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ATV Offroad Fury 2 Cheats, Codes & Guides

ATV Offroad Fury 2 Cheats

  • Unlimited Freestyle Points

    To start the cheat off you have to enter FLYPAPER in the cheats menu. Play Freestyle, Pick a half decent jump to catch some air, then Pull all the way back and do a trick while in the air. Note: Make sure that you hold the trick buttons when you land)
    Then land on your back with the wheels leveled to the sky. This will allow you to do as many trick combos as you like!
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  • Misc. codes

    Enter the following at the cheats screen: repeat codes to disable

    FLYPAPER - Wrecks disabled/enabled
    GIMMEPTS - 1000 profile points
    IGIVEUP - Unlock everything
    GAMEON - All minigames unlocked
    TRLBLAZR - All tracks
    THREADS - All equipment
    GOLDCUPS - All championship events
    GABRIEL - Unlock San Jacinto Isles
    EATDIRT - Aggressive AI enabled/disabled
    BRINGIT - All out AI enabled/Disabled
    WIDESCRN - Widescreen mode
    STOPCAM - Replay Camera
    GETONUP - Points for Wheelies
    Submitted by eric b.

ATV Offroad Fury 2 Hints

  • Wicked Crashes

    On an environment try to look for flat ground. Once you have done that back up a little. Catch some speed like 53MPH. Then go so far out and you'll fly in to the air at speeds around 138MPH! This only works on some environments.
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  • Secret Winters

    If you want to find the secret winters you go to freestyle armature freestyle and go to the snow place (name of it). there you will find a boat or a snow mobile. if you follow where the snow mobile and that will lead you to the boat in the frozen water.
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  • Mega Points

    At Arlington Stream, go to the train and get on from the back. (This works best when the train is going straight.) Continue riding forward until you get to the first green box cart. From there, find a way to get upside-down without falling out. Do a stunt, And hold it. You should be able to hold your stunt.
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  • Hidden Stunt

    First, you go to a REALLY big hill that can make you practically fly. Here is the hard part. If you see this name: ONE HAND INDIAN AIR, you have done the Hidden Stunt. All I know is that you press ABOUT all the buttons on the right side.
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  • Secret Tunnel

    If you go to the one player championship and race in the pro motocross the 2nd race if you turn left on the first big turn you will go to a tunnel that will lead you to the finish line.
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  • Do something awesome

    Go to the track that is in white sand. You have to be in practice mode. There are blue stairs that spectators usually stand on but there isn't any spectators in the game but you know what i mean. Get one of the smaller four wheelers and drive carefully up the stairs and you will be able to see the whole track! Another cool thing is stay on that same track in practice mode and go out of the track and follow the cloud that looks like a boomerang and eventually you will see a huge hill that from a far distance looks like a big glacier. lean your person forward and go up the hill. don't go too far out or you will get thrown back onto the track!! To get down you usually wreck but lean your person backwards and slowly go down the hill but don't use the breaks too much or you'll flip and be reset onto the track!!
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ATV Offroad Fury 2 Unlockables

  • Talon quads

    To get the Talon bikes 4 of them beat the training mode and it will say you have unlocked the Talons.
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  • Extra Gear

    If you have ATV Off Road Fury, put it in and save the game. Then you put part 2 in and create a new profile, Save it on the same memory card! After it gets done it will say G-Ride stuff has been unlocked. You get Boots, Gloves, a Helmet, Clothing, and a pimped out ATV!
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  • How to get the G-RIDE quad

    This cheat is cool. you first have to get or have played atv 1 and saved it then if you have it go to it and save atv 1 and then go to atv 2 and it will say congrats you have unlocked the G-RIDE
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