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ZOMG! Get ready for the Golden Joysticks later TODAY!

UPDATE: You canread aboutall the winners of the 2009 Golden Joystick Awards winnersby going to this page.

It’s that time of year again. A time when journalists and developers dust the cobwebs off their suits, drink free vodka until they upchuck on said suits and then pass out. As great as today’s Golden Joystick Awards are for us industry types, though, they’re even better for gamers. Because today is the day when over a million real gamers’ votes are transformed into little phallic-shaped awards.

It all means your vote could actually help your favourite game clinch that coveted Golden Joystick, sealing its place in the annuals of all time golden greatness.

Too lazy to move from your chair/couch/bed/high-powered jacuzzi? Don’t worry your bed sore-ridden carcass, as you can watch the Joysticks unfold from the comfort of your PC screen. Better yet, you can watch it all live. Perfect if you want to see your favourite game nab that golden gong as it happens… or if you’re just hoping to see a dev fall on their arse on the way up to the stage.

The show itself gets rolling at 1pm, so you can expect the meat and potatoes of the actual award ceremony to kick off at around 2pm.

We’ll post details of where you can watch the glitz, glamour and rampant alcohol consumption later today. But there’s more. If the black witchcraft of the moving image isn’t for you, then CVG’s live blogging service has you sorted. And you’ll also be able to see all the glamorous pictures from the show, just as soon as the paparazzi have snapped them and beamed them into the fabled lands of the interwebs. So basically, no matter what your Golden Joystick needs, we’ve got you covered in style.

In the meantime, get yourself all hot and bothered with some more Golden Joystick Awards information.

Loads of industry representatives will be gathered at the City of London's luxuriant London Hilton hotel ( located on Park Lane, spitting distance from Buck Palace), and everyone there will be hoping to be showered in golden goodness – er, we mean win a Golden Joystick .

There are a total of 15 GJs being dished out, with awards spanning such categories as Best Multiplayer, Best Handheld Game, Best UK Developer, Best Soundtrack and, the digital daddy of them all (drum roll, please)… The Ultimate Game of the Year.

In the mood to have your funny bone sensually massaged? You’re in luck, because all round champion of the spoken joke Sean Lock will be pumping out round after round of steaming gags. DJ Shadow will also be in attendance for all those who want an vigorous ear rogering.

It's going to be utterly awesome. So make sure you check back later today for a big fat injection of Golden Joystick-sponsored awesome sauce.