu Charizard 12" plush 

You love Pikachu and you love Charizard so who do you pick when it comes to selecting a plush toy? This 12 inch Pokemon Center offering solves that problem straight away and manages to be utterly adorable at the same time. D'aww, look at Pikachu trying to look all angry....  Plus, if you're in the US, check out the Pokemon Center for all kinds of exciting plushies. 

View item: 12 inch Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Pikazard, Amazon, £16/$9.98 

Pokemon plush slippers 

Wear your love on your feet. These unisex slippers come in all kinds of Pokemon flavours. Pikachu, Eevee, Flareon, Sylveon, Jolteon and Pokeballs are all available to keep your feet extra snuggly. 

View item: Pokemon plush slippers, Amazon, £19.99/$18.99

Pokemon Trading Card Game 

If you simply can't get enough of the Pokemon universe, but want to play against a friend in a more analog format, you're in luck. The Pokemon Trading Card Game is a lot of fun. New to the game? Then this XY Trainer Kit is ideal to learn. It's made of up two 30 card decks that  are well balanced to play off each other. When you know the rules it combines into one single 60 card deck for more serious play. Win. 

View item: Pokemon Trading Card Game XY Trainer Kit, Amazon, £15.99/$24.50

Pokemon Monopoly Kanto Edition 

Catch 'em all! And then buy as many hotels as possible. This Kanto Edition Monopoly has 6 metal Pokemon to steer around the board and PokeMarts and Pokemon Centers replace the more traditional house and hotel set up. Just don't fall out with everyone when you play. 

View item: Pokemon Monopoly Kanto Edition, Amazon, £26.99/$34.90

Pikachu Hoodie 

If you're in the UK, you'll have to import this from the US or Japan but who can resist the electric Pokemon in black and white form. Plus, on the back there's a full comic-style Pikachu.

View item: Pikachu hoodie, Pokemon Center, £55/$69.95

Pokemon Gym Badges 

You don't always need to make a big statement. Prove your credentials by pinning these badges discretely on the inside of your jacket or bag. Soon it'll be time for the big leagues... 

View item: Set of 8 Pokemon Gym Badges, Amazon, £16.99/$11.49

Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

So it's not available just yet but we can't think of a better way to settle down in front of the TV than actually on top of Snorlax. This Pokemon can sleep like no other and now you can too. 

View item: Snorlax Bean Bag chair, Think Geek, £115/$149.99

Poke Ball Mug

With a day of Pokemon hunting ahead there's no way you can drink your morning tea or coffee out of anything other than an actual Poke Ball. You'll need your (Team) Rocket fuel. 

View item: Poke Ball mug, Amazon, £10.85/$21.99 

Pokemon Cookbook 

More than 35 dishes await in this brand new cookbook dedicated to creating delicious and, most importantly, adorable recipes. It does raise an interesting problem though. How could you eat Pikachu ramen and look him in the eye at the same time?

View item: The Pokemon Cookbook, Amazon, £9.98 

Pokemon Powerball 5000mah Powerbank

Pokemon Go has evolved since its initial release but one thing hasn't changed. It's still a hell of a battery drain if you're out and about and catching 'em all. This official powerbank is for tablets and smartphones and has a speedy 2.1A fast charge port for ultra fast juice. 

View item:  Pokemon Powerball 5000 mah Powerbank, Tesco, £20

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