Zelda: Breath of the Wild will hit Europe in March after all, according to GAME

Those rumors about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild potentially missing the Nintendo Switch launch window in Europe - and nowhere else - may no longer be a concern. NeoGAF user Baleoce posted an image of a Breath of the Wild promotional box at their local GAME store, clearly showing a release date of March 2017 in the lower left corner.

Recent rumors suggested that Nintendo of Europe needed more time than the scant handful of weeks left until March to localize the game, and the head honchos at Nintendo HQ decided a staggered release was the best option. It would be a massive shame for Zelda not to make the deadline anywhere - it's by far the biggest Switch game that the company has yet revealed, even though it's also coming out for Wii U. Personally speaking, it could easily make the difference between buying a Switch ASAP or waiting to see how the other games shake out.

GAME's website still says Breath of the Wild's release date is "to be confirmed," but that store looks pretty confident about it arriving in March. Hopefully the rumors were inaccurate to begin with, or Nintendo of Europe has told its localization War Boys to climb onto the hood and start spitting guzzoline into the supercharger, Mad Max: Fury Road style. Either works as long as the whole world gets to start exploring the wide open fields of post-calamity Hyrule on Nintendo Switch come March.

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Connor Sheridan

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