20 games that will shape the PS3 - Part 1

In 2006, it was hard to say anything nice about Sony and their approach to one of the most anticipated videogame systems of all time. While there may have been excessive blunders before, the PlayStation 3 has been selling consistently and well. And while there may be a drought of games to play on the entertainment behemoth now, we promise that you won't have to wait too long. Read on at the twenty games that will shape the PS3.

The savior of Sixaxis

LocoRoco PS3

Exhibit one: a massively popular, impossibly cute PSP game about tilting things that needs a sequel. Exhibit two: a "misunderstood" control pad that supports tilting and needs to get doubters onside. If we were Mr. Sony, we'd have given the developers of LocoRoco ten million bucks to make this game, punched the air and taken the rest of the day off. It's not rocket science.

At the Games Developers' Conference in San Francisco, we attended a lecture held by LocoRoco creator Tsutomo Kuono. He presented a slideshow depicting the creation of the original PSP game from early sketches through to fruition. This, he said, is the future of LocoRoco. PS3 will play host to these fuzzy creatures.

How much will it change? Kouno played it pretty cagey at GDC, but explained that he's planning to use physical calculations - meaning the fuzzy 3D 'Rocos you see here - and is hoping to incorporate new group AI into the next Loco. He also hinted that the music - you know the theme song's lyrics, right? - might play a more integral role, possibly responding to what you're doing on-screen. The most interesting murmur, though, is of a new race that complements the Rocos, working in tandem with them to reach trickier areas and incorporating co-op elements into the already-tricky gameplay. All together, now: "Pacchonbo-mo-inoinoi chakaretapatton…"


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