Ancient Wars: Sparta - hands-on

History class never kicked ass like this

Although it does things by the book for the most part, Ancient Wars: Sparta does manage to add a few twists to the rock steady real-time strategy genre. Set between 300 BC and 700 AD, Sparta promises to give you a lesson in history and ass kicking with the ability to control armies from the Roman, Persian, or Egyptian empires.

But don%26rsquo;t expect any major differences between these three armies that would cater to different play styles. Whether you%26rsquo;re skewering an enemy with a Roman Spartan%26rsquo;s long sword or slicing an infidel with a Persian Noble%26rsquo;s scimitar, you%26rsquo;ll need to construct the same buildings and research the same upgrades to produce these equivalent fighters.

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