Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players aren't fans of these specific NPCs and their time-wasting ways

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In Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link can run into many weird and wonderful NPCs as he roams around Hyrule. Many of these he'll bump into more than once, and while they can be fun to converse with the first few times, watching the same cutscenes and hearing the same dialogue over and over can start to grate after a while.

Over on the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit, players have been discussing the NPCs that have them continually reaching for the skip button. 

The four horseman of "how fast can you mash the skip button" from r/tearsofthekingdom

A popular choice is the statues at the end of each Shrine, which have a lot to say before they part with their precious Light of Blessing. Unfortunately, it's the same thing every time. "It's the shrines for me," wrote one reddit user, while another replied: "Just give me the light".

Then there are the Great Fairies, with whom you'll have to chat a lot if you want your armor upgraded. "I wish the great fairies would let you select all armors you wanted to upgrade at once and then do 1 animation for it," one player said. "I've spammed the skip buttons too many times while in a rush only to accidentally exit all the way out of the conversation and have to start all over again."

Another part of Tears of the Kingdom that players frequently breeze past is the lengthy cutscene featuring Zelda that signals the arrival of the Blood Moon. This happens every 168 minutes and gets old fast. "The blood moon one is REALLY annoying," commented one Zelda fan. "I hate that they kept it from BOTW. After you describe it once, be done with the explanation."

Last up is Hestu, the oversized Korok who can expand your inventory if you deliver him Korok seeds. Handing over the goods doesn't result in an instantly bigger inventory, though, as before that, you're treated to a lively dance number. Unlike the others, though, most Tears of the Kingdom players stick around to see his moves time and time again. "I would never dare to skip Hestu's dance sequence," one player said. Another wrote: "I never skip Hestu. Hestu is life."

If you want to trade your Korok Seeds for expanded weapon, bow and shield stashes, or are just eager to see the big guy bust a move, check out our Hestu locations guide.

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