A week of God of War II

Not content with simply having been made a Greek deity at the end of his first adventure, psychotic bald murder machine Kratos is stomping back into stores this week in God of War II. And given how big and bloody the sequel is, a mere day or two of coverage seems to us like a puny way to mark its arrival.

To celebrate our second chance to swing around a wicked pair of blades on chains and eviscerate hideous monsters in creative ways, GamesRadar is putting together an entire week of features to showcase the horrific badassery that lies in wait. Be sure to bookmark this page for a quick, daily fix.

Day one: We ruin the first game's ending and secret epilogues. Also, we've got the review.
Day two: Full God of War II strategy guide
Day three:
 GoWII's bloodiest kills captured on video
Day four: We crush the five toughest bosses on video
Day five: The breasts of GoWII - exposed!


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