7th Guest and 11th Hour headed for GOG.com

Groundbreaking multimedia puzzlers prepare for Good Old rerelease

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90s classics The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour are being prepped for a GOG.com relaunch as developer Trilobyte Games joins the site's partners. Whereas the 1993/95 titles originally commanded a premium price – while sending players out in their droves to pick up one of those fancy new “CD-ROM” drives to run the software – they'll soon be available for $9.99 apiece on GOG (which you of course remember used to be Good Old Games).

It's fair to say that Trilobyte's titles had a big part in catalyzing the multimedia revolution of 1990s computing, with many players having never experienced the likes of Guest's live-action acting, pre-rendered CG and orchestral score. While many of their gee-whiz technological advances are the sort of thing we nowadays take for granted, the titles remain a noteworthy entry in gaming's long journey from childish diversion into respectable entertainment medium. Also, Guest features a ghost who attacks by whipping your ass with his six-foot tongue.

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