20 essential PS3 tech tips

Nov 6, 2007

Your PS3 can do a lot more than you might think. Hidden in the sub-menus of the XMB are all sorts of options - and firmware updates add more all the time. Check off the items in our list below and we guarantee you'll have an enhanced PS3 experience.

1) Play Tekken in 1080p

Upscale your PSone/PS2 games. This wasn't originally possible, but was added with the 1.80 firmware upgrade. Go to Settings>Game Settings>PS2 upscaler and select Normal to upscale at a ratio that matches the image, or Full Screen to stretch it. It'll make some games look wonky, though, in which case switch it off.

2) Make a photo album

Can't see your photos? Then they're the wrong format - PS3 supports JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and PMG. Convert them with Image Converter. Once that's done, use PS3's snazzy slideshow options to display them beautifully.

3) Shop abroad

Blu-ray movies are region-coded, so in theory you'll only be able to play them in the bit of the world when they were sold. In practice, though, many of them will play, so go to to check what's available.

4) Change your PS3's background

Set an image as the background to the XMB. Go to Settings with the 1.92 firmware update installed, and you'll see a new option marked Theme Settings. This'll let you set any image you've already got selected as Wallpaper to appear behind the XMB.


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