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Zynga puts down 11 games

Zynga has put down 11 of its games as part of cost-cutting measures for the struggling social games giant. Several of the titles were created and curated by Zynga Japan, which will also shut down at the end of January, according to GamesIndustry International.

TechCrunch reports the 11 games will span Zynga's history and licenses--for instance, Mafia Wars 2 has already gotten the axe despite its longstanding predecessor still collecting clicks and progress bars worldwide. PetVille and FishVille have also been sent to live on a farm upstate, and Indiana Jones Adventure World will hang up the bullwhip on January 14.

Zynga's support page for monster battling game Montopia specifies that in-app purchases were ceased in November and no refunds will be given for remaining funds. Players did receive a complimentary premium code for iOS collectible card game Ayakashi: Ghost Guild.

Zynga will still have more than 30 active games across social and mobile networks, as well as publishing partnerships on games like Horn. (opens in new tab)

Connor Sheridan
Connor Sheridan

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