Animal Crossing Dream Town

While MySims looks adorable, there are many of us here who refuse to get excited about a cutesy town simulator that’s not Animal Crossing. We know it’s coming and we can’t wait until we get to send each other more messages and outfit our homes with songs that can only be acquired on Saturday nights. Without further adieu:

1) Outdoor pursuits
How about a fitness trail through the woods, or a soccer lawn? So there’s actually something to do when your pal suggests going for a walk.

2) Games room
We’d love to be able to play table tennis, pool, pinball machines and so on.

3) Swimming
All that pristine beach to scamper along but we can’t even get our toes wet? Bah. Let us take an early morning dip - the water looks lovely.

4) Communal living
It’s best when you’ve got a few people living in the same town. That’s not an option available to everyone, so being able to set up online neighbors would be great. If they’re offline, you could ring their doorbell to send a “see you later?” message to their Wii.

5) Lively neighbors
People should come from miles around to see KK. We want social events where the whole village gets involved - and why don’t we see them admiring the hard work we’ve put into our museum?


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