5 Reasons to enter EVE Online: Apocrypha

Apocrypha also introduces a new class of ship called Tech-3. This class allows for a ton of customization options, helping you tailor your ship's defenses, as well as its overall look, to your liking. Each Tech-3 ship is composed of five new subsystems: defensive, offensive, electronic, engineering and propulsion.

Almost all materials needed to build Tech-3 ships can only be found by traveling through wormholes. For example, the blueprints needed to construct the chassis and hull of your Tech-3 ship can only be obtained by reverse-engineering ancient relics found in wormhole space.

Epic mission arcs are EVE’s answer to branching storylines like the ones found in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Throughout your time in New Eden, you will encounter agents who will offer you missions, which in turn are part of an ongoing storyline in which your decisions will affect the outcome, as well as your progress in the game.

The missions are all about introducing the world of EVE Online, familiarizing you with everything you learned,and giving you a choice on how to leave your mark on the universe. In future expansions, CCP plans to expand on themission arcs by including some of the EVE lore to set up future events, giving veteran players a reason to tackle Apocrypha’s epic missions even though they're meant for beginners.

So if you’ve grown tired of elves and goblins and are looking for a change of scenery (or justanew MMO experience), Apocrypha's added featuresmean a lot of cool new reasons fornewbies and vets alike to enter the fray. You can try EVE Online: Apocrypha for free by downloading a 21-day trial fromSteam.

May 6, 2009