Assassin's Creed III gets 100-plus bug fixes in Thanksgiving Patch

Life was hard in colonial America. But Assassin's Creed III showed us it wasn't the redcoats or cold New England winters that U.S. forefathers had to worry about--it was the endless glitches which saw assassins stuck in doors and hapless civilians dragged across town under wagon wheels. Ubisoft plans to stomp out many of those bugs in a patch for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 by the end of next week.

The Thanksgiving update's change list for single-player and multiplayer is laid out on Ubisoft's forums, both in general and in excruciating 100-item-plus detail (watch out for spoilers on the latter).

A few change list highlights are "fixed possible mission break if the player shoots the horse he's supposed to ride," "fixed the issue where the bear could flee and eventually freeze," and "prevent using anything else than the fists during all fistfights."

Fine Ubisoft, go ahead and ruin the party.


  • yonderTheGreat - November 16, 2012 4:39 p.m.

    I can't wait til they finish making this game and actually release it! It looks so great! Wait, what's that you say? They released it already and this isn't the first patch with dozens and dozens of bug fixes? *sigh*
  • Acerlux - November 16, 2012 4:53 p.m.

    Too lazy to read that whole list. Is all of the stuff that's supposed to show up on the map actually gonna be there now?
  • winner2 - November 16, 2012 4:53 p.m.

    Ok, forgive me but I'm like a completely oblivious ignorant when it comes to this. I have the game at my house (haven't played it yet). How's this patch work, they just say "this game requires an update" when the patch comes out and you try to play it? Correct? Sorry I've never really thought about this stuff much.
  • brickman409 - November 16, 2012 6:01 p.m.

    when you turn it on while you console is connected to the internet it will tell you that an update is available, you can chose to not update your game, but it will disconnect you from the internet.
  • winner2 - November 16, 2012 6:52 p.m.

    Ah, thanks
  • brickman409 - November 17, 2012 11:57 a.m.

    no problem
  • bboyd - November 16, 2012 5:12 p.m.

    I'm not one to trash on a game that's fairly well received, and ACIII IS a fairly good game. It just obviously wasn't ready to put out the door. This bug list is absurd, it's like they tried to compress a next-gen game onto current tech.
  • SirNinja - November 16, 2012 5:29 p.m.

    That's basically exactly what they did, if their description of the AnvilNext engine ("a next-generation Assassin’s Creed experience on current-generation systems") is anything to go by. Of course, a lot of that was obvious marketing hype, but AC3 nevertheless tries to push the PS3/360 past what they're capable of at times.
  • Jbo87 - November 17, 2012 4:52 p.m.

    Got to agree. There are times when you can see the potential of what the engine can do, namely if not exclusively in the Naval missions. They really are the highlight for me. However, for much of the rest of the game it looks like arse and is glitch ridden beyond belief. Its still good dont get me wrong it just should have been given more time and then dropped on the next generation as a launch title and cleaned up.
  • Evanesco - November 16, 2012 5:16 p.m.

    They still haven't fixed the frame rate issues on PS3. Which to me, means this bug is pointless.
  • Redeater - November 16, 2012 8:28 p.m.

    Ubisoft should be ashamed. I read the list over on Eurogamer and to say it's staggering isn't enough. Jesus, and that is just of list of items they are GOING to correct. I'm really hoping there aren't that many more bugs after they patch it. I understand some people had no problems with AC3 but I seem to have had nothing but crippling bugs from start to finish. Guess I'm paying for Skyrim in which I experienced no bugs at all!
  • pl4y4h - November 16, 2012 9:53 p.m.

    Thank god. After beating the story i wanted to get a lot of side missions out of the way and the amount of bugs I encountered went from few, being entertaining, to a lot, being unacceptable.
  • pl4y4h - November 19, 2012 11:51 a.m.

    Also, while they're fixing stuff, can they make it so connor's hood goes back up after you beat the game. Looking at his hair is cool an all but i want the full assassin look
  • savvas50 - November 17, 2012 1:45 a.m.

    - Fixed leaderboards ranking the player as #1 when he's actually alone on it Bad luck forever alone
  • Fattkunt - November 28, 2012 9:02 a.m.

    Lost my bow sequence 4 :-(... Not getting fixed..... Will now chip Xbox..... Fuck you bi soft!!

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