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  • How To Get White Glint AC

    To get the White Glint AC parts, you have to do the mission "DEFEND Line Ark." In the mission, White Glint is your ally and will disable one of your enemy AC's, shortly before being disabled by the other AC. You will then go 1-on-1 with Fragile (if you have beat him in the arena already, use the same tactic when you beat him, except in a fairly small area). After you kill Fragile, and after the debriefing, you should get the White Glint AC parts.
    Submitted by JXOXSXHXUXA
  • How To Get Giant Cannon of Rai-Den

    To get the huge cannon that Rai-Den has, you have to do the mission: "Great Wall" on hard difficulty. In the mission, when you get near to the front of the Great Wall in the inside, Great Wall will split and Rai-Den will be in the entrance shooting at you. Just kill him with dual grenade launchers and kill the Great Wall and you should acquire his cannon.
    Submitted by JXOXSXHXUXA
  • Achievements

    1000 kills (20) - Achieved 1000 kills
    1000 wins (20) - Achieved 1000 wins
    10000 kills (40) - Achieved 10000 kills
    10000 wins (40) - Achieved 10000 wins
    2000 kills (20) - Achieved 2000 kills
    2000 wins (20) - Achieved 2000 wins
    3000 kills (20) - Achieved 3000 kills
    3000 wins (20) - Achieved 3000 wins
    4000 kills (20) - Achieved 4000 kills
    4000 wins (20) - Achieved 4000 wins
    5000 kills (20) - Achieved 5000 kills
    5000 wins (20) - Achieved 5000 wins
    7500 kills (20) - Achieved 7500 kills
    7500 wins (20) - Achieved 7500 wins
    AF Answerer (20) - Defeated AF Answerer
    AF Cabracan (20) - Defeated AF Cabracan
    AF Eclipse (20) - Defeated AF Eclipse
    AF Great Wall (20) - Defeated AF Great Wall
    AF Jet (20) - Defeated AF Jet
    AF Land Crab (20) - Defeated AF Land Crab
    AF Soldios Orbit (20) - Defeated AF Soldios Orbit
    AF Stigro (20) - Defeated AF Stigro
    AF The Spilit of Motherwill (20) - Defeated AF The Spilit of Motherwill
    Arena (30) - Completed the arena
    Arena Rank 10 (20) - Ranked in the top 10
    Arena Rank 20 (20) - Ranked in the top 20
    Chapter 1 (20) - Completed Chapter 1
    Chapter 2 (20) - Completed Chapter 2
    Chapter 3 (20) - Completed Chapter 3
    Class A (30) - Promoted to Class A
    Class C (20) - Promoted to Class C
    Class E (20) - Promoted to Class E
    Ending 1 (40) - Completed story(1)
    Ending 2 (40) - Completed story(2)
    Ending 3 (40) - Completed story(3)
    Hard Difficulty (20) - Completed all Hard Missions
    Mission Rank S (30) - Achieved Total Mission Rank S
    Mission Rank SS (40) - Achieved Total Mission Rank SS
    Normal Difficulty (20) - Completed all Normal Missions
    ORCA Arena (30) - Completed ORCA arena
    Ranker (40) - Promoted to Ranker
    Submitted by hhhh
  • Secret unlockable AC parts

    Entry location: In-game
    051ANNR (rifle)
    Mission- Defeat White Glint

    063ANEM (ECM maker)
    Mission- Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons

    067ANLR (laser rifle)
    Mission- Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons

    ADDICT (emergency PA recharger)
    Mission- Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons

    All unpurchased parts for free
    Finish story mode in both Collard and ORCA storylines

    All White Glint AC Frame Parts
    Mission- Defend Line Ark

    BIGSIOUX (large missile)
    Mission- Defeat the Main ORCA forces

    DUSKAROR-HEAD-1 (stabiliser)
    Mission- Defeat Red Rumb & Starka

    DUSKAROR-HEAD-2 (stabiliser)
    Mission- Defeat Red Rumb & Starka

    EC-O307AB (laser cannon)
    Mission- Attack Arteria Carpals

    EG-O703 (pulse gun)
    (HARD) Mission- Attack Arteria Carpals

    ER-O705 (laser rifle)
    Mission- Defeat AF Answerer

    EUPHORIA (PA moulder)
    Mission- Defeat Unknown NEXT

    FSS-53 (dummy rocket)
    (HARD) Mission- Defeat Silent Avalanche

    GAN01-SS-GC (gatling cannon)
    Mission- Defeat the Main ORCA forces

    GAN02-NSS-WBS (spread bazooka)
    Mission- Defeat Wonderful Body

    HD-LANCEL-OPT03 (stabiliser)
    S rank for all Normal missions

    HD-LANCEL-OPT04 (stabiliser)
    S rank for all Hard missions

    HLC09-ACRUX (hi laser cannon)
    Mission- Attack on Ateria Cranium

    HLR09-BECRUX (hi laser rifle)
    Mission- Attack on Ateria Cranium

    HLR71-VEGA (hi laser rifle)
    Mission- Defend Arteria Carpals

    INSOLENCE (kojima cannon)
    Mission- Defeat Unknown NEXT + No Count

    KAMAL (slug gun)
    Mission- Defeat Red Rumb & Starka

    KIKU (blade)
    Mission- Defeat Red Rumb & Starka

    MP-O901 (PM missile)
    Mission- Defeat AF Answerer

    MR-R102 (assault rifle)
    Mission- Attack Arteria Carpals

    OIGAMI (dual grenade cannon)
    (HARD) Mission- Defeat AF Great Wall

    P-MARROW (assault amplifier)
    (HARD) Mission- Defend Arteria Carpals

    RG01-PITONE (railgun)
    (HARD) Mission- Occupation of Arteria Carpals

    SALINE05 (spread missile)
    Mission- Defeat White Glint

    SAMPAGUITA (shotgun)
    Mission- Defend Cradle 03

    SAPLA (grenade cannon)
    (HARD) Mission- Attack on PA-N51

    SAUBEES-HEAD (stabilisers)
    Mission- Defend Cradle 03

    XCG-B050 (chain gun)
    Mission- Defend Line Ark

    XMG-A030 (machine gun)
    Mission- Defend Line Ark

    ZINC (vert kojima cannon)
    (HARD) Mission- Defeat Unknown NEXT + No Count
    Submitted by GamesRadar

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