6 gaming news flashes you don't need to read

Of course it is. No developer or publisher is going to come out and say on record that their game is shaping up like a stinking barrel of monkey stools. Neither are they going to admit that the three-year long project they've poured an unhealthy amount of man hours into and has damned near cost them their marriage as well as their sanity is actually not as good as other similar games out there but it's at least going to be a solid six or seven. We're grateful for the blatantly biased insight, but we'll continue to reserve judgement on a game's awesomeness until, you know, we've actually played it for ourselves.

Game scheduled for impending release has 'gone gold'

Alternative headline for this could would be 'Game being released soon is not delayed'. If a game is down to be released at a specified date in the near future, we'll just assume that everything's going according to plan unless we hear something to the contrary. A game being delayed is news. A game being not delayed is not news.

Developer working on new unannounced project

No shit. When one game gets pushed out the door we always figured that the development team just sat around sleeping and playing waste-bin basketball until the money ran out. Apparently not. Perhaps being a developer isn't as easy as we imagined.

December 17, 2009

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